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Western Europe

MizMal 2023
Cycle the west coast of Ireland with commercial tour operator (Dale Oswald, Aug, 2023)

Umbria & Tuscany
Rode from Assisi in Umbria to Florence via Tuscany. (David Wright, Sep, 2019)

Seven-day self-contained loop from Munich, staying in hotels. (Lynne Tolman, Jul, 2005)

Cycling the Camino de Santiago
Solo, unsupported ride on the Pilgrimage Route (The Camino de Santiago) across Northern Spain from Roncesvalles to Santiago de Compostela. People have been doing this pilgrimage route for 12 Centuries. Tour started in the Pyrennes, went across the Meseta, and crossed the Cordillera Cantabrica. (Arthur Mitchell, Sep, 2003)

Amsterdam to Venice
A family ride across Europe from Amsterdam to Venice linking a series of classic cycle trails on greta European rivers and a crossing of the Alps. (Stuart Wickes, Jul, 2009)

Southern Austria
Starting in a national park above Muhr Austria, continuing To Graz on bike paths, and then taking a loop in the wine region south west of Graz (Kevin Locke, Aug, 2005)

Luxembourg and Germany
My wife Rachel and I cycled from Luxembourg into Germany, along the Mosel and Lahn rivers to Marburg. We then traveled by train to southeast Germany and cycled to Rothenburg ob der Tauber and Schwabish Hall, and then took a train to Garmisch-Partenkirchen, where we did some day trips and hiking. (Ken Samoil, May, 1996)

Highland Autumn
In September 1996 we took our bicycles out of our flat in Edinburgh and went for a ride. We rode our bikes for about 250 miles around the western highlands in Scotland, starting in Inverness, and riding along the west coast for a ways, mightily enjoying the plentiful rain, wind and hills (Kristin Dyer, Sep, 1996)

Cycling The Alps
My girlfriend and I cycle from her brother's house in Switzerland, to her mother's house in Austria, passing through Italy and Slovenia on the way. (paul Stockton, Aug, 2003)

Cycle Touring in Europe
London England cycling to Harwich, cycle across Netherlands follow the Rhine River between Germany and France to Basel Switzerland. Turning west across northern France to Paris to Dieppe and ferry to Newhaven England cycle to London. (Michael Fitzgerald, Apr, 2006)

Cycle Touring in Europe
(Michael Fitzgerald, Apr, 2006)

Alentejo Litoral
From Troia to Milfontes and back through Odivelas and Alcácer do Sal. (Frederico Bruno Ferreira, Jun, 2004)

In Search of Singletrack in the Alps
(Per Löwdin, Jul, 2000)

provencebikecook, too
Depart Le Barroux for malaucene and continue thru the vineyards to Vasion la Romain (frank pettee, Apr, 2007)

Vienna to Prague
Note 2004 not 2003. Following the Czech Greenways generally. Staying in 2 to 3 Star accomodations. (Simon Mann, Jun, 2003)

A Trip to Skagen
I took some photos on a beatiful tour from Frederikshavn to Skagen in Northern Denmark. (bjrn lrsn, Jun, 2003)

Arctic Circle - Sweden
Some photos from Northern Sweden (bjrn lrsn, Jul, 2002)

Europe's Eastern Alps
Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Austria (El Camino, Apr, 2002)

Brussels to Bordeaux
Self-contained, mostly camping, 535 mile ride from Brussels to Sens, Bordeaux to Atlantic Ocean, and finally to climb l' Alpe d' Huez. (Lamar Martin, Jun, 2004)

Cycling Touring in Europe #2
Landing in Amsterdam, travel to Zevenaar and then cycling across Germany then France south to Grenoble and UP L'Alpe-d'Huez. North through Paris then across Belgium to Netherlands to Amsterdam. (Michael Fitzgerald, Apr, 2007)

Raid Pyreneen 2007
With other 7 days of cycling in the Pyrenees I and a friend of mine cycled the Tourist version of the Raid Pyreneen in 10 days: from Hendaye to Cerbere through the famous cols of the Pyreneen: Tourmalet, Peyresourde, Aubisque, Aspin, Portet d'Aspet, etc. (Gabor Györgyi, Jul, 2007)

A Week in Tuscany
A relatively gentle trip around the major centres in Southern Tuscany. (Kirby James, May, 2005)

Photo by Dennis Coello