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TransAmerica Trail

Trans Am Westward
Trans Am east-to-west with AC group, self-supported (Dale Oswald, May, 2022)

TransAmerica Trail
Traveling West to East, 4th August to 15th October 2023. (Ueli Ruprecht, Aug, 2023)

The End is Only the Beginning
5/1/2022-7/9/2022 Cross-country bicycle tour starting in Yorktown, VA ending in Astoria, OR. Very fortunate to have finished safely and enjoy the experience. Please feel free to read my journal: www.crazyguyonabike.com/anthony_chaucer (Alexander Armeni, May, 2022)

Bend, OR to Cody, WY
Following the TransAm and a bit of Parks Peaks and Prairies on a self-contained solo ride (Keith Adams, Jul, 2022)

Modified Eastern Express + Transam (Westbound)
DC to Pittsburgh on the C&O + GAP trails, Ohio to Erie Trail through Ohio, then the Eastern Express route including the Katy Trail in Missouri, hooking up with the classic Transam in northern Colorado. (Suzanne Morey-Sloan, May, 2022)

Bikecentennial 76
As a 17 year old with 3 high school buddies in a "Bike-Inn" group of about 12 other riders, I had a life improving adventure. I have enjoyed bike touring ever since. (Tom Kabat, Jun, 1976)

Coasr to Coast for Vets
We went from Yorktown, Va to Seatlle, Wa, raising money for the Yellow Ribbon Organization for veterans. Started with two girls and a guy, ended with one girl and one guy. Had a blast! (Jon Champagne, Jun, 2008)

Team Lieber
Family of 4 (including two kids, ages 9 and 10) are riding a bicycle built for four across the TransAm Route. Check out our web site at crazy4quad.com (Chris Lieber, May, 2008)

Solo, self-contained. Mixture of camping, motels, and hostels. (Clifford Davis, Jul, 2006)

A Sentimental Return to the TransAmerica Trail After 31 Years
A reunion of my Bikecentennial 76 group inspired this ride. Amazingly, 10 of the 12 us got together for a weekend in Virginia. (Bill Weir, Aug, 2007)

I joined 6 other people, 3 women and 3 men, to ride across America. (Ted Deckert, May, 2010)

TransAm 1986 E-W
Journey of a Lifetime! I began the trip solo, but I rode with many people, including the bikecentennial group led by Clayton Black. I have many memories and friends from that awesome summer of 1986. (Dave Tuzinowski, May, 1986)

After graduating from my MBA program in May, I turned to the surmountable next step of finding a job. As I turned through web sites, job postings, and networking events, I began to come to the conclusion that the current economic climate would not lead me into the dream job right away. Rather than accept defeat, I looked for opportunities and revisited an old passion: to bike across the United States of America. This trip is a documented account of my experiences, thoughts, and existentially romantic adventure to find a deeper sense of purpose in myself. I have history as an opera singer and plan to sing for people willing to let me stay in their front yard or homes along the way. (Charles Vickery, Jul, 2010)

My wife Kim and I rode from Washington DC -> Yorktown VA ->Astoria OR -> Camas WA. With the Katy Trail thrown in. Four months on the road, including Amtrak across the country to start, and a week sightseeing in DC. (Mark Banwarth, Apr, 2008)

Trans America Trail
As described on the webside of ACA (Uwe Stahmer, Aug, 2016)

The Trans America Trail
(Marjan Schavemaker, Jun, 1976)

Deaf solo bicycle touring across the ACA Trans-Am\L&S Trail
Since I am in semi-retirement stage. this is my perfect opportunity to ride bike across USA! That was when I started planning one of my goal on my bucket list: riding bike across on the TransAm\L&S Trail from Astoria, OR to Yorktown, VA. (Sonny Rasmussen, May, 2017)

A Roadside Education
Two siblings and their best friend take off on a journey to conquer America! (Budget of $1,000 = lots of camping in city parks & crazy friends met along the way) (Andrea Anderson, Jun, 2005)

Transamerica 2015 - Cycling the West Coast
In 2015, my girlfriend and I followed the Transamerica Trail, Grand Canyon Connector and Southern Tier to cycle from Yorktown, VA to San Diego, CA. 3,519 Miles, 60 days, 10 states and three time zones. (Martin Michael, Apr, 2015)

TransAm trail to raise money for esophogeal cancer research with my college roomate. www.vatoor.blogspot.com (David Adams, Jun, 2005)

Dad and Grad: Mid-life crisis or summer vacation?
My daughter and I crossed the U.S.A. in the summer of 1979 following Adventure Cycling's Trans America and Northern Tier routes. This was a chance for us to see our country, meet the people who live there, and maybe to bond with each other. (Patrick Lamb, May, 2009)

The Pink Ride
The trip was grueling, but amazing. (Greg Fleizach, May, 2005)

I started out alone, but met people to ride with along the way. Finished over half the trip with two like minded travelers. Virginia was nice, eastern Kentucky depressing, Missouri hot and hilly, Kansas better that expected, Idaho and Oregon my favorites. (Mike Eudy, May, 2017)

SF, CA to Florence, OR and then TransAm
Rode Hwy 1 from SF to Florence, OR. Started the Trans Am in Florence and followed it to Yorktown (Sarah Gilson, Apr, 2002)

Pedaling for Peace
My husband Tim (a Mennonite pastor on sabbatical), his cousin Wendell Miller (a sixth grade teacher from Bluffton OH) and I cycled the TransAmerica to benefit 12 organizations in our communities in their peacemaking efforts. The organizations included shelters, food pantries, and schools, among others. We were fully supported for the entire trip (3 riders + 2 sag). (Sue Schrag, Jun, 2005)

Transamerica Trail
Road west from Yorktown, VA to Astoria, OR (June 19-August 24, 2001) (Michael Connor, Jun, 2001)

Nickell Tour
To celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary and our 50th birth dates, we took the TransAmerica Trail challenge and had a ball. (Doug & Rae Nickell, May, 2005)

Trans-America 2006
A brave if eventually bloodied attempt to ride from Washington to Vigrinia (to join an Adventure Cycling group) and then on as far as Kansas. Then tragedy struck! (Léo Woodland, May, 2006)

