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Each year, hundreds of cyclists grab their maps, plan their tours, pack their panniers or trailers, and head for the open roads and trails of America. Many of these intrepid two-wheeled travelers would like to have company for the journey. If you're looking for a touring companion for your adventure, here's the place to start. The cyclists below are all members of the Adventure Cycling Association, and they're getting ready to pack up and take off.

Please note: Adventure Cycling assumes, but cannot verify, that the persons advertising here are truthfully representing themselves. You should always take some time to meet your prospective traveling companions and discuss your tour plans before you begin your travels together.

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Around the World

Alaska to Argentina - 2016

Created: Dec 1, 2014

Solstice to Solstice. Plan is to celebrate summer solstice 2016 in Deadhorse, Alaska, and spend 18 months cycling south to reach Ushuaia, Argentina, during summer solstice. Experienced 53-year-old male cycle tourist looking for adventurers to join in all or part of the ride. Email


Indian Himalaya Summer 2016

Created: Apr 1, 2015

Looking for one or more companions for approximately six weeks. Tentative itinerary Srinagar (or Leh start); Nubra; Pangong Tso; then Leh-Manali with Lahaul side trips and possible exit via Sach Pass to Chamba vs. Spiti-Kinnaur. I've been to the Indian Himalaya six times, speak enough Hindi. Cycled Lahaul-Spiti-Kinnaur (Sarchu to Rampur) Sept. 2014, 15 days: see 2nd half of slide set. 56-year-old male. I've got local tourism contacts and SAG-support would make economic sense with 3 or 4+ people. "Hotels" + some camping. Culture, temples, 30-50 miles/day is rational. See "Himalaya by Bike" by Laura Stone. Email

Bucket list

Created: Mar 24, 2015

July or August, 2015. 10 days to 2 weeks, guided or self-guided tour in Thailand or Vietnam (not hilly). Tour is SAG'ed with rental bikes and budget lodging. Minimum of two persons. Seeking companion who wants to keep riding despite growing older. I like riding alone but might be safer with companion in foreign cities. Female, mid 70s, experienced touring, mostly solo, fully loaded, cross country, and overseas. Last solo trip 10 years ago, trying to get back in shape. Would like advice from riders who carry a CPAP. (Best model, battery weight, solar charger?) Email


Australia July/August 2015

Created: Nov 26, 2014

61-year-old male, experienced cyclist looking for one or more companions to cycle Australia in July/August 2015. Temps should be cool to moderate with prevailing winter winds relatively mild and from the West/NW, which should make Perth a good starting point. The final destination and route is negotiable. 50-60 miles per day plus or minus depending on conditions. Perhaps a weekly rest day and a side trip or two. Camping in rest areas, caravan parks, and sometimes in the bush. Email

Cross Country

Maine to Washington State 2016

Created: May 18, 2015

Seeking companions for a 2016 east coast to west coast self-contained tour. I expect to average ~75 miles/day with one rest day/week. The route is a montage of Adventure Cycling and DOT routes, and I think it's pretty good, but it is open to suggestion/modification. I will be 29 that summer. I've done a couple smaller tours, and I ride 40 miles to and from work multiple times each week. Here's a video of my answers to some FAQs: Email

East to West | NYC to San Fran | End of June

Created: May 18, 2015

My name is Adnan. I am a 24-year-old first timer. I just quit my job in marketing to take on this journey. At the moment I am in process of planning out my route, bike, gear etc. Targeting end of June and looking to travel mostly through the southern route. Planning on NYC-->Nashville-->New Orleans--> Austin-->San Diego-->San Fran as a rough sketch. Definitely open to modifying the route if you are interested in joining me for part or the whole trip. Feel free to shoot me a message! Best, Adnan Email

Southern Tier Eastbound 2016

Created: May 15, 2015

We are a retired couple planning to cycle the Southern Tier Route eastbound starting early March 2016. We plan to stay in motels/hotels the entire route, riding 45 miles a day on average. Current estimate is 73 riding days. We modified the route to go via Tucson rather than Phoenix. We'd like SAG support if possible, but will do an unsupported trip if it can't be arranged. Email

TransAm West to East 2016

Created: May 15, 2015

Looking for age 75+ companions to do the TransAm. Want to stay on the Adventure Cycling route and ride 100% of the way, camping when possible. Cooking is not desirable. Sightseeing not a priority. Local interaction essential. Email

