Please help identify areas of concern

Since the publication of the Sierra Cascades Bicycle Route, we have received intermittent reports of bicycle safety concerns on State Highway 89, specifically the 200-mile stretch between McCloud and Truckee in California. In response to these concerns, we moved the route off the highway to adjacent roads where possible, studied alternate routes and continued to monitor the situation.

We are also in conversation with CalTrans, the agency responsible for the highway. We will be working with them to study this highway corridor and make recommendations to improve safety for cyclists.

If you have ridden this stretch of the Sierra Cascades route, we invite you to help us identify specific areas of concern along State Highway 89 by filling out a short survey. Your experience will help us narrow the focus to specific areas where issues of bicycle safety may be addressed more effectively.

The Sierra Cascades/State Hwy 89 Feedback survey will be open until January 15, 2021. If there were others in your touring group who would like to report their experience, please share this link with them.

If you have specific questions or concerns about the situation or the process, please email Jennifer Hamelman at