Two Grads and a Dad
One of my college roommates, her dad, and I enjoyed an amazing west-east TransAm Journey during the summer of 2007. I set out without any particular expectations, knowing nothing of what to expect. (Lauren Varboncoeur, Jun, 2007)

Dinosaurs on wheels tour of America
Cross country trip during the pandemic summer of '20. (James Ryan, May, 2020)

NYC To San Fransisco
Description of our journey from the frantic streets of New York City across Amish land in Pennsylvania trough the blue ridge mountains of Virginia, the bug and coal truck infested roads of Kentucky, endless plains of Kansas, high tops of the Colorado rocky mountains, the stunning landscapes of the Utah desert, the loneliest road of America trough Nevada and the snowy peaks of the Sierra Nevada in California on to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. (A. v.d. Ploeg & M. Greeve, Jul, 2002)

OneMillionSeven Revolutions
Out to see the country in continuum and inspire underserved youth I work with, my trip was a 3-month, unsupported journey across the U.S. Joined by a friend on one end and my 12-year-old daughter on the other, I was awed by history and nature and touched by people's kindness. (Tom Yuska, Jun, 2010)

Across America on a Bike
Starting from Mt. Vernon, VA and riding the DC area bike paths out of the DC area, to Shenandoah National Park, I joined the TransAm at Vesuvius, VA. From there, with several companions most of the time, I followed the TransAm to Florence, OR. The trip ended on August 17, 2005. (Jim Hammond, May, 2005)

Trans America Trail
WOW! Life changing experience, a lifelong very good set of memories (Hans Peter Debets, Jun, 1994)

I followed the TransAm to Berea, KY and then headed diagnally north to Connecticut (David Moretz, Jun, 2002)

Bikes 4 Indonesia
Cycling across the states raising funds and awareness about life in Indonesia and attempting to improve the quality of life through simple things like bikes. (Michael Wong, Aug, 2006)

TransAmerican Trail
I started in Astoria, Oregon and cycled to Yorktown, VA solo except for a few stints where I cycled with newfound cyclist friends or my sister & friend.I stopped to celebrate the 4th of July in BigFork, MT.I camped in city/forest/state parks, churches, fire stations, hostels, & a sometimes hotel. (Quinn McCann-Lattig, Jun, 2019)

Bicycling Across America
Daily journal w/ over 1,000 pics coast to coast ride along The TransAmerica Trail and down the Pacific coast to San Francisco. (Jamie Compos, May, 2006)

A solo tour on the TransAmerica Trail. (Steve Miller, May, 2009)

2 college grads on the trans am
2 crazy guys on a bike. riding the trans am and down the caost. self supported (dugg kwan, Jul, 2009)

Mud, Sweat and Gears
My college roommate and I biked the TransAmerica Trail for $1000 each! (Heidi Holliday, Jul, 2006)

Rip Van Winkle Visits the Rockies
AMTRAK to La Junta, CO. Picked up the Transamerica in Pueblo and continued west. Transitioned to the Lewis & Clark in Lolo, MT. Continued to Waitsburg, WA and then on to AMTRAK in Pasco, WA (John Grossbohlin, Jul, 2011)

Think Big Anyway!
Self supported cross country trip as a family with daughter 15 and son 12. They carried their share of the gear, did their share of the chores and shared the dream. It was an experience of a lifetime and has influenced on everything our kids have done since then. (Carla Elenz, Jun, 1998)

Teamdavis Tandems Across America
A once in a lifetime trip with our 2 daughters exploring small town America. (Cliff Davis, May, 2004)

Trans America
It was an experiance of a life time. I learnd more about this country in those 39 days than in 46 years. (Darrel Bruns, Jul, 2003)

Bike Adventures Transam 2018
Commercial tour for 13 riders through Global Bike Adventures Limited (www.bikeadventures.co.uk) (Steve Wesson, Jul, 2018)

America By Bicycle
We started in Astoria, Oregon and followed the Transamerica Trail to Yorktown, Virginia. (Gary Speary, Jun, 2002)

TransAm 2009
TransAm Trail from E-W, with my 14 year old son. Amazing adventure with an amazing boy. If you have a kid who is willing to do it-DO IT. (Mark Nicholas, Jun, 2009)

Solo, "both ends to the middle" self-supported coast-to-coast bicycle tour (George Hall, May, 2015)

Bicycle Tour Across USA
Amtrak west across USA to Seattle to bike back home using the Central TransAmerica route, detouring up to the Northern Route in New England to Maine and then home. (Michael Krabach, Jul, 1995)

1976 Bikecentennial Trip
I started as an independent memeber in Jamestown, VA. I completed all 5 tours ending on the west coast. I had the trip of a lifetime traveling arounds different tour groups. I believe I am the only rider who did not experience a flat tire or a broken spoke. (Frank Allen, Jun, 1976)

A Trail of Two Halves - 2005
Yorktown, VA to Frisco, CO - the first half of my Transam ride, it will be completed next year. My journal reflects experiences of my first visit to the USA (including a theme song for each day). (Bill Dodds, May, 2005)

Tom's Trans-America Bike Ride
From Knoxville, Tn, I flew to Portland, OR and on May 26, 2008 I began pedalling my Bike to Astoria where I picked up the Trans-America route. This was a solo, self-contained ride, meeting new friends along the way. I finished with four other riders in Yorktown, VA on August 8. (Tom Perry, May, 2008)

steve harvey on the road
4/26, start Yorktown, VA. end first week July, Astoria OR. youtibe videos, podcasts, instagram, tictok all under steve harvey on the road. 65 years old, riding since day one. look to inspire anyone to start their adventures! :) (Steve Harvey, Apr, 2021)

Three Retirees Westbound on the TransAm
East to West self-supported TransAm ride starting 4/26/11. We'll take the Katy trail at St Louis and return to the TransAM in Kansas (Curtis Hunter, Apr, 2011)

Pat and Mark TransAm 2021 East to West
My wife Pat and I are riding the TransAm (Mark Herman, Apr, 2021)

A Ride for the Kids
This ride was set up as a charity event to benefit the Brenner children's Hospital in Winston-Salem NC. In the end I raised over $54,000 for the hospital. (mac hollan, Jun, 2005)

