Bicycle Route Networks Around the World

Bicycle route networks across the world have developed steadily for the past twenty years. These continental, regional, and local systems provide a number of best practices and implementation resources that are applicable to the U.S. Bicycle Route System. These networks have demonstrated enormous success, bringing economic benefits and providing local transportation choices while creating destinations for bicycle tourism.

United States

  • The Adventure Cycling Route Network is Adventure Cycling's mapped cycling route network of 52,066 across North America. Many of these established routes may be incorporated into the official U.S. Bicycle Route System.
  • The U.S. Bicycle Route System is a developing national network of officially recognized, numbered, and signed bicycle routes that connect rural, suburban, and urban destinations. 



  • Quebec’s La Route Verte is a 2,400-mile network run by Vélo Quebec that generates more than $160 million annually in economic returns. This network incorporates bike paths, designated shared roadways, and roads with paved shoulders all marked with bright signage.
  • Nova Scotia is working to develop Blue Route, a 3,000 km network of connected bicycle routes. It is a collaborative project between Bicycle Nova Scotia and various partners.