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United States Perimeter

Reading Around America
Reading Around America is a bicycle ride that will be completed in stages. The goal is to inspire elementary children to learn to read and to learn about the world around them. (Justin Kristan, Jul, 2001)

!0,000 mile or bust! Sponsors welcome!
I did a 10,000 mile trip in a big loop around the US consisting of 25 states... (Michael Marks, Feb, 2009)

USA Perimeter
Perimeter ride from 2001 to 2011. Rode in six sections, finishing a GAP ride from PA to ME in 2011. (Mike Cruz, Jun, 2001)

Ride Scott Ride: Us Perimeter Tour
An epic ride around the perimeter of the US. Fully self supported and accomplished in one trip. (Scott Bell, Jun, 2015)

Husband and Wife on Tandem
In 1987, Robin and I rode 4,620 miles on our Santana Tandem. Go to www.usforhim.com to see the show. (Allan and Robin Bremer, May, 1987)

2011 Circumnavigation of U.S.
Ride down East Coast...across Southern Tier...up West Coast.....across Northern Tier (Richard Hamel, Apr, 2011)

Trans America
Started on 5/29/2020 in Astoria Or. And followed the TAT To Cheyenne Wy. On the 2nd day I met 2 riders going to Virginia so we rode together. New friends and memories of a lifetime. 1770 miles in 30 days. (Patrick Graham, May, 2020)

Adventure Cycling Northern Tier
Essentially solo tour fo the NT route. Some variation to save my weary rear. (Philip Gerding, May, 2000)

Singing Cyclist Circles the States
On January 1, 2017, I started from my house in Jasper, Ga. in an effort to circumnavigate the perimeter of the US using ACA maps. I also was riding in support by not supported by Fender Music Foundation to raise money and awareness to "Give Music Life" via Grants to school systems in need. (Mike McGhee, Jan, 2017)

West Texas car packing with MTB
Took off in my 4 cylinder Dodge dart loaded with camping supplies and 2018 Specialized Enduro on back in rack. Road trails at Truscott Brine Lake, Wildcat Recreational Area, Palo Duro Canyon State Park, and Lake Meredith National Recreation Area. Tent camped using freecampsites.net (Kevin Cook, Sep, 2020)

Jacques 2008 USA Tour
Toured the outer perimeter of the continental USA to each of the four corner, Florida Keys, Maine, Washington, California. Used a motor home as a support vehicle and had a day pack on my bike. Spent 11 months seeing our country and visiting with relatives and friends. (Bill Jacques, Jan, 2008)

Sierra Cascades and Pacific Coast
Wonderful trip through Mountains and along the coast (Andreas Weber, Sep, 2012)

Circumnavigating the US 2012
I am circumnavigating the US before I turn 50 and doing so on my Catrike Expedition, the best touring platform I can imagine. (Gary Havas, Apr, 2012)

For the Health of It
Middle aged married couple, first time tourers, out for 3 years to pedal the circumference of the US. We are traveling on a tandem Greenspeed recumbent trike, pulling a small trailer. We are currently doing the Pacific Coast, using Adventure Cycling's maps. (Ron Blood, Sep, 2005)

From Washington DC south to Mineral, then following the Transam to Colorado. From Colorado to the Roosville (canadian border) on the Great Divide Mountain Bike trail. Finally from Roosville to Seattle. A little over 5000 miles in a little under 3 Months. (Jan Dries, Apr, 2012)

Oh My God I'm 50! Perimeter Tour
A birthday celebration...I'm taking a year to ride around the US. I'll end in my home town on my 50th birthday. (Nancy Shepherd, Jul, 2008)

C (Henry Hackney, Mar, 2015)

Turkey Trot 2005
As part of my continuing effort to ride the circumference of the US, I rode down the Texas Gulf Coast over the Thanksgiving holidays (Philip Gerding, Nov, 2005)

Northern Tier
This trip was a peak experience in my life. Can't wait to do another long bike tour! (Jim Elicker, Jun, 2018)

Billsbigride a perimeter bicycle ride of the US
On April 2, 2011, I left Phoenix, AZ for a perimeter bicycle ride of the United States. I put Adventure Cycling route maps of the Southern and Northern Tier along with both the East and West Coast. My wife drove a motorhome as support. We would meet in the evening. (Bill Comings, Apr, 2011)

Cross-Country Move to San-Diego
I rode solo from Bar Harbor, Me to San Diego, CA using a network of trails from ACA. (Deven Perkins, Jul, 2015)

Cycling from Virginia to Oregon (Ad van Brunschot, Apr, 2011)

