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TransAmerica, Section 11 (2019 BC-1542) - Map Updates and Corrections (Addenda)

Last Updated Aug 3, 2022

The BC number and year on your map's cover should match the BC number and year listed here.

Section Information

(Aug 2022)

There are devastating floods in Eastern Kentucky.  Generally, the big impacts on the TA Section 11 route include the Kentucky River basin and tributaries from map #129-131. The closures and washouts include, but should not be considered limited to: SR 451 between Chavies and Hazard (map #130), SR 899 between Hindman and Bevinsville (map #131), and possibly others brought to light in the coming days.
See this forum post for more information.

Updated: Aug 2022

Map 128

(Sep 2019) In McKee, A Simple Refuge B&B is closed.

(Jul 2019) In McKee, Clover Bottom B&B is located at 203 Hurst School Rd., 606-965-1289, 606-308-3599 cell.  Reservations must be made at least 24 hours in advance via AirBnB.

(Sep 2019) In McKee, the McKee City Getaway, The Caroline and The Elizabeth are small apartments located on the court square, available via AirBnB.

(Sep 2022) In Berea, there is a bike shop called Get Outside KY located at 204 Estill St., 859-544-7079.

Updated: Sep 2022

Map 129

(Nov 2022) In Booneville, the United Methodist Church offers Cyclists Only Lodging at 66 Mulberry St., call ahead, Heather 859-221-7286.

(Aug 2022) Linda's Victorian Rose is no longer a B&B, nor is the house for groups available. She still has a guestroom available that sleeps 1-2 people for $50.

(Jun 2022) In Booneville, the Booneville Presbyterian Church no longer offers cyclists only camping.

(Oct 2022) At turn B, SR 30 has been rerouted and now passes on a bridge over SR 1071. Eastbound, ride straight on SR 1071 and pass under SR 30. Bear left onto SR 3630 for 3.6 mi. and then turn left onto Botner Rd., which will then connect with SR 30. Follow SR 30 for 0.4 mi. N. and then turn E. onto SR 847 and then turn left onto SR 3536. Westbound riders can follow instructions in reverse. See

(Jan 2020) In Booneville, the Hilltop Haven B&B is located at 1090 Old KY 11 Rd., 606-560-0188. 

(Sep 2019) Eastbound narrative should say: " ....[C] 9.4(15)Turn right onto SR 847. In 0.1 mi., turn left onto Old SR 30/SR 3536. ...."

Updated: Nov 2022

Map 130

(Sep 2019) The convenience store 2 mi. NW of Buckhorn is closed. 

(Jan 2021) The convenience store 4.1 mi. NW of Buckhorn appears to be closed.

(Sep 2019) Buckhorn Campground is off route 0.3 mi. S., not 0.6 mi. S. 

(Jan 2021) The convenience store at junction of SR 28 and SR 1110 appears to be closed.

(Sep 2019) There is also a convenience store 1 mi. W. of the junction of Combs Rd./SR 550 and SR 476. 

(Sep 2019) In Dwarf, the convenience store is closed. 

Updated: Jan 2021

Map 131

(Sep 2019) In Carrie, there is a convenience store. 

Updated: Sep 2019

Map 132

(Sep 2019) There is no longer a restaurant at the junction of SR 1469 and US 23/119.

(Sep 2019) There is a convenience store 2.3 mi. N. of the junction of SR 611 and US 23/119. 

(Sep 2019) The convenience store symbol should be a restaurant symbol at the junction of SR 611 and US 23/119. 

(Jul 2019) Cyclists Only Lodging is not available at Freeda Harris Baptist Church at this time.

Updated: Sep 2019

Map 133

(Feb 2022) In Haysi, Thunder River Campground (pvt.) is located off route 0.3 mi. W. on SR 63, then 1.4 mi. W. at 1558 Splashdam Rd., (276) 701-9876 or (276) 312-0730.

(Sep 2019) The sheriff's number for Dickenson County is 276-926-1600.

(Sep 2019) The convenience store 4 mi. N. of Haysi is closed.

(Jul 2019) In Haysi, Hilltop Motel is closed.

(Jul 2019) In Haysi, Spring Branch Farm is sometimes closed for events. It is advised to call ahead to inquire about availability.

Updated: Feb 2022

Map 134

(Jun 2022) Near Rosedale, the Elk Garden United Methodist Church has a new contact, Barbara, 276-971-6724.

(Sep 2019) There is no longer a convenience store 4 mi. NW of Honaker.

Updated: Jun 2022

Map 135

(Oct 2022) In Damascus, Lady Di B&B is located at 217 Damascus Dr. and the phone number is (612) 695-4738.

(Apr 2022) In Damascus, Woodchuck's Hostel & B&B appears to be closed,

(Sep 2019) In Damascus, Crazy Larry's Hostel has a new phone number: 276-475-7130.

(Sep 2019) In Damascus, Montgomery Homestead B&B is closed.

(Sep 2019) In Damascus, the Appalachian Trail Town Inn B&B has an additional number: 276-475-3838.

(Jun 2021) In Damascus, the Mount Rogers Outfitters hostel is closed.

(Jun 2021) In Damascus, The Broken Fiddle Hostel is located at 104 Damascus Dr., 276-608-6002.

(May 2022) In Damascus, The Place Hostel will close for the summer (about June 15 reopening after Labor Day), and winter (about the second week of November to approximately mid-March), and on Sundays.

Updated: Oct 2022

Map 136

(Jan 2020) In Troutdale, the Sufi Lodge B&B phone number is only 276-677-0195, they have lodging and hostel accommodations. 

(Jul 2019) In Sugar Grove, Sugar Grove B&B appears to be closed.

(Sep 2019) Near Cedar Springs, the Cedar Springs Fish Farm's phone number is 276-617-1705. The campground symbol on the map is in the wrong place, but the directions are correct.

(Sep 2019) Rural Retreat Lake and Campground's phone numbers are 276-686-4331 (May - Sep.) and 276-223-4519 (Oct. - Apr).

Updated: Jan 2020

Map 137

(Sep 2019) In Fort Chiswell, a Super 8 is located at 194 Fort Chiswell Rd., 276-595-1016.

(Sep 2019) In Fort Chiswell, the Hampton Inn is located at 199 Fort Chiswell Rd., 276-637-4027.

Updated: Sep 2019

Map 138

(Sep 2019) There isn't a restaurant at the junction of Old 100 and SR 99. And the convenience store is off route 05 mi. NW on SR 99.

(Sep 2019) The convenience store 3 mi. S. of Newbern is actually off route 0.2 mi. at Rock House Marina. 

(Sep 2019) In Newbern, the Hampton Inn's number is 540-674-5700.

(Sep 2019) In Newbern, the Holiday Inn Express is located at 4428 Cleburne Ave., 540-674-1600.

(Sep 2019) The convenience store and restaurant shown on the map at the junction of CR 611 and CR 660 is actually off route 0.3 mi. S. on CR 660.

(Jun 2020) In Draper, The Junction no longer has a bike shop but Cyclists Only Camping is still allowed.

Updated: Jun 2020

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