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Other Road

Lake Champlain Long Weekend
Four day Adventure Cycling self-supported tour, around the north end of Lake Champlain. (Dale Oswald, Sep, 2021)

TOSRV West (David Barth, May, 2013)

Lake Ontario, Clockwise
We circled Lake Ontario in seven riding days on a recumbent tandem. (Dale Oswald, Aug, 2005)

Cow-to-Cow 2K
Intended as a trip from the Golden Guernsey cow in Waukesha WI to the "Salem Sue" holstein in New Salem, ND, as a solo fund-raiser for Habitat for Humanity. (Donna Kummer, Aug, 2000)

I rode 2000 miles in different areas of the USA and Canada (mike french, Jun, 2005)

The Gut, The Bent, and the Ug-knees
Using the C & O Towpath, the Great Allegheny Passage, the National Road and assorted other byways, I biked hill and dale to my in-laws' house. (John Pickett, Aug, 2005)

Alaska Adventure
My daughter and I toured a great loop in Alaska in celebration of our 30th and 60th birthdays. We started in Fairbanks, toured down the George Parks Hwy. to Palmer and Anchorage, then on to Homer and back up the Kenai Peninsula to Whittier, a ferry to Valdez and then climbed out of Valdez and back to Fairbanks on the Richardson Pkwy. (Susan S. Walker, Jul, 2002)

Buffalo Tour 2004
Tour of Great Plains region of Oklahoma. Traveled through the Wichita Mtns Wildlife Refuge. (John Weaver, Oct, 2004)

Niagara Falls Tour
Tour began with 2-night stay in local church in Niagara. Our 11-day journey included rides along the Erie Canal Bike trail, NY SBR5, and backroads along the Finger Lakes. Visit to MLB Hall of Fame & swim at the source of the Susquehanna in Cooperstown. (Arlen Hall, Jul, 2006)

Natchez Trace Parkway
Toured the entire Parkway starting from N. Terminus ending in Natchez, MS. (Robert Achtenberg, Mar, 2013)

WheresJoe02 - Joe's 2002 summer adventure
Travel to a river house in Florida by road bicycle; and since traveling that amount of distance, might as well go to the Atlantic Ocean. Total mileage was 2332 to the Atlantic Ocean; and then another 174 miles to the river house. The route included -0- miles of interstate; avoided major towns except when needing the services of a large town; favored state parks; and included 63-miles of cheating hitchhikes. (Joseph Casselberry, Jun, 2002)

Algona IA - Webster City IA
Algona-West Bend-Rolf-Three Rivers Trail-Eagle Grove-Wester City & trails in velomobile FAW+ (Edward Gunderson, Jun, 2012)

Narrow Road to the Water
I followed the Columbia River from the headwaters in Canada to Pacific Ocean (Robert Ewing, Aug, 2009)

Racoon Valley - Trestle Trail
Jefferson IA-Racoon Valley Trail-Des Moines-Ankeney-Trestle Trail-Madrid-Woodward-Ogden-Jefferson in velomobile (Edward Gunderson, Jun, 2012)

A Fistful of Advil
From Northern Indiana (including a short spell on the Northern Tier Route), through central Ohio, across West Virginia at Wheeling, due east through Pennsylvania, where I picked up the Yough River and Appalacian Highlands trails. Originally planned as an Indiana to DC ride. Aborted in Rockwood, PA. (John Pickett, Aug, 2003)

Sea-Tac around the Olympic Peninsula to Portland and back to Boise along the Columbia River Gorge. (David Reuteler, Aug, 2011)

To Hopewell, NJ
I rode from Collegeville, about 60 miles, to Hopewell, NJ for a weekend certification course to teach Music Together classes. It turned out I could connect from about 10 or so miles from where I live with part of the Atlantic Coast Route. (Matteo Favero, Sep, 2011)

Blue Ridge Parkway Ride
I did the Blue Ridge Parkway with 3 friends, south to north. (Joanna Friesen, Jul, 2020)

Dangriga, Belize to Portland, Oregon
A 3400-mile duet-like tour by two young women through Belize, Mexico and the coasts of CA and OR. (Bridget Igoe, Jul, 2006)

