Board of Directors

Wally Werner, President

Wally joined Adventure Cycling in 1984, then Bikecentennial, and became a Life Member in 2003. He’s hooked on Adventure Cycling tours — having been on several — and he took the Leadership Training Course (LTC) in 1999. Since then, he has led over 45 trips, including the LTC as well as Introduction to Bicycle Touring. “All trips are special because of the people you meet and the great riding, but I have really enjoyed watching new bicycle tourists grow more confident as we take them through the Intro course and they learn that they too can hop on their bike and head out for an overnight or a month. And it’s really great to show new leaders the Adventure Cycling tour model, watch it click with them, and then send them out with their own tour groups.” Wally believes that by offering quality tours and excellent resources, Adventure Cycling is able to attract more cyclists and inspire them to travel by bicycle. “Our mission really resonates with me, and as the organization fulfills its vision with the U.S. Bicycle Route System and other programs, I‘m excited to have the opportunity to help move this work forward by serving as a Board member.” When not on his bike, Wally can be found behind a computer keyboard in Denver, Colorado, working on websites for the clients of his company, the Red Arrow Group, Inc.

Donna O'Neal, Vice-President

Donna lives in Florida and joined Adventure Cycling in 1985, then Bikecentennial. She became an avid cyclist after completing a two-day ride in the North Carolina mountains to raise money for cancer research after her mother’s death from metastasized breast cancer. In 1994, she rode the inaugural Bike Florida tour and has since participated on Adventure Cycling tours in Washington, Montana, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. She also has ridden across Vermont, Georgia, and parts of Canada. She combined her love for cycling with advocacy, serving two terms on her local bicycle-pedestrian advisory committee and as a founding member of the Friends of the Miccosukee Canopy Road Greenway, a linear bicycling and nature park in Tallahassee, Florida. An assistant dean for research at the Florida State University College of Medicine, Donna sees volunteer service as an important component of her public service role. “I am honored to serve on the Adventure Cycling Board and do my part to continue growing the bicycling movement across the country, particularly from my home base in the Southeast,” Donna says. “Bicycling is fun, healthy, clean transportation, and, in this fast-paced world, a great way to make us slow down every so often and just appreciate our surroundings. I want to preserve and promote this experience not only for today but for future generations.”

Andrew Huppert, Treasurer

Andrew Huppert is a Montana native who is considered one of Montana's leading attorneys in recreational and adventure law liability. Andy's expertise is highly valuable in helping Adventure Cycling stay on top of the legal landscape and the field of recreational law. Andy and his family moved to Missoula in 2003 and immediately became obsessed with the remarkable mountain biking Missoula has to offer. While road biking is also on Andy’s menu, he loves promoting the unique challenges and joys that only climbing a spectacular 10,000 foot summit on your two-wheeled companion (without cars on your tail) can provide. Andy is also an avid skier, golfer, photographer, musician and writer. He lives in Missoula with his wife Polly and 7-year-old son Matthew, as well as numerous dogs, cats and horses.

Andy Baur, Secretary

Andy Baur found Adventure Cycling in 1993 while planning a bike trip through central Europe. “I am really excited to serve the organization that essentially changed my life with hopes that others will find the same inspiration from bicycle travel that I did.” Working in bicycle and pedestrian facility planning provided the foundation for his current job as executive director of Prickly Pear Land Trust in Helena, Montana. Andy has learned the value of building partnerships and community support to address the challenges that face Western towns. His job also includes assisting local government to maintain and develop Helena’s superb 60-mile system of hiking and biking trails. Andy and his wife Betsy have toured in Europe and South America, “but our most memorable was right out our back door through central Montana.” Now, with a three-year-old daughter, they’re getting quite familiar with rail-trails in the area. The Baur family is a life member of Adventure Cycling.

Leigh Carter

Leigh is General Manager for Q-Outdoor, QBP's Outdoor Distribution Division. Her love affair with cycling began in the early days of mountain biking, with Juli Furtado being her hero. Years later, she moved close to the Blue Ridge Parkway and fell in love with exploring Appalachia and the Southeast by bike. Now living in Minnesota, Leigh loves her fat-bike adventures on Minnesota's frozen trails and rivers. "On a bike, in the middle of 'nowhere,' I've met the most interesting and generous people and have had the most amazing experiences. Getting to "bike level" with people is far more welcoming than rolling down your car window to ask for directions. For me joining the Adventure Cycling Board is the best way to help more people have those amazing experiences." A strong advocate for cycling retailers, Leigh speaks at cycling industry events and is an active advocate for independent retailers. With QBP, Leigh volunteered for Venture North Bike and Walk of Minneapolis, and she created QBP's first Women in Cycling networking event for QBP's Frostbike trade show. Before QBP Leigh was at REI, where she volunteered with non-profits such as SoPo Bike Co-op of Atlanta, Bicycling in Greensboro (NC), and the Tarheel Triad Girl Scouts Council. She also created and led cycling events directed at introducing women to cycling. Leigh spent her early career in the technology and management consulting industry. Years of riding farm roads have taught Leigh to carry dog biscuits as well as spare tubes, and that water always tastes better coming from a farmhouse spigot.

