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Other Off-Road

Big BAM on the Katy
Big BAM on the Katy runs from Oct. 7 through 12 and crosses Missouri on the Katy Trail. This is a fully supported rides with lots of fun things like a concert every night and Missouri craft beers and lots of wineries. Sign up at www.bikekaty.com (Gregory Wood, Oct, 2018)

Cold Mountain Water
A short ride over tens of thousands of years through the Willamette Valley. (Robert Ewing, Sep, 2011)

The Katy Trail by Bike
Trout, Matt, and Eli, slack pack the Katy Trail. (Chuck (trout) Allen, Jul, 2002)

C&O and AHT 2000
I rode the length of the C&O and Allegheny Highlands trails. (Dale Oswald, Aug, 2000)

Erie Canal 2012
Buffalo to Albany via Niagara Falls and the Finger Lakes (Scott Blandford, Jul, 2012)

Colorado Trail - Denver to Durango
Mountain biked over 500 miles from Denver to Durango on the Colorado Trail. (Jody Furtney, Jul, 2011)

Black Ice - Cyling on Lake Baikal in Winter
We cycled the entire length of frozen Lake Baikal from North to South. Starting in Sewerobaikalsk, visiting Olchon Island and then finishing at southern tip of the Lake. (Waltraud Schulze, Feb, 2011)

Blueberry Run & Lady slipper Pines Loop
10 mile Off road cicuit, fun flowing singletrack for beginner to inermediate. Mostly smooth terrain. No rocks or roots some open some heavily wooded. Fun trail riding. not too much work (cliford krolick, Jul, 2010)

Traveled the west through Oregon, California, Arizona, (Aaron Suhr, Apr, 2009)

Miles 4 Autism
DeJuan Hawkins will leave Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on April 12th, cover 13 states and over 3000 miles to end in San Francisco, California. Funds raised will go to schools in the Central Pa area servicing autistic students. www.miles4autism.com (DeJuan Hawkins, Apr, 2009)

Mountain & Bike
An expedition-style bike trip. The aim was to cycle to a mountain 200 km away from all roads and attempt a first ascent of that 6000m+ mountain. (Waltraud Schulze, Sep, 2007)

Beyond the Yukon
(Pat Rodden, Aug, 2006)

KATY Trail, Missouri
4 day ride across Missouri on the KATY Trail, the longest Rails to Trail bike path in the US. (Troy Ratliff, Apr, 2004)

Borderland Mountain Bike Expedition
The Borderland Mountain Bike Expedition was a solo, off-road ride I completed across the entire 1,950-mile United States-Mexico Border, becoming the only person to ever successfully traverse this demarcation end-to-end. During the seven-week expedition, which culminated as double-length main features in "Tail Winds" and "Mountain Biking Magazine," I encountered snow-capped summits, expansive sun-baked deserts, and the most dangerous, lawless terrain in the entire U.S. (Erik Schlimmer, Dec, 2003)

Pittsburgh PA to Washington DC
3-day self-contained ride from Pittsburgh PA to Washington DC, 3 riders. (Ed Quigley, May, 2004)

Bike tour on Ice: Northwest Greenland
A bicycle tour in the frozen sea along the coastline of Northwest Greenland. A winter biek trip. (Andy Hessberg, Feb, 1992)

Photo by Dennis Coello