Alabama Adventure
A return trip to the Deep South with some friends. (Michael Palombi, Oct, 2006)

Fayetteville, Texas
A short weekend tour from Fulshear, Texas to Fayetteville, Texas with overnight camping. (Darrell Robertson, Feb, 2008)

Natchez Trace
I travelled the Natchez Trace from Southern Terminus to Northern Terminus over ten days, with one rest day (Tom Watkins, May, 2012)

A Intense Experience
Without much Money, experience or preparation- I had a trip that was much more then just a bike trip and learned a lot about people, places and myself. If you expect to hear a bike story expect to be drowned. (Jonathan Rosenberg, Sep, 2004)

St. Lawrence Seaway 2009
From Cape Vincent (Lake Ontario) along Seaway and around the Gaspesie Peninsula and back to Montreal. (Paul Windrath, Jul, 2009)

My Civil Rights Tour/Alabama Adventure
Birmingham to Moundville thru Tuscaloosa, Moundville to Selma, Selma to Montgomery (Michael Palombi, Sep, 2003)

Katy Trail 2003
Followed the Katy Trail, plus the spur to Columbia, Missouri (Larry Plumlee, Sep, 2003)

Cascade Traverse
Over the North Cascades, down the Columbia River plain and back over Snoqualmie Pass. (Scott McKibbin, Jun, 2012)

Heading home
I made my first self-supported trip by bicycle and headed to my home town of woodstock, IL from River Falls, WI. I tayed in State PArk campgrounds along the way. (Dan Williams, Jun, 2006)

Lake Ouachita Tour
This annual 3-day ride around Lake Ouachita leaves from Hot Springs, AR on Presidents' Day weekend in February. Two nights of camping. Some cooking in camp but mostly eating at diners. (James Britt, Feb, 2015)

Festivelo de Charleston, SC
four days of cycling with three distances each day. camping RV, hotel, tent. oysters, beer, bbq, movies, camp fire (charles fox, Nov, 2011)

Mt. View B & B Ride
Ride leaves from Greer's Ferry Lake and stops for lunch at a diner and dinner in Mt. View at a B & B. (James Britt, Jan, 2015)

Bicycle Ride Around Arkansas (BRAA)
This annual does a self-supported loop in different parts of Arkansas with camping along the way (James Britt, Apr, 2015)

New Canaan CT to Granville MA
We rode a 220 mile loop from New Canaan Connecticut to Granville Massachusetts and back. Our route took us through the Litchfield Hills and back through the Farmington Valley to the Long Island Coast and back home. (Adam and Angela McFarland, Sep, 2005)

End of the Road for cancer
My trip was a solo journey from the tip of the Homer Spit, in Alaska, to the Southernmost Point, in Key West Florida. My purpose was to raise money for the American Cancer Society. My trip was solo and unassisted. (Robert Voris, Jun, 2005)

Maine Coast CycleTour
Three friends traveled unsupported along the East Coast Greenway route from Portland, Maine to St. Stephen, New Brunswick, Canada. (Jason Shimko, Aug, 2009)

Grand Local Tour
150+ mile 5 day / 4 night ride beginning and ending at our home. This trip was our 2nd trip. The 1st was a one night trip which we thoroughly enjoyed. This trip was to determine if we want to quit our jobs and travel the world. Hey, you gotta start somewhere! (James Reamer, Sep, 2016)

An 8 day ride starting at St-Simeon, going along the south shore af the Saguenay fjord, then around Lac St-Jean and back via the north shore of the fjord. (Marc Pilon, May, 2007)

The Shenandoah Valley Tour
Trout and Nimble Nate ride North from Washington D.C. on the C & O Canal to Martinsburg, WV and then ride South on US 11 through the scenic Shenandoah Valley to Martinsville, Virginia. (Chuck (trout) Allen, Apr, 2004)

Across Canada
I followed the Trans-Canada Highway most of the time, except in Quebec where bicycles are not allowed on this highway. I then followed the north shore of the St-Lawrence River to Quebec City, then the south shore road and again the TCH in New Brunsick and the rest of the ride. (Andr-© Richard, Jun, 1994)

