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Pacific Coast

PCH Tour
Rode Pacific Coast Highway. Started in Windsor, CA and ended in Carpenteria. (Barry Branham, May, 2014)

CA Coast on road bike
Wanted to ride with my Fuji Carbon Fiber bike and all my stuff on a back pack from Crescent City to San Francisco (Alan Fletcher, May, 2016)

Big Sur Loop
A short loop down Hwy 1 through Big Sur, over Nacimiento Pass, through King City, up Arroyo Seco and down the Carmel River Valley. (Trent Pearce, Nov, 2007)

Crescent Cit to San Diego 2008
We started in Crescent City, CA and ended in San Diego, CA. We followed the ACA maps except for a 30 mile detour in LA to visit some family. Overall the trip was great, lots of biking and sights seen. (Dan Delaney, Sep, 2008)

Highway 1 with Saru
We took the train to Oakland, then the BART to SF, and then proceeded to ride down the coast to Morro Bay. (Jesse Fuller, Mar, 2003)

First overnighter
From my home in San Marcos to Carlsbad on the coast, then up Coast Highway through Camp Pendleton and San Onofre State Park to San Clemente. Stayed at a motel and returned the next day. (Tom Iarossi, Jun, 2016)

First Solo Tour
O&B from Walnut Creek to Gualala, CA on the Pacific Coast Highway. (Rick Beal, Aug, 2003)

Vancouver to San Francisco
Four of us going south along the coast. (leigh Nagy, Aug, 2004)

Washington and Oregon Coast
I did a loop through eastern Washington and Idaho, then drove across Washington taking a biking break in the Grand Coulee Dam area and a hiking break at Mount Rainier National Park. I then returned to biking, riding from Bellingham, WA to Crescent City, CA (Denise Goldberg, Jun, 1999)

Greybeard and Moose South
Left Sacramento and rode out to the coast through the Napa Valley. Then rode from Jenner to San Luis Obispo and took AMTRAK home. Mostly Camping with some hotel stays. (Donald Bybee, Sep, 2009)

Canada to Mexico
A three week solo and unsupported ride from Vancouver to Tijuana following the Pacific Coast. (Dan Hargrave, Sep, 2009)

Going Down
Pacific Coast from the Canadian border to the Mexican border. (John Meiners, Aug, 2014)

Olympia, WA to Santa Barbara, CA
Three of us left Olympia, WA and headed west to the coast, across the Astoria Bridge at the mouth of the Columbia River and down a combination of Hwy 101 and Hwy 1 to Santa Barbara, Ca through San Francisco and Big Sur. A fourth person met us in Florence, OR and road to San Francisco before returning home. Great Trour. (John Edwards, Sep, 2003)

Ken and Jason's San Francisco to Huntington Beach
In August 2008, Me and my friend Jason rode from San Francisco to Huntington Beach in 6 days. We stayed in Hotels and our families drove ahead to the next destination each day. We used ACA maps for most of the trip. (Ken Scovill, Aug, 2008)

USA Pacific Coast 2006
Seattle to San Diego. (James Jone, Aug, 2006)

Pan-American Diversions - Lima to Guayaquil
(William Krivan, Dec, 2010)

Bike2Mexico v2.0 - Vancouver to Mexicali
Primarily on the west coast with sections through the interior of Oregon and Southern California. (Eric Goetz, Sep, 2005)

Canada to San Francisco
I wanted to ride this northern part of the Pacific Coast. It turned out to be a great adventure, I bit off a little more than I could chew! (Bob Kastigar, Jul, 2005)

Pacific Coast Livestrong Benefit Tour
A fundraising bike tour benefiting the Lance Armstrong Foundation. Our goal is to ride along the West Coast from Vancouver, British Columbia to San Jose, California. This will be a 1,300 mile tour that begins in late June and will end approximately 21 days later. Both of us are students at Lynbrook High School (in San Jose) and will be graduating in June of 2007. (Marcel Stieber, Jun, 2006)

Pacific Coast 2001: Canada to Mexico
I joined two friends from Germany to cycle down the Pacific Coast. This journal provides some highlights and impressions of this well documented route. (Wayne Joerding, Jul, 2001)