Hans' Tour of a Lifetime
Celina, OH to Bardstown, KY. TransAm to Astoria, OR. Astoria to Anacortes, WA via a section of Pacific Coast trail. Northern Tier route back to Celina. Sidetrip to Cranbrook, BC, Canada. Could not ride Going To The Sun road in Glacier National Park due to park being closed because of forest fires. (Hans Rehrmann, Apr, 2003)

Trans-Am / Western Express
(James Derek Milligan, May, 2003)

West to East June 16
Life-changing adventure for teenage boy from Ohio who got to see America and travel with a group who taught him about life and the world. (ALAN ABRAHAMSON, Jun, 1976)

CycleGals 2008
We started on the Lewis & Clark route and then joined up with the TransAm route in Montana. We deviated from the TransAm in the midwest and enjoyed the KATY Trail in Missouri. We then reconnected with the TransAm. (Lisa Horowitz, Jun, 2008)

25 year old college student discovering how beautiful America is while following the Trans-America trail. (michael riscica, May, 2005)

Big Trip 2010 Counts
We rode from Yorktown, VA, to Astoria, OR, self-supported, riding East to West! (Phyllis Counts, May, 2010)

TransAm 2016 W to E
We rode the TransAm from west to east. It was a fantastic trip. We had no health or mechanical issues. We met lots of interesting kind people. This trip made us realize what a wonderful beautiful country we live in. (Kevin & Ximena Ansel, Jun, 2016)

Dave's Ride of the TransAm
TransAm from Williamsburg to Florence, OR, then south on Pacific Coast Trail to SF (David Connery, Aug, 2000)

Jim Bikes America
My ride was supported by my wife. She drove the same route, with numerous side trips, and we met up each night and camped. The trip was unbelievable. The people I met along the way, both cyclist and locals, along with the riding were incredible. (Jim Perkins, May, 2009)

Cycling at 70 to Feed the Need
I followed my dream and took my passion of helping others and crossed America, spreading my words to volunteer, help your neighbors, community. (Patricia Hansen, Apr, 2012)

A 25th Anniversary Tour
This is the story of how we celebrated 25 years of marriage by riding the TransAmerican Trail on a tandem. (Joe and Susan Bousquet, Jun, 2004)

Bad Tans and Beautiful Legs: Summer on the TransAmerica Trail
Rode the TransAm self-supported. It was my first tour! (Jeremy Nolan, May, 2016)

h (Barna Rácz, Dec, 2009)

Bad Tans and Beautiful Legs: Summer on the TransAmerica Trail
Rode the TransAm self-supported. It was my first tour! (Jeremy Nolan, May, 2016)

Cykeltur p-- tv--rs af USA
(Peter Hvud, Jul, 2001)

Sunset to Sunrise
I cycled from San Francisco, CA to New York City, NY following the Western Express trail, The Transamerica trail, and finally the Atlantic Coast. (Sidra Showalter, Aug, 2009)

First Bike Tour
I did the transam from east to west and ended up in Florence, then took the Pacific Coast Route down to Santa Barbra (Ed Devlin, May, 2012)

TransAmerica 2018
Ride with my wife across the US in less than 60 days. (Saemundur Valdimarsson, Jun, 2018)

Todd's Bike Trek 2005
I rode the Transamerica Trail west-to-east in a little less than two months. (Todd Gerarden, Jul, 2005)

Coast-to-Coast (The Big One)
It was the trip of a lifetime. This is when life started for me . . . I met my future wonderful wife, Barb, on this trip. (Samsoe Bill, Jun, 1976)

From Here To There 2010
I am using a hand cycle to cycle from St. Louis to Washington D.C., to raise awareness for my disease, Friedreich's Ataxia, and to raise money for disabled kids to participate in sports, through the Disabled Athletes Sports Assocation. (Allen Baumgartner, Apr, 2010)

TransAm 2015
A go big or go home cycle tour of the United States on the Transamerica Trail. No touring or camping experience needed. (Jerry Saravia, Jun, 2014)

TransAmerica Redux!
Transamerica Trail for the second time - a great experience of America in all its variety in geography, weather, history, people, & cultures - & a great spiritual pilgrimage in relation to myself, other people, & God! (Joseph Culpepper, Apr, 2018)

My wife and I completed the TransAm unsupported doing West to East. It was a great time in our lives and we enjoyed all the adventure. (Todd Young, Jul, 2016)

A Sentimental Return to the TransAmerica Trail After 31 Years
A reunion of our Bikecentennial 76 group in Virginia inspired me to re-cycle part of the TransAmerica Trail. (Bill Weir, Sep, 2007)

Freewheelin' Fellas
Coast to Coast from Astoria, Oregon to Yorktown, VA. Summer of 1999. (Mark Allain, Jul, 1999)

TransAmerica East to West
Journeyed across the United States of America with my family from YorkTown, VA to Astoria OR on a Trek 7000 bicycle in 66 days over 4,228 miles. Summited mountain passes, crossed deserts, and passed through multitudes of national forests/parks. The book: I Like to Ride: A TransAmerican Journey (Daniel McDonald, May, 2016)

From my house in Lake Forest California to The Statue of Liberty. Going solo on route 66 till MO and then Transamerica to Atlantic coast. (troy la france, Apr, 2008)

Cross Country
This trip followed the traditional TransAmerica route. I rode with one son to Illinois, and with another from Kansas to Virginia. I completed a 34+ year career in education on Friday and headed out on Monday. It was the trip of a lifetime. (Jim Silver, Jul, 2006)

Andy's TransAmerica Trail
A 2 month trip coast to coast from Yorktown, Virginia to Florence, Oregon going through Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, and Oregon (Andy Strang, Apr, 2008)

Ride to Remember
A ride to commemorate those who perished on 9/11/01. San Francisco to the Pentagon in Wash. D.C. Aug. 1st to Sept 11th 2006. D.C. Firefighters and others. (Steve Geraghty, Aug, 2006)

Discover America Tour
Provide a near cross-country cycling experience for youth ages 13-20. Climbing over the Rockies and across the heartland of the US performing community service and seeing the history of the country. (Arlen Hall, Jun, 2003)

Affirmation of Human Kindness
We did the full TransAm in the summer of 2011. Total strangers in the beginning, friends in the end, it was an amazing adventure. It is all about the people you meet. There were so many random acts of kindness. (Leslie Duggleby, May, 2010)

