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South America

Tour of Chile's Lake District
Toured lakes and volcanoes in Chile's Lake District (Dale Fehringer, Nov, 2007)

Equator to the End of the Earth
An eventful six week tour of Equatorial Ecuador then an extraordinary four month ride from Santiago, Chile to Tierra Del Fuego via the Carreterra Austral including a most unusual crossing of the Andes with bikes on horseback. (Stuart Wickes, Sep, 1999)

Cycling South
Starting in Quito, Ecuador, Angus Rivers rode 5300 miles through Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and Chile to Ushuaia, the southernmost city on Earth. (Angus Rivers, Aug, 2005)

The Carretera Austral and Patagonia
Riding the Carretera Austral through Chile and Argentina to Tierra Del Fuego and Ushuaia. (Lee Taylor, Jan, 2009)

Exhilarating Freedom in the Andes
What better way to experience the Andes of Argentina, Chile and Bolivia than to weave though them by mountain bike? Chris Goulet not only hauls along three weeks of supplies through remote high passes, but also his entire high-altitude mountaineering gear and reaches the summit of Cerro Aconcagua, the highest peak in the Americas, and solos Nevado Ojos del Salado, the loftiest active volcano on Earth. Unsponsored and without outside support, he cycles on through surreal landscapes in absolute desert and across vast salt flats. More difficulties await in the steaming tropical rainforest (Chris Goulet, Jan, 1993)

bike for plan
A year trip for charity, covering 6,500 miles (over 10,000 KMs) around both of New Zealand's islands and across seven countries in South America. (Jamie Bird, Oct, 2004)

Chile tour
I did a solo self-supported, credit-card tour for three weeks in Chile. I made up my own route as I went along, basically a loop between Concepcion and Valdivia. (Alan Bloom, Mar, 2006)

XC Inca Trails
Amazing MTB tour where it is possible to ride on the ancient main Inca Trail in Peru crossing many Inca sites on the way and interacting very closely with native people from the Andes. We start in Andahuaylas and ends in Cuzco and Machu Picchu. (Eduardo Stein, Oct, 2006)

Against the wind - Patagonia
Starting at the southern most town of America, we rode north, passing through the Torres del Paine National Park and up to the Moreno Glacier. From there, we turned east to Rio Gallegos. It was a trip against the strong Patagonian winds, but nevertheless with rewarding scenery. (Waltraud Schulze, Mar, 1995)

riding the worlds most dangerous road
your ride will start at 4900 mts(la cumbre) for a 63 km bike ride all down hill trough a beutifull scenic land scape from the beutifull Andes to the tip of the amazon, trough an amezing changing land scape and ridig the exiting death road that will the your breath away the ride ends at 1300 mts (yolosa) in warm tropical weather so prepare for the pool. (Luis Morales, Jan, 2005)

Argentina & Chile: 2007
A tandem ride around the Patagonia region of Argentina & Chile. We saw majestic mountains, beautiful lakes, met friendly people everywhere and tackled numerous gravel roads including the Carretera Austral road in Chile. A fantastic trip. (Dave & Jo Whitney, Jan, 2007)

Photo by Dennis Coello