San Francisco - Acadia National Park, Maine

Created: May 15, 2015

28-year-old male going cross country from San Francisco to Acadia National Park in Maine. This is my first time doing a long-distance cycling trip. Will ride Western Express - Transamerica - Underground Railroad - Northern Tier. Leave on June 21, and finish on September 1. I plan on riding about 70 miles per day. Riding mostly solo — will have friends riding with me in California, Colorado, and Ohio. Looking for anybody who wants to ride for part of the journey. A few nights, a week or two — anything. Will be camping and WarmShowering. I'm a 6th grade teacher currently residing in Connecticut. Love music, outdoors, and riding bikes. Email

Southern Tier - September 2015

Created: Apr 23, 2015

55-year-old male. Doing the Southern Tier from San Diego, California, to St. Augustine, Florida. Not looking for ultra-mile days as I am retired, but want to experience areas as passing through. Want to finish around 60-ish days. Camping, WarmShowers hosts and motels. Email

DC to Santa Monica, Leaving April 22

Created: Apr 23, 2015

Mid-60s male, first big tour, camping mostly, DC to Pittsburgh, to Ohio USBR 50 to Indiana, Route 40 to St. Louis, Route 66 the rest of the way. Can meet up along the way and bike together for part of the way, or whatever works. Email

BikeCentennial 40+ in 2016

Created: Apr 23, 2015

Ride the BikeCentennial route 40 years later. I hope ACA will be organizing groups similar to what was done in 1976 for riders who missed the fun in 1976 or those that want to do it again. I'm going regardless and looking for company. I always go on RAGBRAI (last full week in July) so timing is somewhat important. Either start early so I finish by mid-July, start later (August 1) or take a break to do RAGBRAI. I'd like to hear from riders who have ridden TransAm as to what is the best time of year to start out in Oregon to avoid bad weather? And how long did it take? Not too early to start the planing. Email

Ohio to California

Created: Apr 23, 2015

Me: 29-year-old male, experienced touring, traveling solo, mostly camping + WarmShowers. Intend to ride 70+ miles per day as conditions allow, with rest days each week. I rise early, ride long miles. Easy-going Midwesterner, and I like a cold beer and fire at the end of the day. Departing Columbus, Ohio, on June 29/30. South to Kentucky via Cincinnati. UGRR Route to TransAm. Switching to Katy Trail in Missouri, visiting KC, then back across Kansas to TransAm. Picking up Western Express in Colorado to California. Targeting mid-August to arrive on the West Coast. Email me if you're interested in riding with me for any part of this. Email

Southern Tier 9/14/2015 - 11/14/2015

Created: Mar 27, 2015

Cycling for Charity: Ride to Awareness to Benefit Mental Illness. San Diego to St. Augustine. Cyclists wanted for supported ride to raise awareness and funds for mental illness. is a 501(c)(3) charity. We will stop in 8 cities en route to host media events. Combination of camping and hotels along the way. Must be interested in the cause. Check out our rider profiles at and fill out form if interested at Email

Modified TransAm - Yorktown to San Francision

Created: Mar 23, 2015

Biking across the U.S. has long been a dream of mine. Recently an opportunity presented itself to allow me to take on this grand challenge. Beginning in late April, I will be riding 3,785 miles from Yorktown, Virginia, to San Francisco, California, on the TransAmerica / Western Express Trails. I am riding self-contained and will be camping and cooking as much as possible to keep the cost low. Would love a companion or two for all or part of the trip! Email

Northern Tier (starting in Montana)

Created: Mar 19, 2015

52-year-old man from Maine looking to ride the Northern Tier beginning in Missoula, Montana, starting in mid-May. Need to reach Burlington, Vermont, by July 11 to see my nephew get married, but otherwise am open to possibilities. One thing that might be fun is to participate in things that are happening along the way. Music at clubs, grange suppers, festivals, BBQ competitions, etc. Camping is great but if the rain is falling in buckets you'll find me seeking a roof to sleep under! Please contact me to discuss plans and goals. Email

Washington State to Florida - April-May 2016

Created: Mar 17, 2015

Greetings, I'm a 54-year-old disabled hand cycle athlete from the Seattle area. I'm looking for a travel companion(s) to ride with on an epic journey across the U.S. from the Canadian border at Blaine, Washington, to Key West, Florida on my 27 speed Top End Force 3 hand cycle ( via the Pacific Coast, Southern Tier, and Atlantic Coast routes beginning in early April 2016, and arriving in Key West by the first of June 2016. I plan on averaging about 100 miles per day, 6 days per week with the 7th day being a day of rest and hopefully spending the nights in motels with hot showers. Please contact me via email and lets experience this challenging adventure together. Email