Coast2Coast for Arthritis
Leaving Seattle on June 5th and finishing in Cape May, NJ on August 9th. Will use AC maps for about 60% of the ride (David Shuey, Jun, 2009)

Solo bike ride from Washington DC to Gran Canyon, AZ (Luigi Laraia, Aug, 2010)

Oregon-Virginia 1992
With one buddy, one free day, 2 rain days, 66 days riding, 4,400 miles, Americans very kind and friendly, a vivid experience. (John Palmer, Aug, 1992)

Yorktown to Astoria
(George Zeniou, May, 2009)

TransAm Route
Solo trip summer 2021 (Mark Pfefferle, Jun, 2021)

TransAm Westward
Coast to coast bike tour offered by Adventure Cycling Association (Robert Kissinger, May, 2018)

Bicycle Home, Seattle to Philadelphia
(John Dear, Jun, 1983)

Potomac to Pacific
Simply put, it was arguably the best experience of my life. Not a day goes by that I don't think about doing it again. I had always dreamed about seeing the "guts" of America, and this route gave me just that. (Christopher Wolpert, Jul, 2002)

Converted Couch-potato Conquers Cross Country Cycling
Rode across America win the Transamerica Trail East to West in 2017. I raised over 12,000 dollars for the Alzheimer's Association (Bill Kasper, Apr, 2017)

TransAmerica Tour
Trip consisted of the western portion to the TransAmerica Trail. (John Wegner, Jun, 1980)

Wright's TransAm Tour 2015
Retired on March 31, compiled our gear, friends dropped us off in Astoria and we began riding on May 18. First bike tour ever so we didn't know if or how far we'd make it. Perseverance got us all the way to the end of the trail. (Mary Wright, May, 2015)

Wright's TransAm Tour 2015
Beautiful scenery and met many wonderful folks along the way. (Larry Wright, May, 2015)

TransAm for Habitat
Skyscraper refugee pedals across the country for Habitat for Humanity! (Charles Bonner, May, 2003)

Coast to Coast for the FFB!
We are going coast to coast to benefit the Foundation Fighting Blindness. We will be spreading awareness about retinal degenerative diseases, and helping fund the fight against them. Start Date: 5/15/2005 (Jeff Butterworth, May, 2004)

Coast to Coast for the FFB!
Virginia to Oregon; May, 2004; We are going coast to coast to benefit the Foundation Fighting Blindness. We will be spreading awareness about retinal degenerative diseases, and helping fund the fight against them. Start Date: 5/15/2005 (Jeff Butterworth, May, 2004)

(Tossed Salad!) West to east 1976
Incredible, fantastic, terrifying and a once in a lifetime experience that at times I still can not beleive I did. I learned so many things about myself and the larger world that summer and it forever changed me...for the better. (Debra Nuñez, May, 1976)

Crazy Guy on a Bike
Down the Atlantic Coast route to TransAm trail start, then across to Astoria, OR. (Neil Gunton, May, 1998)

Two Grads and a Dad
TransAmerica tour with my daughter Erica and Lauren one of her college room mates after their graduation (Pete Staehling, Jun, 2007)

Independent Trans-Am
3 of us did it as independents. A woman named Claire from "Revolutionary Wheels" in Santa Barbara joined us and we caught up with her boyfriend who was in a "fast" group in Pueblo. (Robert Immler, Jun, 1976)

Crucible Tour
Self-supported tour from Portland, OR to Farmington, MO on a modified mountain bike towing a Bob. Original intention was to finish at Yorktown, VA. Read my journal to find out why. (Steve Katona, Aug, 2004)

Believe in the Cure Tour
A student-organized fundraiser to benefit the American Cancer Society, we cycled the Transam and raised $15,000 (Sarah Breevoort, Jun, 2007)

TransAmerica Trail 2010
On the first of April 2010 I will be setting off on a 4300 mile cycle across the USA, from Yorktown, VA and the Atlantic to Astoria, OR and the pacific. (Edward Pickup, Apr, 2010)

Denver to Canadian Rockies
Denver to Walden, CO, then on Trans-Am up to Missoula, then mostly Great Parks North trip up through Glacier to Banff and Jasper. (Randy Fay, Jul, 2002)

Part ACA trip, part solo. (Russ Frye, May, 2012)

Bikeproject - Honeymoon
Astoria, OR - Yorktown, VA - Honeymoon Island, Dunedin, FL We first rode the original TransAmerica Trail. On this great trip we decided to ride further the Atlantic Coast from Yorktown, VA to Daytona, FL then east to the Gulf of Mexico! We ended our honeymoon trip on the Honeymoon Island... (Daniel Ritschard, Jul, 2001)

Trans-Am X 3
Rode west to east starting in Portland to Astoria to Yorktown. Third crossing as this time recreated '76 ride. (Fred Werda, Jun, 2006)

Trans Am
Started in Astoria, heading east on Lewis and Clark, joined TransAm in Idaho, finishing in Yorktown. Rode Rans XStream recumbents with my wife. Packed light, only about 20 pounds each with all camping gear. (Michael Yuan, Jul, 2015)

Biking the TransAm
TransAm to Kooskia, ID then Lewis and Clark to Astoria, OR. (Larry Elswick, May, 2005)

GrannyGears - Oregon to Virginia
Read the whole story here: http://www.grannygears.com/weblog/?p=4 (Phyllis Hassan, Jun, 2001)

Cross for the Cure
A combination of the Western Express, the TransAmerica Trail, and the Atlantic Coast route... from coast to coast. (Bill Oyler, Jun, 2003)

Freedom Tour
Finally living out my dream ride! This is 4 years in the making. (Aqua Dublavee, May, 2014)

TransAmerica Trail East to West 2011 (Dustin Orrick, Apr, 2011)

The Road Scholars
A group of high school kids and two adults that rode the western express from San Fran to Norfolk VA in the summer of 2005 (brian burnham, Jun, 2005)

The Crossing (Transamerica 1988)
My fiancee (now my wife) and I biked across Oregon, then she ran out of vacation, and I continued on. This is a quaint look at a ride in the days before ATMs, cell phones, and the Internet were common. (Roderick Young, Jun, 1988)

This trip showed me that people all across the country are kind, curious, and friendly. A complete contradiction to what the media is telling us. This is my biggest take from this tour. (Russ Loomis, Mar, 2002)

(Joy Santee, May, 2006)

