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TransAmerica Trail
BikeCentennial 76 -- Justin Heinecke, June 1976
The TransAmerica Trail

Trans-America Trail -- Christopher Hughes, June 1977
I rode with a Bikecentennial group on the Trans-Am from East to West. This was my first bike tour and it was a great summer.

Bikecentenial 76 -- Julie Mennecke-Hnatiuk, July 1976
It was called a family trip. It was the first year of Bikecentennial. I think we went through Appalachia. I had never even seen a mountain before this trip as I'm third generation Chicago.

Western Europe
West Coast of Ireland -- David French, July 1994
I took a friend along - on this, my second trip to Ireland - to show him the beautiful countryside. Cycling through counties Clare, Galway, Mayo, Sligo, Leitrim, Donegal, Londonderry and Antrim, we covered 41 miles a day and stayed in B&Bs throughou ...

TransAmerica Trail
Bikecentennial '76 -- James Blodgett, July 1976
In 1976 I rode the western half of the Transam as an independent rider

Bikecentennial TransAm 1993 -- Brian Martin, May 1993

Bikecentennial '76 -- Leslie Rock, June 1976
We rode self-contained as a Bikecentennial group from Astoria, Oregon, to Jackson, Wyoming, in 1976. There were 9 of us, strangers at the beginning, but lifelong friends by the end of the trip. We are all now in agreement that it was one of the mos ...

Bikecentennial '76: TransAmerica Trail TAEK531 -- Diane Reese, May 1976
I had never been west of PA before this trip. Completing it stands as one of the things in my life that moved me most, and that I am most proud of.

Lewis & Clark Trail
Lewis & Clark Trail (The Eastern Portion) -- Brad Bergerson, May 2003
Back in the saddle again. This will be the first long distance bicycle tour since Bikecentennial trans-america '76. Adventure Cycling was putting the finishing touches on the Lewis & Clark Trail and that seemed like the perfect fit. ...

TransAmerica Trail
Summer Fun -- Brad Bergerson, May 1976
From Reedsport, Oregon to Yorktown, Virginia, self-contained with a group put together by Bikecentennial (TAWK525). The best summer of my life.

1976 Golden Spokes East - 1GEWB702G -- Stephen De Dalto, July 1976
We rode from Pueblo, CO to Yorktown, VA. Group of 11. Toured Makers' Mark Distillery in KY. Had so much fun I decided to ride the full transam 4 years later.

TransAmerica Trail
TransAmerica West to East -- Daniel Phelan, May 1976
I was in the Bike-in Group that left Reedsport on 5/28/1976. We were snowed on three times. We paralelled our friends of the great camping group TAWK528.

Independent -- Brenda (Cross) Lee, May 1976
A friend and I rode as "independents, which was a trip option. Of course, we mingled with many others - singles and groups along the way. An incredible experience with memories galore!

TAWK601 -- Jim Cossitt, June 1976
Left Oregon on June 1, 1976; rode a lot with tawk602 group. The trip had & has a profound impact on my life and outlook.

Golden Spokes -- Millard Gold, June 1976
I rode in a group of 10 traveling from Yorktown VA to Pueblo CO. The group I rode with was Bike-in group

Trans America (TAE604) -- Christopher Marsh, June 1981
Road the Trans America Trail with Bikecentennial in 1981 (TAE64) from Williamsburg, VA to Portland, OR.

Chieftain -- Michael Lampi, August 1976
The Chieftain Trail started at the Oregon coast and headed eastward over the Cascades, through the eastern OR deserts, up Hell's Canyon through to the Sawtooth Mountains and ended in Missoula, MT. This was a fantastic trip with great companions! I co ...

TransAmerica Trail
Transamerica -- Lisa Campbell, May 1976

Bikecentennial W-E -- Steven Sweedler, May 1976
Biggest trip of my life, at that point and at this point. A wonderful time meeting cyclists from all over the country and juust riding every day for almost two months.

1GWWB616 -- David Wessling, June 1976
The Bikecentennial ride was my first group ride, my first overnight ride, and my first time west of Kansas. It started my serious interest in bicycle touring, and I havent' stopped in 30 years.

TAWK519 (Trans-American Trail camping) -- Bob Buccini, May 1976
This trip has become the benchmark against which all subsequent trips have been measured; it was the best summer of my life.

TAEtoW,June14 -- Terry Mann, June 1976
I was one of about 14 in the group. We had a female group leader from Canada. We also had an eagle scout in the group. His name was Dwight.

Trans-America Trail -- Bob Buccini, April 1976
We rode west to east in one of the first camping groups in the inaugural year of the Trans-America Trail.


BikeCentennial 76 Independent Rider -- James Terry, June 1976
I started in Missoula on June 8th and rode to Williamsburg taking photos for a multimedia/ photographic exhibition at the Birmingham Museum of Art in August, 1976. It was an incredible trip! I made a lot of very good friends from around the world. ...

1TAWK526 -- Joseph Martin, April 1976
West to East, camping on the 1st Bikecentennial ride leaving from Reedsport Oregon

Transam West-East -- Gijsbert Valstar, May 1976
"Captain" of a total of nearly 200 Dutch riders who participated in the 1976 Bikecentennial Tours. Fantastic experience that was leading to my Bicycle Touring Company 'Fietsvakantiewinkel' (25th anniversary !) ...

1OFEB708 -- Jeff Stetekluh, July 1976

Golden Spokes West -- Carol Lothrop Broadbent, June 1976
The trip was once in a lifetime experience. I rode with great people all of whom I have lost contact, but whom I would like to reconnect. I remember only riding in 1 day of rain for 6 weeks!

TransAmerica Trail
Bikecentennial '76 -- David French, June 1976
Astoria, Oregon to Missoula, MT on the TransAmerica Trail.

Don't remember -- Tom Wolford, July 1976
This was so long ago that I have forgotten most of the details. I was the tour leader.

1976 Trans-Am W to E -- Jonathan Solomon, June 1976
This was a life-changing event for me. It gave me great memories and a sense that I could accomplish anything. (And it's a great coversation piece at parties, too!). I hope other members from my group will attend the Brunswick, MD reunion. ...

