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As a winner of the 2020 Greg Siple Award you become an Adventure Cycling ambassador for young adult bicycle travel. Each recipient will be required to complete the outreach project they proposed in their application after taking their educational course.

Bike Travel Outreach Project Ideas

Projects should inspire youth and/or young adults to travel by bike in underrepresented communities including but not limited to: women, LBGTQI people, people of color, indigenous people, refugees, and people with disabilities. Projects should be creative and achievable. Examples include:

  • Lead a bike tour (an overnight or longer)
  • Lead a workshop or information session about bicycle travel
  • Create an advocacy project that promotes bicycle travel
  • Inspire others to travel by bike through art, theater, writing, photography, or video and share it (in person or online)
  • Create a bicycle route or bike-travel resource that will inspire others

You are encouraged to partner with cycling or outdoor recreation organizations that have the resources and audience to get you started. Be creative. Use social media to reach more people. Be specific.

Winners will be required to write two 300 to 500 word field reports with photos about their experience taking their educational course and the outcome of their outreach project. Recipients will also be asked to post about their course and project on social media using hashtags #jumpstartbiketravel and #adventurecycling. An Adventure Cycling staff member and a former Greg Siple Award winner will stay in touch with the recipients and provide resources to help along the way.

Past Winners & Their Projects:

Ana Fajardo, 2019 recipient
Hometown: Gainesville, FL
About Ana: Bicycling and food are my biggest passions! I love sharing them with others, whether its a bike ride, an educational workshop, combining our snacks together-- they're all meaningful experiences to me. 
About Ana’s outreach project: I am halfway through my proposed outreach project! Next on my list is organizing a bikepacking overnight for women, trans, femme, and non-binary cyclists. I think that Bike Your Park has made some of them more excited about the next opportunity.

Briana Cohen, 2019 recipient
Hometown: Austin, TX
About Briana: I spend a lot of my time outside, whether biking everywhere and anywhere, camping at state parks, swimming in the springs, playing trombone with a big brass band, or goofing off with friends. I love potlucks and community gatherings because they bring a great fusion of people, cultures, languages, and food.
About Briana’s outreach project: I led a bicycle travel workshop for students at the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired and then we all joined together for a group bike ride with everyday cyclists and the students riding on tandems. It was so cool to have such a large group (70 people!) come together and it was evident that bike travel is accessible to anyone. The workshop served to inspire them; the gear to equip them; and the ride to have fun with the community.

Mohamed Ukach, 2018 recipient
Hometown: Omaha, NE
About Mohamed: I have been riding bikes since I was eight years old, now I use my bike not just for transportation, but also for adventure. I try to go on an adventure nearly every day, even if its just a simple ride to the park. I have a passion for exploration, and helping people.
About Mohamed’s outreach project: I led a overnight trip to a campground about 15 miles from Omaha. This trip was designed to be an intro to bike camping and several people who have never done an overnight trip by bike went with us.

Ankur Kumar, 2018 recipient
Hometown: Morgantown, WV
About Ankur: If you take a little bit of spastic, mix in some semi-decent organization skills, and add deep passion for too many things, you have me! Sometimes I spend days straight coding on the computer, other times months just biking.
About Ankur’s outreach project: I organized "peer-led" bike tours along the GAP/C&O trail. We were fully self-contained and taught bike, camp, and travel skills.

Top Photo: Ali Mae

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