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Other Cross-Country

LA to MA (Los Angeles to Massachusetts)
Inspired by Bikecentennial when I was 16, I held on to a dream of someday cycling across the country. At the age of 62, in my 18th year of having Multiple Sclerosis, I did it! Solo! From Southern California to Massachusetts. Visited family and friends along the way. 3,800 miles in 86 days! (Richard Core, Apr, 2022)

CU Across America (NY to San Fran)
Group of students from Cornell University biking across the country from Ithaca, NY to San Francisco, CA to raise money for the Lance Armstrong Foundation (Bryan Ellerbrock, Jun, 2010)

try again
After not finishing my cross country tour last year, Beth got in touch with me in the fall of 2003 and asked if I was ready to plan the next cross country ride. Right away I started to plan again, and the try try again tour was coined. Beth put her journal on here under that title, that is why I dropped on of the try words. Unfortunately our riding styles were to different for me to feel comfortable and I split from our group in Aberdeen, South Dakota. Incredible, both Beth and I finished on the same day. (Moni Neville, May, 2004)

A bunch of rides across america in the locations I love the best, glacier, yellowstone, banff, Ottawa, San Juan Islands, more... (mike french, Jun, 2005)

bike for timmy
The first two thirds was unsupported. We were supported from Indianpolis to Washington, DC. We rode through the west during the hotest July on record. My 21 year old son with cerebral palsy riding a trike suffered the most. (Jim Barnett, Jun, 2005)

Sibling Tour
My house in Ft. Lauderdale, FL to my sister's house in Seattle, WA visiting other siblings on the way (Dennis Becker, Apr, 2009)

Transcendental Transcontinental
My bike tour went cross country USA from Seaside, OR to Ocean Grove, NJ. Every day brought an adventure as I travelled "on-route" and "off-route" to places that I always wanted to see. I also sampled and documented the local brews along the way. (Alan Haag, Aug, 2004)

Bike2Mexico v1.0 - North/South Adventure 2003
US northern border to southern border through the Rocky Mountains including Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, and California. (Eric Goetz, Aug, 2003)

the TRIGator tour
started with Scofield Triand then about 50 miles after that day to camp, followed Mormon trail, thru Navoo, Kirtland, Palmyra, Sharon, to Lake Winepesakee. Carla, wife followed in Escape with gear, finished with Timberman 70.3 tri (Robert Swift, Jul, 2009)

Pedaling on the Road of Life
Ride to rediscover the true meaning of life for myself and other's insights. (L.E. Baskow, May, 2011)

Boston to Oregon - a cross-country celebration
Started north of Boston, MA, I found my own route through MA, NH, and VT, and joined the Northern Tier route at the ferry to Ticonderoga, NY. I follwed the Northern Tier to Indiana, then found my own route through IN, IL, MO, joining the TransAm route in southwestern Missouri. I continued on the TransAm to Missoula (Denise Goldberg, Jun, 2002)

Point Reyes, CA, to Assateague Island, MD
Three of us rode self-supported on the Western Express Route from Davis, CA, to Pueblo, CO, before joining the TransAm. We then split from the TransAm in Kansas and did our own self-guided tour. (Other riders were Andrea Scott and Dan Simmons.) (Jeff Kaminski, Jun, 2004)

Coast(er) to Coast(er)
San Diego to New York, group of three, self supported, self planned, still friends. We camped about half the time, motels the rest. May and June 2004. CA AZ NM OK KS MO IL IN OH PA NY NJ NY. (Bruce Binder, May, 2004)

Cycling to Celebrate
To celebrate 25 years of cancer free living, I rode 81 days across the USA starting in San Francisco ending in Washington DC. My route roughly followed the Western Express, TransAm routes with a 1000 mile detour through Salt Lake City and Denver. (Ben Partan, Aug, 2011)

New England Leg
Boston to Portland, via Lake Champlain. This is the second leg of several that will eventually link east-west across the US & Canada. (Pete Keith, Jun, 2002)

Alice and Bobbi Cycle America
Lewis & Clark to Minot, ND, then Northern Tier to Bar Harbor, ME (Alice Honeywell, Jun, 2003)

USA Coast to Coast in 2002
Solo from San Diego to Mobile away from the Southern Tier, then on supported cross-State rides in Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina (Bob Schofield, Apr, 2002)

