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With 165 lumens of visibility, the Push headlight allows you to see and be seen, whether on a city street or a country road. With an easy push of an on/off switch, you’ll be able to toggle through high, low, and flash modes. 4.06 oz


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Dumbest light ever. Rating:

Reviewed By: A customer from Missoula on 10/17/12

This light is very bright, attaches easily to your bicycle and seems awesome out of the box ... you might even be inclined to buy one for a friend ... don't be fooled. Soon after your purchase, your light will begin to rapidly drain its batteries (we're talking in a couple of days. Literally.) and will unwaveringly fail you in any bumpy conditions. Due to the shoddy assembly, any minor bump you hit will cause the batteries to disengage from the LEDs, and your light will turn off. So you know when you hit those icy pothole-covered roads at 10pm thinking your bright light will guide your way to safety? Think again. You will ride blindly into the night. When you try to turn the light back on it will immediately shut off. This light is awful. I thought it was so great when I first bought it that I bought two (one for my boyfriend). I have since sent one of them back to Princeton Tec, which they replaced, and now both the newly replaced, and other fairly new one (8 months?) are both electrical taped together and sitting in a box in my basement waiting to be steam punked or something. Oh, and you think maybe this one is still a good idea because of the blinking red light on the sides? Don't worry, that light will stop blinking on the traffic side about two weeks after you install this light on your handlebars. I replaced both lights with the Princeton Tec EOS (sold here as well) which is cheaper, better, brighter, and waterproof and way way better.

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