Brett's Big Biking Adventure
Cross Country Trip From Vallejo, California to Washington DC. following Western Express, Trans America and Atlantic Coast trail routes. (Brett DeBoer, May, 2010)

TransAm west half /1976/ East finished 1978
Great trip. Has been life molding experience. (T. Darryl Hickey, Jul, 1976)

Coast to Coast in 2002
In 2002, I quit my job, gave up my apartment, put all of my belongings in storage, bought a bike and rode across the country. (David Moretz, Jun, 2002)

Townes across America!
Flew to Portland, Oregon then rode from Astoria, Or. to Berea, KY on the Transamerica Trail; we then used regular road maps to get home to Weare, NH (Lynda and Rick Townes, Apr, 2007)

Americas By Bike
Our expedition follows the route from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to Ushuaia, Argentina. We hope to raise lots of money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, UK. (Tamsin Hooton, Sep, 2004)

Summer Fun
From Reedsport, Oregon to Yorktown, Virginia, self-contained with a group put together by Bikecentennial (TAWK525). The best summer of my life. (Brad Bergerson, May, 1976)

The Life's Too Short Tour
I am a 43-year-old writer in NY, embarking on the TransAm to raise funds for American Brain Tumor Association, inspired by the recent death of my cousin, who was 44. Healing, inspiration, freedom from procrastination, are the goals. (Thomas Nicholson, May, 2009)

Two Grads and a Dad Bike Across the USA
My dad, my college roommate, and I rode from Newport, OR to Yorktown, VA on the Transamerica trail in the summer of 2007. (Erica Staehling, Jun, 2007)

TransAmerica 2006
A ride across the States with my partner, on the TransAmerica Trail - starting in Astoria and completing in Yorktown (Andy Quin, Jun, 2006)

to infinity and beyond
I rode coast to coast. I followed the Trans-am route to Pueblo, then the western express route to san francisco for cistic fibrosis (Vincent Schrier, Jun, 2011)

Trans Am/Western Express
Yorktown, VA to San Francisco solo unsupported (Tom Carberry, Jun, 2011)

2019 Trans America Adventure while turning 70
My husband and I are planning a Trans AM ride to complete our Trifecta of Southern Tier, Northern Tier, and Trans AM, while turning 70. (Anne Cowan, Jun, 2019)

Miles for Meals
Miles for Meals was a two man self-supported 4,262 mile bicycle ride along the TransAmerica Trail. (David Drabkin, Jul, 2010)

Coast to Coast Insanity
Tim and I are on our way from the Golden Gate Bridge to Virginia Beach. A little under 4000. Life long dream. Also trying to raise money for two great causes - Our website with routes, pics, causes etc is "www.becauseyoucan.org" Everybody dies, but only few ever really live. (John Lewis, May, 2004)

Bike centennial
A 1976 trans-am bike centennial group ride of 15 folks headed east staying in bike-inns. (Tom Kabat, Jun, 1976)

Bob's Big Bike Ride
I rode across on the the Transamerica Trail and raised some money for local arts organizations in Sacramento, CA (Bob Slobe, Jun, 1998)

Nickell Tour
To celebrate our 50th birthdates, 25 years of work and marriage, we take sabbaticals (from work, not the marriage!) to ride our bikes across America on the ACA TransAmerica Route (Doug & Rae Nickell, May, 2005)

A Roadside Education
A cross country bonding adventure with my best friend and brother, also, an emphatic check on the Life To-Do list (Carlyn Arteaga, Jun, 2005)

bikecentenniel 1976 thomas j roach III
first, i would like to get in touch with a guy named "otter". he was from bellingham, washington. i have a few photos of us!! my trip was a gas !! good people, wonderful country and we were the first !! (thomas j roach III, May, 1976)

Biking across Virginia
Rode the last leg of my friends transamerica ride through Virginia to Yorktown. (Jack Brown, Sep, 2006)

Little Miss Bike Tour
A solo girl's spin on travel by bicycle. First ride: TransAmerica Bicycle Trail, June - September 2019 (Cynthia Ord, Jun, 2019)

bike across america
starting in Yorktown, Va. following TransAm route to missoula, then picking up the northern tier in Kalispell and on to Seattle. (Michael Battisti, May, 2010)

Jeff Rides for Cancer
I rode the Transamerica Trail to raise money for Livestrong and cancer research (Jeffrey King, May, 2011)

Mud, Sweat, & Gears
Best friends from Kansas bike east on the TransAmerica route. We're young, we're unfettered, and we're excited about exploring our country! (Liz Rempel, Jul, 2006)

Pedaling for Peace
Rode the transamerican trail east to west. Three riders with a support vehicle. Left June 5, arrived in Florence, Oregon August 11. Wonderful experience. Loved every day. (Wendell Miller, Jun, 2005)

Dan and Al's great adventure
The fulfillment of two friends and riding buddies long talk about adventure. Florence to Yorktown, self supported 7/19/00 - 10/01/00 It was all we hoped for and more! (Al Gutin, Jul, 2000)

OG and SL's Transamerica Tandem Adventure
We rode a tandem from Virginia to Oregon, supported with a driver in an RV. This made for a very comfortable, healthy, and well-fed trip. (Andrea Erdmann, Apr, 2008)

He Said, She Said
(Paul Wakely, Jul, 2009)

1984 TransAmerica Tour
Two friends embark on an independent bicycle tour from Yorktown, Va., to Oceanside, Calif., in 1984. (Gene Bisbee, May, 1984)

Purple Ride
My brother and I are riding from San Fransisco to Yorktown, VA to raise money for pancreatic cancer research. This ride is to honor the memory of my mother who recently passed away from pancreatic cancer. (David Breitenbucher, Jun, 2004)

Three Spokes and a Mirror
The story of one man's advance west. (MARC DELUCA, May, 2008)

A 55 year old teacher rides across America (Jim Craven, Jun, 2008)

Solo Trans Am - West to East
A 30 year dream fulfilled. Riding across the amazingly diverse, beautiful and friendly USA. (Leigh Weber, Jun, 2001)

dab across America 2010
pursued a dream going back 30 years of going coast-to-coast on a bike. I combined portions of the Southern Tier, Underground Railroad, TransAm and the Lewis and Clark trails. (donnie shelton, Apr, 2010)

