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Each year, hundreds of cyclists grab their maps, plan their tours, pack their panniers or trailers, and head for the open roads and trails of America. Many of these intrepid two-wheeled travelers would like to have company for the journey. If you're looking for a touring companion for your adventure, here's the place to start. The cyclists below are all members of the Adventure Cycling Association, and they're getting ready to pack up and take off.

Please note: Adventure Cycling assumes, but cannot verify, that the persons advertising here are truthfully representing themselves. You should always take some time to meet your prospective traveling companions and discuss your tour plans before you begin your travels together.

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Around the World

Europe and Beyond

Created: 03/24/2014

29 year old de-motivated state employee set for long-term travel to Europe in the Spring of 2014. Travels will include central Europe, Morocco and others, slowly moving east to Russia, perhaps China... maybe more? Adventurous but safety conscious, medium budget but plan on camping wherever I can. Looking to explore the world and perhaps find myself. Email

Around the world

Created: 02/24/2014

I am looking to see if anyone is interested in doing an around-the-world-style bike trip. Would love to put together a trip with mostly cycling, but possibly add in some canoeing/kayaking and hiking sections. No set routes in mind, except would like to do the Pan-American highway and start from Alaska, but this can be flexible. I am restless and need to get out on the road. 28-year-old male, mostly camping and keeping costs minimal. Please send an email if interested or have any ideas. Email


Perth to Sydney Wildflowers and Wombats Tour 2014

Created: 04/17/2014

4,000-km, 2-month trip from Perth to Sydney August 10 - October 10, 2014. Will be trying to average 100 km per day and take a couple days off per week (the first week or two will be shorter). I am 52-year-old Australian guy with more than 20 long distance cycle tours already. Planning to start the trip on the Munda Biddi trail from Mundaring to Albany then continue across the Nullabor to South Australia and New South Wales. The first part of this trip is off road, so a mountain bike or larger-tired touring bike is best. This is a self-supporting tour and you will need to carry your own camping gear, food, and water. I can give you advice and mechanical assistance in this area if you have not toured before. Email

Cross Country

West 2 East Trans Am Route

Created: 04/14/2014

Christian cyclist desires the same in my big adventure in the Summer of 2014. I will be riding the TransAm Trail from Astoria, Oregon, to the coast of Virginia. Will be staying churches when possible, camping out, and the occasional cheapo motel. Would like to take Sundays off to worship and rest. Will be cycling for Convoy of Hope. My ideal partner will be someone who has at least a little bit of experience with multi-state riding. Age not important. Start by around the middle of June, completed by late August, preferably earlier. Let's explore God's creation together for a lasting memory. Email

TransAmerica - East to West May 2014

Created: 04/14/2014

Looking to find another person who would like to ride the TransAmerica Trail in early to mid-May. I plan on averaging 50 to 70 miles a day — mostly camping with WarmShowers/couchsurf and keeping costs low. I'm a 21-year-old female just getting into touring who loves the outdoors, cycling, and adventure. Let me know if you would like to join! Email

Cross Country via Northern Tier (Modified) July 2015

Created: 04/14/2014

The plan is to ride eastbound from Anacortes, Washington, to Bar Harbor, Maine, via the Northern Tier and North Lakes routes starting July 2015. I have family in Erie, Pennsylvania, and would like to stay there a couple days longer. Plan on riding 50-plus miles a day, more as needed. My hope is to tent camp as much as possible but I'm open to suggestions. I'm a fit 27-year-old male looking for anyone who wants to join the ride. I know it's more than a year away, but I'm excited for this and can't wait to finish planning. Email

Summer Cross-Country Ride

Created: 04/11/2014

I'm a high school English teacher (last day of school on June 29) and plan on leaving for California directly after this date. I will to start on the West Coast and average 75 to 100 miles per day. I'm located in Philadelphia and would love to meet up with anyone interested in doing this adventure. I also plan on camping out for the majority of trip, excluding extreme inclement weather. Email

TransAm, Westbound, May 10, 2014

Created: 04/07/2014

I'm planning to ride from Blacksburg, VA, to Florence, OR, then to Astoria, OR, on Route 76. I'm 35 and in good shape. I plan to average 65miles/day 4-5 days ride and one day rest. I'm up for camping, hostel, and occasional motel. I look for riding companion in small, medium segments or the whole TransAm route. My tentative riding schedule: Email

Cross Country - TransAm/Western Express

Created: 03/31/2014

Experienced female cycle tourist riding the TransAm in May. I'm 63 years young and in excellent health. I will combine camping (without cooking gear), motels, B&Bs, and hostels. Looking to average 50 to 70 miles per day and would like to take days off to explore where we are. We now have five riders ranging in age from 57-71. We are open to adding more riders. Check out my blog at We start pedaling from Yorktown, Virginia on May 1st. Email