San Francisco to San Diego MLC
rode across the Golden Gate Bridge and a 45 mile tour of the highlights of San Francisco and down the coast of California to the Cabrillo National Monument on Point Loma in San Diego. Solo ride, unsupported. (Russ Ketteringham, May, 2012)

West Coastal '07
We will be cycling from Vancouver to Tijuana, following the peninsula route laid out in Bicycling The Pacific Coast, by Vicky Spring and Tom Kirkendall. This will be a self-supported tour, utilizing campgrounds, nooks and crannies. (Zachery Wood, Jun, 2007)

Pan-American Diversions
The current segment is part of a long ride that proceeds north to south in a somewhat convoluted fashion, ultimately covering the distance from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego. (But this is of course a forward-looking statement.) (William Krivan, Dec, 2009)

2 Weeks in California
From April 6 to April 18, I rode along some of the most beautiful scenes I have ever seen. Started in San Francisco, then I headed south on Highway 1 to Big Sur and San Luis Obispo. I transfered to Fresno by Greyhound and cycled to my second destination, Yosemite National Park. (Gianni Filippini, Apr, 2004)

Darren Alff's 2001 California Coastal Bicycle Tour
My first bicycle tour started with an 18 hour bus ride to Eureka, California. From there I rode south down the California Coastline and ended me tour at the US/Mexico border. (Darren Alff, Jun, 2001)

Seattle, WA to San Francisco, CA
1100 miles of a great trip, my introductory bicycle adventure. Beautiful Scenery, great camping, challenging terrain. (Alexander Winant, May, 2003)

Tour de Coast
Two mid fify-ish geezers riding Linear recumbents and carrying our own gear had a great time on our first ever long distance tour. (Michael Russell, Apr, 2005)

USA - Mexico - Guatemala
from Victoria, Canada to Antigua, Guatemala in about three months (Mark Meijer, Aug, 2003)

Border-to-Bay Benefit
This ride began at the US/Canada border and travelled across the Olympic Peninsula on the Olympic Discovery Trail, then down the coast of Washington, Oregon and California to San Francisco. (Terry Toland, Jul, 2021)

40overpar west coast
Glenn Ronning and Kane Hudson left Vancouver, British Columbia and pedaled to the mexico border near Imperial Beach, California. We took two trailers one BOB, one Burley. The BOB trailer carried a six foot stuffed gorilla named Nathan. (kane hudson, May, 2008)

Pacific Coast
The only way to see the Pacific coast. (Jacob Janssen, Jun, 2018)

San Francisco to San Diego mid-life crisis
I rode from across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and down to the tip of Point Loma and the Cabrillo National Monument in San Diego in May 2012 (Russ Ketteringham, May, 2012)

Pacific Coast
We rode from Seattle, Washington to Caruthers, California on Rans recumbent bicycles. (Mark Acosta, Jul, 2012)

Pacific Coast Livestrong Benefit Tour II: Mexico!
This was the second half to our Pacific Coast Bicycle Benefit tour for the Lance Armstrong Foundation from last year. We finished the coast riding from San Jose to Tijuana (Marcel Stieber, Jun, 2007)

Seattle to San Francisco
The Pacific Coast highway (1 and 101) from Seattle to San Francisco (Chuck Anderson, Jul, 1991)

Canada to Mexico
A 1710 mile solo and unsupported cycle from Vancouver to Tijuana along the Pacific coast of America. (Dan Hargrave, Sep, 2009)

North from Goleta, Califronia ending in San Francisco, California (Mitchell Ayes, May, 2008)

Creswell to Coast & South
Siuslaw River Road, Smith River Road, Oregon Coast Bike Route South to Bandon & back to North Bend (Edward Gunderson, Sep, 2015)

Three Months On Three Wheels
ACA Pacific Coast Route (Jan Long, Apr, 2000)

Oregon and Northern California Coasts - 2004
Myself and my wife (who had never been camping before) set off for a 17 day trip to San Francisco. What followed would be one of the hardest (and most rewarding) feats either of us had ever done. (matthew kohlbecker, Jul, 2004)

