Phase III: Promotion

Once the application for U.S. Bicycle Route designation has been accepted by AASHTO and the route number is approved, the state DOT or a combination of the state DOT and partners should plan on doing the following as appropriate:

  • Produce online maps and/or printed maps of the route, possibly as part of informational brochures or bicycle maps.
  • Incorporate into the state bicycle plan and maps.
  • Add the route to the state highway map.
  • Post information on the state agency website.
  • Post information on the state or local bicycle advocacy web sites.
  • Share online versions with media and social-media channels.
  • Publicize the route through tourism agencies and partner organizations.
  • Provide maintenance and engineering improvements as scheduled by the DOT or local road jurisdictions.
  • Share route with DOT planning and engineering divisions and local road agencies. This helps to protect the route from chip seal or rumble strip projects. Ask agencies to add the routes to local transportation plans. These steps may help gain future improvements such as shoulder widening, bike lanes, and markings or signs.
  • Provide downloadable GPS waypoints and maps.
  • Sign the route.
  • Share the route information with Adventure Cycling Association. Contact the Travel Initiatives department at

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