Bethany or Bust!
52 days from Renton, WA to Bethany Beach, DE. 3 wks with CA tour, 4 wks solo self-supported. (Paul Rito, Jun, 2005)

America by Bicycle 2005
The continuing saga of three teachers touring the USA by bicycle. This trip follows a combination of Northern Tier, Great Rivers and Southern Tier. (Gary Speary, Jul, 2005)

Wanderlust with Rhonda
A coast to coast exploration of politics, sex and culture. (Nora Dye, Apr, 2007)

Michael and Kathy's ride from CO to VA
Rode together on tandem bicycle from northern Colorado out to Chesapeake Bay, Virginia. Passed through Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky and West Virginia. (Michael McGrath, May, 2003)

Father and Son Cross-Country Adventure
My 15 year-old son and I rode, mostly self-supported, from Seaside Oregon to Washington D.C. (Doug Orcutt, Jun, 2005)

texas 4000, rockies route
A group of 18 rode (supported) from austin, tx to anchorage, ak, along the rocky mountains as a fundraiser for cancer research (chris mccraw, Jun, 2007)

A solo, non-supported fixed gear ride from San Diego to Savannah, with the goal to raise awareness and support for programs supporting the service members and families of service members serving in Afghanistan and Iraq. (Scott Hendricks, Dec, 2006)

4200 mile cross country supported trip from Seattle, WA to Boston, MA. Consisted of stays in schools and campgrounds. (Scott Katzer, Jun, 2004)

Tandem Across America
It was just Gabrielle and I on our Tandem. We followed the Western Express to Pueblo, CO where we joined the TransAmerica route. We (more or less) took this to the Mississippi river where we caught the Great Rivers route heading North. In Muscatine, we then joined with the Northern tier which we look all the way to New York. From Niagra Falls to Manhattan we self routed. (Robert Larson, Jun, 2003)

Great Divide Mountain Bike Route
I completed the Great Divide Mountain Bike route from Banff, Canada to Columbus, NM. (Aaron Shoemaker, Jul, 2018)

Austin (TX) to Chicago
Self-planned route from Austin to Chicago in May 2002: Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, and Illinois. Was moving to Chicago, so I thought, why not ride there? Sister came along for the ride. I can't wait to tour again! (Monique Stinson, May, 2002)

Diesel and Dust
In late May of 2005, we headed west riding two modified cyclocross bicycles each dragging a one-wheel trailer. Along the way we dropped in at Oberlin College, visited old friends in Indiana and Iowa before joining the route of the 1804 Lewis and Clark expedition in Sioux City, Iowa. (Houston and Garrett Miller, May, 2005)

Mid-America tour
A ride from my house in Albuquerque to Uncle Bob's house in Wisconsin. (Andy and Ted Wright, Jun, 2007)

Ride Across America for MS
I'll let you know (Josh Reynolds, Aug, 2013)

From D.C. to Pittsburgh along the C&O Canal and ATA GAP trail. (Stew King, Jun, 2008)

Farmville to Fairbanks
Followed ACA routes from Virginia, Transam, Great Rivers, Lewis and Clark, Northern Tier, Great Parks, then up through Canada to Fairbanks, then up the Dalton Highway to the Arctic Circle (Ed Devlin, May, 2013)

A Portland to Portland ride (kind of)
Meg and I decided it was time to ride. What better way to go home then ride your bike. Since Meg lived near Portland, ME why not start near Portland, OR. Well we didn't exactly ride from Portland to Portland but it was close. Florence, OR to Cape Elizabeth, ME. (Eddie and Meg, Jun, 2003)

In April 2003, I biked from NYC to DC. In July I continued to Earthaven ecovillage, NC. In September I went west into TN, New Orleans, and followed Southern Tier, going into Mexico at Del Rio/Acuña. Biked south to Manzanillo, and took busses to Tijuana. (Colin Leath, Apr, 2003)

Coast to Coast
Best summer of my life. Through southern NH, VT, and NY State bike route 5. PA, OH, IN, IL, MO, KS, western tier to San Fran (Brock Dastous, May, 2003)

Big Ride Across America
Supported ride to benefit the American Lung Association (John Lemke, Jun, 2011)

