Sponsor A Mile

Photo by Curtis Corlew

No one else in the world makes maps like these.

Every time we add a mile, a map, and a route, we commit to maintaining it by making regular updates to the route and its service directory. And we don’t just want to maintain our maps and routes; we add new routes as well, such as the recently released Underground Railroad Detroit Alternate and Bicycle Route 66, currently underway with research and mapping. While map sales cover some of the costs of updating and reprinting maps, member donations help us update our maps, create new routes, and support the important conversion to Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

For more information about mile sponsorship, please contact the Development Office at (406) 721-1776 or development@adventurecycling.org.

See what miles are available

To see what miles are available, or who has sponsored miles, select a state, then click the search button.

Photo by Curtis Corlew

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