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Southern Tier, Section 1 (2019 BC-1701) - Map Updates and Corrections (Addenda)

Last Updated Nov 3, 2021

The BC number and year on your map's cover should match the BC number and year listed here.

Section Information

(Jan. 2021) We are posting a significant detour between El Centro, CA, and Peoria, AZ on the Southern Tier Section 1 map. On the print map this affects panels 5 to 15. It is 16.4 miles shorter than the main route. Plan your riding days carefully. Here is the link:

This detour avoids the winding, narrow, and hilly SR 78, and the associated truck and recreational traffic hazards between Brawley and Blythe, CA. Eastbound, it leaves the main route just east of El Centro, at the intersection of Old Hwy. 111 and E. Evan Hewes Hwy./CR S80, passes near the full service town of Yuma, includes approximately 45 mi. of interstate riding on I-8, and rejoins the existing route in Peoria in the Phoenix metro area. Westbound, in Peoria, it begins at the Rio Vista Community Park and follows the New River Trail and city streets south through urban areas to SR 85, then I-8. You will ride on interstate shoulders, frontage roads, highways, county roads, city streets, and the New River Trail.

 There are very limited services along the detour, especially along 86 mi. of interstate and frontage roads from Wellton to Gila Bend. The California cities of Holtville and Winterhaven, and the Arizona cities of Tacna and Dateland have partial services. Yuma, Wellton, Gila Bend, Buckeye, Avondale, and Peoria have all services. Between Tacna and Dateland there are no services for 25 miles. Between Dateland and Gila Bend there are no services for 49 miles. We advise you carry extra water and food with you. Indoor lodging options are extremely limited, and you will likely need to go off route to find them.  

Between Holtville and Yuma there are primitive camping opportunities at several BLM Long Term Visitor Areas (LTVA). The amenities available at these locations can be very limited. Potable water, garbage, and restrooms may or may not be offered. If visiting during the off season from Sept. - Apr., a permit (available at is required to camp. Be prepared to share these areas with motorized recreation enthusiasts.

Camping is available at the Mittry Lake Wildlife Area (BLM). It’s located from the junction of Laguna Dam Rd. and Mittry Lake Rd., off route 2.9 mi. S. on unpaved Mittry Lake Rd., 928-317-3200.

Camping is available at the Holtville Hot Springs Long Term Visitor Area (BLM). It’s located at 3700 Evan Hewes Hwy., 760-337-4400.

In Dateland, the Dateland RV Park (pvt.) is located at 1737 Ave. 64 E., 928-454-2772. Register at the gift shop. Arrive earlier in the day so that maintenance can mark a site for a tent. RVs enter the park at night, and might not see a tent set-up.

You may want to check our Forums discussion for more information:

Updated: Apr 2021

Map 01

(Oct 2019) In San Diego, the phone number for Campland on the Bay should be 858-581-4260.

(Jan 2020) In San Diego, Performance Bicycle is closed.

(Jun 2021) As an alternative to riding on some busy shoulderless roads between Santee and Lakeside, you can choose to ride on the new Walker Preserve Trail. The trail goes between Magnolia Ave. and Channel Road. The surface is described as "fine, hard packed, decomposed gravel and perfectly level." Find more info here:

Updated: Jun 2021

Map 02

(Oct 2019) In Pine Valley, the Pine Valley Branch Library is closed Sun.-Mon.

(Jun 2020) In Alpine, Alpine Rideshop is located at 2226 Alpine Blvd., 619-722-7133.

(Jan 2023) Beginning January 30, 2023, the eastbound shoulder of I-8 will be closed due to construction for a year. Due to no other roadway being available, our map shows cyclists have to ride on the I-8 shoulder for 3.5 miles between turns B and C. Caltrans (CA DOT) will be offering a shuttle to cyclists between these 2 points. The pick-up location will be at East Willows Rd. (exit #36) and the drop-off location at the I-8/SR-79 Japatul Valley Rd. Park & Ride lot (exit #40). For a ride call Sea Breeze Shuttle, 619-971-1295. The service is available 7 days a week from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM. The wait time could be up to 45 minutes so please call ahead.

Updated: Feb 2023

Map 03

(Mar 2023) Jacumba Hot Springs Spa and Resort is temporarily closed.  Check website for updates (

(Mar 2022) The Oaks at Sacred Rocks RV Park and Campground has closed.

(Feb 2020) Live Oak Springs Resort is now called Matthews Live Oak. Lodging is currently being renovated and is unavailable. Camping is still available.

(Feb 2020) In Jacumba, the Jacumba Hot Springs Spa and Resort allows cyclists to camp.

(Jan 2021) Riding Conditions: At the Mountain Springs Rd. exit on I-8, the sign has apparently been updated to say "Pedestrians Bicycles Motor Driven Cycles Prohibited" for both directions (EB and WB). Even though there isn't a sign at the bottom of the ramp explicitly saying so, you are allowed to re-enter I-8 on the other side of the overpass. CalTrans wants cyclists to use the ramps to exit/re-enter for safety reasons. Especially in the EB direction, the shoulder for the interstate narrows significantly on the overpass bridge.

Updated: Mar 2023

Map 04

(Nov 2021) In Ocotillo, the cyclists only camping at the Red Feather Offroad Market and Cafe doesn't have bathrooms available when the Market is closed.

(Nov 2021) In Ocotillo, the Community Center Park doesn't have water, electricity, or bathrooms.

Updated: Nov 2021

Map 08

(Mar 2022) In Ehrenberg, River Breeze RV Resort (now called The Palms at River Edge) no longer allows tent camping.

Updated: Mar 2022

Map 09

(Mar 2022) In Quartzite, Rose RV Park (now called Tumbleweed RV Park) no longer allows tent camping.

(Mar 2022) In Quartzite, Desert Gardens RV Park no longer allows tent camping.

(Feb 2022) In Quartzite, B10 RV Park & Campground is under new management (now called the Q View RV Park) and no longer allows tent camping.

Updated: Mar 2022

Map 10

(Nov 2021) In Brenda, the Black Rock RV Village Motel opens in mid-October, and requires a 2-night minimum stay.

(Nov 2021) In Hope, the convenience store is closed.

Updated: Nov 2021

Map 11

(Mar 2022) In Salome, Voyager Haven RV Park (now called Indian Hills RV Resort) no longer allows tent camping. 

Updated: Mar 2022

Map 13

(Mar 2022) In Wickenburg, Horspitality RV Park no longer allows tent camping. 

(Mar 2022) In Wickenburg, Aztec Village RV Park no longer allows tent camping.

(Jan 2020) in Wickenburg, Horsepitality RV Park no longer offers tent camping.

(Jan 2020) In Wickenburg, camping is available at Loose Horse RV Park at 1125 N. Tegner St. Number is 928-231-7097. 

In Wickenburg, there is an underpass on US 60 which is narrow without shoulders, only one lane in each direction, and cyclists experience poor visibility when leaving the underpass. To avoid it here are instructions. 
Eastbound narrative should read: "...13(21)Vulture Mine Rd. Wickenburg. 15(24)Turn left onto Yavapai St. 15.3(24)Turn right onto Frontier St. In one block, turn left onto Yavapai St. 15.4(24)Turn right onto Tegner St. 15.5(25)Turn left onto Wickenburg Way/SR 60 and rejoin route. 15.8(25)At roundabout, ..."

Westbound narrative should read: "...10.9(18)Wickenburg. Cross Hassayampa River. At roundabout, follow US 60 W. 11.2(18)Turn right onto Tegner St. 11.3(18)Turn left onto Yavapai St. In one block, turn right on Frontier St. 11.4(18)Turn left onto Yavapai St. 11.7(19)Turn right onto Wickenburg Way/SR 60 and rejoin route. 13.7(22)Vulture Mine Rd. ..."

Updated: Mar 2022

Map 14

(Jan 2020) In Peoria, Southwest Bicycles is now located at 19027 N 83rd Ave. Ste. 2.

Updated: Jan 2020

Map 15

(Oct 2019) In Peoria, Performance Bike is closed.

(Jan 2020) In Phoenix, the Century Branch Library is only closed Mondays.

(Jun 2020) In Phoenix, the previous zip code was for specific PO Box delivery only. The General Delivery zip is 85034

(Jan 2020) The zip code for Tempe should be 85282.

(Nov 2019) In Tempe, Sonoran Cycles is closed.

(Nov 2019) In Tempe, the phone number for Super 8 Tempe/ASU/Airport is 480-887-4703.

Updated: Jun 2020

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