Coast to Coast: A Ride to Remember
A solo ride across the country to raise money and awareness for the Alzheimer's disease. My first tour ever! and now I'm hooked. Pieced together a route on N Tier, Tranamerica, and Western Express. www.memride.com (Andrew Brown, Jun, 2003)

Boca Chica, TX to Red Bay, Labrador
Across Midwest to Sandusky, Ferry to Canada. Along St. Lawrence to Riviere du Loup, then New Brunswickj and Nova Scotia. Ferry to Newfoundland, ferries along South Coast to St.Pierre-Miquelon. Rode to St.John's, then Gt.Northern Peninsula, ferry to Labrador. (John Berry, May, 2004)

Gel's jourrney
A self guided cross country trip taken by three young women looking for an adventure. (Emma Woodward, Sep, 2006)

Pedal Prayers
Continuing trip in U.S.A. with 16 cross-country tours using parts of the Northern Tier, Pacific Coast, Trans-Am, Southern Tier, and East Coast Adventure Cycling Routes along with personal routes; etc. (Rev. Hans Myors, Feb, 1993)

Habitat Bicycle Challenge
A cross-country bicycle fundraiser, organized and led by college students, that benefits Habitat for Humanity of Greater New Haven. Three trips traverse the US from New Haven to Seattle, Portland (OR), and San Francisco. (Eric Bloom, May, 2006)

Phase V
A ride to raise money and awareness for various charities (Nick Benavidez, Apr, 2004)

Bike to Shine
We mapped out our independent bicycle touring trip over 11 states as we went, discovering each state on our own terms. We briefly followed the Adventure Cycling Transcontinental Trail in Missouri, Illinois and Kentucky. (Jill Homer, Aug, 2003)

2002 Northern Tier (more or less)
Solo self-supported cross country. Mostly hotel, some camping. Northern Tier through N Dakota, and Buffalo to Syracuse (with Minneapolis to Buffalo via S Ontario & Syracuse to Mamaroneck via NYS cycling routes) (Rob Wheelhouse, May, 2002)

An American family seeks its future by bicycling through its past. (Al Truscott, Jul, 1997)

Trans Canada on trail
Across Canada on te trans canada trail. (Nick Jacobs, Jun, 2003)

Great Divide (GDMBR) 2013
Banff to Antelope Wells, supported, with 10 others. (Jim Mackay, Aug, 2013)

Jolly Green Ice Machine
I am cycling through the lower 48 states beginning January 1, 2009 from Key West, FL. I love the outdoors and thru-hiked the AT in 2006. This ride is a dream adventure for me. My website www.jollygreenicemachine.com further explains my goals and mission. (Michael Galardi, Jan, 2009)

Hokey Pokey
Across northern Rockies, South-east across the plains/mid-west to the southeastern US, east to Atlantic Coast (Ian Carroll, Aug, 2003)

R&R's Excellent Adventure (NY to Oregon)
A cross-country adventure to celebrate retirement-- from our home to my brother-in-law's. The route was mostly Northern Tier, with our own route through Ontario (Manitoulin Island), and ending up on the Lewis & Clark trail. (Roberta Dakan, Jun, 2003)

Mile Zero Cross Country Tour
Solo, unsupported 14 state ride from the Pacific to the Atlantic. (Josh Hobson, Apr, 2010)

Minneapolis to Cheyenne, WY to the TransAM at Pueblo, CO to Astoria, OR up to Seattle and down the Coast to Los Angeles. (David Reuteler, Jun, 2002)

Finding the Flat Road
In search of a flat route from Erie, PA to Pittsburgh. (Harvey Surrena, Sep, 2014)

1700 Mile bike ride from to see the sights and talk to the people (Don Walden, Oct, 2009)

Western Express/Transamerica. SF to Yorktown!
I and friend Greg Scally did this trip in 42 days, for an average of more than 90 miles a day. Among these days, we took 1.5 days break. Slept in beds only 4 different nights, the rest was camping! Best trip of my life! (Alexander Winant, Jun, 2004)

Western Express/Trans-Am Celebration
Karen and I celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary by crossing the USA on our recumbent tandem. (Brian and Karen Managan, May, 2004)

