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GREAT DIVIDE MOUNTAIN BIKE ROUTE Map Updates and Corrections (Addenda), Section CANADA (BC-209 2014),

Last Updated (Jul 18, 2017)

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Map A

(Mar 2017) RE-ROUTE DUE TO WILDLIFE CLOSURE: The Spray Lakes West Rd., from mile 17.2 to 36.3, may be closing between April 15 and November 15 to protect critical wildlife movement corridors in this area. The High Rockies Trail is scheduled for completion in August 2017 and most sections can be ridden. The Smith-Dorrien Spray Rd./Highway 742 can also be used as an alternate. The High Rockies Trail is accessed at mile 11.5 (at the kiosk where we mention the singletrack going right). You will rejoin the route at mile 39.5. There are several spurs from the Trail to Smith-Dorrien Spray Rd./Highway 742 if you need to leave the Trail. See the map here.  

(Mar 2017) At mile 20.4(32.8), the informal camping opportunities mentioned are no longer available. It is illegal to camp there.

(Jul 2016) At mile 39.5(63.5), Smith-Dorien Spray Rd. has become washboarded.

(Sep 2016) At mile 60.2(96.9), the restaurant is closed at the Boulton Creek Trading Post.

(Jan 2017) From mile 60.2(96.9), Lower Lake Campsite walk-in sites have been closed due to bear activity. Walk-in sites have been created at Boulton Creek Campsite at 60.2.

(May 2017) For information about Kananaskis Country call 403-678-0760.

(Dec 2016) In Banff, Mountain Magic Bike Shop is closed.

(Dec 2016) In Banff, Soul Ski and Bike is located at 203 Bear St., 403-760-1650.

(Dec 2016) In Banff, the hostel Banff Y Mountain Lodge is now called YWCA Banff Hotel (it remains a hostel).

(Dec 2016) In Banff, Spruce Grove Motel is now called Spruce Grove Inn, with new phone numbers: 403-762-3301 and 800-879-1991.

(Mar 2017) In Peter Lougheed Provincial Park, there are new phone numbers. General information is: 403-678-0760 and the Park Ranger is 403-591-6309.

(Jun 2017)
Map B

(May 2016) At mi. 13, in June 2013, the Fording River Mining Road was washed out in a key cliffside section. It was taken out by the flooded Fording River. From reports, it has not yet been fixed. The road is maintained in a partnership by Teck Mining Co. and Tembec Timber (recently sold to Canfor). We do not know when the road will be repaired. We reccommend using Prov. Hwy. 43 into Sparwood as an alternate. It has a decent shoulder.

(Aug 2015) An off road detour to the Fording River Mining Road washout has been offered. You can see it online at: Narrative directions are as follows:

Follow mapped route out of Elkford.
Mile 2.7 Turn RIGHT and leave route at pull off.
Mile 3.0 Turn LEFT just after bridge.
Mile 3.76 Turn LEFT.
Mile 4.74 Turn RIGHT and leave logging road for steep single track.
Mile 5 Turn LEFT at Lily lake. Follow single track trail towards Lost Lake.
Mile 5.4 Turn RIGHT on old road.
Mile 5.45 Turn LEFT on gravel road.
Mile 13.1 STAY STRAIGHT as you rejoin route. It comes in from the left. Now you are on the route. This is mile 15.7 on the Adventure Cycling map.

(Dec 2015) Here is another detour you can take if the river levels have decreased, which usually occurs in late summer. It follows the original route along Fording Rd. and, with some effort, you can walk around the washout along the river. It does involve carrying your bike and gear back up to the road once you've passed the washout.
Narrative directions:
Mile 12.5(20.1)Cross a bridge spanning the Fording River as you continue losing elevation. 
Mile 13.2(21)At washout, turn left into clearing and pass through cattle gate to the river. Walk along the river bank on the right, then climb steeply up to the road after the washout. DO NOT take the faint detour trail immediately above the slide to climb over the washout - there are dangerous loose rocks. 

(Jul 2016) Around mile 58.6 (94.3) after summiting Flathead Pass, conditions have worsened since the publication of this map. Be aware that you will need to hike-a-bike through stretches of it. 

(Sep 2016) The bridges at mile 60.1(96.7) and 61.1(98.3) will be replaced during the summer of 2017.

(Sep 2016) At mile 70.5(113.4), the Pollock bridge over the Flahead River will not be replaced. The river is easily fordable except during run-off which occurs during May to mid-June (in a typical year).

(Jul 2016) Beginning at mile 127.5(205.1), the trail gets very steep and can be quite muddy climbing out of the Wigwam River drainage toward Galton Pass – which, once reached, is a very steep and potentially treacherous downhill over sometimes loose gravel. 

(Jul 2016) GENERAL NOTE: If you're looking for a rugged, wilderness experience, choose the Main Route. Due to this terrain, be prepared with extra food since it will take longer to cover this distance than other stretches of similar mileages. If you're more interested in visiting places like the cool ski town of Fernie, and in bicycling bucolic country roads, opt for the Fernie Alternate.


(Sep 2016) On the map, ignore the convenience store symbol at Hosmer.

(Dec 2016) In Fernie, GearHub Sports is located at 401 1st Ave., 250-423-5555.

(Dec 2016) In Fernie, the Cedar Lodge is now called Red Tree Lodge.

(Dec 2016) In Fernie, the Fernie RV Resort (pvt.) is located off route 0.1 mi. E. on 15th St., then 0.5 mi. NE at 2001 6th Ave., 844-343-2233

(Dec 2016) In Fernie, Fernie Public Library is now called Fernie Heritage Library.

(Dec 2016) In Elko, Wendy's Elk Ridge Motel is closed.

(Aug 2015) Two mi. S. of Grasmere, the restaurant and convenience store have closed.

(Dec 2016)


For questions about crossing the border, calls within Canada: 800-461-9999; Calls outside Canada: 204-983-3500.

(Jul 2017) NOTE: To update an older map, you must download ALL newer addenda for maps subsequent to this map. The BC number incorporates the update year in the last two digits: e.g. 08 means the map was reprinted in 2008. On map covers updated since 2010 the year is in the lower right corner.

(Jul 2017)

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