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World Tour

The Road South
North America at Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to the tip of South America at Ushuaia, Argentina. (Nick Lenzmeier, Jun, 2002)

2-years around the world
Rick and Tanya McFerrin traveled in a general eastward direction through the United Kingdom, Scandinavia, Europe, East Africa, the Middle East, India, S.E. Asia, Australia, South Pacific, South and Central America and Mexico and back into the U.S. 43 countries, 15,000 miles in 2 years on the road. (Rick and Tanya McFerrin, Jul, 1998)

The Yak's Tour
The long errance of the "yak", a velosophical tale by the swiss cyclonaut Claude Marthaler (Claude Marthaler, Mar, 1994)

The Continental Pedal
A 25,000-mile trip in 280 days to raise money for 10 different charities. (Stephan Wanger, Jul, 2004)

Odyssey 2000
US, Mexico,Central America, S. America, Africa, Europe, US, Canada, Europe, UK, Scandinavia, Australia, SE Asia (Kristal Kraft, Jan, 2000)

We'll be starting in November 2009 on a three year 40,000+ km trip around the world. Africa first, then Asia and the Americas... (Dave Meyer, Nov, 2009)

Bicycle World Tour by Mun Suk & Eric Wehrheim (eric wehrheim, Jun, 2005)

The Scrimshaw Project
Two novice cyclists decide to quit their corporate jobs and jump in the saddle to cycle the length of North and South America. (Devon Ponds, Jul, 2010)

Alaska to Argentina
Currently cycling from Deadhorse, Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to Ushaia, Argentina with my partner Mark Watson. We are following dirt roads and bikepacking routes where possible or to find our own ie already completed the GDMBR and Baja Divide. Expected finish date end March 2018. (Hana Black, Jun, 2016)

www.tour.tk - what a wonderful world tour
What a wonderful world tour: Sonya Spry & Aaldrik Mulder cycling around the world since July 2006; five year+ round the world cycle trip, tons of links, tips, distances, photos and video for those seeking inspiration (Aaldrik and Sonya Mulder and Spry, Jul, 2006)

www. ridetheroad.com: is designed for the independent bicycle tourist. We have devised a rating system that is bicycle friendly. We rate every place we bike by this system. We have come up with the 25 best places to bike in the World with this system. We will eventually rate every place we have biked in the world and the US. The 25 best in the world is almost complete (we can?t find our route notes on Morocco). Every route has an overall map, the rating explained, photos, route maps and road stories. We simply love bicycle touring and have designed this site so the traveler can download our route maps and ride the road. (Peter Blommer, Oct, 1979)

A feast for the eyes
5 years. 22.000 km. theme: discover the world heritage site in Europe, middle east, India, Asia, China, Oceania, USA (Stephane Marchiori, Jul, 2003)

London to Beaufort (Australia)
After 2 years of living in England it was time to return home to Australia. Instead of flying I decided on taking the trusty bicyle. In April 2001 I loaded up my bike and headed off on a 27,715 km, 14 month tour covering Europe, Middle Ease, Sub-Continent, Asia and Australia. The trip of a life time. (Richard Franc, Apr, 2001)

Going Slowly
We are Tyler Kellen & Tara Alan, two travel enthusiasts on a bicycle trip around the world. We will chronicle our journeys starting in Scotland and continuing through Western and Eastern Europe, Northern Africa, Mongolia, China and Southeast Asia. (Tyler Kellen, Apr, 2009)

Circumnavigate Bali Indonesia
I cycled a figure 8 around Bali, up over the volcanic mountains twice, along most of Bali's coastline, starting and ending in Sanur. (Lash Lash, Nov, 2010)

Round the World
I am undertaking a solo round the world cycle ride for one year. More details on my website www.globalspokes.com (Helen Cooney, Jun, 2004)

Newlyweds Cycle the World
In November of 2006 we left our comfortable corporate jobs and set out looking for adventure on the open road. One year later we returned, after traveling through 20 countries and cycling over 10,000 kilometers. (James Welle, Jan, 2007)

Joining my brother, Gwendal, who'd started in Ushuaia, in Ecuador and continue up to Inuvik, NWT, Canada. Educational documentary filmed along the way, living outside the office, latinized to the max, adventure on the slow and cheap. (Armel Castellan, Nov, 2004)

kirigizstan, vietnam, cambodia, laos, thailand, new zealand, canada and america (lewis&Clark) (elly zielschot, Jul, 2006)

Seattle to Mexico and beyond
Seattle-San Francisco-Phoenix-Baja Peninsula-Mexican Interior-Spain-France-Germany-Eastern Europe (Roger Long, Oct, 2003)

Around the World; Mundubicyclette
Around the world trip - 2004-2007, Europe, Asia & North America (Andoni Rodelgo, Jun, 2004)