A ride around the northern half of Lake Michigan
We rode from Manitowoc, WI up the Lake, through the UP of MI, down to Ludington where we caught the ferry back to our car. (Marti Fine, Jul, 1998)

High Plains of Colorado
I rode from my house in Boulder to the Nebraska border and back. (Neil Kearney, Jun, 2015)

4 States in 3 days
Southern Tier Route (Adam Weinbaum, Jun, 2002)

Southern Wales 2010
A solo tour of southern wales following parts of the UK national Sustran trails. (curtis fields, Aug, 2009)

Bikes & Bows
Spearfish, SD through Yellowstone, to the West Coast. South on Hwy 101 through the redwoos of Northern CA. North on 101 to Seattle. East to Missoula, then back to Spearfish, SD. (Kris Monroe, Jun, 2015)

Back to Wisconsin, Come With?
This is a near-repeat of my 2001 trip, this time with the primary stoker and ending in Chicago. We used rail-trails where they exist. (Dale & Nina Oswald, Sep, 2008)

The Ride From Home
In July of 04 my wife Nancy and I rode away from home on our first self-supported bicycle tour. We had 30 days, no destination in mind and no itinerary. We talked to local folks to determine which direction to point our front wheels. This turned into a wonderful vacation that has us counting down the days until this July. (Ron and Nancy Wheeler, Jul, 2004)

Riding into the Sunrise
700 mile p10-day rimarily solo bicycle ride from my front door in Cincinnati to my cottage front door on St. Joseph Island, Ontario, Canada. Conducted to mark retirement transition. See: http://.conyne.blogspot.com (Robert Conyne, Jun, 2006)

Philadelphia to Yellow Springs
Our family of 4 plus my wife's brother in law rode from our home in Philadelphia to Yellow Springs Ohio where my wife and I grew up. Her sister drove & met us each night with overnight gear. (Leland Mayne, Jun, 2008)

Cycle Tour to Haida Gwaii - the Edge of the World
For years a cycle tour to Haida Gwaii has been on our wish list! This archipelago off the Northwest Coast of British Columbia is remote, incredibly beautiful, relatively untouched & rich in Haida culture. The fascinating history of the Haida people goes back to the great floods & the first tree. (Jane Weiss, Jul, 2015)

Second Summer Tours ?Maui Edition? tour has proven to be a classic winner for cyclists hoping to escape the winter of North America. Mark your 2006 calendar ? January 29 through February 5 (2006) ? for this epic cycling vacation with long-distance icons Pete Peseyres and Rob Templin. (ROB TEMPLIN, Jan, 2004)

Ride the Rim
Although this is only a day trip, the Ride around the Rim of Crater Lake in Oregon is worth the trip whether you bike, drive or hike there! (Jane Weiss, Sep, 2015)

The Killer Tour
A loop tour of Route 66 between Tulsa and Edmond, Oklahoma. (John Weaver, Oct, 2003)

Anticipating the Underground Railroad Route
I will be bicycling from Columbus, Ohio to Mobile, Alabama hitting towns that will be featured in the forthcoming mapped route. I am having great fun trying to figure the route out! (Michael Russell, Jun, 2006)

The Natchez Trace Tour
Trout and Nimble Nate ride the Natchez Trace Parkway and encounter fire-ants and rattlesnakes. (Chuck (trout) Allen, Sep, 2003)

Mexico City - Acapulco 1 day ride
238 milles road bicycling ride in one day with full supported experience company based in Mexico. This was the 3rd. edition of the event which took place the past 17th march 2006, and counts with 70 participants who accepted the challenge to do this long-endurance ride to one of the most "famoso" Mexico's tourist destination. Really, it was incredible experience to leave Mexico City by 4 o'clock in the morning, and arrive to Acapulco at 9 pm. (HECTOR ALEJANDRO DEVARS MOSRI, Mar, 2006)