California to Minnesota via Florida
For my first bike tour, a mere 6,711 miles! Started off in L.A. by riding the Pacific Coast Route (down to San Diego) followed by about two-thirds of the entire Southern Tier Route (to St. Augustine, FL) and about half of the Atlantic Coast Route (to Washington, DC). From Virginia to Cleveland, I took several hike & bike trails (C & O Canal Towpath, Great Allegheny Passage) for long stretches. Finally, I followed portions of the Lake Erie Connector and the North Lakes Route to Minneapolis. (John Wickland, Mar, 2003)

Tour Tales - Touring Stories & Info
A library of touring stories (add yours!). Our tour went N along coast to Oregon, ID, Tetons and Yellowstone, Badlands, Iowa, Madison, Illinois, Indiana, Cleveland, Penn, NJ, NYC. The site also includes my tours along California coast and around Arizona. (Matt Griffiths, Jul, 1997)

Coasting 2002
New York City to San Francsico through PA, OH, IN, IA, KS, CO, UT, WY, ID, OR and CA. (Gigi Sims, May, 2002)

Paul's great adventure 2015
I did a 4700 mile west to east cross country solo self contained bike tour from Folsom, CA to Bar Harbor, ME riding the Western Express, Transamerica and Atlantic Coast routes (Paul Louen, May, 2015)

Seattle to Scottsbluff
My goal was to ride from Seattle, where I live, to my home town, Scottsbluff, Nebraska. I could only get a month off from work, so logistically, I wasn't sure how it was going to work out! (Kevin Henderson, Aug, 2009)

Miami- Phoenix, AZ - San Francisco, CA - Lakeview, OR - Boise, ID - Yellowstone N.P. (Matthias Wuestefeld, Jun, 2003)

Going West
Bicycle Route 66 from Chicago to Santa Monica (John Meiners, Aug, 2015)

Cross country 2005
I rode cross-country, solo (except for riders met along the route) using four Adventure Cycling routes: Northern Tier to St. Paul, Great Rivers to south of St. Louis, TransAmerica to Louisa, VA and Atlantic Coast to Northampton, MA. (Gary Fifield, Jun, 2005)

USA Transcontinental Ride
Rode from Astoria, Oregon to Bar Harbor, Maine with two brothers plus a friend. Followed TransAmerica Trail, Parks, Peaks and Prairies and Northern Tier routes. Ride commemorated our father who rode across the country 25 years ago. (Alan Miller, Aug, 2021)

Bike And See
podcast of our tour. it is in progress right now (5/23/2006) (Matt Ryan, Mar, 2006)

Wisconsin to San Fransisco
Rode from Wisconsin to San Fransisco. Across MN, SD, WY, ID, OR & CA. Saw the Badlands, Black Hills, Mt Rushmore, Yellowstone, Crater Lake, Pacific Ocean and Golden Gate Bridge. (John Wegner, Jun, 1983)

Biking the USA
A 4500 mile cross country ride on a tandem, with 19 other cyclists from the Bicycle Adventure Club. (cynthia hammer, Jun, 2011)

Miniwanca Odyssey 2007
Self supported ride from New Hampshire to the west coast of Michigan via VM, NY, ON. Positive youth delopment focus with 24 high schoolers. (Narelle Couper, Jun, 2007)

Trans America Bicycle Adventure
Starting at the Golden Gate Bridge covered the distance to join the Bikecentennial Route in Salida CO. From there to Yorktown VA I stayed either on or close to the transamerica route. (Van U'Ren, May, 1996)

Half of Canada and MORE
I was to cycle only to Thunder Bay, Ontario but my body was doing fine so i figure, go for it all. (Curtis Anderson, May, 2012)

Bike From Oregon to Virginia 2010
Starting in Florence, Oregon in August 2010 and ending in Yorktown, Virginia in November 2010 (Nancy Mead, Aug, 2010)

My husband I biked from crescent city, CA to San Diego, CA to Vidalia, LA to Madison, WI (Heidi Ploeg, Mar, 2013)

"Jolly Green Ice Machine - cycling through the lower 48 states
(Michael Galardi, Jan, 2009)

Madison to Maine to Asheville
Madison to Pittsburgh to Bar Harbor to DC to Pittsburgh to Asheville (Charles Hartman, Aug, 2013)

Ken & Carol Lyon's Cross-Country Ramble
Two recently-retired non-athletes realize a life-long dream as they ramble across America on their recumbent bicycles, emailing their journal as they went. (Ken Lyon, Apr, 1996)

