Bicycling the Lewis & Clark Trail

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 A perfect accompaniment to our Lewis & Clark Trail maps the book is divided into seven chapters, each matching the beginning and end points of one of Adventure Cycling's map series. Chapter 8 is dedicated to additional riding opportunities. Following a short introduction which describes the terrain and riding conditions you'll find a "mini-lesson" for the day; information related to the original L&C expedition. The 3,254 mile route is divided into 40 sections for an average of 80 miles per section. By Michael McCoy.


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Great on history, mediocre on cycling. Rating:

Reviewed By: A customer from Portland, OR on 7/7/09

The book provided good detail on Lewis & Clark history and various sites to see along the way, but provided very little usable information for a cyclist. In fact, I would highly recommend this book for a traveling camper rather than a cyclist. In my case, I had the associated maps and purchased this book simply for the historical background, so it was useful for me. Some criticisms: The book doesn't say anything about riding conditions, though it seems like an ideal place to do so considering it dedicates several pages of information for each leg of the journey. Some might say, "riding conditions are provided on the maps." Yes they are, however the few short paragraphs on the maps encompass several hundred miles of travel. In the end, the maps help very little in this regard. The sections in the book are much larger than typical touring cyclist would do in a day. After completing the tour at 32 days of biking, and meeting several people along the way, to average between 80 and 90 miles (into the wind every day) is incredible. Most cyclists average between 50 and 60, and do it west to east (tail wind). Although I became accustomed to this pace and became quite strong in the end, the first few weeks had me on my bike for nearly 9+ hours a day. This is not a pace conducive to enjoying anything. BIG CRITICISM:The book sometimes suggested staying in some of the most dangerous, poverty and crime stricken cities in the midwest. In one such city I was literally fearing for my life, and witnessed the death of another person. I was even more surprised when I discovered the north tier tour goes through this very same town. ACA - this makes me wonder if you routinely send people on your own routes. Stay out of Poplar Montana.

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