FestiVELO de Charleston
340+ Miles of Recreational Cycling Viewing the Most Breathtaking Scenery in the Ol' South! (Charles Fox, Nov, 2006)

Tandem touring
We love to tour on our tandem. We have one major trip per year that lasts the summer. See our website for stories and rides. The date below only is the start of our summer adventures. Our mileage per year ranges from 1,600 miles to the below mentioned 3,000 miles. Our tours are self-supported and only with an idea in mind. Life just doesn't happen according to plan and neither does touring. Mostly we plan on a day to day basis with and general end in mind. (Charley and Kamala Land, Jun, 1998)

Momo on tour
Slovenia going east to China via Balkan, Central Asia, Pamirs and Tibet to Beijing and back going west via South China, Tibet, Nepal, India, Pakistan, Iran, Georgia, Azejberdzan, Turkey, Balkan and home. (Marija Kozin, Mar, 2006)

Vancouver Island
Lochside Trail from Swartz Bay to Victoria, and Pender Island. (Paul Adkins, Oct, 2003)

BLC to Bering Sea
Rode from my front door in Reno, NV to Skagway, AK via the most indirect route possible. Hiked the Chilkoot trail to Lake Bennett then paddled to the Bering Sea. (adam bradley, Apr, 2012)

Allegheny Mountains Loop
This was a cycle tour of the ACA route, Allegheny Mountains Loop, done in Septmeber, 2012 (Anne Cowan, Sep, 2012)

That Which Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger
132 miles, 19,000' of climbing (Rich M, Sep, 2004)

State of Jefferson Outback Tour
Five of us did a 7 day selfcontained tour of Southeastern Oregon and Northeastern California visiting Lava Beds National Monument and 2 hot springs. Great roads, little traffic, lots of wildlife and great scenery. Four of us rode with panniers, one road with trailer. We had 1 recumbent, one mountain bikes, one road modified mountain bike and one touring bike and one cross bike. (John Edwards, Sep, 2005)

'Daks and Back
I took a five-day, door-to-door loop from home to the Adirondak foothills and back. (Dale Oswald, Jun, 2006)

A Desert Tale (Moab to Phoenix)
A desert riding extravaganza through the NP's & Monuments of SE and SW Utah... Grand Canyon, Sedona, to end at a friends in Phoenix, AZ. (Stephen Starr, Sep, 2003)

Kentucky Bluegrass Tour
Traveled from Maysville KY to Cumberland Falls State Park via Kentucky's Bluegrass Tour Route (Terry Powell, Aug, 2011)

Allegheny Mountain Loop
This was a challenging, but fun ride through the mountains of Virginia and West Virginia. (Anne Cowan, Sep, 2012)

Mid-Michigan 2012 Tour
8 day tour which is a loop around Mid-Michigan utilizing mostly rail-trails totaling 420 miles. Starting point is at Round Lake in Bath, MI and ending in East Lansing. Here is the Google maps route http://g.co/maps/fbxq8 (Robert Achtenberg, Jul, 2012)

Boise, ID to Portland, OR via highway 26 and 20, then over to tillamook and down the coast on 101 and CA 1. (David Reuteler, Jun, 2010)

Eastern Erie Canal 1999
Dale & Diana rode the eastern 2/3 of the Erie Canal, Palmyra to Albany, NY. (Dale Oswald, Jul, 1999)

Alaska Sub-Arctic
Started at the Elson Visitors Center in Denali National Park, across the Denali Hwy down to Wrangell- St. Elias, on to Valdez, then by ferry to Cordova and the Copper River Delta. Then ferry hopping out to the Aleutian Islands and the many villages along the way ( Kodiak, Chignic, Sand Point, King Cove , Cold Bay, False Pass, Akutan, as far as Dutch Harbor) then back to Homer. About 80% of the trip was on dirt road (Brad Fidel, Jun, 2002)

Route Verte: Quebecc
I road sections of the Route Verte in eastern, southern and western Quebec (Michael Russell, Jun, 2008)

Across Wisconsin 2001
We rode across southern Wisconsin using rail trails and rural roads. (Dale Oswald, Aug, 2001)

