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Southern Tier

Two Brothers, Two Bikes, One Journey
My brother, Clyde and I rode the southern tier as a fundraiser for Friendship Community and Perry County Habitat for Humanity and for our own personal enjoyment. (George Stoltzfus, May, 2005)

Southern Tier in 50 days
I go alone with my road bike and have a support car - I spoil myself. (Dorit Hillmann, Sep, 2008)

2 old guys coast to coast
My old friend Marty decided he wanted to ride cross country... if I would go. Raised a bunch of money for education and had a blast - www.wherearethoseguys.blogspot.com is the blog. (Jake Scully, Feb, 2009)

Two Joe's, gone with the wind.
An unsupported "tooth-brush-n-credit-card" heads down and seat in the sky dash. Two riders, too early, and too fast to avoid the adventures that naturally happen when long-distance touring is combined with Century racing! (Joseph Reinhart, Jan, 2006)

Riding Across America for a Cause
Prevent Police Brutality & Violent Crimes & to get a law passed to make those responsible, accountable for their actions. (Joseph Cardenas, Oct, 2010)

Two Friends, Two Bikes, Two Oceans
I became unemployed because of the two hurricanes that hit Florida and talked my touring friend into doing the Southern Tier with me. (Mike Sears, Feb, 2005)

The UNtour
Our trip was a cross-country teaching/book tour along the Southern Tier route with my husband. www.theuntour.com (Khara Plicanic, Oct, 2011)

Southern Tier 2010
I rode the Southern Tier solo, lightly loaded on a recumbent trike (Adam Rice, Oct, 2010)

150.000 km cycling around the entire world
41 Years ago we cycled in 40 months around the world, later with the children almost the whole of Europe and now as seniors the remaining parts of the world (Nelly Barelds, May, 1975)

D-Tour 2007: Glendale, AZ to Del Rio, TX
My brother was graduating as a Pilot in the US Airforce in Del Rio, TX. I live in Gledale, AZ. I found the southern tier route and although I'd never been on a tour before, I thought "I can do this!" (Dale Sackrider, May, 2007)

Fools On'a Mission
2004: Southern Tier Route 2003: Savannah, Ga south to Florida; across to the west coast; through panhandle along the Gulf coast to Louisanna; Natchez Trace to Tupelo Ms. (quick trip home for Dr. appt) - then, Maryland west to Illinois; south to Arkansas; north to Katy Trail into Illinois; north following the Mississippi River to Miinnesota; then, Wisconsin; Into Canada via Michigan; through Canada to Niagiara Falls; New York south to Pennsylvania and home to Maryland. (Ted and Colleen Garringer, Jan, 2003)

Advantures in the American South
The trip was to follow the foot step of the Spanish Conquistado Cabeza de Vaca, whom have cross this continent 500 years ago. I followed the coastlines of the Golf Coast to Texas, then very loosely followed the Adventure Cycling's route to the West Coast. (Lawrence Liang, Dec, 2004)

Ride Southern tier route (85% of time) from San Diego to Emilia Island FL. Motel to motel, van support, no camping. Hoy showers and no cooing meals. Leave San Diego Oct 3rd 2010 arrive Amelia Island Nov. 15th. (john mclaren, Oct, 2010)

Steel Horse USA
(Kevin Blackwell, Oct, 2005)

I left San Diego in late Sept. last year and got as far as Del Rio, TX and had to quit due to a knee injury getting off the bike. I returned to Del Rio and headed fro Cape Coral on 9/26/09, arriving 10/15/09 (BILL BANFIELD, Sep, 2008)

San Francisco to Florida
I am riding down the coast of California then taking the Southern Tier to Florida (Jiim Roach, Mar, 2011)

K2M Kentucky to Memphis
155.5 Mile bicycle from Kentucky to Memphis (K2M Kentucky to Memphis, Mar, 2012)

The adventures of a 9 year old boy and his dad as they cross the USA by bicycle. (Dave Cushwa, Mar, 2003)

San Diego to Houston
We road a Co-Motion Tandem and each day was interesting in different ways. It was very hot and headwinds everyday. Lots of desert. But still exciting. (Bill & Nancy Schettenhelm, Sep, 2005)