Other Road
Golden Spoke West -- Jack Perlmutter M.D., June 1976

TransAmerica Trail
TransAm west to East 76 -- Greg Whitehouse, June 1976
From "Sisters" Oregon to "Falls of Rough" Kentucky, this nation is littered with bikecentennial memories that I will always treasure. Bikecentennial was a coming of age ride for me. A 15 year old kid with a "chaperone" I had never met (set up by bike ...

TAWK517 -- Josh Sanner, May 1976
A life changing experience!! Thirty years later, there are few days that I have not thought back to that wonderful summer. I have used that summer to put a framework around the rest of my life. Lessons that were learned and people that I met have ...

TransAm -- Julie Dunn, May 1976
Riding the Transamerica Trail was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Setting out on a journey with a group of mostly unknown cyclist (two friends were in the group) was so exciting. Not only did I get to see "the country" I got to know ...

Trans-America W to E -- Mark Dana, May 1976
A life changing experience. Got to join a friend in 2003 for the Colorado Rockies section again. Hoosier Pass (11,541 ft) got steeper in the last three decades! Only regret: my bike got stolen on the last day in Yorktown. The bike was worn out but th ...

TAE527 -- Ken Russell, May 1981
2nd Trans-Am. Leader of TAE527. Great bunch of folks - everyone completed the ride in great shape. High Point of the trip - Mt Evans, Colorado 14,156 by bike! Wet first couple of weeks then wonderful weather. Did part of the Great Parks route in ...

TAWK606 TransAm -- Tim Morken, June 1976
People along the route kept saying this would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I thought I would tour forever. They were right. Although I have done a lot of touring since, 1976 was a truely unique experience and I think about the trip quite ofte ...

Bikecentennial 76 (1OFEB708) -- Jeff Weible, July 1976
3 guys and 5 women set out from Yorktown, VA to Carbondale, IL on a 30 day adventure of a lifetime. Those 30 days in the summer of 1976 will always be the absolute best time I've ever experienced on a bike. ...

TransAmerica trail -- Michael and Esther Paul, May 1976
Esther and I were in the first West to East Bike-inn group. Our group, The Sprocket Rockets, included an Englishman and a non-english speaking Japanese man. The beauty and expanse of the land and the good nature and generosity of those we met restor ...

TransAmerica Trail
TransAmerica Trail East to West Camping -- Carla Majernik, June 1976
I was co-leader in a group of 12 which, soon after leaving, joined up with a group of 8 to cross the country east to west. Out of our merged group there were 2 marriages, and one of them is still going strong. ...

North America
Top of the World Tour -- Ken Russell, June 1977
Biked from Seattle to the northern tip of Vancouver Island, BC then ferry stops in Southeast Alaska. Flew to Fairbanks, Alaska then bicycled from Fairbanks to Missoula, Montana. Six people rode the whole trip plus seven others joined us for various ...

TransAmerica Trail
U.S. West, camping -- Peter L. Bower, June 1976
Thirteen of us, 7 males and 6 females started out from Astoria, Oregon heading for Pueblo, CO. Along the way we had the ups and downs common to all long distance, self-contained bicycle tourists. We mostly were in good spirits even when camping after ...

Trans-Am -- Andrew Beckerman-Rodau, May 1976
I was the leader for a 14 person Trans-Am camping trip which went from the east coast to the west coast in 1976. This trip was one of the greatest experiences of my life. It was so much fun that I rode across the country again, via the Nothern Tie ...

TransAmerica Trail
Trans America west to east -- Stewart Lanting, June 1976
It started as an uncertain adventure, and turned into a lifetime memory. There were some HARD days, some easy days, and a true feeling of seeing America's scenery and meeting her people. Developed friendships some of which continue today. Rode with ...

Self supporting tandem ride -- Douglas Rogers, September 1976
Self built tandem with Brother from Colarado then on down to San Francisco ( we left the trail and headed to the redwood forest on the California Oregon border passing through Crater lake

Transamerican Trail -- Arthur Malm, May 1976
This trip was a personal pilgrimage and celebration of the bicentennial. This ride established in my mind an everlasting faith in the fundamental goodness of rural Americans.

Transam -- Ken Russell, June 1976
Lead GEEK602 from Yorktown, Virginga to Pubelo, Colorado then contined on to Astoria, Oregon as an independent rider with a friend from Ohio. Wonderful experience to have so many riders on the road every day and to have the local folks excited about ...

Golden Spoke West -- Corry Van Boheemen, May 1976
We had a boy 16 years and one 12 years old, that was our son.Laura Jennifer,Don,Don ,Katy and Bill and my husband were all in our group Don Erickson was our leader.It was a wonderful time.I did most of the cooking.Don't rember them all. ...

TransAmerica Trail
TAKE613 Trans America -- Randall Bennett, June 1976
Wow, to go back to being young, in the best shape of my life, knowing nothing and not caring and having the epic adventure we did is a memory I treasure. I still bike and dream of doing it again!

Golden Spokes West -- John Ludway, July 1976
45 days, from Astoria to Peublo, with Ranger Rick (Bill Foreman) leading the way. Chasing moose in Yellowstone, going to the hot springs in Oregon, crossing Hooser and Togwotee passes, missing Amy, Carl, Bill, and Kathy at the reunion in '01, having ...

TransAmerica Trail in '76, TAWK519 -- Tom Kalina, May 1976
Our group, the "Peanut Butter Pedalers", was the 3rd or 4th camping group to leave from OR. Lloyd Sumner (author of "The Long Ride") was our awesome leader. It was a life-changing experience that 30 years has not dulled. We experienced the "real" ...

Bikecentennial 76 -- Tom Kabat, June 1976
As a 17 year old with 3 high school buddies in a "Bike-Inn" group of about 12 other riders, I had a life improving adventure. I have enjoyed bike touring ever since.

Bikecentennial -- Dorothy Heavenor (Wells), July 1977
Fantastic trip, great people - all from USA except me - the lone Canadian. Still cycling, now with my daughter. Would love to reconnect with fellow riders.

Bikecentennial Ride West to East 6-05-76 -- Richard Gendernalik, June 1976

North America
Northwest Passage -- Ken Russell, June 1979
Experiemental Bikecentennial trip to extend the Great Parks North from Jasper on to Seattle. Group of 10 pedaled north from Missoua through the Canadian Rockies then south through Kamloops and Victoria, BC. Ferried to Port Angeles, WA and then into ...