My husband and I wanted to make you aware of http://www.nwclotbusters.org/ and find out about our ride for OHSU Cancer Research Center and blood clots in all ages. There are a lot of links of information for individuals suffering from DVT, PE, and other lethal blood conditions as it relates to every disease. I was diagnosed with two PE's (blood clots that moved into my lungs) over a two year period, and have been a very active athlete all my life. It devastated me, but I am so grateful that I survived. Because of this, I formed NWclotbusters Foundation. We are working through OHSU to help those with lethal blood conditions that are under medications and constant monitoring. It is a huge change in quality of life for an athlete, but I am trying to show others that you can still try to achieve some quality of life. We are cycling across the country this month to raise awareness of the condition and promote research and education possibilities across the nation. This is so important because I teach spin classes and have been such an active cyclist in this community and NEVER thought I could ever get something that only old and inactive people get. I go every day wishing someone had told me and I cannot be that person! I want to tell everyone and I am seeking your help so we can save lives. We have a blog with pictures that we will be posting all along the ride, from June 21st to August 8th. So, please ck. out the web! Thanks so very much, NWclotbusters.org clotbusters@aol.com (Cheryl & Tom Edwards, Jun, 2006)

My Ride
A bike ride taking the long way from Denver to Seattle. (Nicholas Roland, Apr, 2016)

For My Dad
I'm riding to see this beautiful country and in honor of my father who has frontotemporal dementia. I'm raising awareness and funds for AFTD (theaftd.org) a research organization for the disease. (Brandon Cline, Jun, 2011)

10thGear Jett Ride
(Arlen Hall, Jun, 2007)

Cross Country Challenge
My trip is covered in a Typepad blog of my 2006 mid-America, cross country ride with America by Bicycle. (Douglasey Hartley, Jun, 2006)

10thGear Jett Ride
(Arlen Hall, Jun, 2007)

The Rite of Passage Tour
A young man's solo journey into the heart of America in 1976 via secondary roads in Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, Missouri, and Iowa. (Chuck Allen, Mar, 1976)

Denver to the Pacific Northwest
From Denver to southern Colorado and Utah on primarily dirt roads, then up through Utah, Idaho, Montana, Idaho again, and Washington to Anacortes. Finally a little jog in the San Juan Islands, Victoria, and the Gulf Islands, before finishing in Vancouver. (Randy Fay, May, 2004)

Across Canada
This ride was the culmination of a dream that hatched shortly after I began to ride my bike again after years of neglect. (Bil Scott, Jul, 2006)

That's All Folks
We rode down the Hudson River Valley in 3 1/2 days, where I completed a sectional cross-country ride. (Dale Oswald, Sep, 2005)

Coast to Coast
Lincoln City to Pasco WA, then north to Glacier, then Hwy 2, Millaukee, Ohio, South to KY, then over the Blue Ride Parkway to Coast (Mary Kay Britton, Jun, 2000)

Independence Ride 2008
Three day trip through central Iowa and east central Illinois during the week of July 4th. (Steve Fuller, Jul, 2008)

PTSD Awareness Ride to DC and back.
I am riding my bike from Central Texas to DC to help raise awareness of PTSD so that the general public understands it better. I will be interviewing people along the way and posting it on IG (Magister Royal/thecyclingmagister) (Sean Royal, Aug, 2022)

C2C New York to Seattle
The first of may in 2010 I flew out of Switzerland to Newark from where I've started my trip across America, all the way to Seattle where I've arrived 52 day later... (Thomas Haessig, May, 2010)

Bike Across America
Started in San Francisco, CA. Biked up to Portland, OR. Followed the TransAmerican to Missoula, MT. Biked around the Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, over to Crazy Horse, Mt. Rushmore, the Badlands. Hooked up with RAGBRAI in Iowa for 6 days before going up to end in Oshkosh, WI. (Eric Schraufnagel, May, 2007)

Solo XC trip from my home in Seattle to my childhood home in upstate NY. (Bob Vosper, Jul, 2013)

3 Week New York to Chicago Bicycle Trek
Looking to change my life I planned a NY-CA cross country self-supported tour to discover the real me. No real plans were set. States included NJ, PA, WV, OH, IN and Il. It was the adventure of a lifetime, which included stopping the trek to relocate in Chicago. (Bernard Lopez, May, 1997)