Bike Across Florida 2008
April 20th, 2008: The One-day, 167 mile, Bike Across Florida Adventure from Cocoa Beach to Crystal River is considered to be the 'toughest single-day cycling tour in the U.S.' (Billy Blohm, Apr, 2008)

Compassion 575 - Southern tier
I am riding the Southern Tier to raise funds for children in South Asia. See www.compassion575.com (David Argabright, Mar, 2011)

Eat, Pray, Ride, a Bicycle Tour
One man's search for everything, bicycling across America. (David Brunk, Mar, 2011)

Frank's Ride for Ataxia
Riding to raise money for the Friedreich's Ataxia Research Alliance. (Frank Wootten, Dec, 2006)

Cycling Southern Tier, Spring 2012
(Janice Small, Mar, 2012)

Let's Do It Again
A Cross-Country bike trip from San Diego to St. Augustine in the fall of 2004 2,748 miles (4,422 km) over 42 days from October 6, 2004 to November 16, 2004 (Ron Friedel, Oct, 2004)

40overpar usa
Glenn Ronning and Kane Hudson rode from San Diego, California to St. Augustine, Florida. We rode with a BOB trailer and a Burley trailer. Attached to both trailers were sets of golf clubs. Each set housed clubs, golf balls, shoes and misc. items. (kane hudson, Apr, 2005)

bike framed
an aging yogi does the Southern Tier, east to west, plus a bit more (subagh khalsa, Feb, 2009)

Partial Pacific Coast, then Southern Tier
Out of shape, poorly prepared. By the grace of God and trail angels, this was a wonderful experience. (Roderick Young, Apr, 2017)

1st long distance tour
3000 miles in 52 days on Nellie Belle (Surly LHT). Went to places I never had seen, smelled, tasted or felt. Very challenging and rewarding. A wonderful experience and am thankful I had the opportunity. (Gary Jordon, Mar, 2015)

Southern Tier
Fantastic; What a great learning experience in every sense; I rode with two experienced tourists for several days and gained so much from that. Superb weather/hospitality/safe envioronment. (Paul Ashton, Apr, 2008)

Tour de Lawrence

Wheels for Mental Wellness
Wheels for Mental Wellness is a cross country bike trip raising awareness for Mental Health. We believe that education gives people the tools to talk about and address mental health issues, empowering the individual to create healthier and more compassionate communities. (Yoshie Fujimoto Kateada, Sep, 2018)

Bicycling in Tribute
I will be riding from central Florida to San Diego along the Southern Tier to raise money and awarenss for The Children of Fallen Soldiers Relief Fund. (John H. Cook, Feb, 2007)

A Laid Back Tour of the Southern Tier
A retired teacher completes a recumbent ride across the Southern Tier to raise money for the Make A Wish Foundation of Michigan. (Christopher Todd, Mar, 2004)

Visceral Trekker
Getting the stories of the people and places in rural America. At the same time promoting Visceral Awareness and getting in shape. http://www.vexnow.com, http://www.visceralcycling.com/blog (Stan Nelson, May, 2007)

1966 Dream Tour
Husband-supported solo-rider across the United States starting at Jekyll Island, Georgia connecting with the Southern Tier Route at Monticello, Florida. (Jo Ann Schindler, Mar, 2011)

Southern Tier with some short cuts
I started off following the Adventure Cycling route but later became more interested in getting there instead of seeing the sights. I was going to do it as loaded touring but my wife deciced to support me over the mountains, then thru the desert, and then it didn't stop. (Floyd Donley, Sep, 2003)

Anne's Great Bicycle Adventure for Cancer
This is definitely going to be the trip of a lifetime. I will be riding with 29 women, all over age 50, on the Southern Tier Route and I will be fundraising for the Wellmont Foundation Hospice House and the Tri-Cities Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure. (Anne Cowan, Mar, 2007)

Kevin Across America
I had so much fun on the Southern Tier ride that I kept going to Key West. (Kevin Keefe, Nov, 2004)