TransAmerica Trail
TransAm 1986 E-W -- Dave Tuzinowski, May 1986
Journey of a Lifetime! I began the trip solo, but I rode with many people, including the bikecentennial group led by Clayton Black. I have many memories and friends from that awesome summer of 1986.

Lewis & Clark Trip, W to E, Bike Inn -- Jim Nelson, June 1976
This trip was my first extended long distance bike tour. I have done a lot of touring since, but I still have great memories of this trip. We had 14 people in the group at the start at Astoria and finished the trip in Wyoming with 12. Tom Colbert ...

Crosscounty 76 -- Glenn Griffin, June 1976
Santa Barbara to Reedsport, OR; Entire Bikecentennial Trail; Yorktown to Washington DC / end

Sunset Riders -- Sam, then Sally Miller, then Hirshman, May 1976
We called ourselves the Sunset Riders because we could never seem to break break camp very early, or make camp very early... Loved the trip. If you are lucky enough to have the freedom to spend a whole summer doing something as wonderful as this, E ...

Colonial Virgina Trans Am Trail -- Kevin Newman, June 1976
fully supprted Bikecentenial '76 ride across Virginia - not sure of precise details after all these years

TransAmerica Trail
TAEK613 Bikecentennial 76 E-W -- Yafa Napadensky, June 1976
I still have wonderful memories of the summer of '76. The freedom of being on the road, cycling across America, will stay with me forever.

Opening the Frontier -- Cynthia Nagel, June 1976
We stayed in Bike Inns (school gyms, frat. houses. churches, community centers and ate in cafes. Every night there was group coming from the opposite direction, and a lot of information and advice changed hands. ...

Bikecentennial 76 transam -- Bob Carson, June 1976

Eastern Europe
The Former Czechoslovakia and Poland -- David French, September 2005
A friend and I biked for two weeks in Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland, staying in B&Bs and taking trains to cover long distances in the short time we had.

TransAmerica Trail
TAWK518 -- Mike Hites, May 1976
The ride changed my life. I returned from my trip, finished my degree in Wildlife Biology, and then entered the bicycle business!

Tuscany and Umbria -- Jay Anderson, April 2006
Hill towns of Tuscany and Umbria, Italy; a pre-arranged but self-guided and self-contained tour.

TransAmerica Trail
TransAmerica June 14, 1976 W to E -- Thomas Cassell, June 1976
For most of the group, myself included, the trip across the states was the experience of a lifetime. We were a "bike inn" group nearly evenly consisting of Dutch and American riders.

Transamerica Trail 1976 -- Robert Freeman, June 1976
We had a great time and completed the trip in the prescribed time even though we rode 4700 miles

6-16-76 West to East -- Monte Krog, June 1976

1976 Bikecentennial Trip -- Frank Allen, June 1976
I started as an independent memeber in Jamestown, VA. I completed all 5 tours ending on the west coast. I had the trip of a lifetime traveling arounds different tour groups. I believe I am the only rider who did not experience a flat tire or a broken ...

TAWK522 -- Randy Stout, May 1976
I was the trip leader of the "Cafe Coasters".

ITAWB518 -- Chip Haynes, May 1976
Thirty years later, I can watch "SURVIVOR" on TV and think, "You wimps!" Ha!

Great West (or something like that) -- Ted Cohen, July 1976

Trans Am -- Tom McAllister, May 1976
At 17, I was the assistant leader of our trip. There is not a day that passes that I don't think about that ride. What an experience!

TransAmerica Trail
Bikecentennial TransAm -- Steve Lay, June 1976
This tour ruined my life! Not really, I met my wife, decided working wasn't all there was, and haven't stopped touring since.

Bikecentennial TransAm -- Phyllis (Bray) Lay, June 1976
The greatest experience I've ever had!

Coast-to-Coast (The Big One) -- Samsoe Bill, June 1976
It was the trip of a lifetime. This is when life started for me . . . I met my future wonderful wife, Barb, on this trip.

TAEK612 -- David Stupke, June 1976
Absolutely one of the great highlights of my life. I also rode 600 miles from New York State to the Williamsburg start, and 600 miles from Reedsport to San Francisco. One of the highlights of the trip was the friendliness of the people, especiall ...

Bikecentennial -- Scott James, May 1976

Golden Spoke E to W late June -- Gayl Teichert, June 1976
I was a leader with a great group consisting of teenagers, college kids, and a teacher. We stayed in bike inns; 3 of us rode together to finish a full transam as independents. Incredible dream summer. Highlights include heat and mosquitos, breaki ...

1976 TransAm West to East -- Eileen Kadesh, June 1976
My Bikecentennial cross-country trip was the adventure of a lifetime! There's nothing like seeing the country from the seat of a bicycle! I was in a group of 15, ranging in age from 16 to 66. About five or six of us still keep in touch every year. ...

Trans America -- Kevin Aker, June 1976
This trip was one of the highlights of my life.

Other Organized Tour
Bicycle the Americas -- Whitney Finnstrom, July 1976
I rode with a group of about 100 people from Las Vegas, Nevada to Washington, D.C. We began the trip on Juky 4, 1976 and ended up in D.C. around mid-August. The group originated out of Anaheim, California. I will never forget the experience, parti ...

TransAmerica Trail
Golden Spokes E E-W 6/21 -- Barbara Forbis Kilts, June 1976
My role was an assistant leader for a large and diverse group of 15. The trip started on my B-day, Lynn the leader brought a cake which we enjoyed at wonderfully buggy Camp Chicahominy (ChickenLobotomy)! Five days into the trip I crashed going down t ...

(Tossed Salad!) West to east 1976 -- Debra Nuñez, May 1976
Incredible, fantastic, terrifying and a once in a lifetime experience that at times I still can not beleive I did. I learned so many things about myself and the larger world that summer and it forever changed me...for the better. ...

Colonial Virginia W to E Full Service -- Walter Smith, July 1976
This was my first tour of any kind and was done on a bike with sew-ups. Never again! But I had a tremendous time and met some great people.

Old West -- John Fischer, June 1976
International contingent of riders from Jackson Hole, WY to Missoula, MT.

TAEK614 -- Daphne Cant, June 1976
Great memories. It is a shame that our group have lost touch with each other. Now that 30 years has past we really should try to reconnect!