Get Your Kicks On Route 66

Created: Mar 16, 2015

Following new Route 66 From Los Angeles to Albuquerque, then Santa Fe Trail to central Missouri. Will be back on Route 66 for St Louis to Chicago. Depart April 30, 2015, and finish in 6 weeks. About 70 miles per day and riding 6 days out of 7. Staying in cheap motels. Must be willing to take turn driving our SAG. Opportunity to do all or part. Lots of flexibily on how much you ride and where you join. Currently have 3 riders for most weeks but would welcome 1 to 4 more. Presently, mostly fit, male seniors participating but would like to hear from anybody with interest. Come join for the time of your life. Email

Ride to Save Lives

Created: Feb 17, 2015

Looking for the chance to ride unexplored terrains? Join the Heart Across America (HAA) campaign! We are a cross-country bike ride in association with the American Heart Association (AHA) aimed at stroke and heart attack awareness and supporting the work of the AHA. This is not your typical ride. We are a nonprofit and all about awareness; we don't ask you to pay or fundraise a penny to participate; as a non-profit do not have support (sag, food, etc.). Join us for any portion of the ride. For more information, email or visit Email

Southern Tier: San Diego to St. Augustine

Created: Feb 17, 2015

9/15/2015 -11/15/2015. Riding for Mental Illness. See MUST BE INTERESTED IN THE CAUSE! We have a motor home for support and gear. Will be camping and hotels. Stops in each city for media events along the way. Look at the website for rider profiles. Interested? Let me know, I'm Allen. Email

Northern Tier Route

Created: Feb 17, 2015

I am a 63-year-old woman looking for a companion to ride from Colorado to Maine, mostly along the Northern Tier Route, beginning in mid-May. I hope to travel for about 50 days, 60-75 miles per day, mostly camping, occasional hotel. Email

Northern Tier East to West — May/June 2015

Created: Jan 16, 2015

I'm quitting my job in May and planning my second cross-country trip (first was TransAm in 2004). I'm going solo but would like to network/exchange ideas with others that are also crossing via the Northern Tier this year. I look forward to chatting with fellow adventure seekers! Email

TransAm — East to West, June 15, 2015

Created: Jan 5, 2015

I am a 50-year-old male seeking a riding partner(s) to join me on an east-to-west tour (will consider riding west-to-east). I am an experienced touring cyclist and will be traveling self-contained. I will be camping and treating myself to the occasional motel stop. I am not in a rush and expect to average 75 miles/per day. I am not averse to enjoying a glass or two of wine or beer during the evenings. I like to enjoy myself on my tours and am especially looking forward to traveling through Colorado and Washington, so a like-minded -- or at least tolerant -- personality would be the better company for each of us. I plan on departing around June 15th. Email

Tail Wind Ride—Piney Woods, TX, to North Woods, MN

Created: Dec 29, 2014

37-year-old experienced touring cyclist biking 30-80 miles per day with occasional layovers. Starting in late April 2015 and taking about 3 months. Meandering route from Gulf of Mexico in piney woods region of Texas to northern Minnesota, ending with a week-long canoe trip in Boundary Waters. Taking advantage of scenic highways, historic spots, and state parks. Smelling the roses with no definite schedule or route. Self-Contained, camping and WarmShowers, with occasional motel when necessary. Looking for several people any age or gender for all or part of the ride. Email

U.S. West to East

Created: Dec 20, 2014

Mid- to late-May 2015 and finish TBD. Mostly motels and probably average 65 miles per day. 57-year-old male, mellow, pacifist and come what may attitude. Meet in Portland, Oregon, then TransAm to Missoula to catch Northern Tier. Email

San Fransisco-St. Augustine Summer 2015

Created: Sep 22, 2014

I am a 54-year-old male high school teacher with summers off. I am planning a cross country bike tour starting in San Francisco June 7, and ending in Ft. Lauderdale August 15, 2015. I am looking for a partner, or more, to travel with. Mostly camping, some Warm Showers and some hotels/motels, minimal cost. The route will follow the Western Express, with a detour to Pike's Peak. Then continuing on the TransAm to Memphis (Graceland) and on to the Underground Railroad to connect with the Southern Tier to Florida. This will be my first cross country bike ride so I am open to suggestions and advice. I plan on biking 60-75 miles a day with some 100+ days if possible. Email

West to East

Created: Sep 5, 2014

August/September 2015, Laquinta, CA To Eastern shore of Maryland. Would like a group or at least one other person. Want to ride for a cause. Email