TransAmerica, East to West, Summer 2014

Created: 03/31/2014

I'm planning on riding across the country this summer via the TransAmerica Trail. I'd like to leave mid-June, though this is flexible. The hoped-for pace would be somewhere in the 65 miles per day range, though of course every day is different out on a bike. As far as accommodations, I'd like to camp most of the time, and do WarmShowers/couchsurf most of the other times. My overall goal is to have a fun adventure and see lots of the U.S. Drop me a line if you're interested in a similar trip! Email

West to East in Late April

Created: 03/19/2014

I'll be riding cross country, starting right around April 25, from San Francisco to Yorktown, VA, taking the Western Express to the Trans American Trail. I'm 19 and taking a gap year before going to college. I'll be mostly camping out and using warm showers. I'll be out there to have fun and enjoy the open road. Looking to do around 70 miles a day. Let me know if you are going to be riding then and would be interested in riding together. Email

East to West June 2014

Created: 03/19/2014

Starting around June 1, I’m planning to ride from northern Maryland to Charlottesville, VA, then to Oregon using the TransAmerica trail. Seeking cycling companions who have also dreamed of this type of adventure for a while. I plan on riding around 50 miles/day in the beginning, then increase the mileage as needed/ desired. Will be camping, staying with warm showers hosts, and at motels occasionally. Plan on taking about 3 months seeing some friends along the way. I am 50 years old, in fair shape, and have done some week long self-supported trips in recent past. I look forward to meeting you! Email

Western Express and TransAm, then to Rhode Island

Created: 03/18/2014

Young cycling enthusiast, looking for a companion for all or part of a cross country adventure. Leaving in Early April and expecting to arrive in Rhode Island by July 3. 50 miles a day in the beginning, 70 towards the end. Looking to camp, WWOOF, use warm showers, and couch surfing. I am flexible and really determined to find a partner for this excursion. I am an experienced traveller and very determined with a good attitude. Let's chat about making plans! I am in San Francisco now. Email

Cross Country - Modified S. Tier/W. Express

Created: 03/17/2014

This summer's tour route changed again, but here we go: experienced 63-year-old touring cyclist in good health planning on leaving St. Augustine, Florida, May 9, and heading west to New Mexico via the Southern Tier Route. In New Mexico I plan to head north and connect with the Western Express Route and then continue on to San Francisco. I camp out most of the time in campgrounds, but stay with couch surfers, warm showers, fire stations, churches and such as they present themselves. I tour self-contained, but tend to travel light, do not cook my own meals, and on my last tour averaged about 75 miles a day. It would be great to share the joy and adventure of the open road for part or all the trip with like-minded travelers out there. Email

Grand Canyon, May 1

Created: 03/17/2014

My plan is slightly changed. I leave Richmond, VA on May 1. I am heading to Grand Canyon National Park, AZ, via TransAmerica then joining to Western Express and Grand Canyon connector routes. 75 or more miles per day. Mostly camping, couchsurfing, warmshowers and B&B's. Looking for companions. Email

TransAm East to West - June 13

Created: 03/17/2014

64 y/o married college professor looking for companion(s) to ride across US. Leaving Yorktown, VA, on June 13. Average 40 - 60 miles per day. Camp with some hotels. Flexible. Email

Crossing the U.S. in 2014

Created: 03/14/2014

Looking for riders. Leaving June 1 from Oregon (Astoria?) taking the Lewis and Clark trail to Missoula, MT and the east on the TransAm. If interested, please email me. Email

Teens Crossing America

Created: 03/05/2014

We are a small group of teens and adults, looking to cycle from Astoria, OR, to Point Pleasant, NJ, June 16 - August 15 on a van-supported journey across America. No camping! We are supporting research to cure Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD). Looking for more teens to join the ride, ages 14-19. Email

Trans-America Oblique 2014

Created: 03/05/2014

June 9 - Sept. 6, 2014, Anacortes, WA to St. Augustine, FL. 4,120 mi., sag-supported, 53 miles/day average. Camping, motels, Warm Showers and homestays. Following Adventure Cycling routes 95% of the tour. No cost except for expenses. I invite 2-3 compatible riders to join me on this, my 10th major crossing of the U.S. by bicycle. The tour is written up in detail at Contact me by email or phone (503-394-3696). Email

On Southern Tier Now - in Texas

Created: 02/24/2014

If you would like to ride for a few days or weeks, I am headed east to west on the Southern Tier. I will be at the eastern edge of Texas around March 1. I am camping and staying with warmshowers/couchsurfing hosts primarily, but get at hotel if the weather is bad. I am traveling with my dog in a trailer so usually make only 40-50 miles a day. If you would like to slow down and enjoy the ride please send me a note. Email

End of Summer - Coast-to-Coast

Created: 02/21/2014

I have been wanting to do a coast-to-coast trip for a couple of years now and think the end of summer (start late July/early August) might be the time to do it! I think the route I would like to take is the Western Express, continuing east on the TransAmerica. I'm 24 years old and hoping to find someone in a similar age range. I'm a very active person who likes to be adventurous and have fun. I'm looking for someone who can be trustworthy and outgoing to make the trip fun. I'm no speed demon (average speed on a road bike is 16-18 MPH). I am more interested in making memories than speeding to the finish. Please get in touch If you or someone you know might be interested. Email