Bikecentennial '76 -- De Herman, June 1976
Cycling across the US with a group of 12 ("The Vultures") was a life-defining experience. In addition to appreciating the vastness, beauty, and wildness of the land I learned about strength, endurance, and human relationships. It taught me a huge l ...

Lewis & Clark Trail
Oregon to Maine -- Larry Albert, June 2006
Following Lewis and Clark trail from Astoria to Iowa, then participating in Ragbrai, then following the Northern tier from Muscatine to Bar Harbor

TransAmerica Trail
Bikecentennial 1980 -- Bob Rorke, May 1980
We started with 12 riders in Williamsburg and ended with 5 riders in Portland. Our trip delayed because of Mt St Helens. Kansas was the hottest, but had the nicest people. There were many highlights - Lolo Pass, Jenny Lake in the Tetons, the rive ...

TransAm west half /1976/ East finished 1978 -- T. Darryl Hickey, July 1976
Great trip. Has been life molding experience.

Northern Tier
Ride of a Lifetime -- Robin Shields, July 2006
Last leg of a family trip (1991-2006) on Northern Tier route. Wife/mon, Vicki, died 5/19/05. Some of her ashes plus extra family and friends (15) are finishing the trip (crossing Maine) this July.

TransAM East to West 06/14/1976 -- Richard Heerschap, June 1976
Trip started 6-14-1976 camping, fast(55 days), trans-am East to West. Great trip, life changing!

TransAmerica Trail
America by Bicycle -- Lynn Hartman, June 1975
It was 1974, we were married 3 months and Bikecentennial was being planned. We felt the pull of the road and set out as a photographer-writer team to discover the world. We're still together, still happily biking, 32 years and thousands of miles late ...

Bikecentennial 76 -- Frances Sampson, May 1976

bikecentenniel 1976 thomas j roach III -- thomas j roach III, May 1976
first, i would like to get in touch with a guy named "otter". he was from bellingham, washington. i have a few photos of us!! my trip was a gas !! good people, wonderful country and we were the first !! ...

Transamerica w to e -- Edmonds Bill, June 1976
The experiences of this ride have influenced every aspect of my life since then, from the intimate knowledge of the geography of the country, to the personal feeling of having accomplished it. I see Greg Whitehouse on the registry, I was an Ohio kid ...

1FTAWK519 -- Christine Bottaro, May 1976
First transamerica trip going from west to east, averaging approx 90 mi/day. We were the first to arrive at most bikeinns - trailblazers!

East to West Trans America -- Doug Deardorff, June 1976
Bike Inns, purchase food, 16 began 9 finished, 82 days, 11 rest days, Went with best friend Tracy Mayfield We rode Parmonts with BlackBurn racks and Kirkland tour paniers.

BikeCentennial -- Doug Deardorff, June 1976
East to West Bike Inn, Cook

Connect the Dots Tour -- Eddie Mixon, August 2006
30 year reunion with Transam friend Art, his son Luke, and friend Joel who just finished the Transam!

TAWK518 -- Bill McMurray, May 1976

Other Road
Vermont Green Mountains Loop -- Mark Lowenstine, June 2006
I organized the ride with my wife and 4 friends. Late spring in Vermont gave us good weather and light traffic most places. I used the Adventure Cycling maps. We had a support vehicle and took turns driving. ...

TransAmerica Trail
Bikecentennial TAWK606 -- David Doty, June 1976
Life changing...memorable...fun. The perfect adventure, especially for launching into adulthood.

Golden Spokes East 1GEWB702G Bike Inn Tour -- William (Bill) Spilliard, June 1976
The best trip I ever took in my life. Even up to now and I travel the world often. I continued riding on my own for another year before going home to Hawaii.

Rocky Mountain? Sinclair, Wy to Pueblo, CO -- Bill Gasson, August 1976
Awesome, definitely one of the highlights of my life! Beautiful scenery including snow capped mountains and waterfalls! It tested my mind and endurance on the hills and into headwinds. Fantastic people! Had hot Cookies somewhere along the way. The ...

Australia/New Zealand
New Zealand Honeymoon -- Tom Kabat, February 1991
My Wife Carroll and I enjoyed a self supported B&B/motel/hotel bike tour from Aukland along the east coast to Wellinton and South Island West coast ride up to Nelson.

TransAmerica Trail
Transition06 -- Clifford Davis, July 2006
Solo, self-contained. Mixture of camping, motels, and hostels.

TransAmerica east to west -- Kathleen Bohan, June 1976
We were a group of 12 people and a poodle. We called ourselves the Vultures because we were ravenous when it was time to eat.

The Trans America Trail -- Marjan Schavemaker, June 1976

Bikecentennial Trans America Ride -- Jeffrey Ritter, May 1976
It was a fantastic experience to travel at approximately 15 miles per hour and see the entire United States from coast to coast. Great people along the way and what an accomplishment it was. I still have the route map hanging in my office at work. ...

Bikecentennial Trans America W to E Bike Inn -- Barbara Millett, May 1976

Lewis & Clark Trail
Bikecentennial tour. -- Bill Clifford, June 1976

TransAmerica Trail
Bikecentennial '76 -- Steve French, July 1976
TransAmerica Trail for Bikecentennial from Colorado to Virginia

Trans Am West to East, Independent -- Randall Higa, June 1976
Started on June 19 with my buddy Ben from Reedsport Oregon. Rode along with other independents and a west to east Golden Spokes group for the first half of the trip.

Trans-America West-East -- Shelly Leichter, June 1976

Independent Trans AM -- Michael Birck, June 1976
My Trans AM trip in 76 was a very rewarding experience. The kind that is challenging both mentally and physically. Yet it was an enlightening trip that showed the wonders of the US, not only the land but the people. I'll always remember the the p ...

Bikecentennial '76 -- Kevin Montgomery, June 1976
Bikecentennial had sold out for individuals, but two friends and I went anyway. A wonderful journey with many adventures. I continued doing long tours for some years after. Travelled as "The KMA Gang". ...

Other Cross-Country
Trans America Bicycle Adventure -- Van U'Ren, May 1996
Starting at the Golden Gate Bridge covered the distance to join the Bikecentennial Route in Salida CO. From there to Yorktown VA I stayed either on or close to the transamerica route.