Cross Country via Northern Tier (Modified) July 2015

Created: Apr 14, 2014

The plan is to ride eastbound from Anacortes, Washington, to Bar Harbor, Maine, via the Northern Tier and North Lakes routes starting July 2015. I have family in Erie, Pennsylvania, and would like to stay there a couple days longer. Plan on riding 50-plus miles a day, more as needed. My hope is to tent camp as much as possible but I'm open to suggestions. I'm a fit 27-year-old male looking for anyone who wants to join the ride. I know it's more than a year away, but I'm excited for this and can't wait to finish planning. Email

Teens Crossing America

Created: Mar 5, 2014

We are a small group of teens and adults, looking to cycle from Astoria, OR, to Point Pleasant, NJ, June 16 - August 15 on a van-supported journey across America. No camping! We are supporting research to cure Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD). Looking for more teens to join the ride, ages 14-19. Email


Italy's Coastline

Created: Apr 3, 2015

I have had a lifelong dream of traveling Europe, especially Italy. I never really considered doing it on a bicycle until two years ago when I traveled around Spain and had a blast! I would welcome anyone interested in this or who has more information. I would like to do it in the summer 2015. I have lots of ideas, but taking it slowly so as to taste the culture is paramount. I am a 50-year-old male and am in good shape. Let's get talking! I joined this site just to find like-minded people. I'm very flexible and open to new ideas. Email

Edinburgh to ??? - Starting in June

Created: Apr 3, 2015

Aloha from Maui! I'm Kelly, 24, and I will be embarking on my first cycle tour. My friends and family think I am crazy thus I am currently planning a solo trip. I will be landing in Glasgow on June 3. From there, I will make my way to Edinburgh where I want to hang out for a bit before starting my bike trip from there. I am not planning all the details as I want to leave any opportunities that present themselves negotiable. That said, I do plan on being frugal. I will be camping out as often as possible and eating only what I need to. I am open to travel with anyone. Men and women of all ages are welcome to message me, I would love to have a road buddy. Email

Great Divide Mountain Bike Route

Get Wild on the Great Divide

Created: May 15, 2015

Looking for companions to join me touring north to south on the Great Divide Route this August. I am riding into Southern Wyoming — possibly farther south. 63-year-old male with excellent backcountry skills. Not in a hurry — 35-50 miles/day. Whether we ride together all the time of intermittently it will be awesome! I previously lived in Missoula for a long time and will be there in July training. Let's get Wild! Email

Great Divide -- Bikes Not Bombs

Created: Apr 24, 2015

Time is drawing near! Join me in riding the Adventure Cycling's Great Divide Mountain Bike Route. I will be riding for Bikes not Bombs out of Boston Mass and raising money for them. Looking for those who are thinking about riding this great route or planning on it. Whether we ride together all the way or intermittently we can have a great time. For more info go to Email

Southbound From Butte, MT

Created: Apr 23, 2015

Easy-going, 68-year-old male rode GDMBR last year from Eureka to Butte. Traveling by car from Spokane to Butte after Fourth of July to resume ride, with Mexican border as goal. Flexible as to date leaving Butte. Plan 30-40-mile-a-day pace with occasional day off. Seeking companion(s), male or female starting from, or meeting up in, Butte. Email

Great Divide South to North Start June 2015

Created: Apr 7, 2015

I am a fit and active 59-year-old male looking to ride the GDMBR route South to North starting in early June (I am flexible on start date). Looking for adventure, solitude and fitness. No set pace or schedule but thinking 35-50 miles per day (maybe fewer on hard days, more on easy ones). Camping when required, motels and restaurants when available. Rest days and sightseeing detours when they make sense. I have lots of road cycling, mountain bike and route-following experience. Undecided on finish in U.S. or Banff. Email

GDMBR North to South Summer 2015

Created: Mar 23, 2015

I am a fit and active 50-year-old male, with extensive experience in cycling, touring, and long-distance backpacking. I also have wilderness first-aid training. I am looking for some adventurous companions to join me riding the GDMBR from north to south. I am planning a self-contained bike adventure with a target start date from Banff of July 1, 2015, with 50-55 days to completion. I am hoping to find some like-minded people to join me for some or all of this great adventure. Email

Great Divide (U.S. Portion)

Created: Feb 17, 2015

Looking for four to six strong and capable women with backwoods camping experience to join me on a self-contained mountain bike adventure in the summer of 2016. Email

GDMBR 2015

Created: Feb 11, 2015

Experienced, fit 69-year-old looking for companion to ride the GDMBR north to south. Depart Rooseville, Montana, on July 15. Camping and motels when available. No schedule/pace other than what suits us. If you're not free from schedule constraints, competent in the backcountry and mountain biking there is probably no sense in contacting me. Email

