DETOUR REQUIRED SR 243 closed - Summer 2019

July 2019

On February 14, 2019 parts of southern California received high amounts of rain for the area causing mudslides, culverts and massive run-off of rainwater, damaging highways. This pattern continued through the winter and early spring. Caltrans has produced a short video showing the damage and repairs underway.

In order to complete the necessary repairs, SR 243 is closed from 2.3 mi. north of Pine Cove to 11.1 mi. south of Banning affecting the Sierra Cascades route between Banning and Idyllwild. It is unknown when these repairs will be complete but they are expected to extend at least into September 2019.

If you are on the route or plan to be on the route during these repairs you will need to detour through Hemet. It is not advised to take SR 74 as a detour as it is also under heavy repairs. While Caltrans is escorting traffic through this closure, the road surface is mostly dirt and very rough making it unsuitable for safe bicycling.

Our suggested detour (45 miles, 26 miles shorter than the mapped route) between just north of Beaumont and Aguanga (intersection of SR 79 and SR 371) may be found at this Ride With GPS link: It uses SR 79 and county roads. SR 79 is a four lane highway with shoulders. The county roads are two lane and lower trafficked. Hemet is an All Services town. There are no other known services on this route.

For more information on this situation or others that may crop up, visit our Temporary ACA Route Road Closure Forum discussion at: and be sure to check for other Map Updates & Corrections before you leave at