TransAmerica Trail
Trans-Am X 3 -- Fred Werda, June 2006
Rode west to east starting in Portland to Astoria to Yorktown. Third crossing as this time recreated '76 ride.

Golden Spokes West & TransAm -- Jane Gnass, June 1976
This trip was like a big juicy slice of American Pie; thick crust pizza served in a cast iron pan. Not a week goes by that I don't reflect upon some part of this trip -- unforgettable experiences, friendships, and the grandness of it all. This journ ...

Bikecentennial TransAmerica Trail -- D. Joan Tangel, June 1976
We were a camping group. We rode from Organ to Virginia.

Golden Spokes East E-W camping -- Parker Mann, June 1976
Yorktown to Pueblo, then on to Missoula and finally Calgary,was a long journey with amazing people and geography along the way. Sometimes with companions, sometimes solo, it was a turning point in my life. ...

Bikecentennial Transam -- Pamela McMillan-Erkens, June 1976
Camping group of 15 people, 10 Americans and 5 Dutchmen. 3 women in the group. I ended up marrying one of the Dutchmen the year following B76 and still live in The Netherlands, 31 years later.

TransAmerica Trail
Golden Spoke West -- Bob royals, June 1976
Without a dought the best summer of my life.

All Recumbent Ride Coast to Coast 83 -- Richard Kandarian, June 1983
Four of us started in the bay area and went north to Baker, OR then along Bikecentennial trail to Damascus, VA, then north to Warren, NJ, then to Indianapolis, IN catching a corner of Maine and crossing the foot of Ontario, Ca ...

Great Divide MTB Route
Best six weeks in my life -- Elizabeth Burt, June 2001
My husband 14 yr. old daughter and I bike fromRoosville to Ashton Idaho on the Continental Divide Route

TransAmerica Trail
Bikecentennial -- Mark Donaldson, June 1976
By sticking to back roads I experienced few distractions, got to meet people from small town, rural settings. Also, I rode with different groups, many from different countries. The comraderie is what I remember most fondly. ...

Indian Himalaya--Sacred Headwaters of the Ganges -- Bill Weir, September 2005
This spectacular ride visited temples of the 4 sacred Char Dham sites, where Hindu priests were friendly and welcoming. I had very good weather. Except for the usual landslides, roads were paved; traffic was light. ...

Northern Thailand Adventures -- Bill Weir, December 2005
The jungle mountains and historic towns of northwestern Thailand attracted me for the natural beauty and culture of the region.

Northern Laos and Northern Vietnam -- Bill Weir, February 2006
The ride started in Luang Prabang after the slow boat trip from Huay Xai, then wound along rivers and across mountains to the new border crossing with Vietnam at Na Meo, then across Vietnam via Halong Bay to China. ...

China--End to End -- Bill Weir, March 2006
I realized how diverse and big the country is on a 180-day ride that began in the southeast corner, swung to the northwest, then out to the far west.

Kyrgyzstan--Irkeshtam to Bishkek -- Bill Weir, August 2006
Other cyclists had good things to say about Kyrgyzstan, so I was keen to visit this mountainous former Soviet republic.

South India--Cycling Among Gods and Goddesses -- Bill Weir, September 2006
From the historic city of Cochin in Kerala, I followed the coastal plain around to Tamil Nadu and finished at Chennai (Madras), visiting people and many temples and ancient monuments along the way.

Cambodia--A Swing Through the South -- Bill Weir, December 2006
This leisurely ride looped through Battambang, Phnom Penh, Kampot, and Koh Kong, then back to Thailand

Bangkok to Chengdu--An Amazing Ride from the Tropics to the Himalaya -- Bill Weir, December 2004
This ride in Thailand, Laos, and China covered an incredible variety of terrain, climate, and cultures from Thailand's steamy Bangkok to China's Himalayan glaciers.

TransAmerica Trail
A Sentimental Return to the TransAmerica Trail After 31 Years -- Bill Weir, August 2007
A reunion of my Bikecentennial 76 group inspired this ride. Amazingly, 10 of the 12 us got together for a weekend in Virginia.

Bikecentennial 76 -- Randall Smith, June 1976
Rode entire route from east to west. First part through Virginia as part of a 10-person camping tour; the remainder as an Independent with several other Independent friends.

1OFWB614 -- Susan R. Smith, June 1976
Great! 2 groups with same dates, schedule. 30 days on trip. Dick, George, Marie, Janice, the Nagels, Eric, Harold, Bob

Bikecentennial 1976 -- Steve Shambeck, June 1976

Northern Tier
Northern Tier, East to West -- David Sogg, June 1985
Two of us used Bikecentennial maps to do the Northern Tier route from Maine to Washington.

TransAmerica Trail
Transamerica Trail 1976 -- Bob Richey, June 1976
Group 0f 12 riders, ages ranged from 16 to 28. Three women and 9 guys. East to West crossing. A tripp of a lifetime, still enjoy looking back on it after 32 years.

TransAmerica Weebles, 1982 -- Jan Hogle, May 1982
Three college friends traveled the US by bike in 1982 following the BikeCentennial TransAmerica Trail.

bikecentennial 1980 -- tracy tripp, May 1980
williamsburg to ......we disbanned as a group after our leader left the trip after breaking both ankles in a bouldering incident . i believe that most everyone finished, i rode for a while with joan (iowa) and dowa (sp?) from germany ...

ITAWB520 Blazing Saddles -- Russell Moore, May 1976
First major bike adventure, first time overseas, met lots of great people from around the World. Fantastic scenery!

Bikecentennial '76 -- Robert (Bob) Hess, May 1976
I went East to West with a camping group of 15. We had a mother & daughter team (Shirley & Coleen), a tandem couple (Len & Lori), Yuichi from Japan, and I'd list the rest but I can't remember a couple of names so I won't go further (old age). ...

Bill & Tom's Cycling Adventure -- Bill Savoth, June 1976
I had graduated Moravian College in May and within a week was on a train to Washington state to begin a trip of a life time. My brother (2 years younger) met me in Missoula. A day does not pass where we don't think about an event from the "Trail" ...

Transamerica - West to East -- barb (brushe) samsoe, June 1976
I was riding my bike over the Pali on the island of Oahu with a friend who told me about the trip. I packed my bag, went home to train in Oregon. It was the grandest adventure of my life where I met the best person in the world, my husband, Bill. ...