Intermountain/Great Divide Route

Created: May 14, 2014

Fit female experienced and adventurous cyclotourist/hiker seeking optimistic companions to join me on self-contained bike journey on Idaho Hot Springs/Great Divide Route for 3-5 weeks leaving in July/August 2014. Flexible about route, dates, mileage, "must-sees" and "must-dos." Prefer mostly camping, own cooking and rare restaurants. Please contact me if interested or for more information. I reside in Colorado. Happy trails! Email

Intermountain West

Oregon Trail

Created: May 15, 2015

Leaving Independence, Missouri, mid-May 2016, "when the prairie grass is 4 inches high," ending in Oregon City along traditional historic route. Will follow Trail as close as possible including on the Trail and dirt roads. Not a skinny tire adventure. Self-supported, 2000 miles, about 2.5 months travel time — maybe longer if we document the route. No fixed itinerary except to keep going west. Looking for one to three fun history buffs to join me. I am a 66-year-old experienced bike tourist. Email

New to Touring in Northern Colorado

Created: Apr 23, 2015

I'm 32 here new to the bicycle touring scene. I'm looking for other cyclists to ride with on the weekends. I want to do overnights in the Colorado/Wyoming area and eventually train to do the Southern Tier. It would be nice to find someone with experience touring or new to it like myself. It would be great if you live in Fort Collins or Loveland. Email

Oregon Trail Ride

Created: Feb 17, 2015

Come ride with us on the central leg of the Oregon Trail through Wyoming. We'll start in Torrington, Wyoming, and end at Jackson, Wyoming. We will start on about June 20, 2015. We need a driver for the SAG. We will ride on blacktop so tour bikes are best. We will be camping and/or staying at warm showers rooms. Interested? Call 605-390-5579 or email me at this address: Email


Cuba Circumvelo July 2015

Created: Apr 13, 2015

Wanna see Cuba before the tourist floodgates open? Me too! Seattle-based 24-year-old American male seeking a partner(s) for a 3-week tour of Cuba, July 2015. Flying to Varadero from Canada, riding the coast counterclockwise. 50-70mi/day but flexible, more interested in sampling the culture. Would love to camp, but local laws necessitate casa particulares (private B&Bs). On the bright side, you meet locals and they provide dinner and breakfast, no cookware needed. Me: athletic, ocean engineer, dry humor, organized, well-traveled, biked TransAm and Pacific Coast. Open to any age or gender, Spanish skills a huge plus. Interest or questions, let's talk! Details on flying to/from Cuba: Email


Midwest - Route 66 - June 2015

Created: May 15, 2015

I am traveling from Lincoln, Nebraska, south through Kansas to ride Route 66 in Oklahoma. I expect to ride from Clinton to Claremore, Oklahoma, on Route 66, swing into Fayetteville, Arkansas, and then north to Branson, Missouri. Then it is back to Lincoln. Anyone interested in three weeks or so on the road? Neal 602-999-5254 Email

WI/MN/IA/IL Weekends

Created: Mar 20, 2015

Looking for companion(s) for weekend, long weekend, or even week-long tours around central Wisconsin or neighboring states. I've done several multi-day tours. I'm saving up vacation for a big ride (e.g. TransAmerica) and in the meantime I'm practicing by doing these shorter rides. I'd prefer to do 50-70 miles or more (depending) but am flexible. I'm 40-year-old male in very good riding condition. Email

North America

California Missions Tour

Created: Apr 23, 2015

Here's a tour in early September starting in San Juan Bautista and ending in Santa Barbara, which visits eight historic California missions over seven days. I'm 71 and have led the tour twice before but am doing it once more for a friend. Half the stops are campgrounds, the remainder are motels.There's Amtrak accessibility at the beginning and end of the trip. The route passes through agricultural country, including vineyards, and by the ocean for a time. So far we have three men (including myself) and one woman. We'd like one more man and one more woman. Average mileage per day is 40-45. Email

Bike Trip America

Created: Dec 23, 2014

We are riding from Astoria, Oregon, to New York City this summer over the course of 59 days. Youth and Adult cyclists, looking specifically for more male adult cyclists/youth female-male cyclists to complete our team. Fully supported ride, raising money for Operation Comfort Warriors, a transitional program for wounded, injured, or ill veterans. Goal to NEVER stay in hotel/motel, and already have much of lodging planned. Trip will cost about $35 a day; includes everything. We will summit the Rockies, ferry across Lake Michigan, and visit Niagara Falls. Everyone and anyone is welcome! Contact Bryce Nurding at 503-298-8919 or visit Email

Want to ride in all 50 states? Want to join me?