North Bend, OR to Hilton Head, SC
Credit card trip, avg 43 miles daily. ACA TransAm route to Katy, then Mississippi River Trail, bushwhack to Chief Ladiga/Silver Comet, bushwhack to Hilton Head. Motels as far as Katy, RV sag the rest of the way (after husband fell & broke collarbone) (Suzanne Stack, Aug, 2011)

ManTrip 2014
Beginning at Hampton Beach on the Atlantic shore of New Hampshire, this was a solo, unsupported journey. It ended at Heceta Lighthouse Beach north of Florence, Oregon at the edge of the Pacific Ocean. (Robert Maccord, Apr, 2014)

The Zephyr Crossing
Me, my wife Sue, and friend Randy Otto are riding the Southern Tier. Started on March 5, 2019. (Mike Jostrom, Mar, 2019)

A Pino a Bob and a Dream
The Transam and Pacific coast on a Hase Pino Semi Recumbent Tandem (Julie Lovegrove, Jan, 2013)

Colorado Trip
First tour. Solo, unsupported ride from Richmond, IN to Denver, CO and back to Indianapolis. 3,112 total miles. 7 states. (Kevin Schmoll, Jun, 2016)

I rode my recumbent trike from San Francisco, CA to York, ME, following parts of the Western Express, TransAmerica, and Northern Tier routes. (Douglas Lloyd, May, 2011)

Cycle Erie Canal 06
Participated in cross-state supported tour. (Dale Oswald, Jul, 2006)

Brad and I rode BikeE recumbents from Reno, NV to Portland, OR and then to Washington DC (andrew morton, Jun, 2001)

Elijah's Adventure
Saint Augustine to Vancouver to San Diego on a recumbent. www.elijahsadventure.com (Elijah Chancey, Apr, 2007)

The Wingnuts Wanderings
Trans Am east from Astoria. Connect with the Underground Railway north. Connect with the Northern Tier and on to Maine. (Robert Winot, May, 2019)

Coast to Coast 2002
From Georgia to Texas mostly on US 80 parallel to I-20, then west across the middle of New Mexico and Arizona, following old Route 66 in western Arizona and southern California, and west from Barstow to the coast. (Dave Johnsen, Feb, 2002)

Michael French's Cross Am-Can 2005
In Summer of 2005, this trip will be about finding my personal limits, dragging too much gear across the US and Canada, and getting to know the countries I call home. WILL FINISH IT THIS SUMMER. (Michael A. French, Jun, 2004)

Warmer Summers
Trans America; Florida to Oregon (Carl McDonald, Apr, 2011)

San Francisco to Boston 2004
Combined the Western Express and Northern routes. (Jeremy Buchmann, Jun, 2004)

TransAmerican Trike Adventure 2012
A self-supported coast to coast trip with my 9 year old daughter on a tandem recumbent trike. (Kurt Ziegler, Mar, 2012)

Cross Country, USA
My sister and I started in Amelia Island, FL and ended our trip in Astoria, OR. We used maps from a combination of Southern Tier, UGRR, and Trans Am. (Carl McDonald, Apr, 2011)

Transcendental Sierra Cascades
I followed the Sierra Cascades Route which roughly parallels the Pacific Crest Trail through numerous National Parks and National Forests. (Alan Haag, Aug, 2011)

Old Flying Farts Bicycling Club
We are crossing the U.S. from San Francisco, CA to Yorktown, VA in 44 days. (Pat Donohue, Jun, 2010)

Mary's Self Sufficient Cycle
From DC I rode north to Pittsburgh, PA, along the C&O Canal and Great Allegheny Passage trails. I rode west on US 40 until I reached the Katy Trail across Missouri. Then US 36 across KS and into Denver. A final day in the foothills to reach Longmont, CO. (Mary Kapsak, Sep, 2012)

Union Square NY to Union Square SF
I'm cycling 4,200 miles from Union Sq NYC to Union Square, San Fran. Why? For a charity (Pedals for Progress - www.p4p.org), a challenge, and an adventure; for the stories, and for me! (Steven Fahmie, Apr, 2010)

x-country 2014 w/ kid
From Boston to California and back. Through Niagara Falls, Mt Rushmore, Salt Lake City, and Yosemite. