Connect with the Joy of Bike Travel

Is bike travel the plasma in your blood? Then we invite you to join our Life Member Engagement Advisory Group (EAG), a council of Life Members dedicated to sharing the transformational power of bike travel. This group of dedicated adventure cyclists will be prioritizing, planning, and coordinating activities that support our work to connect our bike travel community by engaging our current members, expanding participation in bike travel programs, all while diversifying our community. Contact Development Officer Haydin Grotz to connect with the EAG.

While the EAG is preparing to launch in early 2021, two Life Member volunteers - tour leaders Arlen Hall and Steve Powell - want to hear your bike travel story. Know a Trail Angel? Got a favorite touring partner? Funny stories from the road? Arlen and Steve want to hear all about it! They are reaching out to Adventure Cycling members as part of our Holiday Fundraising Campaign, learning stories and asking for financial support for our work together, to inspire, empower, and connect people to travel by bicycle.

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Meet Our Development Volunteers

Arlen Hall

Arlen Hall Life Member VolunteerArlen Hall is a Life Member of Adventure Cycling Association, a member since 2004 and a past tour leader. He lives in Missoula, Montana. He organizes bike tours with his friends and family. He led tours for Adventure Cycling from 2005 to 2018. Most recently, he rode the Cape Cod Pilgrimage, the Old Guys Tours-Oklahoma Bicycle Route 66, a ride across Arkansas and a bike-n-barge tour in the Netherlands. His favorite tour experience of all time was meeting 86-year-old Madge Nobel in the center of Canton, Mississippi, as she blared her horn, popped-out of a pickup, and exclaimed “You look like a man on a journey, you are having lunch with me.” Her stories delayed his journey by three hours and created the most amazing transformational journey for him. Arlen’s dream bicycle tour is to travel around the United States for a year with his wife Shawn. Arlen loves the open road, meeting interesting people in small town America, and sharing his passion for cycling and pies! His favorite on-the-road snack happens to be a slice of pie with coffee. He recently checked off Oklahoma, Arkansas and Hawaii on his 50-state cycling quest; only two remain. His favorite color is orange, and his quest is to find the best coconut cream pie in America via bicycle!

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Steve Powell

Steven Powell is a Life Member and Tour Leader of Adventure Cycling. He lives in Ithaca, New York, in the beautiful Finger Lakes region of New York State. Steve recently retired from a university research position where he designed and built science instruments for space-based research projects, one of which is located on the International Space Station where it monitors space weather. Steve has been designing and leading tours for Adventure Cycling since 2009. Most recently, he designed and led the Hawaii 3 Island, Hawaii Big Island, and California Gold Rush to the Bay tours. Having thoroughly explored most of the Hawaiian Islands by bike, he has now set his sights on Alaska, and is looking forward to leading a new tour from Washington State to Alaska, which includes over a thousand miles of biking in pristine wilderness, and camping on the outside deck of a ferry as it travels through the Inside Passage. In addition to leading bike tours, Steve has also served in several volunteer roles at Adventure Cycling including helping to establish the annual Bike Travel Weekend, and the 40th anniversary celebration of our organization that took place in Missoula in 2016. He biked across the country during the summer of 1976, at the same time as Bikecentennial, but in a separate group because he was just 16 (there's an interesting story there -- be sure to ask him, the next time you connect). Steve loves creating and leading new bike tours and sharing the freedom of bicycle travel with friends and tour participants. Caution: he has been known to deviate many miles from the established bike tour route for a root beer float or for shave ice when in Hawaii. 

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