Created: Oct 27, 2014

I'm looking for other women who'd like to road ride or mountain bike all over the U.S.! I'm trying to ride in all 50 states (have 26 under my belt). These would be either short trips to insure at least 30 to 40 miles done per state. Or sometimes I try to hit a few states at a time. Sometimes I road ride, sometimes I hit the dirt trail. I'm happily married, live in Northeast am over 40 & pretty fit (not hardcore!). Anyone interested in seeing this beautiful country a state at a time email me! I've ridden some amazing places! Email

TransAmerica Summer 2015

Created: Sep 26, 2014

Hello fellow cyclists, I'm Zack, and I am planning on doing my first bike tour next summer across the country. I am a 24-year-old college student looking to find any fellow adventurers who would like to join me. I am up for either east bound or west bound. Planning on leaving mid-May. Email


Erie Canal Trail

Created: Apr 10, 2015

56-year-old male looking to do my first touring trip this summer, start from either Buffalo or Albany. Plan on seeing the sites and taking my time, drink a few beers and try local restaurants. Start time is flexible, June or July preferred, but August is a option. Self contained, camping, or if weather looks bad, motel. Email

Weekend Trips - Northeast

Created: Apr 6, 2015

40+-year-old old woman seeking companion riders — preferably same age/level — to enjoy short and long weekend tours to learn and practice self-contained touring. Riding 40-60 miles a day, my goal is to cross the country next year. Email

Adirondacks August — September

Created: Mar 13, 2015

Begin Cycle Adriondacks 8/21-8/28, venture after this week to fully explore New York, Lake Champlain, historic sites, and breweries. Some camping, WarmShowers, etc. All are welcome — family, singles, couples — we will make a joyful ride. I have 5 weeks. Email


Pacific Northwest Touring

Created: May 21, 2015

63-year-old retired male new to touring looking for company for multiple, multi-day (2,3,4) self-contained touring/camping trips to use as learning experience for longer trips later this year and years to come. Lots of past cycling and mountaineering over the years. Not looking for a lot of per-day mileage — maybe 60 or so max/day — or "cast-in-stone" routes. Email

Six Weeks Touring the West

Created: May 15, 2015

I'm an experienced tourer (six times cross country), male, 56, ready to head out again. I'll be setting off from San Francisco on June 14, and am open to ideas about routes — including flying somewhere to a different start point. Camping preferred; motels as needed. I like riding 60+ miles per day, just love being out there, and will ride until time's up around July 27. Email

ID Hot Springs, OR Outback, John Wayne — Summer 15

Created: May 15, 2015

I'm a teacher with summers off. I'm interested in one or more of the routes I listed and would love a companion or two to explore with. Flexible dates between mid-June and late August. I live in Portland. Email

Partial Northern Tier - July 2015

Created: Apr 1, 2015

The Decatur Bicycle Club is looking for five riders to join them for two weeks on the Northern Tier. We will leave Decatur, Illinois, on July 9, 2015, and begin riding from Essex, Montana on July 12, spending four low-mileage days touring Glacier National Park in both the United States and Canada, passport required. Route will follow Adventure Cycling's Northern Tier Maps #2 and #3 and end in Dickinson, North Dakota. Back in Decatur on July 26. The tour is van and trailer supported, mostly camping, shared cooking and clean up, and some eating out. Driving duties and other expenses will also be shared. Camping reservations will be made in advance wherever possible. Contact Chuck Ramsey for more information. Email

Pacific Northwest

Created: Feb 26, 2015

I'm In the process of planning a tour connecting different routes in the PNW. Last year I connected Lewis & Clark, Northern Tier, and the Pacific Coast routes. I had 18 days to ride roughly 1,200 miles. I would like to do something similar. I would like to camp most of the time and maybe a couple hotels. I have experience doing fully self-supported tours and I've also have experience with fixing/maintaining bikes. I have a great bike and great gear. I would like to start this tour at the beginning of September and will have 18 days off. I'm also doing a short tour during spring break to the coast or Eugene. I'm a 29-year-old male. Email

Riding companions wanted

Created: Jan 13, 2015

52-year-old fit woman in Puget Sound region seeks companion riders to enjoy two-, three- and four-day tours. Leisurely pace: 40-50 miles/day. With an eye on parts of the North Cascades Highway summer 2015. Email