East to West June 2014

Created: 02/18/2014

Departing Cape Cod June 1, 2014. Using the Erie Canal Trail to reach Buffalo NY, Northern Tier west, Great Rivers South, TransAmerica west to the Pacific. I am 55, never done anything like this, plan on 60 or so miles per day. Camping (no stove) and hotels every few days. Email

Cross USA--Seaside , OR to Bar Harbor, ME

Created: 02/18/2014

Planning a June 1, 2014, cross-country trip West to East to take in Lewis & Clark 6 and 7 to Missoula, then Trans Am 4 to West Yellowstone. Plan is to then cross Wyoming to see Mount Rushmore in South Dakota experience and then down to ride RAGBRAI, which starts July 20, in Northern Iowa. Thereafter, mainly Northern Tier with side trips to Madison, WI, post-RAGBRAI, and the NFL and MLB Halls of Fame (Canton/Cooperstown). No real deadlines and we expect to camp or motel as the whimsy or group suits. As of now three committed AZ cyclists for the trip. each os us in our 60s. There may be some part timers to start the trip Have a guide/itinerary if you ask. Seaside OR start on 6/1 Email

Northern Tier and North Lakes Route

Created: 02/18/2014

70-year-old, married male doing the Northern Tier and North Lakes route east to west from about June 15 to August 15, 2014. I am a fit cyclist who did the TransAmerica Trail in 1984. This will be a self-contained trip, camping and doing around 80 miles a day. Email

Biking from Oregon to New England (May 2014)

Created: 02/10/2014

I just graduated high school in Vermont and am not sure what to do in college, so I've decided to ride from Oregon to Maine this May to early August. I'm a 19-year-old male looking for cycling partners interested in crossing the US of A on a bike. I'm planning on using Adventure Cycling maps, including the Western Express, TransAm, Underground Railroad, and Northern Tier. I plan to camp out, use,, and stay in hotels. I'm anticipating 60-100 miles a day with some rest days in cool spots. I'm not part of any religious cults and I'm not looking for any drama. Email

You Matter Bike Tour

Created: 02/10/2014

Disabled veterans are riding 5,000 miles cross-country, from Long Beach, NY to Long Beach, CA via DC, to raise money to help Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund build special treatment centers for veterans suffering with traumatic brain injuries and PTSD. We start on April 22 in Long Beach, NY and end in Long Beach, CA on July 4th 2014. Check between those dates on the calendar portion of the route page on our website,, to see where we'll be and when. Please leave a message on the site if you'd like to come out and join us for a stretch! Route includes: Atlantic Coast, Trans America, Western Express, Pacific Coast. Email

Southern Tier — East to West

Created: 01/12/2014

St. Augustine, Florida, to San Diego in March. I'm a 23-year-old male looking for people who have dreamed about biking across the U.S. I plan on leaving in early March, but I'm flexible on dates. I plan on doing about 40 to 60 miles a day, and couchsurfing/motels/inns the whole way. Let me know if you want to join for the whole trip or some part of it. Email

Northern OR Southern Tier West-East, Summer 2014

Created: 01/12/2014

I'm looking for companions to ride cross country from Vancouver, British Columbia, to Halifax, Nova Scotia, on a modified Adventure Cycling Northern Tier or on the Southern Tier from San Diego, California, to either St Augustine or Key West, Florida. I'm a 48-year-old professor and campus pastor that has completed several long tours. I cannot begin the ride until June 8 (or thereafter). I'm well-networked and coordinate lodging for most nights. I travel "minimalist" and bike 65 to 125 miles daily (depending on conditions). For me, the ride is about meeting people, enjoying God's creation while deepening my faith, and the grand adventure. I'm flexible and experienced. Interested? Email

Cycling across the U.S.

Created: 10/15/2013

I am located in Fishtown, Philadelphia. I am posting this in the hopes that other like-minded cyclists will want to join me for an epic ride starting in California at the beginning of the 2014 summer and ending on the East Coast. Any age, gender, riding ability, or speed is welcome, just looking for companions with whom to share the experience of this journey. Email

Upstate New York to Missoula last of week of April to June 11, 2014

Created: 10/08/2013

I am leaving Upstate New York in April to cycle to Missoula, Montana. I want to be in Missoula by the second week of June because I am going on a bike tour with Adventure Cycling to Alaska. I am 62 years old. I want to average 60 to 70 miles a day with time off as needed. I want to use WarmShowers as much as possible, camp secondarily, and only use motels on rest days. I am looking for someone or a group that would like some company on their way across the Northern United States. I’ll be using the Adventure Cycling Lake Erie Connector, North Lakes, Northern Tier and Lewis & Clark maps. Email

Cross Country: Northern Tier

Created: 09/30/2013

I'm a 67-year-old man who will be riding across the U.S. on Adventure Cycling's Northern Tier Route. I'll be leaving Orchard Park, New York on June 2014 and riding west. I will be camping and buying meals along the way. I've taken tours to New York City and from Jacksonville, Florida, to Key West. Email

Crossing America in May, 2014

Created: 09/30/2013

I am looking to put a group together for a cross country tour next summer when I retire. I am 60 years old and an avid cyclist. I'd like the tour to start Astoria, Oregon, maybe the day after Memorial Day, head to Iowa for RAGBRAI, and finish on the Northern Tier in Maine. My name is Neil. I'm new at this and so far have one other touring companion who is more experienced. Email

Cross Country Fall 2014

Created: 09/26/2013

We're planning on leaving in late August or September 1, 2014, from San Francisco to cycle the Western Express and Trans America trail to Virginia. We're looking for someone to ride part or all of route with us. We're hoping to ride 75-125 miles each day with rest days throw in. Email


The Balkans

Created: 03/24/2014

I am an experienced male cycle tourist seeking one other intrepid cyclist, mid-thirties and above, for a three-week tour through Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia and maybe Montenegro. Fly into Budapest or another regional gateway city. I'm interested in history, culture, traditional music, and the local brews and cuisine. Late August to early September departure. I plan on averaging 40-45 miles a day, and staying in B&Bs. I prefer residents of the DC area so we could get acquainted prior to the trip. Email

Portugal in the Fall

Created: 03/10/2014

Starting in Santiago, Spain, south through Portugal to the southern coast. Camping and self supported. 52-year-old fit female meandering 40-50 miles a day. Email

2014 Grand Geezer Rivers Tour

Created: 02/25/2014

66-year-old male cycling from the Netherlands to Vienna via the Rhine, Bodensee, and Danube Rivers. Pulling a BOB trailer, making haste slowly, 40 miles a day, camping, staying with friends. Seeking new friends, good coffee, local foods, and great beers. Start May 7, end July 31. Email

Berlin to Copenhagen

Created: 02/05/2014

Laid back 60-year-old male (retired military officer and college professsor) departing in September on a self-contained trip. Looking at a 10-day trip with additional time spent in Denmark. I'm a Bike Friday owner. Email

Madrid to Lisbon in 2014

Created: 11/14/2013

I'm planning a cycling trip Madrid to Lisbon via southern Spain (Andalusia) and southern Portugal September 13-29. 40 to 50 miles per day. Self contained but NO camping. Staying in small hotels and B&Bs. The exact itinerary to be decided as we go along, spontaneity and wanderlust being key. There may be a leg or two by train. I'm 63, male, and a very experienced cycle tourist (40 plus years. There weren't many of us back then). Let me know if you are interested. Email

Europe 2014

Created: 10/22/2013

I'm in the early planning of a European tour beginning in northern Europe (Norway/Sweden/Finland) and ending in Rota, Spain. I'm completely open to any ideas. If you’re interested in joining me, email. I'll be 60 and am planning to ride 50 miles per day. Camping and hotels. Stop and smell the roses along the way. No time restrictions. Beginning as soon as the snow melts and end whenever. Email

Great Divide Mountain Bike Route

Great Divide – Late Summer '14

Created: 04/17/2014

Looking for a few riders to enjoy the ride From Banff, Canada, to Mexico. Leaving Banff the last week of August to finish late September. If interested, email Merv. Email

Great Divide

Created: 03/19/2014

I'm looking for companions for a tour on the Great Divide starting June 13, 2014 — the date the race starts — but not racing; doing it as a tour. This will be a self-supported ride. Gender is not important. If interested, drop me a line. Email

Divide the Ride: MT > ID > WY

Created: 02/18/2014

We're looking to put together a group of 6-7 riders to ride a beautiful part of the Great Divide Route. The ride begins Sunday, July 6, 2014, at Bannack State Park, Montana, and heads eastward toward the Tetons and Wyoming. Roads are mostly gravel with some asphalt, generally easy riding between 6-7,000 ft. Riders take turns driving the support vehicle (tents, food, etc.) between campgrounds so we can pedal light. Duration: 10 days (7 days riding/3 days whatever). Share this around. Happy to answer questions. We aren't tour guides, and there is no fee. We'll share gas and campsite fees. Keep it simple. Email

Great Divide – Headed South

Created: 02/02/2014

Experienced and fit bike tourist and camper, easy going, age 67, planning to start at or very near the Canadian border. Leaving the first week of July and intend to take around 60 days. Seeking one to three companions. Email


Created: 01/20/2014

Hello, want to ride the Great Divide this year and am looking for a few riders. Would like to leave first part of July with a late August finish, about 6 weeks or so. If interested please get in touch with Bill. Email