Tandem World Tour 2007-2011
We are realizing our dream: a several years around-the-world-cycling trip on a tandem! We have quit our job as bankers in Frankfurt December 2006. On New Years Eve we started our tour on New Zeland, cycled both Islands for four months, stayed May on Hawaii and started the Panamericana end of May in Alaska. We crossed Canada, cycled through the U.S. and will head on to Mexico February 2008. (Stefan Meinhold, Dec, 2006)

A year by bike
A round the world ticket and two bikes to get to know a little piece of the world: Nort and South America, Asia and Europe! (Alicia Urrea, May, 2010)

september 7, 2005. With my 21 years I started my trip around latinamerica for the world peace. (Facundo Mattos, Sep, 2005)

Vancouver to Moscow by human power
Starting June 2004, a friend and I will cycle from Vancouver north through BC, into the Yukon Territory and then to Fairbanks, Alaska. After rowing down the Yukon River and across the Bering Sea to Siberia, we ski, then continue cycling in winter conditions, across Russia to Moscow. Much of this trip is off-road (Tim Harvey, Jun, 2004)

Once Around on a Bicycle
Across Europe, into the Middle East, a brief stop in India, across Australia, up the North and South Islands of New Zealand, island-hopping in French Polynesia and Hawaii, and finally across the U.S. from Los Angeles to Philadelphia. (Michael Clancy, Apr, 2001)

Alaska to Argentina
The route ran from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to Ushuaia, Argentina and lasted from June 12, 2007 to February 10, 2008 (243 days) A four man team with BOB trailers pedaled more than 15,000 miles through fifteen countries. (Jake Spero, Jun, 2007)

The Illuminated Thread
A journey by bicycle into the murky unknown of the deindustrial age. (Brett Tracy, Sep, 2008)

Cycling with Serendipity
We started out on a ride south from Alaska, not knowing how far we would get. However, we loved it so much we are now heading for Argentina! (Megan Dilly, Jul, 2010)

Around the World in 7 years
We left Prescott, Arizona, USA on March 30, 2002 after we had saved enough money to hopefully go for at least seven years. Our bike journey takes us from Arizona, south to Mexico, Central America, South America, Africa, Europe, China, Southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand and more. (Tim and Cindie Travis, Mar, 2002)

Ralph and Pat's Epic Ride
We started in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska in June of 2007 and rode the Dalton Highway for the first 500 miles. From there we continued south through Canada, US,Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and Chile. (Ralph & Pat Wanner, Jun, 2007)

Riding the Spine
Unsupported bike ride from the top of Alaska to the tip of South America using primarily off-road trails. (Jacob Thompson, Jun, 2006)

(Mario Gerth, Mar, 2004)

Amsterdam to Vladivostok
A bicycle tour across Eurasia during the summer of 2007. (Mike Vermeulen, Mar, 2007)

The Honey Billabong
Canada: Niagara Falls - West - Vancouver Island. USA: Port Angeles - South - Los Angeles New Zealand: Auckland - South - Australia: Perth - East - Sydney South Africa: Johannesburg (James van der Hoven, May, 2000)

Planet by Bike
Bicycle trip covering 18000 miles in 28 countries starting in Portugal and ending in Brazil. Starting in March 2005 (Thiago Ghilardi, Mar, 2004)

Europe to Asia by Bike
A 15000 kilometer bicycle adventure through 14 countries in Europe and Asia. Sweden - Poland - Slovakia - Romania - Bulgaria - Turkey - Iran - Pakistan - India - Nepal - China (and Tibet) - Laos - Thailand - Cambodia. (Tom Hermansson Snickars, Sep, 1998)

Sportswool Diaries Round the World
Two years into what we hope will be a four year bike trip. Our tag line is ' cherry picking the best places in the world to cycle '. So far that has been up and across the USA, New Zealand and now a 10,000km ride up the length of Europe and the Baltic Sea (warren sanders, Jan, 2011)

We are on a 1 yr Eurasian musical bicycle tour seeking a more intimate acquaintance with the people of the world. We think playing music along the way is an excellent opportunity for spreading international good will on the local level. (Peter Ehresmann, Sep, 2007)

1yr musical Bicycle Tour for increased Global Understanding & Peace. Beijing-Paris via SE Asia and India: China, Vietnam, Lao, Cambodia, Thailand, India, Nepal, Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Hungary, Austria, Czech Rep, Germany, France. (Nakia Pearson, Sep, 2007)

ontheroad-pan american highway
My aim is to ride the longest road in the world (pan-american), from inuvik, canada to Ushuaia in argentina. And to make meaningful connections with other people and cultures, and to test the boundaries of my physical endurance and mental resolve (nuno pedrosa, Jul, 2006)

Brussels-Tokyo by bicycle
On June first 2004, we will leave Brussels to join Japan by bicycle. We will pass trough eastern Europe, Turkey, Central Asia, India and South-East Asia. (Alice & Andoni Goffart & Rodelgo, Jun, 2004)