TransAmerica Trail
Williamsburg VA. to Puebleo -- Gary Parido, June 1976
The transition from womb into the world.

ITAWB526 - Bikecentennial 76 -- Kevin Hume, May 1976
the experience fo a lifetime, memories that have lasted a lifetime, a lifetime love of bike touring

B76 -- TransAm Trail -- mauri booton, May 1976
Began riding from Astoria with two other independent cyclists. Informally joined a group in Illinois to complete ride as the final group in.

Bikecentennial "TAE 602" -- Tony Strauss, June 1991
A life changing experience. I was just out of college, not sure what i wanted to do and my buddy had done the trip solo in 1989. It was an amazing feeling of freedom. You had your own transportation, lodging and meals. You could go anywhere. ...

Missoula to Jackson Hole -- Tim Schnake, July 1976

TransAmerica Trail
Bikecentennial '76 Transcontinental West to East May -- Patti Brehler, May 1976
Road west to east, departed late May, 1976. 15 in camping group. We were the "Tomadachis"--Japanese for "friends" as we had Yuigi from Japan with us. I remember you, Bob Hess!

Lewis & Clark Trail
bikecentennial -- kirk wittorff, June 1976

Trans-Am Tour East - West 1980 -- Karl (Max) Sherman, June 1980
I was the BikeCentennial Tour Leader for this TransAm - great group - full self-contained tour and all - strong group spirit and team effort

United States Perimeter
1FTWB616 -- Mark Brecher, June 1976
West to East, we were an accelerated group nicknamed the Fast Ones (53 days for ~4200 miles). Unforgetable trip.

TransAmerica Trail
Tran-Am BikeCentennial Tour - 1981 -- Karl (Max) Sherman, June 1981
This was my second trip as Group Leader for a Trans-Am tour (the other was in 1980) - it was great the first time and better even the second time in 1981. I also rode on a Trans-Am tour W-E in 1978 as a group member. ...

TransAmerica West To East -- Kenneth Martin, June 1985
A great, Bikecentennial (Adventure Cycling) led, West to East TransAmerica Trail trip during the summer of 1985.

Bikecentennial -- michael Devis, June 1976
One the best experiences of my life. It's had a profound effect on what I think of the US and how I confront & believe in the challenges in my life.

Bikecentennial 1976 Transameria -- Dynelle Morrison, June 1976
When I was 18 my dream was to ride this trip with my cousin Rhonda Costello and BF Kathy Flannigan. We had a blast beginning in Reedsport OR riding up the highest peak of the Rocky Mountains, Hosier Pass over 12,000 feet. So many fond memories. ...

1976 Bikecentennial -- Dynelle Morrison, June 1976
The most exciting adventure of my life.

Bikecentennial -- Mark Hecox, June 1976
It was a trip of a lifetime that I will never forget.

rocky mountain segment? -- Sue neff, July 1976
I was 16, the only other person in my group under the age of 27 was a 16 year old guy from france who was very shy and/or spoke little english. It was the best two weeks of my life. I was lucky to have chosen the most diverse section of the trail. ...

ITAWB520 -- Russell Moore, May 1976
My first overseas trip, and my first major long distance bike ride, the first of many! One of the greatest experiences of my life, and I can still remember almost all of the overnights we had, even after 34 years. ...

North America
Alaska - Prince of Wales Island -- Karla Hart, August 2010
Prince of Wales Island is the third largest island in the 50 states and has a growing network of lightly used paved roads perfect for biking. We ferried to the island, camped and stayed in a Forest Service cabin. ...

Louis & Clark trail 1976 -- Will van Doorn, July 1976
Reedsport - Missoula

TransAmerica Trail
Old West -- Kenneth Atkinson, June 1976
Jackson Hole, WY, to Missoula, MT, in 12 days. Group included two from France and two from Britain, including well-known British cyclist R.A.G (Grev) Marples. My father, myself, another person, and the leader made up the remainder of the group. ...

transamerican / bikecentennial -- Rogier ten Hove, July 1989
I more or less followed the bikecentennial route. I was on my own and of course it was difficult at times (and I had very little to spend) but I had a fantastic time. We are now planning a (shorter) ride with my family (4 daughters 13-18) ...

BikeCentennial -- Peter Bogin, June 1976
We rode east to west across the US on the BikeCentennial Trail.

Colonial Virginia - Bikecentennial '76 -- Mike Brown, August 1976
We had a wonderful trip. Nice roads, good weather and good accommodations in the Bike Inns provided. Our group was quite diverse, but got along well.

Asian Journey -- Bill Weir, February 2010
From the Mekong River in NE Thailand, I headed north through Laos and Vietnam, then entered China and gradually climbed onto the Tibetan Plateau. Lastly I rode in the far west of India, mostly in Gujarat State. ...

Asia Again -- Bill Weir, February 2008
A Grand Tour of China, Central Asia, Northeast India, Southeast Asia, China again, and Tibet--ending in Lhasa.

One Year in Asia -- Bill Weir, September 2005
High adventures in the Indian Himalaya, the long ride from Thailand to Central Asia via China, into India's far south, a swing thru Cambodia, then southern Thailand.

Cycling From Thailand to China -- Bill Weir, December 2004
From the immense sprawl of Bangkok on the coastal plain, I rode north through Thailand and Laos to China, then continued north into the icy peaks of the Himalaya and Tibetan Plateau, finally ending four months later in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, Chin ...

TransAmerica Trail
A Sentimental Return to the TransAmerica Trail After 31 Years -- Bill Weir, September 2007
A reunion of our Bikecentennial 76 group in Virginia inspired me to re-cycle part of the TransAmerica Trail.

Cycling Across Northern Europe -- Bill Weir, May 2003
I started with a grand tour of Denmark, next rode the coast of southern Sweden, ferried to Estonia, then rode into the vast enigma of Russia. Lastly I returned to Denmark via an inland route across southern Sweden. ...

Cycling in the Indian Himalaya -- Bill Weir, August 2002
I flew into Leh in Ladakh, a Tibetan region high in the Himalaya, then made my way south--with lots of detours--to the lower Himalaya.

Cycling in Thailand and Laos -- Bill Weir, November 2002
From Bangkok, I rode into northeastern Thailand and on into southern Laos. In Laos, I rode nearly the full length of the country, then reentered Thailand in the north.