Todd Copley

Todd Copley is first and foremost a traveler with a passion for adventure, the outdoors, and travel experiences that impact and change people’s lives. A global tourism executive with an extensive background in the active and adventure travel sector, Todd has spent 12 plus years riding internationally and has pedaled on four continents. Todd began his love affair with bicycle travel in 1991 when he completed a Trans-European bicycle tour to attend Schiller University in London, England, to study International Tourism Management. During this time, he compiled a guidebook on bicycle touring in England and began his travel career as a guide for a leading U.S. bicycle touring company. Todd has led a tourism panel at the National Bike Summit, been a moderator at the 1st New England Bike Summit, and is President of Summit Travel Consulting. In 2009, Todd organized a 600-mile solo bicycle tour in support of the American Cancer Society and currently resides in Redding, Connecticut, with his family. Without a doubt, his proudest moment came when he removed the training wheels from his three-year-old son’s bicycle.

Jennifer Garst

Jennifer Garst has been an Adventure Cycling fan since the early 1990s when she wandered the U.S. for over a year on a solo bicycle tour and shortly thereafter participated in Adventure Cycling's North Star trip to Alaska. Jennifer relied on Adventure Cycling maps when she moved via bicycle from Washington, DC, to her home state of Iowa and when she circled Lake Michigan. "Adventure Cycling is wonderful. It has always provided me with the resources I need to feel safe as I travel by bicycle." Jennifer is Development Director of Story County Community Foundation in Ames, Iowa. She serves on several non-profit and for-profit boards. "I am sought after as a board member because I can raise money, read a financial sheet, and make sure that the organization remains mission-driven." During her tenure on Adventure Cycling's board (beginning in 2007) Jennifer has chaired the Development Committee.

George Mendes

George Mendes lives in The Woodlands, Texas, and was introduced to Adventure Cycling when it provided George with the information and inspiration to successfully complete his first solo cross-country cycling adventure in 2006 on the Southern Tier Route. George has been cycling for over 30 years and rides for fitness and fun, but found that his self-supported tours were also a journey of self discovery. This self-discovery came from the interesting people you meet along the way, to the places you see, and the time spent on self-reflection. “I’ve been lucky to have experienced firsthand Adventure Cycling’s mission and values. I am honored to be considered for a board position and fully understand the importance board members have on organizations in being advocates for and representatives of the organization in the community, along with providing advice and counsel on the organization’s direction,” George says. “If selected, I can commit to devote sufficient time to doing the board’s work and bring some key business skills in organizational and process effectiveness, fund raising, and technology that can help complement the skills of the other board members.” “As I reflect back on my life experiences, it’s evident that my best memories weren’t made on a cell phone; or sitting in rush hour traffic; or tackling that endless to-do list. My best memories were made in the moments when I slowed down, doing the things I love, with the people I love, and cycling.”

Jeffrey Miller

Jeffrey joined Adventure Cycling in 1990 while planning his first bike tour, combining three of Adventure Cycling’s routes for a 5,000-mile solo bike tour from San Francisco to Bar Harbor. That 10-week tour inspired his career in bicycle and pedestrian advocacy. In 1992-93, he bicycled around the world on a Thomas J. Watson Fellowship studying bicycle policy, infrastructure, and programs in 15 countries. “I learn best by exploring our amazing world by bicycle,” says Jeff who has been on the Board since 2004. “I am passionate about Adventure Cycling’s mission and projects like the U.S. Bicycle Route System.” Today, Jeff is based in Washington, DC, where he is the President/CEO of the Alliance for Biking & Walking (, the North American coalition of more than 200 state and local bicycle and pedestrian advocacy organizations. Prior to heading up the Alliance in 2008, Jeff was Executive Director of the Bicycle Coalition of Maine for nearly 12 years. A graduate of College of the Atlantic, he has a B.A. in Human Ecology. In addition to bicycling and walking year round for transportation, competition (mostly triathlons), and recreation, Jeff serves on the boards of America Bikes and America Walks.

Carol York

Carol lives on the Lewis and Clark Bicycle Route in the heart of the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area. She served as an elected Hood River County commissioner for 10 years, and participates on a variety of regional boards and committees. Carol has degrees from St. Lawrence University and the University of Washington. She and her husband, Pete Fotheringham, founded Gorge Publishing, Inc., publishers of the popular Gorge Guide and other regional publications. Carol and Pete were married on windsurfers, and both have been North American champions. A former director of the U.S. Windsurfing Association, Carol is also an avid alpine and cross-country skier, and enjoys many outdoor activities such as hiking and sea kayaking. Other interests include travel (such as hiking the Grand Canyon), learning foreign languages, cooking, and eating. She says, "The farther I ride, the more I can eat!" and would like a sign on her bike saying, "This bike stops at every bakery." Favorite cycling expeditions have been multi-week trips in China, Austria, Switzerland, Portugal, the French Pyrenees, Norway to the North Cape, Australia, South Africa, the New England Coast and Canadian Maritimes, plus many shorter trips in the Northwest. Future travel plans include skiing at Revelstoke, BC, and cycling in Turkey and New Zealand.