Digital Data for Devices

Adventure Cycling offers GPS data that you can download and use on a GPS device, smartphone, or tablet. Use it with the paper maps of the Adventure Cycling Route Network to improve your navigation, both on and off the route.

We are improving this GPS data to offer Adventure Cycling Route information in track format for higher accuracy and compatibility across multiple devices; and to make service points easier to use.

During this transition, there will be two types of GPS data:

  • Tracks and service points (enhanced): These are the new and enhanced files. The tracks are high resolution navigational paths following Adventure Cycling Routes that will display as a line on your device. When GPS is turned on, an indicator will show your location in relation to that line. The service points for these new files have been reformatted for easier use, and now contain additional contact information. They still feature the same services that are close to the route and listed on the physical maps. The new files are available for a growing list of routes, including:
    • Adirondack Park Loop
    • Allegheny Mountains Loop
    • Atlantic Coast
    • Bicycle Route 66
    • Chicago to New York City
    • Florida Connector
    • Grand Canyon Connector
    • Great Parks North
    • Great Parks South
    • Great Rivers South
    • Green Mountains Loop
    • Idaho Hot Springs (IHS)
    • Lake Erie Connector
    • Lewis & Clark Trail
    • North Lakes
    • Northern Tier
    • Pacific Coast
    • Sierra Cascades
    • Southern Tier
    • Tidewater Potomac
    • Texas Hill Country Loop
    • TransAmerica Trail
    • Underground Railroad
    • Utah Cliffs Loop
    • Washington Parks
    • Western Express 
  • Tracks and service points (limited): These are an improved version of the legacy files. The tracks still represent Adventure Cycling Routes, but are mostly only anchored at turns and some significant bends along the route without a line following the intended roads. The service points have not yet been updated to the enhanced format though they have been simplified to make them easier to use. These are available for the remaining routes that have not been converted to the new enhanced format yet:
    • Great Divide Canada
    • Great Divide Mountain Bike Route


Adventure Cycling Association strives to keep its digital data up to date. However, features are continually changing, so the data may not reflect the most current condition. You are solely responsible for safe navigation and the prudent use of this data.


See our detailed support pages for more information and instructions on how to use the tracks and service points (enhanced) or the tracks and service points (limited).

See our FAQs for enhanced data and FAQs for limited data to answer common questions.

If you still have questions, visit the GPS & Digital Data Discussion Forum to share your experience, ask questions, & discuss digital navigation topics. Fellow riders and Adventure Cycling staff members participate in these forums.