Great Divide MTB

Created: 12/06/2013

I am looking for a partner or two to ride with me on the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route. I am planning on starting in Banff and ending in New Mexico. Start date would be early June, 2014, and end-date would be late August/early September. A little about me;; I'm 22, currently living in Boston and have my roots in the mountain bike community. I'm working with Boston Bikes in the Spring as a cycling instructor with the Boston Public Schools. I am planning on obtaining a teaching position in the Fall of 2014, leaving me with on open summer!! I have never attempted this route before, but have experience cycling around New England. I am interested in giving it a go, if you are as well then lets talk!! Keep the wheels rolling, James Email

Great Divide - Summer 2014

Created: 10/18/2013

I'll be finishing up a three-year work assignment in the U.S. next summer and am hoping to ride the divide before returning to Switzerland with my family. I'm planning to leave Banff in early August and finish up in Antelope Wells by September 21 (48 days, approximately 60 miles per day). I'll be self-supported and camping, and I'm hoping to find companions who are laid-back, fun, outdoorsy, and ready to enjoy a cold beer, swim, or picture opportunity along the way. Interested? Let's connect! Email

Tour Divide Race

Created: 06/27/2013

Looking for recumbent tandem partner for TDR 2014. I can supply the bike just need a co-rider, previous GDMBR experience would be appreciated. Email

Intermountain West

Hot Springs Mountain Bike Route

Created: 03/19/2014

At 62, I have just left the small solar business I started in 1997, and a long tour is my celebration. My target is to ride the new Idaho Hot Springs Mountain Bike Route. I will be free to leave mid/late June. I am seeking companions to provide mutual support and safety on one or more of the singletrack sections. I am in good shape and not in a hurry. Last summer I rode Durango to Moab with my son, and my last long (3,700 mile) tour was in 1976. Dates, routes, and plans are all subject to change as opportunities present themselves. Call Allan at 505 780-2738 or email. Email

Ride Across Montana

Created: 02/20/2014

We are planning a ride across Montana following the Northern Tier or the Lewis & Clark Route this summer (2014). We are open to self-supported or having SAG support. Open to traveling east-to-west or west-to-east. We prefer to travel in July to avoid snow in the mountains. Each person will pay their own share of expenses. If interested, call 605-721-1427 or email. Email

Weekend Riding near Missoula

Created: 02/13/2014

I am looking for someone to join on some overnight rides near Missoula. Nothing too specific, the only trip I have planned is Missoula to Polson and around Flathead Lake. I am a 19-year-old guy just getting into touring and looking for someone to tour with. I am open to ideas. Let me know if you're interested. Thanks! Email

Ride the Santa Fe Trail – Sept 2014

Created: 02/03/2014

Join us for a 20 day, 1,100 mile ride in September along the Santa Fe Trail. Explore and learn about the Santa Fe Trail from Santa Fe, New Mexico to New Franklin, Missouri; learn its history and contribution to our country's western expansion; the challenges faced along the Trail; and the work currently being done to preserve historic sites along the Trail. We are a nonprofit organization endorsed by the National Park Service and the Santa Fe Trail Association as an appropriate nonprofit educational and recreational event. For more information, check our website: Email

Alaska to Canada to Montana

Created: 11/14/2013

We are three experienced cyclists looking for three or four more cyclists to join us for a self-contained bicycle tour from Anchorage to Missoula beginning June 15 and ending August 16. Email


Alaska > Argentina in 2015

Created: 04/14/2014

Anyone interested in doing an Alaska-to-Argentina ride starting in 2015? I'm 29, male, and figure I might as well to do the ultimate (to me) bike ride. I love riding a lot early in the day and then enjoy setting up camp and relaxing in the evening. Would like to camp as much as possible. Hoping to seek out unpaved roads to avoid motorized traffic as much as possible. I did the TransAm in 2013 — met up with four other guys through Companions Wanted and we had a great time. Trying to gauge interest early for this one and see what others might have in mind. For more information, check my blog at Email

Alaska to Chile... or something like that

Created: 03/04/2014

I am searching for a touring partner for the summer of 2014 from Alaska to Chile. This has been a dream of mine for several years and I am finally at a point in life where I feel like I can see it come to fruition. I would be camping and trying to keep costs low since this would be quite a long tour. I love touring for all the possibilities to meet people and see the changing scenery. I love the challenges that touring brings and believe in enjoying the rewards big and small when they come my way. I am a 37-year-old woman currently on a solo tour of the Southwest. I would like the chance to meet beforehand and possibly get out for a few days to see if we are compatible. Happy riding! Email

Tour Developing Country

Created: 11/13/2013

I’m a 58-year-old male experienced cyclist who has toured through the U.S. and Europe. I'm seeking a cycling partner for a four-to-five weeklong tour in the summer of 2014. I am flexible in terms of where and when. I'll know exact dates in October. I'd like to meet first and do a 3-5 day ride. Are we compatible? Call Eric 805 459-5588 or email Email


Wilmington, North Carolina to New York City

Created: 11/05/2013

64-year-old male looking for companions to ride along and parallel to The East Coast Greenway ( from Wilmington, North Carolina, to New York City, staying in motels or B&Bs. Departing the first week of May, averaging 50 to 60 miles a day. This is not a race, but an adventure. Will be glad to forward proposed route and miles by email. I have been touring for past 10 years. Email


Time to Ride!

Created: 02/18/2014

Looking for another person who would like to ride the Minnesota Loop or bike from St. Cloud, Minnesota, to Colorado. These are not set in stone but all I know is that I would like to be on the road April 15. About me: I am a Veteran, I am sixty years young, and I am retired, so time is on my side! I like to bike 50 to 75 miles a day. Not in a hurry. I like to camp, use Warm Showers, maybe one day a week for a motel. Gender is not important. I like to have a few beers, go fishing and have fun. Please no drama. I love the outdoors and like to take advantage of the spring, summer and fall. Please call 612-978-1496, thank you. Email

Mississippi River Trail

Created: 02/18/2014

60-year-old retired, married male planning to cycle the Mississippi River Trail from Baton Rouge, LA to Lake Itasca, MN, self-contained using the ACA Great Rivers Route and Northern Tier maps with a few deviations. I'm planning to travel south to north beginning around May 28 and will average a relaxed 55-60 miles per day - camping most of the time and cooking occasionally. I have completed the ACA Southern Tier and middle third of the TransAM routes. If interested in joining for any or all of the trip, please send an e-mail. Email


Created: 11/22/2013

I'm planning a self-contained tour along the Lake Michigan shoreline in the summer of 2014. I'll be using the League of Michigan Bicyclist maps and que sheets. I would love input, experiences, or pointers from anyone familiar with this route. Email

North America

Texas to Alaska

Created: 03/14/2014

Two college students leaving from Austin, TX, around May 25, biking to Anchorage, AK. Looking for any companions interested in averaging 80 miles/day aiming to finish the first week of August. We plan on camping/couch surfing and keeping costs low. Route and most of trip is already planned, so shoot us an email if you'd like to join and see the route! Email

Looking for Other Trailer Bike/tagalong Families

Created: 01/20/2014

My six-year-old daughter and I are looking for other families with kids on trailer bikes or tagalongs to tour with us. Having other kids to play with makes bike touring for six-year-olds 10 times more fun. We take weekend-long trips, but that could grow as she gets older. Last summer, we biked part of the Erie Canal. This summer, we’re looking at the Petite Adventure Bike Tour near Montreal on June 28-30. Details of that tour at Touring with her is something I hope to make an annual tradition, so feel free to get in touch if you are interested for this summer, or possibly for the future. Email

Tour Great National Parks in the Western U.S.

Created: 01/12/2014

I've spent the last four summers touring the U.S. This year, I anticipate a counterclockwise tour of the Great National Parks in the western U.S. starting in Pueblo or Denver and using various Adventure Cycling maps. I'll head north for Rocky Mountain, Grand Teton, Yellowstone, Glacier, and Canada's Banff and Jasper National Parks. After that, I'll go south and west to the Sierra Cascades Route and its parks: Mt. Rainer, Mt. St Helens, and Mt. Hood as well as Crater Lake, Mt. Shasta, Lassen Volcanic Park, Lake Tahoe, Yosemite, Sequoia, Big Bear Lake, and Joshua Tree. Then east and north to Grand Canyon, Zion, and Bryce. Then east back to Denver or Pueblo. I hope to start in mid May 2014, cover 60 to 90 miles a day staying in hotels, campgrounds, and B&Bs when available. I prefer eating out. Call Robert at 757-879-2607 or email. Email

Florida to Virginia, Then Cross Country

Created: 10/18/2013

Beginning Mid-May 2014, I'm heading up the East Coast from northeast Florida, to Yorktown, Virginia. In Yorktown I'm joining the Bike the U.S. for MS cross-country group for June and July. After arriving in San Francisco, I plan on striking out on my own on August 4 up the West Coast, hanging a right in Astoria, and continuing through Portland on the way to Montana before heading south to Denver. Both legs before and after the MS ride will be self-supported, camping mostly, and slowing down for points of interest. Overall it will be at a leisurely but steady pace. I'd welcome any company along the way. Email


Bike Overnights

Created: 04/09/2014

Companions wanted for 1 or 2 nights camping by bicycle in Addison, Rutland or Chittenden counties, Vermont. I need to shake out my gear and get ready for a longer ride by the end of summer. I'm a mellow rider and would rather slow down and look at the flowers than cover long distances in a short amount of time. Email

Adirondack Loop

Created: 03/17/2014

I'm a 68-year-old male looking for another male about my age and abilities for a self-supported trip in late May or early June. I've done self-supported trips on the Erie Canal from Buffalo, NY, to Albany, NY (10 days), and the Great Allegheny Passage from Pittsburgh, PA, to Cumberland, MD (3 days). I anticipate this trip will be 8-10 days and I will not be in a hurry, I want to see the sights. Email