Pacific Northwest - Summer 2015

Created: Jan 12, 2015

Washington State native seeking companion(s) to ride Washington Parks 1/2, or other PacNW routes. I traveled the state on family car trips as a child and now want to revisit by bicycle. I'm a fairly fit, 55-year-old female, have ridden centuries and STP, but prefer 40-60 mile days at a moderate pace. Haven't been camping since 4th grade summer camp, but want to learn. Email

Missoula – Glacier – Fernie Loop

Created: Nov 21, 2014

Small group (males and females) looking for a few more folks to bike in Northwest Montana. We plan to meet in Missoula end of June 2015. Planning to ride along Flathead Lake to Kalispell, through Glacier (Going-to-the-Sun Road) — onward to Waterton, Alberta, then Fernie, and loop back via Eureka and Whitefish. Using motels/lodges and we plan to have a luggage vehicle. 16 days total with a couple of rest days to enjoy the scenery. Avg. 50 miles a day; for more info email Email


Created: Nov 11, 2014

Adventure Cyclists Wanted to bicycle tour June 2015. I'm planning to depart from Seaside, Oregon, riding the Lewis & Clark Trail from the coast to Portland. Hanging out in Portland for a few days to explore and eat before setting course to Missoula, Montana, where I'm planning on hanging out for a few more days and enjoying lots of local cuisine and beverages. I plan to stop and see the wonderful people who manage Adventure Cycling, get my picture taken and get a huge ice cream cone. Then I'll set sail for the Mile High City, passing through Yellowstone, Grand Teton, and Jackson Hole on the way to Denver. Approximately 75 miles per day and stops to smell the roses. Camping four or five days, using WarmShowers where possible. Motels on weekends. Email

Pacific Coast

Pacific Coast

Created: May 15, 2015

San Francisco to San Diego, leaving August 17, 50-70 miles a day, I think. Mostly self contained, cooking and camping, but no objections to restaurants and hotels as well. 52-year-old female, married, fit — I've done multiple centuries (unloaded), and a few short self-contained trips. Join me for part or all of the trip! Email

Seattle to San Diego July 21 - August 20

Created: May 15, 2015

I will ride Seattle to San Diego in 30 days, starting July 21. I will be following the Adventure Cycling Pacific Coast Route. I am planning to alternate between sleeping in motels and camping, but I don't mind camping mostly. I am in my early 30s and a full-time student in North Dakota. My dates are fixed because of the school, and I have already bought the flights into Seattle and out of San Diego. Email

Seattle to San Francisco- September 2015

Created: Apr 23, 2015

Looking for companions to join me in September 2015 to ride the Pacific Coast from Seattle to San Francisco. Although there's no expectation for other riders to fundraise, I will be riding to raise donations for Friends of the Earth who do research, educate, and lobby to protect our pollinators from the toxic effects of neonicotinoid pesticides. I plan on riding 50 (plus or minus depending on conditions) miles per day, camping with occasional motels, and will be van supported. Want to join a fit, 65-year-old female on a fun, epic biking adventure while raising money for a good cause? Email

Pacific Coast Route Sept-Oct 2015

Created: Apr 23, 2015

I am a fit 63-year-old male, happily married, retired teacher, departing Vancouver, BC, on Sept. 7, for Imperial Beach, California. I am also an experienced self-contained road and mountain bike tourist. I prefer camping and cooking, but not opposed to other options. My start date is fixed, but otherwise I have no deadlines. I expect to finish in 6-7 weeks, averaging about 50 miles per day with rest/tourist days as needed. Some previous self-contained touring experience would be nice, but is not essential. If you are interested in all or part of the journey, contact me by email. Email

Chill Pacific Coast Tour

Created: Apr 7, 2015

I'm a 24-year-old college guy looking to get away for a bit and do my first-ever bike tour via the gorgeous Pacific Coast Route. It will be a chill pace just taking it all in. Halfway through I'm planning on taking a week or so off to do a Cob Building Workshop. Dates are looking like June 22-ish through August 12-ish. All in all just looking for a great, chill experience. Let me know if you are interested in joining me on some or all of the journey. Email

Biking the Pacific Coast April-June

Created: Mar 24, 2015

Hi all, I'm a 22-year-old female who is planning on biking the Pacific Coast sometime this late spring. My dates are flexible but the sooner the better. I'm planning on about 35-45 miles a day with mostly camping and an occasional motel. I have done a lot of bike touring, including Iceland and across the states, so i'm pretty comfortable on a bike. Looking for a similar-minded partner to bike some or all of this trip with me. Shoot me an email if you're interested. Email

