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PACIFIC COAST Map Updates and Corrections (Addenda), Section 2 (BC-1612 2015),

Last Updated (Sep 5, 2018)

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Map 14

(Sep 2016) In Astoria, the Lamplighter Motel is now the Atomic Motel. The phone number remains the same.

(Sep 2016) Southbound narrative should read: "... 3.5(5)Bear right following US Bus. 101 across Youngs Bay. ..."

(Mar 2016) Hammond is part of Warrenton, making Warrenton an All Service town located from junction of US Bus. 101 and FR. Clatsop Rd., OFF ROUTE 1.3 mi. W. on US Bus 101, then 1 mi. W. on Ensign Ln., then 0.4 mi. W. on Alt. US 101, then 1.1 mi. N. on SR 104. The Police number is 503-861-2235.

(Mar 2016) In Warrenton, Kampers West RV Park (pvt.) is located from town 1.4 mi. N. on SR 104 at 1140 Warrenton Dr./SR 104, 503-861-1714.

(Mar 2016) In Warrenton, Shilo Inn is located at 1609 E. Harbor Dr., 503-861-2181.

(Sep 2016)
Map 15

(Jun 2016) In Cannon Beach, Mike's Bike Shop is closed.

(June 2018) In Cannon Beach, the toll-free number for Hallmark Inn & Resort has changed to 855-392-3270.

(June 2018) In Arch Cape, the address for the Inn at Arch Cape is 31950 W. Ocean Ln. and the phone numbers are 503-436-2082 or 877-277-7730.

(June 2018) In Arch Cape the phone number for the Arch Cape Inn and Retreat is 503-436-2800.

(June 2018) In Manzanita, the library is actually called the North Tillamook.

(June 2018) The Jetty Fishery RV Park no longer has the 800 number.


(Jun 2018)
Map 16

(Mar 2016) In Oceanside, Sea Rose B&B is now called Turtlejanes B&B.

(Nov 2017) ROUTE CHANGE DUE TO SAFETY: A local cyclist has notified us that the Netarts Highway Alternate is extremely dangerous and cyclists have had close calls and there has been one cyclist fatality. It is mentioned in the Riding Conditions that this alternate has no shoulders, limited sightlines and fast traffic. Additionally, The Three Capes Scenic Route has been closed since January, 2013, due to a landslide. We've been advised by county officials that the landslide is unstable and continuing to shift. While we have been alerted some local cyclists are riding through the Road Closed signs, we advise heeding the closure and using an alternate route. To avoid both the Netarts Highway Alternate and the The Three Capes Scenic Route, the suggested routing is 8.7 miles long, includes 0.5 miles of gravel, about 2 miles of rough pavement with some potholes, and a steep hill.

Here is a link to a map:

Southbound narrative should read: "[A] 0(0 km) Tillamook. Turn left onto Stillwell Ave. [B] 0.5(0.8) Turn right onto Tillamook River Rd. [C] 2.9(4.6) Turn right onto Ekloff Rd. [D] 7.3(11.7) Turn left onto SR 131. In 300 feet, turn left onto Whiskey Creek Rd. [E] 8.7(14) Turn left onto Netarts Bay Rd. Rejoin original routing.

Northbound narrative should read "[A] 0(0 km) Turn right onto Whiskey Creek Rd. [B] 1.3(2.1) Turn right onto SR 131. In 300 feet, turn right onto Ekloff Rd. [C] 5.7(9.2) Turn left onto Tillamook River Rd. [D] 8.1(13) Turn left onto 12th St., which becomes Stillwell Ave. [E] 8.7(14) Turn right onto Third St./SR 131. Rejoin original routing.

This routing shortens the overall route by 6.7 miles when compared to Three Capes Scenic Route option, and lengthens the overall route by 0.9 miles when compared to the Netarts Highway Alternate option.

Finally, another option is to ride the Oregon Coast Bicycle Route. It connects Tillamook and Sand Lake via US 101 and Sand Lake Rd. Here is a link to a map:

(June 2018) Twins Ranch (pvt.) is 0.6 mi. S. of Alderbrook Rd. at 6800 US 101, and they have walk-in camping sites and covered wagons. The phone is 503-418-1460.

(June 2018) The sheriff number under Garibaldi should be 503-843-2561.

(June 2018) In Garibaldi, the Garibaldi House Inn no longer has the 877 number.

(June 2018) In Bay City, Bay City Campground is actually called Al Griffin Memorial Park.

(June 2018) Kilchis River County Campground is off route 1 mi. NE, not N.

(June 2018) In Tillamook, Trask Mountain Cycle is closed.

(June 2018) Camper Cove RV Park phone number is 503-664-4364.


(Jun 2018)
Map 17

(Mar 2016) In Pacific City, Mary Jane's Bicycle Service, is located at different locations (Pacific City, Neskowin, Otis and Lincoln City) on different days, call for current location schedule, 541-996-7878.

(Jul 2016) In Neskowin, Cyclists Only Lodging (beachfront) is offered by Nancy Hadley at 48690 Breakers Blvd., please contact in advance, 406-261-1035.

(Nov 2016) When traveling eastbound, as of Oct. 2016, there are two signs for Slab Creek Rd. 0.25 mi. apart. In the narrative, at [D], turn at the second, more southerly sign.

(Dec 2015) Southbound narrative should read: "...33(53)STEVENS RD. Matchline." (not Stephens)

(June 2018)  In Pacific City, the Inn at Pacific City is now the Surf & Sand Inn, and they no longer have the 888 number.

(June 2018) In Neskowin, the restaurant is now open all week.


(Jun 2018)
Map 18

(Dec 2015) Northbound narrative should read: "...26(41)STEVENS RD. Matchline." (not Stephens)

(Dec 2015)
Map 19

(Mar 2016) In Seal Rock, Caledonia House B&B is closed.

(Mar 2016) Yaquina Head Lighthouse is actually located on map 18.

(Mar 2016)
Map 21

(May 2017) In Florence, Port of Siuslaw RV Park and Marina is now called Port of Siuslaw Campground and Marina, the correct street address is 100 Harbor St.

(Mar 2016) 2 mi. S. of Florence is Jessie M. Honeyman Memorial State Park (not Jessis).

(June 2018) In Florence, the sheriff number should be 541-682-4150.

(June 2018) In Florence, the toll free number for Ocean Breeze Motel should be 855-640-6056.

(Jun 2018)
Map 22

(Dec 2015) Southbound narrative should read: "...[C] 21(34)North Bend. Turn right onto Florida AVE. See Detail #1. ..."

(Dec 2015)
Map 23

(Mar 2016) The grocery 4.5 mi. S. of Bandon is closed.

(Nov 2017) In Charleston, Charleston Marina RV Park no longer allows tent camping.

(Nov 2017)
Map 24

(Mar 2016) In Sixes, the post office has closed.

(Nov 2016) In Port Orford, Bike Pharm is closed.

(Nov 2016)
Map 27

(Aug 2017) In Smith River, the grocery is out of business.

(Sep 2016) On the Crescent City Detail, Howe St. is now called Battery St.

(Aug 2017)

(Sep 2018) NOTE: To update an older map, you must download ALL newer addenda for maps subsequent to this map. The BC number incorporates the update year in the last two digits: e.g. 08 means the map was reprinted in 2008. On map covers updated since 2010 the year is in the lower right corner.

(Sep 2018)

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