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— Sue Fitzmaurice
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Tales from the Road
A great trip report is more than a list of places visited and meals eaten. Our correspondents capture the grandeur — and the granular — from their journeys in stories that will inspire you to take your next adventure.
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Bike & Gear Reviews
From the Bike Buyer's Guide to in-depth Road Tests, Adventure Cyclist is a valuable resource whether you're shopping for a new bike, maintaining your current one, or just keeping your finger on the industry pulse.
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Defining Moments
There's just something about bike touring that's hard to pin down when you're out on the road, but you know it when you feel it. Adventure Cyclist delivers humorous and heartfelt pieces that define the essence of bicycle travel.
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Places to Discover
Through narratives of journeys close to home or epic challenges abroad — plus image spreads of sweeping vistas overlooking perfect routes — contributors give you the logistics of their rides, so you can plan where you'll go next.