Leave right from your Seattle home in the morning and find yourself in the rural countryside by the afternoon! This route takes you from the shores of Lake Washington, along the full length of the Cedar River Trail, to Kanasket-Palmer State Park. Ride during salmon spawning seasons and see fish along the way, including at the Landsberg Reach Salmon Ladder. Loop back on the return trip through the stunning Green River Gorge, and take a short side hike to the Franklin Ghost Town. Plus, enjoy many opportunities along the way to fill up at tasty BIPOC businesses! This route is stunning year round, and particularly in fall when colors are at their peak.

The route starts on a road commonly used by cyclists (no bike lanes), the continues onto a road with an established bike lake, then to a separated rail-to-trail bike path. When the route leaves the bike path, it becomes shoulder riding with some small sections (less than 1 mile at a time) where there is only a narrow shoulder.