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We're so grateful to our day-match supporters of the 2019 U.S. Bicycle Route System Campaign!

Why is the USBRS Important to Your Company? 

The vision for the U.S. Bicycle Route System (USBRS) is to establish a complete national network of numbered and signed bicycle routes that link together cities, suburbs, rural communities, and public lands - so that anyone, no matter who or where they are, can get to their destination by bicycle. 

Currently, there are nearly 13,483 miles of designated U.S. Bicycle Routes, with more than 30 states working to develop additional routes. Many routes have also been signed, creating greater awareness and safety for the touring cyclists, recreational riders, and commuters that use these routes. As the system grows, more places will become bicycle-friendly and more people will travel by bicycle, buy bicycling gear, go on trips and organized tours, and spend tourism dollars. The USBRS is at the heart of the bicycle boom and is helping to sustain and grow the bicycle tourism market.

Your Support Matters: Sponsorship Opportunities

Adventure Cycling Association is the only organization that dedicates staff and resources to coordinate USBRS development and promotion. We rely on private funding from donors, corporate sponsors, and grants to support and grow the USBRS. Your company's support will directly contribute to building the USBRS - and you will receive valuable exposure and benefits.

The campaign raises money for the USBRS every year during the month of May. Sponsors receive the following benefits:

Sponsorship Benefits:

  • Company logo listed on the USBRS campaign page with link to your webpage.

  • Company highlighted as a sponsor in press communications. 

  • Social media appearances include both the U.S. Bicycle Route System and Adventure Cycling Association’s Facebook and Twitter pages which have a combined audience of over 163,000 followers who are enthusiastic bicycle touring consumers. 

  • Placement in a campaign overview in the July issue of Adventure Cyclist magazine.

Click here to become a sponsor, or contact Brian Bonham at to learn how your organization can support the USBRS. 


  • 52,000+ Adventure Cycling members

  • 163,000+ social media followers (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, YouTube)

  • 100,000+ Adventure Cyclist magazine readers (3rd largest bike magazine circulation in U.S.)

  • 60,000+ Bike Bits e-newsletter subscribers

  • The bicycle travel community, our partners and supporters, and non-bicycling tourists. Among these partners are the Adventure Travel Trade Association and Outdoor Industry Association.

Member Demographics:

Adventure Cycling’s Members are regular riders, shoppers, and travelers. 

  • Median income: $81,500

  • Education: 80% have a college degree

  • Total bicycles in household: 35% have six or more; 52% have three to five; 15% have one to two

  • Rides per week: 32% go on five or more rides; 42% go on three to four; 24% go on one to two

  • Bicycle vacations: 82% plan to take a cycling vacation in the next 12 months

Digital Impact: Web & Social Media

  • Website visits per month: 195,000

  • Page views per month: 585,000

  • Average page views per visit: 3.3

  • Average time on site: 3.4 minutes

  • Social media following: 163,000

  • Total monthly digital reach: 1.4 million

Building the U.S. Bike Route System