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A combination of a diffused lens (on top) and a collimated focused lens (on bottom) creates a very bright 180-degree beam pattern than alternates between a wider beam and a narrow beam. Since the eye must juggle these two beams, it doesn't get a chance to relax, resulting in a very high level of visibility. The toggle switch makes it easy to turn on and off even with gloves on. Handle bar, seat post, seat stay and fork mounts are included, and the built-in clip allows for attachment to your helmet, pack or messenger bag.


Lamp: 2 half watt maxbright LED

Burn time: 121 hours Batteries: 2 AAA batteries (alkaline)

Weight: 81g, 2.8 oz Attachments: handlebar, seat post, seat stay, fork, helmet and messenger bag

Control: toggle switch


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Reviewed By: Josh Tack on 6/4/09

Excellent product here. The band straps make this super easy to mount to the seatpost or seat stays, and allow for quick swaps between bikes. The on/off lever is a lot easier to hit while riding than the small buttons that come on other lights, and this light is plenty bright to get the attention of motorists whether it's on the blinking mode, or flashing mode. I've had this for almost a year, and haven't had to change the batteries once.

princeton tec swerve light review


Reviewed By: A customer from HHI, SC on 4/3/10

expensive but very high quality. visible from a long distance. good battery life.

effective tail light


Reviewed By: A customer from Miami, FL on 4/8/11

Very bright and visible. Works great for early morning bike rides in dim light. No doubt that drivers see the light as they slow and move over. My son and I use ours on blinking mode as it catches the eye and extends the battery life.

They're bright!


Reviewed By: A customer from Dayton, OH on 7/11/12

I bought these because I knew how bright they are. We got many comments from rider that were behind us that these lights were the brightest they had ever seen. Easy to move from one bike to another.

Recent purchase


Reviewed By: Anonymous on 10/8/12

Everything I've ever bought here was all it was supposed to be. Never been disappointed.

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