Ride Across Montana

Created: 04/15/2014

Going west to east leaving Missoula the first week of July. We have an RV for SAG support. The RV will take us back to Missoula when we reach the North Dakota border. Riding about 50 mile per day and camping at night in campgrounds. No charge; each pays as he goes. Call Dallas at 605-721-1427 or email. Email

Lewis Clark Ride

Created: 03/18/2014

I am looking for companions to ride the Lewis and Clark Trail, starting June 9, from Missoula, Montana, heading west. The average mileage per day is 50-70, riding at a easy pace. I am planning on staying in motels, but camping is also okay. I am about 60 years young and in good shape. I have ridden along the Oregon coast from Astoria to Brookings. Looking for people around my age. I hope you can join me. Email

Northern Tier and Great Parks North

Created: 02/25/2014

Time to see the mountainous West again! Anacortes, WA to Missoula or Cut Bank to Missoula. Approximately 500-850 miles. Open to either itinerary. Three to four weeks, including Amtrak from DC. Fifty miles a day, leisurely cycling, camping with 2-3 nights' indoor lodging. Seasoned cycle tourist invites interest from another mature, adventurous outdoors lover, preferably in DC area, to ride locally first and enjoy the train trip across the country. Email

Lewis & Clark Trail

Created: 02/24/2014

I'm looking for companions to ride the L&C Trail starting on or around June 20 from Great Falls, Montana, going east to west. I plan on riding 50 to 70 miles per day at an easy pace, mostly camping and staying in a motel one day a week. I'm 68 years old and in excellent shape. I've ridden the TransAm, the Pacific Coast, and several tours in the Northwest and California. I'm looking for people of any age or gender, I hope you can join me. Email

Pacific Coast

Pacific Coast July 2014

Created: 04/17/2014

I'm a retired 62-year-old male, leaving mid-July 2014 from the Portland, OR, area and plan to ride south along the Oregon Coast following Adventure Cycling's route to Crescent City, CA. From there, I'm very flexible, and may ride back to Portland via coast route or via the Willamette Valley. I'm also open to continuing south and riding across the Golden Gate, then renting a car or taking Amtrak to get back. I plan to mostly camp and eat out along the way, but depending on weather and mood, will probably take a motel break or two. I'd like to leave around July 16 or so, and be back by July 29. I'm pretty easy going, don't smoke, don't drink much, eat healthy, and love to ride. Email

Either Pacific or Atlantic Coast - 2015

Created: 03/31/2014

I'll be 64 (male) in 2015 and want to ride either the Pacific or Atlantic Coast routes. I've ridden across the U.S. in 1997 (Southern Tier) mostly solo, and am looking to both camp out and for WarmShowers-type accommodations, but mostly camping out if weather and campgrounds permit. I'm not at all opposed to the occasional motel and a real bed and shower, though. I'm probably in the range of 75 to 85 miles a day and am pretty easy going and very organized. I currently work as a marketing consultant and find cycling to be both relaxing and exhilarating at the same time. I have a lot of scheduling flexibility but am thinking spring. I don't smoke (anything) but certainly don't mind spirits. Would welcome like-minded fellow travelers. Email

North on the PCH

Created: 03/21/2014

I will be touring around the U.S. this summer exploring people's relationship with the land through a documentary photography grant. I will be starting in mid-late May from the LA area, heading up north on the coast — and I would LOVE company! I am well-traveled and an experienced bike mechanic, though I am new to long-distance touring. The second half of the summer will be on the east coast. Let me know if you would like to join! Email

West Coast - South from Seattle or Portland

Created: 03/07/2014

I'm planning a ride south from either Seattle or Portland in the summer. I will proably be riding a pedal-assist bike so I can cover 60 to 80 miles per day. I'm happy to share motels, camp out, or a mix of both. Or, if you want to drive my truck along the way that would be great. Then we'd be SAG-wagon supported. I love bike riding! I am 62, in good shape, and almost retired (hooray!) Email

Quitting, Selling, and Hitting the Road

Created: 01/23/2013

I'm selling everything, moving out, and hitting the road. It's been a lifelong dream to go on an extended tour and, finally, it's coming to fruition. Where are the bike-touring gypsies? Where is the touring community I think is probably on the road? I'm coming to find you. Anybody else out there that doesn't think this is crazy? Two heads are better than one. Looking forward to hearing from you. Email

Freak Show

Created: 11/05/2012

Here's the deal. Big Sur. Get a group of lets say 10 to 20 chilled-out, hard-core Surly bike freaks and party-tour the coast. Say from Santa Cruz to San Luis Obispo. When this will happen has yet to be planned. There will be drinking, smoking, and whatever else you want to do. Be ready! Email

Sierra Cascades

Sierra Cascades Program Development

Created: 11/22/2013

We are two touring cyclists who plan to create a cycling/conservation-education based non-profit for young adults over the next two years. We plan to do a trial run tour of the route this summer (around June/August) and volunteer in parks along the way. We would love any company, but we would especially love to hear from you if you have a non-profit or entrepreneurial background and would be interested in helping us start up the organization and/or being a future trip leader. Email