Three Months on Three Wheels
The ride of a lifetime (William Long, Apr, 2000)

BC to BC
The trip occurred in 1963. We rode full on road racing bikes with sewup tires! Our best day was about 200 miles and the worst with furious headwinds was 65miles in southern Oregon. To our knowledge we were the first to ever complete this ride. (Robert Ewing, Aug, 1975)

Bishop to Mammoth Lakes
4 day camping trip,riding from Bishop Ca to Mammoth lakes on 395. Rode a GTO Greenspeed Trike. Ate at diners (Keith SERXNER, Sep, 2003)

Part of Pacific Coast
2 women, 2 weeks in March (Kathe Todd-Brown, Mar, 2010)

Cycling the Northern California Coast
A solo cycling trip of the northern California coast, from Eureka to San Francisco (paul Stockton, Aug, 2001)

Pacific Coast Peregrination
My friend James Taylor & I cycled self-contained down the Pacific Coast route including a loop around the Olympic Peninsula (Joseph Culpepper, May, 2022)

Pacific Coast Route From Sumas, Wa to the Tijuana Border. Raising money for Mexican Medical Ministries (Craig Libby, Sep, 2007)

Minimalist Pacific Coast Tour
This tour was minimalist in the extreme. I used an old 1970's road bike, bungee-corded a sleeping bag and a trunk pack onto the rear rack, and took off to explore the California coast. (David Runger, Aug, 2006)

Pacific Coast Retirement Party
As my retirement party, my wife and I rode down the Pacific Coast from Canada to Mexico (William Kingston, Sep, 2007)

Border To Border Benefit Ride
This ride was from Canada to Mexico Starting at US/Canada Border, ending at US/Mexico Border. Ride was to raise donations for SHARE of Vancouver, WA. (Terry Toland, Jul, 2011)

Cycle sojourner
Fully Loaded Self contained cycle tour of the Pacific west coast (matthew caluda, Aug, 2012)

A Grand Ride of the American Southwest
A loop from San Francisco south along the spectacular California coast, inland to Arizona's Grand Canyon, north to Utah's Escalante canyons, west across the Great Basin of Utah and Nevada, then a swing in northern California. (Bill Weir, Apr, 2012)

Pacific Coast Bike Trip
Vancouver to San Diego, following either adventure cycling maps or route described in Bicycling the Pacific Coast: A Complete Route Guide, Canada to Mexico, by Tom Kirkendall, Vicky Spring. (Allen Yu, Jul, 2003)

Puget Sound Country
I peddled 6 weeks & circled the Sound from Seattle N to the San Juan Islands, SW to Port Townsend, S to Vashon Island & Olympia & then NE to the Cascade foothills around Lake Sammamish. My focus was to explore the other shore and take time to enjoy. (Li Anne Waioli Taft, Aug, 2011)

Tour of CA
We will being doing a loop starting in San Francisco going south along the coast, turning west at Morro Bay to Yosemite, from there going north to Chico. From there we'll be going west to the redwoods and back down the northern coast to SF (Mike and Jake Moore, Jun, 2009)

Cycling the Pacific Coast
Cycling the Pacific Coast, beginning in Seattle, north to Vancouver and south to Tijuana (Nicholas Gigliotti, Jun, 2011)

CanMexPac Ride
Canada to Mexico via Pacific Coast Adventure Cycling route. 3 riders, credit card ride, my wife is SAG (Marvin Gibson, Sep, 2011)

Pacific Coast Tour, 2012
We rode a Bike Friday tandem from Canada to the US/Mexico border in the fall of 2012. Carried all gear in panniers, stayed in motels. (Mark Hoffmann, Sep, 2012)

San Francisco to San Luis Obispo
Averaging 85 miles per day - we made the trip in 3-1/2 days...incredible views of California's coastline. (Ron Leland, Oct, 2005)

Pacific West Coast
A sponsored cycle from Vancouver to San Francisco following the Adventure Cycling route to raise money for two charities. Completed the trip in 24 days. (Jonas Muir Wood, Jul, 2006)

