Scrubba Wash Bag

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Wash clothes wherever and whenever you want for free with this ultra-portable washing machine!  As a modern and convenient take on the old fashioned washboard, the Scrubba wash bag enables you to achieve a machine quality wash in just minutes. 6 oz. The Scrubba wash bag when laid flat measures approximately @ 54 cm x 32 cm (21.3 x 12.6 inches).

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Scrubba Wash Bag


Reviewed By: David Erickson on 6/27/20

Works great for washing small items such as shirts, socks, etc. I haven't tried to wash anything large such as blue jeans, but it appears that that would be difficult.



Reviewed By: Richey on 1/28/20

Works exactly like advertised. Lightweight, easy to pack and great to wash your clothes while on the road. Used it weekly on a 2 month cross country trip without issue.

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