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1. St. Paul-to-Canada route added to U.S. biking network

An existing set of roadways and bike paths between St. Paul and Grand Portage State Park has been designated U.S. Bike Route 41. 

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Minnesota features two official United States Bicycle Routes: USBR 41, the North Star Route, and USBR 45, the Mississippi River Trail. Together they offer bike tourists in Minnesota more than 1,000 miles of easily navigated opportunities for cross-country travel, regional bicycle touring and commuting by bike. 

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3. 351 miles of cycling heaven

Bicycle enthusiasts living in and visiting Minnesota now have a new way to explore some 315 miles along the western shores of Lake Superior—the newly approved U.S. Bicycle Route 41 (USBR 41), also known as the North Star Bicycle Route.

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4. New U.S. Bicycle Route 41 in Minnesota Adds 315 Miles, Midwest Connections, to National System

Cyclists visiting Minnesota now have a new way to explore 315 miles along the western shores of Lake Superior – the newly approved U.S. Bicycle Route 41 (USBR 41), also known as the North Star Bicycle Route. USBR 41 connects the capital city of St. Paul to Grand Portage State Park at the Canadian border, where bicyclists can end their journey with a view of Minnesota’s highest waterfall on the Pigeon River.

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5. Ten Must-Visit Destinations on Minnesota's U.S. Bicycle Route 41

Once designated and mapped, the highly anticipated U.S. Bicycle Route 41 (USBR 41) will link together a system of bicycle trails and scenic roadways to connect St. Paul, Duluth, and Grand Portage for an epic 325 miles of riding!

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6. Minnesota's (almost) new bike route will go from St. Paul to Canada

Minnesota is about to get its second U.S. Bicycle Route. The Minnesota Department of Transportation is finalizing U.S. Bicycle Route 41, which will use existing roads and trails to create a bike-friendly path connecting St. Paul to Grand Portage.

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7. Aspirations, if not money, roll in for a U.S. Bike Route in Minnesota

If anyone today points a bicycle north from downtown St. Paul, and then pedals a series of streets, bike paths and highways to the Canadian border at the Arrowhead, he or she would tell you they just rode 300 pretty amazing miles from the State Capitol to Grand Portage.

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8. 'U.S. Bicycle Route 41' to run through Pine City

The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) plans to ask the federal government to designate the bike trail extending from St. Paul to Grand Portage as “U.S. Bicycle Route 41.” 

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