The Slow Way Home
A bicycle journey around the world that started in Ireland in 2008. (Julian Bloomer, Jul, 2008)

Oz by bike
An 18 month trp from Scotland to Australia across Europe, Asia the Himalayas and Tibet through China to Australia to Tasmania (chris edie, Jul, 2002)

Food Cyclists Trip Around The World
Bicycling around the world visiting family farms and craft breweries. (John Suscovich, Jun, 2011)

I joined by son, Jim in Istanbul, Turkey in June and rode with him and his three other friends, promoting peace, one pedal stroke at a time. (Netzy Durfey, Jun, 2008)

From A to B
I am cycling on a tandem - solo - picking up "hitchhiker" volunteers to pedal with me. To raise money for 2 charities. Am going from A to B. Literally. (Paul Jones Parry, May, 2004)

360ways - Bicycle Trip around the World
Multimedia travel diary of Christopher and Peter's cycling trip around the world from 2002-2006, in partnership with UNESCO. (Christopher Huggins, Jun, 2004)

WorldRiders2 An Around the World Bicycle Odyssey
Two consumed career types, we dumped that for the open road. At this writing we have cycled across the US and Canada, Greenland, Scandanavia, Finland, Russia, the Baltics and dwon through Europe. We entered Africa on 9/1/03 and just completed the 9 month ride to Cape Town. Now, 7/15/04 we are in Argentina. We'll wait the weather for a month then strike for the NORTH. Hope to be back home in California by mid year, 2005. (Pat & Cat Patterson, Apr, 2002)

Travel the World
Spain, France, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Holland, Austria, Slovenia, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Canada, Cuba, Mexico, Ecuador (El Camino, Jan, 2003)

A Wayward Journey
A family cycles 20,000 miles from the Arctic to Patagonia. Our ten-year-old twins are trying to set a new world record for being the youngest people to cycle the Pan-American Highway (Nancy Sathre-Vogel, Jun, 2008)

London to Sydney by bike! 2005-2006
My sister and I are cycling from London to Sydney in aid of the Red Cross and Friends of the Earth. Our journey begins on July 10th 2005 and we will hopefully arrive in Sydney one year later! Apart from the necessary sea crossings it will be totally overland with no cheating! It?s about 25,000kms on the bikes and we are trying to raise £1 per kilometre for the charities. There is a free monthly newsletter which you can sign up to from our website -should be an entertaining read! http://www.cyclingtosydney.com (kira askaroff, Jul, 2005)

A Danish solo expedition around the world, 2006-2008. (Nicolai Bangsgaard, Apr, 2006)

Cycle Tour of 21 Countries
Largest cycle tour of 21 countries and to Athence (Greece) Olympic 2004 in 1 year duration by single person. (28000 k.m. approx.). (Sanjay Mayure, Jan, 2003)

Round the World
James is cycling, and attempting to break the record for fastest circumnavigation of the globe by bicycle. He's doing this to raise £1.8 million for Parkinsons disease research. (James Bowthorpe, Apr, 2009)

Starting with a trip around Australia in 2001-2003, Joanne and I have now emabarked on a 3 oceans on 3 wheels trip of North America starting at Prudhoe Bay Alaska, through Alaska, the Yukon, Canada and the USA. From there - who knows where2pedalto? (Andrew Hooker, Nov, 2006)

back in the world
Inuvik, NWT, Canada to Ushuaia, Argentina; Jun, 2001; Part of our ongoing world tour (Rick Galezowski, Jun, 2001)

South - North America tour
A two year cycling experience starting in Sao Paulo (Brasil) to Ushuaia (Arg.) and all to way to Prudhoe Bay (AK). (Elmar Ellen van Drunen, Sep, 2013)

Earth Odyssey
I departed Melbourne, Australia in late 2006 with a scant kit of basic necessities, a world map and an open itinerary, to embark on a solo expedition to circumnavigate the planet by bicycle and sail. In the spirit of exploration and discovery Ill be sailing the high seas and cycling overland on a series of transcontinental and oceanic journeys bound for some of the most remote and inhospitable environments on the planet. (Benjamin Rodgers-Wilson, Dec, 2006)

Tour de Deuce
Pan-American tour, from Arctic Ocean to Southern South America (Greg Kaiser, May, 2004)

Teacher on Two Wheels
I'm spending two years cycling and teaching through North/South America and Africa. (Andrew Morgan, Oct, 2007)

Travelling Two
We are two Canadians who set off to cycle the world, with no previous touring experience at all. We'll keep going till the money runs out.... (Friedel & Andrew Grant, Sep, 2006)

Argentina to Oregon
Self-supported solo bicycle trip from Patagonia, Argentina to Oregon, USA. (Ted White, Dec, 2012)

Photo by Dennis Coello