Solo to the Atlantic
I will leave from McKinzie Bridge on June 9th 2005. I started in small increments from Cape Lookout State Park, OR on May 12th. I did small increments because my friend works and the weather has been bad. On May 27, 05 we did the stretch from Corvallis to Coburg. Needless to say it was a beautiful day and beautiful ride. We are go for the Trans Am June 9,05 from Coburg (map #BC-1512 03L sec. 2).Well I will leave out a lot of little things and say I road across OREGON to Richland Oregon when I got two miles from the top of the pass between Richland and Halfway and a storm caught me. I was now being supported by my riding partner who would leave me the next day and he picked me up. A long story shorter I road in my own sag wagon into Idaho and then came home to McMinnville. 3. Ten days later I left for Idaho in my sag wagon driven by my wife. I started in Ontario, Oregon and road to Nyssa, Oregon and crossed the Snake river into Idaho. I road the south side of the Snake on hwy78 to Mt Home and the took hwy 20 to Idaho Falls and Swan Valley Idaho. From there I got up early and was riding to Alpine, Wy when I got to a construction area and really blew a tire. When my wife showed up with the van the traffic was heavy and with less than 20 miles to go I road into Wyoming in my say wagon and came home. We will leave for more of the trip the first of September. (Tolley Lauretti, May, 2005)

Riding from NYC to San Francisco
Riding on my own from NYC to San Francisco for Bone Marrow Donation (Nicolas Pochez, Jun, 2009)

Keith Wilson and Al Nordstrom Take on the TransAm in 2011
Keith Wilson and I biked the Trans Am Trail from East to West from May 23, 2011 to August 11, 2011. (Al Nordstrom, May, 2011)

Bike ride from Washington DC to the Grand Canyon in 31 days (Luigi Laraia, Aug, 2010)

Biking Across the United States
In 1997 I biked from Delaware to Oregon. It was a wonderful trip, and this site tells the story - the people, sights, adventures, lessons learned. The site also features photos, "stupid signs", FAQs, route info, a packing list and touring tips. (John Dorsey, Apr, 1997)

After years of yearning and planning to ride across the country. we sold our house and quit our jobs. We selected a longer, diagonal route that takes us and our tandem from Alaska to Florida. Our route plan follows Adventure Cycling maps from Jasper to Kentucky. (Randall & Barb Angell, May, 2004)

Solo Sami Sojourn
Ride from Bend to Missoula (Sami Fournier, Jul, 2010)

Cross Country Cycling Extravaganza
TransAmerica tour from Davis, CA, up the coast to Florence, and then to Yorktown, VA. Got off the trail for a bit to go through Rocky Mtn. NP and into Boulder. Well worth it! (Sarah McCamman, Jul, 2007)

yorktown va to san fran ca; Jul, 2009; 2 crazy guys on a bike. riding the trans am and down the pacific caost. (Douglas Kwan, Jul, 2009)

TransAm 2006
(Steven Klefstad, Apr, 2006)

Grandpa Lost His Mind
This was a Florence, Oregon to Yorktown, Virginia solo trip riding a Rans Stratus XP recumbent. I pulled a Burley Nomad trailer. The bike and trailer weight were 120 pounds. I used ACA's maps. This was an 80 day trip which started April 25, 2007. (Stephens Fulks, Apr, 2007)

Trap voor trap - fietsen voorbij de horizon
We bicycle from east to west. We think it is in historical way the best route. The sun is shining on our back. We had more headwind. Every day we took a picture at 10 a.m. (Johan de Groot, Apr, 2019)

3 Million Revolutions
The trip was intended to be a cycling adventure across America...and it was. It was also an education is how beautiful the country is and how kind its people are. (Natalie Morawsky, May, 2007)

Natril's Big Adventure:The Wild Blue Yonder Tour
Sometimes you just have to go for it! We resigned from our jobs, planned a route, and went for it. This journey is about refreshing, refocusing, and finding a new direction for our lives. Plus it's a great adventure and one of our life goals! (Nathan And April Reinhard, Aug, 2010)

Discovery Ride 2002
TransAm route from Yorktown, VA to Florence, OR then Oregon Coast Trail to Astoria, OR then Pacific Coast Triail to Seattle, WA (Lawrence Flint, Jun, 2002)

Trans America classic route East West
Followed Adventure Cycling's maps from York town to Florence (Mike Aris, Apr, 2006)

Cross Country Domination
It was the most incredible journey of my life. It pushed me to the very edge. The laughter, pain, joy, and struggle on the road has made me a better man, and more connected to myself and the Earth I inhabitat. (Noah Bernstein, May, 2007)

2019 TransAmerica Bicycle Route - East to West
First tour for me anywhere. Crossing the US in ten states and three months was fascinating. Fantastic scenery and loads of wonderful people along the way. (Christopher Laskey, May, 2019)

Crawford's Cross Country Tandem Tour
My wife and I rode our tandem from east to west. The trip was more difficult then we thought it would be but it was worth it. We meet many wonderful people along the way, and some of them will be life long friends. (Greg Crawford, May, 2007)

Transam Shazam
I rode the Transamerica solo and unsupported from Yorktown, VA to Astoria, OR. I deviated from the Transam in eastern Missouri so that I could ride the Katy Trail and reconnected with the Transam in eastern Kansas. (Brian Dunn, May, 2008)

Crawford's Cross Country Tandem Tour
This was my husbands hairbrained idea that I ended up enjoying very much! (Sue Crawford, May, 2007)

Come On Along
I have no job, I am young, I have a bike. What better way to see our country? (Part of a larger journey) (Gavin N/A, Aug, 2010)

TransAm to Pueblo, then Western Express to San Francisco. Do-it-yourself at beginning and end. Lightweight and solo. (Marshall Bronston, Jun, 2008)

Transamerica 2011
I rode solo self supported on a 99 Cannondale T1000 that I bought used on Craigslist. I graduated from college, ran a 50 mile ultra marathon, and started my bike trip all within two weeks! (Jason Reamy, May, 2011)

Doug's Trans America Ride
Astoria,Oregon to Yorktown, Virginia. A bucket list trip across the US. (Douglas Morse, May, 2019)