Pacific Coast — South to North

Created: Mar 23, 2015

Adventurous, fun-loving, unflappable, retired 50-something rider is seeking like-minded person to join in a south-to-north Pacific Coast ride beginning May 26 or so. Camping mostly, cooking not so much. Yes I know the wind blows from the North; I'm going anyway. Saddle up anybody? Email

West Coast Biking/Baseball Trip

Created: Feb 26, 2015

I'm a 65-year-old retired male surgeon/college professor leaving from Seattle, Washington, on June 18, 2015. Watch the Mariners play, then follow the coast to San Francisco. Ride the Golden Gate Bridge into San Francisco to see the Giants and A's, then down the coast to Chavez Ravine (Dodgers) and Anaheim Angels. Finish in San Diego with the Padres. Amtrak back to Oregon and home. 45 - 55 mile days, self supported, mostly camping some motels. Non supported. Email

Oregon Coast

Created: Feb 9, 2015

60-year-old male looking for a companions to ride from Astoria to Brooking, Oregon. Departing Astoria on June 14, camping mostly in State Parks — if the weather is bad we can stay in a motels. Cycling 25 to 50 miles per day. There are various place to sight see along Highway 101. Email

Quitting, Selling, and Hitting the Road

Created: Jan 23, 2013

I'm selling everything, moving out, and hitting the road. It's been a lifelong dream to go on an extended tour and, finally, it's coming to fruition. Where are the bike-touring gypsies? Where is the touring community I think is probably on the road? I'm coming to find you. Anybody else out there that doesn't think this is crazy? Two heads are better than one. Looking forward to hearing from you. Email

Sierra Cascades

Seattle to Reno: Late August/Early Sept.

Created: Mar 31, 2015

Retired male cycling primarily on the Sierra-Cascades Route to Truckee and on to Reno. Intend to average about 60 to 70 miles a day and linger at interesting places. Mostly camping but occasionally staying in motels and eating at restaurants. Email

Sierra Cascades 2015

Created: Mar 16, 2015

I'm an experienced, 56-year-old female looking for travel companions for the Sierra Cascades Route. Leaving San Diego on June 14. Riding 6 days a week, about 300-350 miles per week. Mostly camping with occasional motel. I'm also open to people who just want to travel part of the route. Email

Sacramento to San Diego — August 2015

Created: Mar 9, 2015

Riding late August from Sacramento to San Diego along the coast. Probably 50-75 miles/day, self-contained, camping, motels, WarmShowers all OK with me. 52-year-old female, married, mostly grown kids. Fairly fit — done many centuries, but only shorter bike camping trips. Would like some company for some or all of the trip. Email

South America

Fall 2015 - Spring 2016: Argentina & Chile

Created: May 15, 2015

Hi, I'm Sarah. I'm an experienced tourist in my mid-30s from Seattle. I'm planning a multi-month tour of Argentina and Chile. The rough plan is to start in Buenos Aires, cycle south along the Atlantic to Ushuaia, then turn around and cycle north along the Carretera Austral to the Lakes District. Though I can comfortably ride up to 90 miles a day, I want to spend some time hiking and exploring along the route. Time is not a constraint, but I want to minimize expenses by primarily camping. Other personal interests include voluntary simplicity, tiny houses, and financial independence. Ideally, I'd love to find a partner who is limited by neither time nor finances and who is open to extending the travels to other places around the globe. Email


Great Basin Mountain Bike Route

Created: Mar 6, 2015

500-mile ride across Nevada, off-road bike-packing adventure. 49-year-old male looking for partners to ride the last week of August/first week of September 2015. Camp along the way, average 50-mile days +/-. Go here for route info: This is not a supported ride. Contact Patrick for more info. Email

Grand Canyon

Created: Oct 22, 2013

Considering a self-supported loop journey from Las Vegas (southern Utah –Zion National Park – south to Grand Canyon – south and west to Route 66 – Lake Mead) No dates set. I hope to average 50 miles per day but this will depend on weight, terrain, and wind direction. I'm 61 and live in Cleveland, Ohio. I’ll probably camp with stops at motels weekly, and will be eating at different dining spots. Email

Southern Tier Services - San Diego

Created: Aug 30, 2011

I live along the Southern Tier just east of San Diego. If you need a ride from the airport, a companion to guild you through the city, or a place to pitch your tent, let me know. Email

State to State

Texas to Vermont

Created: Dec 26, 2014

While I've backpacked along the Appalachian Trail (it was great fun), I've never experienced self-contained, cross-country bicycle touring. I've thought about it for many years, and it is something I want to do before I leave this world. When I start I will be new at it, and I thought traveling with other, like-minded people would be good. Email

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