Gray Bearded Clydesdale on the PCH
A big guy takes a solo self supported ride along part of the Pacific Coast of the United States. (Donald Bybee, Sep, 2007)

LA to SD (first solo tour)
A 36-hour solo tour down the coast from Downtown Los Angeles to Downtown San Diego with a night camping at Doheney State Beach and a train trip back up to L.A. on Amtrak's Surfliner at the end of day two. (Michael Rippens, Feb, 2011)

Ride Ataxia II
Raise awereness & research $$$ for Ataxia a progressive degenerative disease - we raised over $125,000 and plan to ride again in 2009 from Portland to Seattle - see www.rideataxia.org for details! (David Henry, Mar, 2008)

Eugene, OR to SF by Tandem
We traveled by train to Eugene, OR and then rode our tandem to the coast and down to San Fransisco (Robert Lenton, Jun, 2009)

Darren Alff's 2005 Canadian/American Bicycle Tour
My 5th long distance bike tour took me from Seattle, Washington to Klamath Falls, Oregon and a whole lot of places in between. (Darren Alff, Apr, 2005)

Pacific Coast North
My route ran from my parents' house in Vancouver, WA (near Portland, OR) to the Pacific Coast and down to San Francisco, CA. (Cameron Hummels, Jul, 2007)

California -> Mexico
I continued the PCH ride from the previous summer. I rode from San Francisco, CA to Tijuana, Mexico along the PCH. (Cameron Hummels, Aug, 2008)

Cruising the Coast 2008
Zo and I pulled our B.O.B's from Seattle to just south of L.A. We left her front door to my Uncle Per's front door in Harbor City, CA. We followed the ACA maps, riding along the coast using hwys 101/1. The ride was totally self-supported w/ zero flats! (Mark Soueidi, May, 2008)

my bicycle tour
Vancouver to Tijuana in summer of 2007. (Katie Phillips, Jun, 2007)

Camp Laurel Ride for AIDS 7
This is a fundraising "fun" ride for the entire family! This Ride is Saturday October 17, 2009. It is a fully supported ride, starting and ending in Santa Monica California. Route lengths vary from 30 miles to 80 miles. You pick. It is easy and fun! (Margot Anderson, Oct, 2009)

Pacific Coast Tour 2008
Kevin and I rode from his house in Seattle WA to my house in San Diego CA. (Alan Talbott, Aug, 2008)

From Vancouver to San Francisco
Making a dream come true. (Gerhard Illig, Aug, 2008)

Amtrak & North Oregon Coast
Pedal folding ICE recumbent trike to Eugene, Amtrak to Astoria. Ride and camp Astoria to Newport (Edward Gunderson, Sep, 2014)

SF to LA
Self-supported, solo tour, San Francisco to Los Angeles, mostly camping and cooking, following ACA PC maps (Elyse Wood, Oct, 2012)

North to South
I flew to Portland and rode to Topanga following ACA maps most of the way down the coast. This was my first tour and solo (Dan Zacks, Jul, 2010)

2 people, 2 borders, 1 bike and a whole lot of coastline
My husband and I hopped on our Bike Friday Tandem and rode the entire US Pacific Coast. Due to border closures, we started in Seattle, went north to touch the border and then back down to complete our "Border to Border" ride. Read more at amilianadventures.com (Angela Milian, Jul, 2021)

Pacific Coast Tour
This was 18 days spent riding along the west coast from central Oregon to Southern Ca. Riding along beautiful beaches and spending each night in a different state park. (Jim Hall, Jul, 2001)

CanMex 2019
Cycing the Pacific Coast from Vancouver to Tijuana with my 78 year old brother and his son. (Hans Kardol, Sep, 2019)

ACE Bladers turn Helmet Heads
Me and my two good friends from high school, Chuck and Elka, planned this trip during our senior year of college as a graduation trip and our first grand bike adventure. We gave ourself 3 weeks to go from Sacramento then to San Fransisco and then along the coast to L.A. averaging (Atessa Foroutan, Aug, 2018)

Photo by Dennis Coello