Cycling Pakistan and India -- Bill Weir, September 2001
Flew to Skardu in northern Pakistan for a spectacular ride up the Karakoram Highway to the Khunjerab Pass with China, then back to Gilgit. Flew to Lahore and rode into India, then turned south all the way to land's end at Kanyakumari. ...

TransAmerica Trail
TRANS-AM ASST LEADER W-E CMP -- rosalyn chatham, May 1976

Other Cross-Country
Biking the USA -- cynthia hammer, June 2011
A 4500 mile cross country ride on a tandem, with 19 other cyclists from the Bicycle Adventure Club.

TransAmerica Trail
TAWB516 -- Bob Brown, May 1976
Trans Am West to East, May 16, Reedsport, Ore., August 4, Yorktown, Va.

Independent Trans-Am -- Robert Immler, June 1976
3 of us did it as independents. A woman named Claire from "Revolutionary Wheels" in Santa Barbara joined us and we caught up with her boyfriend who was in a "fast" group in Pueblo.

Loose Nuts -- Jim (Tex) Stelter, June 1976
It was a life changing event for me. I just hosted our group's 35 anniversary in Villa Park IL. This was our 5th reunion. We did a 20th, 25th, 31st and a special 35th - with the TAWB613 (Bike Inn) group. It was a HOOOT! ...

Other Road
Rocky Mountain High -- Laurie Ferris Singsaas, August 1977
This was the Winter Park to Durango trip starting August 7. I believe the year was 1977...not sure. It was me and 10 guys of varying ages. The price was $173. I have pics and the my original map with all our way points clearly marked. Here's the ...

Pacific Coast
Pacific Coast -- Karla Hart, August 2011
I solo toured Seattle to Crescent City jumped for reasons of time by vehicle to Half Moon Bay and cycled on to San Luis Obispo.

TransAmerica Trail
trans-america trail -- jan de Vries, May 1976
The United States excisted 200 years and my father heart something about a bikeride in america over the radio. We biked together

North America
Alaska-Canada Golden Circle Route -- Karla Hart, May 2011
From sea level at Haines Alaska we biked over the Coast Mountains (summit 3,493 feet) to Haines Junction to Whitehorse and back over the coast mountains (summit 3,292 feet) to Skagway, Alaska.

TransAmerica Trail
TAWB602 - TransAmerica West to East -- Karla Hart, June 1976
A group of 11 of us ranging in age from 10 to 63 in 1976. A grand adventure!

Trekking in Nepal -- Karchung Lama, December 2011
We carefully take care of hygiene, cuisine and provide the most suitable equipments and enjoyable travels are the hallmark of Asian Expedition and the best way to achieve that is a combination of accurate preparation and realistic expectations. ...

TransAmerica Trail
Bikecentennial 76, East to West -- Wiley Sanders, May 1976
Started out solo, but quickly fell in with "Beaver"'s crew.

Bikecentennial Route -- Jim Fitzgerald, June 1978
Lived & started alone from Dunsmuir, CA. Joined route in Redmond, OR. Teamed up with someone I met. Bike + weight 85# at start. Great Life Experience. Broke one spoke the last day. Wore out 3 tires.

TransAmerica Trail
76 Bikecentennial -- Hans Kornalijnslijper, June 1976
The Ridge was a drag, but the many rolling hills thereafter, were a joy to ride; Kansas' never ending cornfields awsome like a desert; the Ozark Mountains the nicest of landscapes. The detours Teton Pass and Lost Trail Pass were the crowns on my trip ...

TransAmerica East 1977 -- Chris Hughes, June 1977
Yorktown, VA to Astoria, OR on TransAm Trail with Bikecentennial group.

Cross Country Bike Trip 1982 -- Mike DelSignore, May 1982
At the age of 20, toured the US on a bicycle with my friend Chris Seaman. We started in Astoria, OR and ended in VA Beach, VA following mostly the Bikecentential Route. A great time and wonderful memories to this day. ...

Bikecentennial -- Doug Yukich, May 1976
We had a great time. Our group work well together. Lloyd set up a good plan to work as a group. I really enjoyed the ride.

bikecentennial- transamerica -- Patrick Parks, June 1980
This was a solo, camping trip across US sticking close to Transamerica trail

Bikecentennial 76 - 1TAEK601 -- Bob McHenry, June 1976
I was the trained co-leader for an organized Bikecentennial east-to-west camping group in the summer of 1976.

Bike centennial -- Tom Kabat, June 1976
A 1976 trans-am bike centennial group ride of 15 folks headed east staying in bike-inns.

Pacific Coast
A Grand Ride of the American Southwest -- Bill Weir, April 2012
A loop from San Francisco south along the spectacular California coast, inland to Arizona's Grand Canyon, north to Utah's Escalante canyons, west across the Great Basin of Utah and Nevada, then a swing in northern California. ...

TransAmerica Trail
TransAmerica Trail, W-E, Camping, 1976 -- Andy Elliott, June 1976
West to East, 1976, Reedsport, OR to Williamsburg, VA. 13 in group, ages 15 and up. Leader was Bill Schroeder.

TWAK612 -- Johanna van Zee, June 1976
Our camping group was known as the "Dutch Apples", we have a group song and continue to stay in touch.

TransAmerica Trail, West to East, Bike-Inn -- Jan Steinman, June 1976
How can I describe the biggest thing I'd done in my life at that point in 50 words? It was fulfilling, frustrating, exciting, anxiety-provoking, educational, stressful, and much more.

TransAmerica West -- Kenneth Martin, June 1985
A Bikecentennial led TransAmerica trip going West to East in the summer of 1985. It was 98% camping and 95% cooking.

Bikecentennial 76 -- Rick Eichelberger, May 1976
One of the greatest events of my life. Even 37 yrs later I can see how the summer of 76 changed my life forever! I am now exchanging notes with past group members with hopes of a 40th reunion in 2016. ...

B-76 route, W to E, TAWK601 -- James Cossitt, June 1976
Left Reedsport on 6/1 in the rain, finished around 8/20/76. Life changing...memorable...fun. The perfect adventure for the 18 year old kid

1TAEK531 Bikecentennial '76 -- David McHenry, May 1976
I was an assistant leader for a self-supported Transamerica camping trip traveling east to west - an adventure of a lifetime!.

