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Over time maps become less useful because things change. Every year Adventure Cycling's Routes and Mapping Department create map updates and corrections for every map in the Adventure Cycling Route Network, which now totals 50,527 miles. With the help of touring cyclists like you, we receive updates on routing, services, camping, and contact information. Until we can reprint the map with the new information, we verify the suggested changes and publish corrections and updates here on our website.

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NOTE: Map updates and corrections only pertain to long term changes and updates. For short term road closures, please see the Adventure Cycling's Routes Temporary Road Closures discussion in our Forums.

PACIFIC COAST Map Updates and Corrections (Addenda), Section 5 (BC-1623 2021),

Last Updated (Jul 28, 2021)

The BC number and year on your map's cover should match the BC number and year listed here.

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Map 64

(Jun 2021) The Coronado Ferry is open daylight hours year-round, 619-234-4111.

(Jun 2021)
Map 65

(Jul 2021) Almost at the end of the route, the Tijuana River Valley Campground (county) is located at 1942 Monument Rd., 619-428-2946, reservations 858-565-3600 or 877-565-3600. Yurts are also available to rent.

(Jul 2021)

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