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Adventure Cyclist is the one cycling magazine truly dedicated to bicycle travel and adventure. Offering many angles on bicycle travel, we cover adventures worldwide, including cross-country cycling tours, extended international adventures, shorter multi-day trips, bike overnights, and mountain-bike treks, as well as featuring bicycle-gear reviews, and other bicycle-travel news. We are known for inspiring photography and insightful stories.

Published 9 times a year for our members, Adventure Cyclist is one of the most inspirational and valuable member benefits that we offer. You can request a free sample issue and see what we are all about, or simply join today and get a full-year subscription with your membership.

In addition to stories about bike travel, Adventure Cyclist magazine offers expert technical advice and travel-bike road tests through its various feature stories and columns by Patrick O’Grady, Josh Tack (“Fine Tuned”), and Jan Heine (“Mechanical Advantage”). Adventure Cyclist Editor Mike Deme introduces readers to new and specialty items in "Geared Up," and National Public Radio travel commentator Willie Weir takes would-be adventure cyclists along as he reveals what traveling by bicycle is really all about through feature stories and his column “Travels with Willie.”

As if that weren't enough, we bring Adventure Cyclist readers information about the bicycling world through "Waypoints" and offer up items about Adventure Cycling Association-related developments in "Riding Sweep." Through "Open Road Gallery," Art Director Greg Siple introduces readers to a menagerie of interesting traveling cyclists who visit Adventure Cycling's headquarters in Missoula, Montana. (Read the internal guidance on the use of photos in relation to helmets in Adventure Cycling Association publications.)

Whether you're an experienced bicycle traveler, or someone just starting out in cycling, you'll love Adventure Cyclist magazine and Adventure Cycling Association.

Request a free sample issue of Adventure Cyclist and see what we are all about, or simply become a member today.

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