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Western Express

Trans Am/ Western Express
Headed West solo unsupported trip on the trans am/ western express (Tom Carberry, Jun, 2011)

Esperanza Riding
Neither of us have any experience with multi-day bike trips, but by trips end (most people dont think well get that far) well have pedaled nearly 4,000 miles, crossed the USAs three mountain ranges, spent some 55-60 days in the saddle... (Dave Stuart Jr., Jun, 2007)

Desert Madness
Having cycled thousands of miles over the North American continent for more than 30 years, this little jaunt proved to be one of the most challenging tours I have ever undertaken. Not for the faint-hearted,but the daily rewards served to underscore the amount of endurance and determination necessary to survive in "the middle of Nowhere". (pat giorni, May, 2001)

Nervous Breakdown
This tour was an ill-fated attempt to cross the Southwestern desert at the most inhospitable time of year. But from failure important lessons are gleaned. Although the Western Express route was only months from publication, this trip was a precurssor to the WE taken the following Spring,2001. (pat giorni, Aug, 2000)

Searching For a Heart Attack on the Western Express
Bud, Sis, and Doc Ride the Old Pony Express Route Across Some of the Ruggedest Terrain in the U.S. Self-supported credit card tour. (George Hall, Jul, 2017)

Western Express Cross Country
My spouse and I are doing a self-supported cross country ride on a tandem recumbent pulling a bob type trailer. Mostly camping some motels. (Don Swett, May, 2009)

Western Express
Created our own route from San Jose to the Sierra range where we joined AC's Western Express ride. We cut off in Salida to ride to Denver. (Rick Madden, May, 2006)

Three Wheels to the Wind
East to West on the TransAm and Western Express on three wheels. (Jeff Cunningham, Jul, 2007)

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Meadman across America Bicycle Adventure
We are riding our bikes across America to encourage people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds to be active in the outdoors. Our goal is to raise money to provide scholarships for financially disadvantaged people to go on Wilderness Inquiry trips. WI is a nonprofit organization that focuses on getting people from all walks of life into the wilderness - including those with disabilities. (Jenni Mead, Sep, 2004)

Bike For Education
We are a group of seven high school students who are taking advantage of our summer by exploring and traveling through this great country we live in. In the summer of 2005, we're getting on our bikes, and riding 3.200 miles from San Francisco, to Norfolk, VA. Along the way we will be raising money and awareness for education and health. (Chris Brian Greg Beau Jos Road Scholars, Jun, 2005)

I had a few weeks, a few hundred dollars, my health, a bike, and most importantly,a death wish, so I figured I didn't have anything to lose. (Bejan Abtahi, Aug, 2008)

Western Express - A family bike project
Rocky Mountain NP and Western Express on two special tandems. Me, my wife and our kids (7 and 9 years) pedalled from Fort Collins to San Francisco. A absolutely unforgettable family bike project! (Daniel Ritschard, Jul, 2013)

Roger Rides the Western Express
Biking the Canyons and Deserts of the American West (Roger Robison, Sep, 2017)

Photo by Dennis Coello