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As a winner of the 2019 Greg Siple Award you become an Adventure Cycling ambassador for young adult bicycle travel. Each ambassador will be required to complete the outreach project they proposed in their application after their educational course.

Bike Travel Outreach Project Ideas:

  • Lead a bike tour, an overnight or longer, open to your community.
  • Lead a workshop or information session about bicycle travel.
  • Create an advocacy project that promotes bicycle travel in your area.
  • Inspire others to travel by bike through art, theater, writing, photography, or video and share it with your community (in person or online).
  • Create a bicycle route or bike-travel resource that will inspire and help your peers.

You are encouraged to partner with a cycling or outdoor recreation organization that has the resources and audience to get you started. Be creative. Use social media to reach more people. Be specific. Adventure Cycling is looking for creative and achievable projects that will inspire other young adults to travel by bicycle.

Winners will be required to write two 300 to 500 word field reports to be posted on Adventure Cycling’s blog: one about their experience taking their educational course and one about the outcome of their outreach project. An Adventure Cycling staff member will stay in touch with the recipients and provide resources to help along the way. Recipients will also be asked to post about their course and project on social media using hashtags #jumpstartbiketravel and #adventurecycling in 2019.

A Sample of Past Winners & Outreach Projects:

Jocelyn Munoz, 2015 recipient
Hometown: San Fernando Valley, California
About Jocelyn: I am really passionate about chai lattes on a cold fall morning. I enjoy running, bouldering, bike touring, slacklining, backpacking, and any outdoor activity. One day, I hope to be a very skilled botanist in Alaska.
Educational course: Leadership Training - Eugene, OR
About the course: I attended the LTC to learn how to lead bike tours for the Recreation Department at UC Santa Cruz. The experience proved invaluable to our bike-touring efforts.
About Jocelyn’s outreach project: As part of my outreach project, I led bike touring trips through the UC Santa Cruz Recreation Department and bike touring workshops at the Western Regional Outdoor Leadership Conference.


Cara Thompson, 2016 recipient
Hometown: Bainbridge Island, WA
About Cara: I am a maker, constantly trying to learn to build new things and stop learning new things so I can focus on one. When I am too frustrated with that I just go for a bike ride to let it all go.
Educational course: Intro to Road Touring - Virginia
About the course: I learned how to bike tour in a torrential downpour with a smile and a song. Also how to organize large group rides.
About Cara’s outreach project: I organized a Story Bike in which a group of artists and local community members participated in a bike ride across the Olympic Discovery Trail. Our goal was to learn how to bike tour with a group, raise awareness of the local trails, and inspire each other’s creative projects.


Rachel Irvine, 2016 recipient
Hometown: Bloomington, IN
About Rachel: I am a sustainability advocate and educator with a passion for environmental well-being and public health. I’m especially interested in where the two overlap, from both a small-scale and global perspective. Bicycle travel has been one of the best ways to see first hand different people’s and place’s approaches to the environment and the human condition, and I hope to be able to continue to learn about the world via bicycle travel for many years to come!
Educational course: Leadership Training - Oregon
About the course: That facilitating bicycle travel is at its best when your focus as a leader is not on “being in charge,” but rather is on cultivating space for participants to craft their own individual and group’s discovery and exploration along the way.
About Rachel’s outreach project: As an English-as-a-foreign-language teacher in Spain, I plan on teaching a unit on bicycle travel to my students. The students can develop their English-language vocabulary around bicycles, directions, the weather, the landscape, and travel in general, culminating in a project to plan a hypothetical bicycle trip for themselves that pulls in their knowledge of the environment, people, and events in their local region.


Kaj Kraus, 2017 recipient
Hometown: New Paltz, NY
About Kaj: I am a deaf graduate student and bicycle courier living in Washington, D.C. who cares about accessibility and likes the freedom of riding bikes.
Educational course: Leadership Training - Ontario
About Kaj’s outreach project: I will organize and lead a self-contained cycling tour from Pittsburgh to Washington, D.C on the Great Allegheny Passage and C&O Canal, intended for riders who use American Sign Language as a primary language.

Top Photo: Chuck Haney

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