Darren Alff - Kansas to Wyoming with Numb Hands
My second long distance bike tour was what you might call "a total disaster." I had a number of problems on this tour - the largest of which was the loss of feeling in my left arm due to a piched nerve. The pain was so bad by the time I reached Rawlins, WY, I actually called off the trip and went home early...a decision I do regret after the fact. While the trip was my worst ever, it was a great experience for me. It was my first time ever being away from home on my own for an extended period of time and it was a great learning experience. This is the tour that showed me that there was more to bicycle touring than just riding your bike countless miles across the country. Visit my website at http://www.bicycletouringpro.com/tours.htm for photos, videos, and descriptions of all of my tours! (Darren Alff, Jun, 2002)

The Micou Family Short-Cut Tour 2004
Teenage son and daughter helped Dad ride across the country on a tandem recumbent. Son and I rode 1272 miles, daughter and I rode 564 miles, and I finished on a single recumbent. (Bill Micou, May, 2004)

Trans America East, 6/12-9/12
My team mates and leader numbered nine; there was one other woman on the tour. I would reach each night's destination the first. The best day was our 60 mile downhill along Idaho's Snake River Valley. (Susan Fox, Jun, 2017)

Big Trip 2010
We rode our bikes across the United States. using the AC TransAm maps, from Yorktown, Virginia, to Astoria, Oregon. We were self-supported and camped roughly 40% of the time and used other lodging roughly 60% of the time. (Phyllis Counts, May, 2010)

The Oregon Express
I retired after 21 years in the USMC and decided to ride back home from Jacksonville, NC to Corvallis, OR. I did it for the challenge, to see the country, set an example for my kids, and because a buddy told me that I couldn't do it. (Gene Hodges, Jun, 2004)

TransAmerica 2019 - Kim & Jesse
My partner and I rode from Florence, OR to Falls Of Rough, KY supported and unsupported in 60 days. We mostly used motels and restaurants to save in weight that we carried. (Kim Woodward, Jun, 2019)

Awesome Across America Adventure
Mostly following TransAmerica trail with detour in midwest to see Grandparent's in Iowa (Jon Curtis, Jul, 1997)

Big Trip 2010
Self supported bike trip on the ACA TransAmerica Bike Trail fro May 7 to Aug. 3, 2010. (Jerrol Newman, May, 2010)

An indefinitely long bicycle tour from the SW to the NE to the E. Southern Tier, Pacific Coast and TransAm trails. (Calvin Hunsinger, Feb, 2013)

Riding for Amanda
A solo East-bound TransAm in the summer of 2004, then home to Philadelphia, to benefit a friend's daughter with a debilitating birth defect. (David Seidman, Jun, 2004)

Two Tired Guys
(David Beam, May, 2008)

C2C Discipleship Bike Tour 2010
A tour from San Francisco, CA to Virginia Beach, VA—a 4,000 mile intensive discipleship program designed to deepen our relationship with God, develop our commitment to God’s will, and demonstrate our participation in God’s kingdom. (Jeffery Valodine, Jun, 2010)

Bike Journey of Solutions
My wife supported the ride. We followed the Trans AM and then Western Express routes, east to west. I rode a light weight road bike. It was a fund raiser for a local non-profit I lead. (Robert Kuehl, May, 2009)

If you don't go, you don't go
The 4,300 mile Transamerica Route from Yorktown, VA to Florence, OR (Lucanera John, May, 2010)

wutheringbikes transam
We travelled across the USA in 2004, going east to west. The trip took us about three months and it was a wonderful experience. We did the version of the TransAmerica Trail that goes up through Oregon. (Steve Carr, Jun, 2004)

If you don't go, you don't go
Yorktown, VA to Florence, OR following ACA's Transamerica Trail for a total mileage of 4,361 miles (Lucanera John, May, 2010)

Retirement, Ramble & Rendezvous
Retirement ride along Great Rivers, TransAm and Pacific Coast trails (Mike Sears, Jul, 2011)

i rode the adventure cycling sponsored van supported transam that departed yorktown, va on 5/17/09 (joe golden, May, 2009)

USA Ride 2004
Outstanding Awesom Enriching Adventuress (James Reda, May, 2004)

TransAmerica 2005
It was an amazing coast to coast adventure following the TransAmerica Trail from Yorktown, VA to Florence, OR. I met some wonderful people along the way and had the time of my life! (Dale Van Dusen, May, 2005)

I traveled over 4,500 miles throughout the United States. My ride was for a charity organization called Mercy Corps. In conjunction with the charity I volunteered my time on organic farms along the way through a volunteer program called WWOOF (world wide opportunities on organic farms). Along my route I stopped in on farms for 8-10 days to work. I picked spinach in Virginia, built cattle fences in Colorado, painted decks in Illinois, spent every night outside and carried a traditional shakuhachi Japanese flute along with me. It was truly an enlightening experience. (Dane Randall, Apr, 2009)

Going Across
TransAmerica, East to West, with side-trip to Mammoth Cave (John Meiners, May, 2010)

Biking Across America
My wife Joan and I biked the TransAm westbound. It was a fantastic experience: Physical challenges overcome, beautiful scenery, and wonderful people. (Mike Weingarten, May, 2011)

The Thin Blue Ride
Trans-Am route. Supported by my wife driving our RV motorhome. (Brad Schoen, Jun, 2019)

It was an amazing endeavor! (Maya Donelson, Jun, 2006)

Kirk's TransAmerica Trail Adventure
On May 29, 2010 I started my TransAmerica Trail adventure, from Yorktown, Virginia. I arrived in Astoria, Oregon on August 11, 2010. My ride included 65 days on the Adventure Cycling Association route, eight days of rest, and two days off-route riding my bicycle with my son in Colorado. (Kirk Kandle, May, 2010)

Longest Summer
Trans-America Bike Route from Astoria, OR to Yorktown, VA 7/1/2019-9/8/2019 benefitting the Alzheimer's Association (Mike Henry, Jul, 2019)

Because We Can
My wife and I will tour, self-contained, from Yorktown, Va to Florence, Or. We will be following the Adventure Cycling TransAm route. (Rick Frank, May, 2004)

Stones Across America
Boise to Williamsburg, VA to raise college scholarship funds in my parents' memory. It was the adventure of a lifetime, a magical trip...one I hope to do again! (Robert Stohner, Jun, 2009)