Finetastic Adventure 2011
We cycled from Los Angeles to San Diego to pick up the Southern Tier. It was just my husband and myself on our first loaded tour and we loved every minute of it. (Marti Fine, Feb, 2011)

wheeling coast to coast: The heroine's journey
Riding coast to coast to raise funds and awareness for Navajo United Methodist Center?s New Beginnings program which is a transitional shelter for women and their children in Farmington, New Mexico. (diana ohlson, Feb, 2009)

Cross Country and Then Some
San Fran to San DIego, pick up southern Tier to St. Augustine, then up Atlantic Coast to DC and into Pittsburgh, PA (Matthew Hewston, Mar, 2006)

Rettas Ride
A trip across America to celebrate the turning of my 60th birthday. It will be a time of reflection and anticipation. (Retta Sutterfield, Mar, 2007)

Ron & Mike Epic Ride
My Buddy and I will be riding roads from FL to CA along the southern US. (Ron Milla, May, 2009)

Across the US - 2010
I took the Southern Tier route until Blythe and then headed through Joshua Tree, Santa Clarita, Ventura and up the coast to Santa Cruz (Mike Dillon, Feb, 2010)

April 1, 2006, Ron Mumaw will begin a 3000 mile journey across America to raise $300,000 for the Infant and Toddler Program at Developmental Services, Inc. He is also encouraging donations to the American Diabetes Association and Breast Cancer Research (Ron Mumaw, Apr, 2006)

Just the two of us, self-supported, California to Florida. My husband was the mechanic, I was the strategic planner, statistician and worrier. Lots of fun, great stories. (Pam Wolf, Oct, 2005)

Deidre's Dream
Two riders self supported. 35 Pedal days seven total rest days. Raised money for LAF memorializing my wife who died from cancer in the fall. Blogged all the way. http://www.deidresdream.blogspot.com . (Kirk Rhinehart, May, 2008)

Deidre's Dream
Two riders self supported. 35 Pedal days seven total rest days. Raised money for LAF memorializing my wife who died from cancer in the fall. Blogged all the way. http://www.deidresdream.blogspot.com . (Kirk Rhinehart, May, 2008)

Southern Tier- east to west
I rode solo from Saint Augustine to San Diego march-April of 2011. The winds became an issue after west Texas but didn't dampen an incredible journey. Ye scenery was beautiful, the people more so. Northern tier 2013! (Jess Engle, Mar, 2011)

Southern Tier Randonée
Self-supported, East-to-West ride along the Southern Tier. (Vladimir Magdin, Oct, 2016)

Across the USA 2002
Margaret and I travelled 3,645 miles in 65 days of riding from Los Angeles to Key West, via San Diego in 2002, using the Adventure Cycling route as a guide. We camped only when we couldnt reach a motel! 27,500-word illustrated account on our website www.magbaztravels.com. (Barry Williamson, Feb, 2002)

Southern Comfort
A Recumbent ride of the Southern Tier and Atlantic Coast (Julie Lovegrove, Feb, 2016)

Solo Cross Country (Southern Tier) at Age 70
In 1976 I biked solo from Seattle to Boston in 31 days. Now, at age 70, I wanted to see if I could cross the US via the southern tier. It took 44 days of riding to travel 2900 miles from the shore of Georgia to San Diego. I left in February and ending in April to avoid the desert heat. (John Springfield, Feb, 2019)

Southern Tier
Solo, Unsupported - Southern Tier west to east. First time on ride that was greater than 1 week. It was wonderful. (Peter Diotte, Feb, 2019)

Where is Maggie V?
Riding through rural America raising money for Bosom Buddies of Hawaii's Breast Cancer outreach program. (Maggie Vogt, Mar, 2007)

The Crawford's Southern Tier Ride
My husband, John, and I are taking, almost exclusively, the Southern Tier Route, to celebrate my 50th birthday. His brother, Dave is joining us for the first 10 days. (Laura Crawford, Sep, 2011)

Between 2 Oceans
(Howard Lee, Apr, 2004)

Biking for Kinky
My wife and I did the Southern Tier after she retired from the Federal Government where she had worked for 31 years. I had sold my computer company the year before and we spent the year planning the trip. (Nolan Danchik, Mar, 2006)

