U.S. Bicycle Route System – Connecting America by Bicycle

Dear Cyclist,

Thank you for helping to build the largest official bike route network in the world!

The U.S. Bicycle Route System (USBRS) is a developing national network of bicycle routes connecting urban and rural communities via signed roads and trails. When complete, you’ll be able to access 50,000 miles of officially-approved bicycle travel routes – to get across town or across the country.

What’s the current status of the USBRS?

  • Nearly 15,000 miles of U.S. Bicycle Routes have been developed and approved in 31 states and D.C.
  • Over 4,000 miles have been signed
  • 40+ states are developing additional routes

To see our goals and progress to date, explore the National Corridor Plan.

Ready to ride? You can now explore and download FREE digital maps for all designated U.S. Bicycle Routes, right from our website. 

Want to get more involved? Here are three easy ways you can support the USBRS:

  1. Join. Adventure Cycling is the only national coordinator of the U.S. Bicycle Route System. When you become a member, you're helping us devote staff time to this project.
  2. Donate. Your direct contribution to the U.S. Bicycle Route System helps us help our partners, and enables all of us to vet and designate routes faster.
  3. Volunteer. We rely on volunteers across the country to help us designate official routes. Learn more. And, as specific needs arise, watch your email for a call-to-action!

Thank you again for joining the effort to build the U.S. Bicycle Route System! We’ll keep you updated with quarterly emails about on-the-ground work in states across the country, new resources that become available, ways that you can become more involved, and more.

You can also stay up-to-date by following us on social media and our blog:

And if you ever have any questions, feel free to reach out.

Happy Trails,
Jennifer Hamelman
U.S. Bicycle Route System Coordinator