Road to Rhode
When I was fifteen, I was fortunate enough to take a bicycle trip with other teenagers and a couple of counselors through Europe for a month. I came back with the dream of someday bicycling across the country. This summer, starting in June, twenty-three summers later, I plan to fulfill that dream. As if the goal of bicycling across the country isn't enough, I have another goal attached to it. I hope to raise $25,000 to support the Alliance for a Healthier Generation's work in childhood obesity prevention in school and out-of-school time. (Jessica Lawrence, Jun, 2013)

Drew Bono
I did the TransAmerica trip in 2010 leaving from Washington, DC to Yorktown, VA to Astoria, OR (Drew Bono, May, 2010)

TransAmerica Trail, West to East, Bike-Inn
How can I describe the biggest thing I'd done in my life at that point in 50 words? It was fulfilling, frustrating, exciting, anxiety-provoking, educational, stressful, and much more. (Jan Steinman, Jun, 1976)

Smith's and Hooey's Cross USA Adventure
Two brother-in-laws adventure across the USA on a recumbent tandem bicycle with wives as support team. (Troy Smith, Jun, 2002)

Dan's Across America
My ride was mostly Trans Am. Oregon to KY/VA border. I took a major detour through SE Oregon. 69 days on the road. I was done in by mechanical problems so I didn't make it to Yorktown. (Dan Browning, Jun, 2006)

John and Harry ride the TransAmerica (John Bander, Jun, 2014)

Am 29. April starteten wir auf unserem Tandem in Yorktown VA, zu unserem TransAm Trip. Am 04. August erreichten wir Florence. Unser Endziel aber sollte Seattle WA sein, das wir wegen eines unverschuldeten Unfalls in Lincoln auf der 101 nicht erreichten. (Egon und Ursula Weiss, Apr, 2009)

America ByCycle
We left is all behind to bike across America. Why? We wanted to challenge ourselves mentally and physically, reconnect with nature and be inspired. Most importantly, we wanted to meet good people and share their stores. (Michelle Cassel, Jun, 2011)

TransAmerican Bike Route 76
From Yorktown, VA to Astoria, OR following the TransAm (Noah Naseri, May, 2017)

Bike America 2006
The title says it all. (Taz Brown, Jun, 2006)

77 days of riding, 10 of resting, 4 sick for 91 total. Rode with a good friend who became a great friend. (Patrick Loftus, Aug, 2007)

Dan I am, on the TransAm 08
A kiwi rides across America. (Daniel Wood, Jun, 2008)

Trans Am 2012: My Vision Quest
A east to west trip on the Trans Am. I am a solo rider going it alone!! (Mark Dobbins, Jun, 2012)

TransAmerica Trail in '76, TAWK519
Our group, the "Peanut Butter Pedalers", was the 3rd or 4th camping group to leave from OR. Lloyd Sumner (author of "The Long Ride") was our awesome leader. It was a life-changing experience that 30 years has not dulled. We experienced the "real" America and discovered the kindness of surprised local folks. (Tom Kalina, May, 1976)

Coast to Coast West to East
I joined my friend to ride the Trans Am who had wanted to in 76 when he was 18 but couldn't. We took the Lewis/Clark to Missoula and the Trans Am from there to Yorktown. (Les Graber, Jul, 2017)

Pedal to plant
Pedal to plant, was a campaign to raise awareness friends and funds for an organization called Extreme Nazarene. Extreme plants churches an south america.This was a supported tour. (Benjamin Kuhn, May, 2017)

MBA Road Project
Three MBA students undertook the Transam ride. (Adam Reel, Jun, 2011)

TransAmerica from Yorktown,VA to Kooskia, ID and Lewis and Clark from Kooskia, ID to Astoria, OR. (Bill Jensen, May, 2022)

Team Kegs
Two mid-twenties college friends embark on the TransAm W-E to fulfill a 30 things under 30 bucket list item. (Keeli Mallory, May, 2021)

ACA Self-Contained TransAm Westbound
Just like other 4,500 mile bike rides my experience provided an amazing 10-state tour of America that is unparalleled in scenery, meeting friendly people and challenging my own perceived limitations. (Jim Buckheit, May, 2017)

TAEV1 2019 - TransAm Express Westward Van Supported 2019
We were the first-ever ACA tour of the Eastern Express version of the TransAm, including the C&O Canal, the Greater Allegheny Passage trail and the KATY trail. We started with 14 riders, including tour leaders and ended with 10. It was a phenomenal ride, great trip. (Dan O'Neill, May, 2019)

Dream & Declare Trans-America Bicycle Tour
Former US Marine, and missionary in the Philippines for the past 30 years, took the West to East Trans Am route in solo, non-supported fashion from May 6th to July 25, 2019. (Mitchell Metzger, May, 2019)

Transamerica Trail east to west
Ride of a lifetime on the TA with my friend Steve. (Tom Moeller, Apr, 2018)

Rusty Crank Coast 2 Coast Bicycle Tour
I'm an artist and college professor from Brooklyn, NY. I've long wanted to bicycle across North America. I will begin the TransAmerica trail in late May 2018, east to west, staying at hostels, couch surfing, and camping. I expect the trip to take 90 days. (Robert Hickman, May, 2018)

Kumundzhiev TransAm
It will be the longest trip by bicycle for me (Dimitry Kumundzhiev, Jun, 2017)

Riding Down a Dream
The TAT was a 4 year dream of my since finding out about it in the summer of 2012. I was able to accomplish my dream of riding the TAT solo unsupported in the summer of 2016! (Donlan Morgan, May, 2016)

Roger Rides West on the Trans American Trail
A self supported solo trip across the US. I rode the TransAm over a two year period in three phases, riding from east to west. (Roger Robison, May, 2015)

Roofus and Dave do the TransAm
Washington DC to Seattle, Washington following bike paths, rail trails and the TransAm and Northern Tier routes. (Dave Rens, Jun, 2016)

Gary's Trans Am 2016 East to West
Riding with my friend Ed on the Trans America Trail route from Virginia to Oregon with a side trip to Oklahoma and a post ride trip up to the Seattle area. (Gary Scarcella, May, 2016)

TransAm Route 76, 2014
I ride my bicycle from Blacksburg, VA to Florence, OR then to Astoria, OR following the route 76. (Tuan Pham, May, 2014)

Photo by Dennis Coello