West to East June 16 -- ALAN ABRAHAMSON, June 1976
Life-changing adventure for teenage boy from Ohio who got to see America and travel with a group who taught him about life and the world.

North America
Bike Centennial -- David Ledig, May 1976
Carpinteria, CA to Montreal, Canada to see the 76 Olympics. Carpinteria to Jackson Hole, down to Pueblo, CO, up to the Great Lakes, over to Ithaca, NY and up to Montreal. Flew home.

coast to coast -- Sergio Ghisleni Azzoni, July 2014
oregon to virginia solo trip, along the 76 bikecentennial route (approx.) with individual tent and sleeping bag

Christiansburg to Pueblo -- Justin Heinecke, July 2010
Followed the Trans Am Trail from Christiansburg VA to Pueblo CO

TransAmerica Trail
TAEK615 TransAm "Murky Buckets" -- Ronald Spohn, June 1976
I rode across the US with Bikecentennial. An amazing summer to turn 21.

Other Cross-Country
Bikecentennial '76 -- Leslie Rock, June 1976
It was an epic journey. We started as strangers and finished as lifelong friends.

TransAmerica Trail
Trans - America Appalachians -- Susan Liegey / Towner, May 2005
I started in Yorktown with my high school friend. We met our group of about 8 others and traveled to western Virginia. A few of the group continued and did the whole transcontinental trail. It was a great experience, friendly people , nice weather ...

North America
Massachusetts to California -- Christopher Hughes, May 1986
East Coast Bike Trail to Yorktown, TransAmerica Trail to Portland (Bikecentennial trip leader), followed Cascades/Sierras, east to Grand Canyon, south to Phoenix, west to San Diego, Pacific Coast to Los Altos Hills ...

TransAmerica Trail
Bikecentennial 78 western half -- Richard Toeniskoetter, June 1978
Self-contained ride on original trans-am route

Bike Centennial -- Mark Donaldson, June 1976
Inaugural Trans America bike ride during Bicentennial. Rode from West to East, 10 weeks, started June 15, 1976.

Golden Spokes Special West -- Dreux DeMack, May 1976
We were known as the Blazing Saddles, named after the Mel Brooks movie. Our ride from Oregon to Colorado was epic.

Trans-AM Bikecentennial Camping Group -- Jonathan Solomon, June 1976
A West-to-East Bikecentennial Camping group ride.

first w/e transam 1976 -- Allen Rider, May 1976
co leader of first fast w to east trans am.

Golden Spokes West -- Dreux DeMack, June 1976
We left as a group of strangers and ended great friends. It was a ride which helped me grow up right out of high school. I urge all cyclists to try a bikepacking trip.

1976 1TAWK615 Transamerica -- James Brats Heinecke, June 1976
1TAWK615 Members: Leader- Bill Samsoe, Assistant- Jan Selby, Doug Arntson, Jeff Baird, Gary Beckwith, Jan Bos, Mike Brain, Laurie Greenwood, Jim 'Brats' Heinecke, Rob Long, Sue Nitsch, Craig Rudholm, Gail Skinner, Kees Snoek. Last day is only day w ...

TransAmerica Trail -- Tom (Tod) Kinealy, May 1976
1976 1tawk528 member

Other Cross-Country
Trans Amer W to E -- Allen Larsen, May 1976
Best trip ever. Writing this 41 years after the trip.

Trans Amer W to E -- Janice Larsen, May 1976
Wonderful trip. Made memories for a lifetime. It was the best trip ever.

Southern Tier -- Steven Stresky, March 2018
End-to-end, with a possible detour to Tuscon.

North America
Northern Exposure 2000 -- John Ludway, June 2000
Ollie Olson encouraged me to ride around Alaska. I spent a month (mid June/July) riding 1000 miles from Anchorage to Seward to Anchorage to Denali to Fairbanks to Valdez and back to Anchorage.

TransAmerica Trail
Bikecentennial 1976 1TAKE513 -- Ken Edmonds, May 1976
East(VA) to West(OR) tour. The grandest touring event in bicycle history! After completing Bikecentennial in Oregon, me and a few others decided to continue south to Los Angels. I eventually finished my summer tour on a beach front bicycle trail at t ...

Other Cross-Country
Trans America Bicycle Trail -- Pete Hendriksen, June 1976
The trip of a lifetime.

TransAmerica Trail
Fast TransAM E-W -- Richard Heerschap, June 1976
Great Adventure for a teenager

North America
TAWB615 -- Jan Steinman, June 1976
It was an awesome, life-changing experience!

TransAmerica Trail
Trans America TAE 517 -- Timothy Johnson, May 1982
12 strangers met in Williamsburg VA via BikeCentennial in 1982

North America
Bikecentennial 76 -- Mike Heiberg, May 1976
69 days. East to west

TransAmerica Trail
Trans Am West To East -- Paul Shirley, May 2021
This is something that I have wanted to do since i didn't have time to ride the Bikecentennial in 1976. I rode to Canada from Georgia solo instead in 1975 and then to Mexico in 1980.

Trans Am West Bike Inn -- Robert Brown, May 1976
Thanks to the leadership of Myrna and Chris, all of us made it from Reedsport, Oregon to Yorktown Virginia.

TransAmerica Trail East-West -- Kent Bauman, January 2011
I rode the 4,200 mile route in 60 days as an Independent Rider June-August 1976

Bikecentennial 76 -- Frank Oberc, May 1976
Toured in a group consisting of six Dutch, three Australians, and five Americans. Many awesome sights to say the least. A great contrast to my way of life in the city,

Bikecentennial 76 -- Frank Oberc, May 1976
Toured in a group consisting of six Dutch, three Australians, and five Americans. Many awesome sights to say the least. A great contrast to my way of life in the city,

Other Cross-Country
LA to MA (Los Angeles to Massachusetts) -- Richard Core, April 2022
Inspired by Bikecentennial when I was 16, I held on to a dream of someday cycling across the country. At the age of 62, in my 18th year of having Multiple Sclerosis, I did it! Solo! From Southern California to Massachusetts. Visited family and friend ...

ITAWB611 -- Bruce Bryson, June 1976
Truly the most wonderful experience of my life, as I look back at age 77.It was physically challenging. There was so much natural beauty every day, even in places where it was unexpected. And last, but not least, is was the best way ever to really m ...

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