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TransAmerica, Section 5 (2018 BC-1522) - Map Updates and Corrections (Addenda)

Last Updated Nov 28, 2021

The BC number and year on your map's cover should match the BC number and year listed here.

Section Information

(Sep 2019) RIDING CONDITIONS: The highway shoulder between Muddy Gap and Rawlins has been repaved and is no longer a dangerous stretch.

(Jun 2021) Effective April 23, 2021, the South Entrance Road, beginning at the South Entrance Station to the West Thumb Junction, will be closed to spring bicycling permanently. Yellowstone National Park has identified that spring bicycling on the South Entrance Road poses a significant risk to bicyclists due to the narrow roadway and lack of road shoulders. In addition, and most importantly, high snow banks, often on both sides of the road, make the road even more narrow, limits site distances and drivers' ability to see bicyclists, and leaves no escape route for bicyclists in case of the need to leave the roadway. The reopening of the road to bicycling in the summertime is dependent on how quickly the snow banks melt. For more info, see

(June 2022) YELLOWSTONE CLOSURE/FLOODING: Due to heavy flooding, Yellowstone National Park is temporarily closed to all traffic. To avoid the park, you must take the Teton Valley Alternate described below. Check here for updates:

(Apr 2021) NEW TETON VALLEY ALTERNATE: Due to safety concerns, some cyclists are choosing to visit Yellowstone National Park by renting a vehicle and driving through the Park to see the sights. The Park has heavy traffic with lots of RVs during the summer, and many of the roads are narrow 2-lanes with minimal to no shoulders. This 139.3 mile alternate to avoid the Park begins in West Yellowstone, MT, and heads west, south and east through Idaho into Wyoming. Here is the link: You'll ride 36 miles on US 20 through Montana and Idaho. The highway has variable shoulder widths, and continuous rumble strips in Idaho. It also has fast moving traffic. In both Idaho and Wyoming there will still be traffic, but we have routed onto several separate bike paths where possible. The Idaho state highways are mostly narrow, and have minimal to no shoulders. The alternate ends in Jackson, Wyoming, where you will connect to the Teton Spur on TA_Sec05. The 33.5 mile Spur joins the main route at the intersection of Teton Park Rd. and US 89/191/287. The alternate, including the Teton Spur, is 80.3 miles longer than the main route through Yellowstone. Here is a pdf that lists services on the alternate.

Updated: Jun 2022

Teton Spur

(Nov 2022) In Jackson, The Hub is now located at 410 W. Pearl Ave.

Updated: Nov 2022

Map 47

(Sep 2019) In West Yellowstone, the Wagon Wheel RV Campground and Cabins no longer allows tent camping.

(Apr 2018) In West Yellowstone, Rustic Wagon Campground is closed.

(Apr 2018) In West Yellowstone, camping is available at Yellowstone Park KOA, from junction of us 191/287 and Firehole Ave./US 20, 6 mi. W. at 3305 US 20, 406-646-7606 or 800-562-7591.

(Jan 2020) In West Yellowstone, Yellowstone Bicycles is closed.

(Jun 2021) With the exception of Fishing Bridge RV Park and Slough Creek Campground, all of the campgrounds in Yellowstone National Park (even the ones off route) have a limited amount of hiker/biker sites. They are first come, first served. Reservations at any campgrounds at regular sites is highly advised. 

(Apr 2022) Two major road projects will impact Yellowstone National Park. (1)A major repaving project is scheduled to begin in the Spring of 2022 and last through the 2023 season. It is occurring on Grand Loop Rd. between Old Faithful and West Thumb (map 48). Expect delays and overnight closures. In the past, when there is road construction a pilot truck usually takes cyclists thru the construction section. If the construction section is short and the roadbed not seriously affected, they sometimes let you ride through. (2)A second project is the rebuilding of the Lewis River bridge, 11.5 miles south of West Thumb. It's also scheduled to begin in the Spring of 2022 and last through the 2023 season. Expect delays and overnight closures. For more information see

Updated: Apr 2022

Map 49

(Jul 2021) Lizard Creek Campground no longer offers hiker/biker campsites.

(May 2021) TETON SPUR: Signal Mountain Campground no longer offers hiker/biker campsites.

Updated: Jul 2021

Map 50

(June 2018) The entire Togwotee Mountain Lodge is only open mid May - early Oct. (not just the restaurant).

Updated: Jun 2018

Map 52

(Nov 2021)

In Dubois, St. Thomas Episcopal Church has new phone numbers: 307-455-2313 and after hours: 307-413-5009. They are also currently first come, first serve, maximum 8 guests.

(June 2018) In the westbound narrative, the final narrative should be 27(43).

(June 2018) In Dubois, the address for the National Bighorn Sheep Interpretive Center is 10 Bighorn Ln.

(Sep 2019) In Dubois, the contact for St. Thomas Episcopal Church is no longer John McPhail. Call 307-455-2313 or 307-413-5009 (after hours). First come, first serve, maximum 8 guests.

(Jun 2021) In Dubois, a bike shop called KC Outdoors is located at 116 E. Rams Horn, 307-455-3343.

Updated: Apr 2022

Map 55

(Jul 2019) In Lander, Gannett Peak Sports has moved to 371 Main St.

Updated: Jul 2019

Map 57

(Mar 2020) In Jeffrey City, Jeffrey City Community Church is closed for the 2020 season due to the COVID-19 virus.

Updated: Apr 2020

Map 58

(Mar 2019) In Muddy Gap, the camping is primitive.

(Jan 2020) In Bairoil (off route), the Bairoil Community Church is happy to host cyclists, 414 Indian Paintbrush Ave. Phone is 307-320-6563 or 307-710-3356.

Updated: Jan 2020

Map 59

(Aug 2022) In Rawlins, the Comfort Inn & Suites phone number is now (307) 324-3663.

(Aug 2022) In Rawlins, the Western Hills Campground now closes in September.

Updated: Aug 2022

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