Submit an Application

Applications for U.S. Bicycle Route designation must be sent by the state department of transportation to AASHTO electronically for review by the Special Committee on U.S. Route Numbering approximately 5-6 weeks before its spring or fall meeting. Routes can be designation in one application, or can be broken down and done in phases, for example, a long route might be designated in sections over a two-three year period. Changes to existing U.S. Bicycle Routes that are internal to a state follow the same procedure in order for AASHTO to have accurate documentation of each route. 

The application must include:

  • A letter or signature from the state DOTs chief executive officer, or a person of similar rank within the agency.
  • A map of the route(s) with a route log.
  • Agency and road authority agreements and/or resolutions of support as needed.

Please read the U.S. Bicycle Routes application instructions before filling out the application

The application and maps should be sent to See AASHTO’s website for the electronic application and more information.

Please note: The Special Committee on U.S. Route Numbering is reviewing the application as it pertains to numbered designation and jurisdictional agreement. The committee is not reviewing the route as suitable for bicycle travel.

The following steps are part of the process for U.S. Route Numbering applications and must be completed in order for changes to become official:

  1. The committee reviews applications and makes recommendations to approve or disapprove the request.
  2. The committee shall report all recommendations and decisions to the Standing Committee on Highways (SCOH) and will ask for its approval. This will take place at SCOH's spring and annual meetings.
  3. These decisions will be presented to the AASHTO Board of Directors in the SCOH report at the Board's business meeting.

Other AASHTO documents that pertain to U.S. Bicycle Routes may be found on the designation page or you may visit the AASHTO Special Committee on U.S. Route Numbering for more information.

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