America Lets Ride
On 04/17/04 Dewey & Carolyn Taff will ride all 50 states for the Lance Armstrong Foundation. Their journey will take them 4 years to complete. (Dewey & Carolyn Taff, Apr, 2004)

Bike Around America
I am doing a Perimeter ride around the USA. Starting on the Ala/Fl line heading east-north-west-south and then back east. The trip is approximately 10,000 -11,000 miles and will take around 7 months. I will update the journal once a week. It will prove to be an interesting trip, come join me through the journal. God Bless Bonita p.s. the ride is this year starting May 17, 2005 the signup only would go up to 2004 (Bonita Helton, May, 2004)

Southern Tier
East-West along Southern Tier route (Alex Colvin, Feb, 2009)

Young and Wild Expedition
Jacksonville to San Diego to Seattle. College-endorsed curriculum in Rhetoric, Business, Leadership, English, Religion. Service projects weekly. Raising funds for communities along the route and for a local (Tegucigalpa) Honduras NGO (Children's center). (Matthew Friedlund, Jan, 2012)

Bicycling 16,000 miles around America's coastlines & borders to raise awareness about obesity (Priscilla Houliston, Jan, 2007)

Great Allegheny Passage
I rode the GAP trail with my 4 1/2 year old son from Cumberland, MD to Pittsburgh PA. The trail is 150 miles. We took a train for the first 15 miles and we rode (he by himself under his own power) 135 miles. It took us 6 days and we camped every night. (Kevin Cramer, Jun, 2016)

Cyberhobo's 1999 US Perimeter Tour
After graduating from college I bought a recumbent bike and rode it solo around the United States. (Dylan Kuhn, Jun, 1999)

Jasper to Banff (Canadian Rockies)
Riding from Jasper to Banff along the Icefields Parkway is an amazing experience. (Dave & Christine Bourgeois, Jul, 2003)

Ride 4 Reach Out and Read
I Roundabout trip from Jackso Hole, WY to Key West, FL to raise awareness for early literacy programs. (Erik Balsbaugh, Aug, 2006)

Bright Future Tour
I'm curently riding the perimeter USA. I have daliy audio updates. I also update pictures when I can. (Paul Sanchez, Jul, 2004)

Around America
I will be riding my bike around the country by putting together 4 adventure cycling routes. (Brian Wood, May, 2004)

Epic Adventure 2 Panam trip
A trip of a lifetime! Using Adventure Cycling routes from Anacortes to Bar Harbor. We took the Northern Route, the North Lakes Route and the Lake Erie Connector. (Tom Bilbro, Jul, 2016)

Epic Adventure 2 Panam trip
A trip of a lifetime! Using Adventure Cycling routes from Anacortes to Bar Harbor. We took the Northern Route, the North Lakes Route and the Lake Erie Connector. (Tom Bilbro, Jul, 2016)

Part 2 of East Coast Ride
I had the chance this spring to add another section of the Perimenter to my ride. From Philly to Maine (Philip Gerding, Jul, 2004)

Southern Tiers
At age 64, Yves has decided to associate this bicycle challenge with a fundraiser for the benefit of Parkinson Society Quebec.This trip is done in tribute to three people who are afflicted with Parkinson ’s disease. (Yves Bécotte, Mar, 2013)

I'm riding to promote Stroke Awareness because I'm a Stroke Survivior and also promoting cycling for everyday transportation. (PATRICIA MCNEAL, Sep, 2014)

2008 Half Perimeter Ride
Santa Cruz, CA to Seattle, WA to Fremont, WI to Mississippi River to New Orleans, LA to San Diego, CA to Santa Cruz, CA (Scott Campbell, Jun, 2008)

New York State Seaway Trail
My wife and I took six days in 2000 to ride the NYS Seaway Trail. We started in Waddington, NY and finished in Hamburg, NY. It was our first long distance bike tour together. We camped most of the way at state parks and did one night in a motel. (Chris VanDusen, Aug, 2000)

A Spin Around The USA (the continuing adv
I began traveling around the perimeter of the country last year, connecting the Northern and Southern Tiers with both coast routes. What started as a one year trip is growing. And growing. (Kennon Brown, Jun, 2003)

Perimeter of US, on to Alaska
I rode from Seattle to Maine, down to Florida, over to California, up to Fairbanks, and finished in Anchorage. (Eric Matthes, Jun, 1998)

Jeff and NIke Bike America Tour
Perimeter ride around the USA, including 29 states and a section through Canada. (Nike Weintraub, Feb, 2008)

Touring the USA on behalf of homeless veterans and American patriotism. (William Cody Bateman, May, 2012)

Photo by Dennis Coello