Revelate Designs Tangle Frame Bag

Revelate Designs

2015 Tangle™ updates: Interior pump mount, added padding along top for support and BioThane coated webbing attachments.

Tangle bags are rectangular-shaped frame bags designed to fit a variety of bike frames. They can be used for everyday riding & commuting and any adventure big or small. 

The main compartment features an exit port for a hydration tube or battery wire, a zippered flat left side pocket holds smaller stuff. Attachment is made with reinforced velcro along the top tube, other mounts are adjustable with webbing and low profile camlock buckles with strap keepers. All attachment points bartacked for strength.

Tangles usually leave room for both water bottle mounts. To check, measure the vertical height from the top of the bottle to the top tube and compare with bag height. In some cases you may need to use side entering cages or smaller bottles.


Small : 15"-18" mountain bikes, or larger Aluminum frames - Some 4 bar full suspension

             52-56cm road / cross bikes

             Top length 17", Height 4"

Medium - 17"-20" Mountain frames, 55-58cm road & cross bikes

                Top length 19.5", Height 4.5", 1" of height at head tube

Large - 20"+ steel mtn frames, 56cm- 62cm road & touring bikes

             Top length 21", height 6",  1.5" of length at the head tube


Small - 225 cubic inches

Medium - 275 cubic inches

Large - 350 cubic inches


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Will go further than you.


Reviewed By: A customer from Alaska on 5/17/11

This company makes rock solid gear. It has yet to let me down, from -20 degree snow biking to multiday road tours in the summer. Get it, rock it, love it.

great product


Reviewed By: A customer from British Columbia on 6/16/11

I was surprised at how well this fit in my RM Blizzard and Ragely Blue Pig frames even though it is a generic fitting bag. There was no room for full size water bottles but smaller bottles of water from the store fit. One thing to keep in mind is that the Carousel fuel tank will not fit at the stem with this frame bag. I had to mount the fuel tank bag on the seat post instead.

Ultralight Storage


Reviewed By: Tony on 7/5/11

Let me just start by admitting that I'm hooked. I own the Viscacha seat bag, Mountain Feedbag, Gas Tank, Sling and Small pocket. The designed and construction of the Tangle bag is excellent! Lots of storage space and also has the capability of carrying a hydration bladder with the hose port feature. The bag is very stable. You may need to downsize to smaller water bottles depending on you frame geometry and bag size. Buy this with confidence you will not regret it.



Reviewed By: Tom Olson on 7/12/11

The bag did not fit on my road bike, it was too long. I have sent it back and am awaiting a replacement Mountain Bike model bag. However, use of the water bottles would have been difficult with the original bag since it rested on top of or along side the water bottles.

This may be the highest quality piece of bike gear I own


Reviewed By: A customer from Seattle, WA on 8/4/11

I used this on my carbon road bike for a week long bikepacking trip. The bike doesn't take a rack, so I strapped a compression dry bag to my handlebars, strapped another dry bag to my saddle, and used the Revelate frame bag for my tent poles, tools, and other misc supplies. My wife had the same setup except no frame bag (her bike is too small for a stock Revelate, and the Jandd bag we ordered didn't get to us in time.) The Revelate bag was amazing. Fantastic attention to detail - when you get one, just look at the way the zippers nestle into their zipper nooks; very light weight; easy to mount; and stable. My experience with this convinced me to order more Revelate gear - it's on the way.

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