It Must Be Contagious
Dale introduces Nina to touring with a first short tour. (Dale Oswald, Jul, 2000)

Bike Tour Summer '11
Month-long trip around CA. (Douglas Williams, Jul, 2011)

Boise across the center of Oregon (via the TransAm) over the Cascades and up I-5 to Seattle (David Reuteler, Sep, 2004)

Sierra-Cascades 2010
A haphazard group formed from "companions wanted" listings on ACA and crazyguyonabike. Depart 25 July from Sumas-maybe two months to get to Tecata (Jim Hammond, Jul, 2010)

Bishop to Mammoth Lakes, CA
Bishop to Mammoth and back, camping along the 395. (Keith Serxner, Sep, 2003)

A solo bike trip from London, UK, to Saint-Louis, Senegal. However I met a couple other cyclists along the way with whom I crossed the Sahara. (Steven Cayford, Nov, 2011)

Lake Erie
Self-contained bicycle trip circumnavigating Lake Erie and Lake St Clair. (Allen Freeman, Jul, 2010)

Solo coast to coast
Solo from Washington to Maine via Lewis and Clark, some NoTier, a lot of independent routes (Hannah Roberts, Apr, 2014)

New Hamshire in the Fall
Ride from Manchester, NH to Bristol, NH. (Brad Dickson, Aug, 2006)

Canada to Mexico and a little more
I rode from Chester, Nova Scotia to Cd. Victoria, Tamaulipas, and then up the Rio Grande from Brownsville to Alpine, TX (George Gore, Sep, 2006)

Across America
From Florence OR, 3 June 2008, to Virginia Beach VA, 22 July 2008. 3299 miles. Rode with Greg Johnson, Green Valley AZ. States: OR, ID, WY, NE, IA, IL, IN, OH, WV, MD, VA. (Craig Brown, Jun, 2008)

Two families bicycle the Black Hills
Two families with small children (ages 5, 4 and 2) rode an 8-day, self-supported tour through South Dakota's Black Hills. Visited Jewel Cave, Wind Cave, Custer State Park and Mount Rushmore. Climbed Harney Peak. (Michael McGrath, Jun, 2010)

For a Few Advils Less
This ride is a quick, four-day dash across upstate New York using the Erie Canalway Trail System and NY Bicycle Route 5. (John Pickett, Aug, 2004)

Witnessing complexity
Starting from my home in NH heading south to Ashland VA then west to Berea KY. South again on the Natchez trace, then west. (Rye Lyczak, Sep, 2019)

Biking and hiking Colorado and Wyoming
I rode a large loop through the mountains of northern Colorado and southern Wyoming, beginning and ending at my house. (Michael McGrath, Jul, 2007)

Boise north through Idaho and across Washington from Spokane to Wenatchee over the Cascades to Seattle (David Reuteler, Aug, 2008)

The Push
Training ride for a cross state record attempt (Tom Leonard, Sep, 2006)

Family tour of the Colorado Rockies
My family of 4 crossed the Colorado Rockies, going over 4 mountain passes and visiting several mountain towns. My wife and I rode a tandem, our 5-year-old rode a trailerbike, and our 2-year-old rode in a child trailer. (Michael McGrath, Jul, 2010)

2013 STOF Charity Ride
This self-supported cycling tour raised money and awareness for St. Teresa Orphans Foundation (STOF) in Tanzania, Africa. STOF works to help orphans and vulnerable children. www.stoftz.org (Nick Neuman, Jun, 2013)

540 miles to Maine
Starting at Central Park West in NYC, went up the Hudson for 3 days, then turned right and spent a day going across Vermont and a Day across New Hampshire before going SE to Cape Porpoise (Near Kennebunkport), Maine. Part was on Adirondacks Loop, another on Northern Tier. (Grant Anderson, Aug, 2017)

Berkshires, Foothills, Beantown
Albany NY to Boston MA along the northern tier of MA (Dale Oswald, May, 2014)

Lake Superior
Guided supported tour circumnavigating Lake Superior. (Jill Aspinall, Jul, 2013)

Photo by Dennis Coello