UGRR Highlights - Section 2: Fulton, MS to Owensboro, KY

Cornith, MS

  • Civil War Interpretive Center is a multi-million dollar museum and part of the Shiloh National Military Park. Our photographer Dennis Coello called this museum "a real gem." Visit the Black History Museum housing displays that tell the story of Corinth's Black community while you're in town. There's also a route that follows the battles and defense works throughout town. Cornith is off route about 15 miles west of Burnsville, MS.

Shiloh, TN

  • Shiloh Naitonal Military Park and Visitor Center was one of the first Civil War battles in which nearly 24,000 lives were lost in the spring of 1862. Pedaling in Shiloh is excellent and cyclists can ride a trail to a group of Indian mounds along the Tennessee River. 

Savannah, TN

  • Tennessee River Museum is the place to learn about the Tennessee River's role in the Civil War and visit the Cherry Mansion which served as headquarters for General U.S. Grant in the Spring of 1862. This town also is home to the Haley Burial Site, Alex and Queen Haley, author Alex Haley's grandparents, are buried here.  Savannah is off our route aboput 4 miles east of Crump, TN.

Dover, TN

  • Fort Donelson National Battlefield was the site of the Union's first major Civil War victory under the command of "unconditional and immediate surrender" Ulysses S. Grant. This Fort was used by runaway slaves as a refuge from 1862-1865. Fugitive slaves worked for the Union Army and found assistance from Union soldiers and religious and charitable organizations. In 1863, it became a recruiting station for black troops. The Battlefield is off route about 1 mile west of the intersection of US 79 and The Trace Road.

Smithland, KY

  • The Gower House was probably built in the late 1700s, and was reputed to have been used as a part of the Underground Railroad in the mid-1800s. Legend says that an underground tunnel connected it to the Massey House, a few blocks away.