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1. Fat Bike School: Getting to Know BIG Wheels and Tires

Fat bikes create new opportunities on sand and snow. They’ll also have you learning a few new tricks, and Nicholas Carman runs us through the details.

By Nicholas Carman is blogging for Adventure Cycling during Fat Bike February.
2. A Brief History of Fat Bikes

Nicholas Carman wrote this for us a few years ago and it’s fun to look back out how fat bikes have evolved into today’s machines.

By Nicholas Carman blogs for Adventure Cycling from time to time and here's a great one from a few years back.
3. Snow? Moose? No Problem. My Winter Fat Bike Commute in Alaska - Lael Wilcox

After falling in love with bikes, she found herself in snow-packed Anchorage for the winter. Question: What to do? Answer: Fat bike!

By Lael Wilcox is helping Adventure Cycling celebrate Fat Bike February.
4. Adventure Cycling Staff: Out There, Fat Biking, Using Great Gear

The staff of Adventure Cycling is out there, especially on fat bikes this month, using great skinny-tire and fat-tire gear, and selling it in our Cyclosource store too. 

5. Josh Tack's 2017 Bicycle Year in Review

Things happened in 2017, I’m certain of that. Some things made us laugh, some things made us cry, and other things left us scared and confused. Here’s a look at a few things that happened to bikes.

By Josh Tack is Adventure Cycling's Membership Manager and posts to his Touring Gear and Tips blog every month.
6. Campfires & Camaraderie on the Baja Divide

On January 2, 2017, a group of nearly 100 bikepackers gathered in downtown San Diego for the Baja Divide Grand Depart. What's it like to ride with 100 other fully loaded cyclists through downtown Sand Diego? Well, let me tell you...

By Whitney Ford-Terry is an Adventure Cycling Tours Specialist.
7. Not Just for Snow: Fat Bikes in the Desert

You know fat bikes go with snow, and riders are finding all that flotation works well in sand too. Nicholas Carman fills us in on the fat bike and “plus” bike details with plenty of great photos.

By Nicholas Carman celebrates Fat Bike February with Adventure Cycling.
8. Winter Micro-Adventures in Alaska by Fat Bike

Nicholas Carman and Lael Wilcox can plan and pack for a big bike trip in hours, but winter bike travel is a different beast, and they used short overnight trips to learn how to have fun on their fat bike overnighters in Alaska.

9. Bike Bits Vol. 18, No. 23, December 7, 2016
10. Lavanya Pant wins Lael Wilcox's Baja Divide Scholarship

And here's a reminder that Adventure Cycling offers a Young Adult Bike Travel Scholarship. Applications are due by Dec. 31, 2016.

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