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PACIFIC COAST Map Updates and Corrections (Addenda), Section 5 (BC-1623 2016),

Last Updated (Mar 28, 2019)

The BC number and year on your map's cover should match the BC number and year listed here.

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Map 56

(Mar 2016) In Santa Barbara, the Santa Barbara Tourist Hostel is closed.

(Jun 2018) In Santa Barbara, the Wayfarer Hostel is located at 12 E. Montecito St., 805-845-1000.

(Jun 2018) In Santa Barbara, the IHSP Santa Barbara Hostel is located at 111 N. Milpas St., 304-268-8981 or 805-705-9195.

(Jan 2019) In Santa Barbara, a route change has occurred at the end of Section 4. The route now ends at the intersection of State St. and Cabrillo Blvd. Section 5 begins at Chase Palm Park, which is 0.3 mi. to the NE on Cabrillo Blvd. You can use the separate bike path to reach Chase Palm Park to continue on Section 5 maps.

(May 2017) South of Carpinteria, just N. of the Pacific Coast Hwy./SR 1 and US 101 interchange, the Rincon/Ventura County Fire Station has a bike repair station at 5674 W. Pacific Coast Hwy./SR 1.

(Mar 2019)
Map 57

(Mar 2016) South of Ventura, McGrath State Beach hiker/biker campsites are closed until further notice.

(Mar 2016) In Oxnard, Bicycle Clinic is closed.

(Mar 2016) In Oxnard, Channel Islands Inn & Suites is now Ramada, new phone number is: 805-201-6000.

(May 2017) In Port Hueneme, Port Hueneme/Ventura County Fire Station has a bike repair station OFF ROUTE 2 blocks W. at 304 2nd St.

(Mar 2016) In Port Hueneme, Seaside Inn Motel is located at 645 E. Port Hueneme Rd., 805-488-7067.

(May 2017)
Map 58

(May 2017) Just 0.5 mi. S. of Yerba Buena Rd., Malibu/Ventura County Fire Station has a bike repair station at 11855 Pacific Coast Hwy./SR 1.

(Nov 2018) In November 2018, Leo Carrillo State Beach Campground was burned and is closed. It is unknown when it will reopen. You can check it's status here:

(Mar 2019) In Malibu, if traveling southbound, it is best to avoid Thursdays because it's trash day. The shoulder is already small and gets blocks by trash bins.

(Mar 2019)
Map 59

(Mar 2016) In Malibu, the correct sheriff number is 818-878-1808.

(Mar 2019) In Santa Monica, Performance Bicycles is closed.

(Mar 2019)
Map 60

(May 2017) A less trafficked route, off Pacific Coast Hwy./SR 1 follows:

Southbound narrative would read: "...*27.5(44)TURN RIGHT ONTO ANDERSON ST. THEN TURN LEFT ONTO S. PACIFIC AVE. [B] 28.5(46)Sunset Beach. AT CULDESAC, ENTER ROUNDABOUT, CONTINUE STRAIGHT ACROSS ONTO beach bike path. ..."



(Mar 2016) LOS ANGELES A DETAIL MAP: Between Torrance Blvd. and El Dorado St., the turn is onto Maple Ave

(Aug 2018)
Map 61

(Feb 2017) In Dana Point, Doheny State Beach no longer has hiker/biker camping.

(Mar 2016) It has been brought to our attention that riding through the communities of Newport Beach, Laguna Beach and Dana Point has become increasingly risky due to aggressive drivers. The Orange County Bicycle Coalition show alternates through these towns and we advise using them: 

(Feb 2017)
Map 62

(Mar 2016) In San Clemente, the library should be San Clemente Branch. (missing a letter)

(Mar 2016)
Map 63


(Nov 2016) N. The Strand is a one-way northbound. Cyclists should use Pacific St. between S. Harbor Dr. and and Wisconsin Ave.

(Nov 2016)
Map 64

(Mar 2016) In Coronado, the general delivery zip code is 92118.

(May 2017) In San Diego, Lucky D's Hostel (pvt.) is located at 615 8th Ave., 619-595-0000.

(Aug 2017) In Imperial Beach, 2 wheels Cycling Boutique is located at 536 13th St., suite 8.

(June 2018) In San Diego, the new phone number for the Banana Bungalow Hostel is 858-412-5878.


(Mar 2016) SAN DIEGO A DETAIL MAP: Northbound, when traveling on Coast Blvd., there is a one-way stretch. You will need to turn right onto Girard Ave. then left on Prospect Pl. before you rejoin the mapped route.

(Mar 2016) SAN DIEGO B DETAIL MAP: Between Mission Blvd. and the bike path, the turn is onto Diamond St.

(Mar 2016) SAN DIEGO C DETAIL MAP: The San Diego ferry dock is actually located one block S. at Broadway.

(Mar 2016) SAN DIEGO E DETAIL MAP: Cuprus St. should be labeled Cypress Ave.

(Aug 2018)

(Aug 2018) CAMP PENDLETON: Camp Pendleton is changing their requirements for access to the base. Beginning October 1, 2018, to ride through the base you will need to stop at the Main/Vandegrift Boulevard Visitor Center (south end of the base) to get a guest pass. You will need a valid government issued photo ID (I.E. Real ID ACT compliant driver's license, state identification card, or U.S. passport) to establish your identity and submit to a criminal background check as well as having your photograph and fingerprint taken. The Visitor Center hours are Monday to Friday, from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

If riding southbound, it makes more sense to ride the shoulder of I-5 between Las Pulgas Rd. and Oceanside (Exits 62 to 54C) avoiding the base entirely. It is about 8 miles. For safety reasons, you should exit and re-enter the freeway at the Aliso Creek Rest Area about midway through this stretch. If riding northbound, you may do the same or stop at the Main/Vandegrift Boulevard Visitor Center and see about gaining a guest pass.

If you are currently preregistered to travel through the base by September 30, 2018, you will be allowed through with that preregistration. For questions regarding base access, please call 760-763-8435.

(Dec 2018)

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