Natchez Trace Parkway

Created: 03/27/2014

Over the past 3 years I have toured self-contained across the country 2.5 times on my leg-powered bike. I also ride a handcycle to maintain upper-body fitness. I am considering cycling the Natchez Trace on my handcycle round-trip starting in Natchez in April or early May. This would be self-contained unless we had a SAG vehicle. I'd plan on averaging about 50 miles per day and taking a day off about every 5 days. I'm open to start date and touring one-way or round-trip. My idea is to camp and eat grocery foods as much as possible. Taking time to see things along the way would be fine. I'm a 48-year-old male. Email

Florida Keys

Created: 03/10/2014

November 1 – November 6, 2014. Join me for my 23rd self-supported tour of the Florida Keys. Key Largo – Marathon – Key West and return. Self-reliant riders are invited to join, but all riders must accept my ride expectations. Interested riders should contact me via email for ride expectations. This is a non-commercial ride. Email

Searching For Healthy Food

Created: 01/31/2014

I'm a 48-year-old male. The past six summers I've managed the food services at kids camps that focused on providing healthy food. At one camp, we even grew our own veggies and beef. Though I managed the kitchen, I did little of the actual cooking. The past three autumns I've toured self-contained across the country twice (and a half!) and enjoyed it, but this tour I'd like to visit farms, camps, farmer's markets, etc. and meet people with a passion for healthy foods. I'd like to begin around March or April and focus on the Southeast but am flexible. I'd like to use Adventure Cycling routes as much as possible. I am open to any suggestions and ideas. I'm open to touring completely self-contained or bringing a car and doing day or multi-day rides from it. Email

Tour through Georgia/Southeast, beginner style

Created: 02/28/2013

I'm interested in getting out and getting active, and trying to find people to ride with. I'm 34, a married man, and an easy person to get along with. I'm out of shape, but looking to fix that. I'm thinking of a ride from Atlanta to Orlando, Athens to Savannah, or something similar. Or, if you're in Nashville and want to ride to Denver, I'm down, but I might need some prep time to get my winter coat of lard trimmed off. Let's go somewhere. If interested, email Email


Western Express, Hite Recreation Area lodging: Night of July 7

Created: 03/26/2014

I will be riding the Western Express this summer from west to east and have reserved a cabin at Hite Recreation Area for the night of July 7. This is the only lodging between Hanksville and Blanding, a 124-mile stretch. As this is a 3-bedroom cabin and I only need one bedroom, am looking for 2 other cyclists to split the cost with me. It would be $100 for the night. Cabin is well appointed with all conveniences. Email

Grand Canyon to Austin Texas in September 2014

Created: 02/02/2014

I'm a 33-year-old male experienced cycle commuter but fairly new to touring. I'm planning to ride from Cedar City, Utah, to Austin, Texas, this fall using the Grand Canyon Connector and Southern Tier routes. Looking for anyone who wants to join me on an epic adventure through what I consider the most beautiful part of our country. No real timetable for how long it will take but I plan on carrying a lot of weight (extra water through the desert), so anywhere from 40 to 70 miles a day (on average) sounds reasonable. I look forward to hearing from you. Email

Grand Canyon

Created: 10/22/2013

Considering a self-supported loop journey from Las Vegas (southern Utah –Zion National Park – south to Grand Canyon – south and west to Route 66 – Lake Mead) No dates set. I hope to average 50 miles per day but this will depend on weight, terrain, and wind direction. I'm 61 and live in Cleveland, Ohio. I’ll probably camp with stops at motels weekly, and will be eating at different dining spots. Email

Southern Tier Services - San Diego

Created: 08/30/2011

I live along the Southern Tier just east of San Diego. If you need a ride from the airport, a companion to guild you through the city, or a place to pitch your tent, let me know. Email

State to State

West from Colorado Springs

Created: 04/14/2014

Leaving Colorado Springs first week of May for North S.F bay area. 64-year-old male will be doing self-contained camping most of way with some motels. No time or miles per day goal's (I'm slow, aka: Out of shape!) Hope to have some company along the way. Email

Western Express - East to West

Created: 02/13/2014

Would like to ride the Western Express route east to west, leaving Pueblo/Colorado Springs in early-to-mid May. 52-year old female, prefer camping with some hotels, eating from grocery stores, 55-70 miles per day. Would love some company. Email

Finish Lewis & Clark — Bozeman to St. Louis

Created: 01/12/2014

In 2005, I started the Lewis & Clark Route, riding as far as Bozeman, Montana. I'd like to return to Bozeman and, starting from there, complete the trip in St. Louis, beginning in late May, 2014. I'm a 68-year-old single female and this will be my 25th trip when completed. Most travels have been in Europe. Email

Western Canada

Alaska - Canada - Montana

Created: 02/18/2014

Start: Anchorage 7th of June. Route is ready. Plans are made. Finish is end of August in Missoula, MT. Our (international) group is looking for about 2 more people who like cycling and camping. Self-contained! Email

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