Bikes and Java : 1936 Hillview Street Sarasota, Florida 34239 Call or e-mail for more info: Ph: 941.366.7702 fletchs.bikesenjava@gte.net They start at 4-5pm at Bikes and Java, ride through City Streets, to Longboat Key FL and back! (Wayne Robert, Jan, 2005)

Houston to St. Agustine
The second half of the Southern Tier is much easiier than the Western half. (Bill & Nancy Schettenhelm, Feb, 2007)

Across the Southern Tier a ride for Autism and Asperger's Syndrome
My third trip across the country started in San Diego and followed the "southern tier" route to St Augustine with a side trip to Big Bend NP. The ride was to raise awareness of autism and Asperger's Syndrome. I rode solo self supported. (Jim Perkins, Mar, 2012)

le tour de saints
San (Saint) Diego to St Augustine in 4 weeks to raise $70k for a Haitian medical facility. This provided the altruistic excuse for 2 50 yr old guys, Dr Fred Landenwitsch & I, to fulfill a longtime dream. (Joe Vonderheide, Jan, 2006)

Third Goal
PostPeace Corps service in two countries, I carried out the 3rd goal of Peace Corps service...to share my experiences abroad with Americans in the United States. (Stephanie Palau, Mar, 2002)

Amazing - for the people as much as the ride. Head winds in Texas - killers should have gone w to e (Tony Thompson, Feb, 2009)

S2S Ride - San Diego to St. Augustine
A solo, self-contained crossing of the southern US on my Tour Easy recumbent, pulling a BOB trailer. (Nick Corrado, Mar, 2002)

Southern Tier
I started in Oceanside, north of San Diego and finished at St. Simons Island, Georgia but rode the route of the Southern Tier from Brawley to Pensacola (Robert Meyers, Apr, 2014)

Southern Tier
I started in Oceanside, north of San Diego and finished at St. Simons Island, Georgia but rode the route of the Southern Tier from Brawley to Pensacola (Robert Meyers, Apr, 2014)

We will be following the AC Southern Tier route through California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida. (Joyce Frey, Apr, 2004)

AC Southern Tier route through California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida. (Ernie Frey, Apr, 2004)

Beachcomber Pete: The Pacific to the Atlantic in 48 days
An adventure to cross the USA at 48 years old (Peter Hagemann, Aug, 2007)

Ride and Write Tour of the Southern Tier
My bike trip from San Diego, CA to St. Augustine FL supported by Julie Newmark while she wrote her dissertation. (Eric Engberg, Apr, 2004)

Biking For The Band
The trip fulfilled a youthful desire to venture onward by bicycle. Not have to return home by dark. I had a road-gang encounter and a 'brush' with the law! My ride spearheaded support for a beloved organization, Texas A&M University's "Fightin' Texas Aggie Band". (Doyce Cooke, Apr, 2009)

Tour De Lawerence
Rode my recumbent Goldrush on the Southern Tier Fl to Ca in 34 days. (Larry Pierce, Aug, 2003)

Across the Northern Tier
A supported solo ride to raise awareness of autism and Asperger's Syndrome. (Jim Perkins, Jun, 2011)

Southern Tier Fall 2008
My plan is to ride the Southern Tier from west to east beginning around mid-October 2008. I've been wanting to do a trip like this for several years, and over the past few weeks things have started to come together. (Crystal Silver, Oct, 2008)

Scotts Trip Oct-Nov 2007
Self-Supported Ride via Southern Tier Route... Oct. 1 - Nov. 10, 2007 (Scott Glassburn, Oct, 2007)

unemployment tour
I got fired from my job and decided it was time to take the trip I've been wanting to take for years. (sean caffrey, Sep, 2006)

Southern Tier, Section 2
A two-person, self-supported ride from Phoenix to El Paso in frigid January. Exhilarating, challenging, and beautiful. I love Emory Pass. (Jason Signalness, Dec, 2003)

Solo Southern Tier/Gulf tour
A Northwest boy with an aversion to planning and money takes off an a tour through the South. I Rode from Augustine to Austin, Texas, on the Southern Tier Route at times and off the route at others. (Oliver Lazenby, Nov, 2011)

Photo by Dennis Coello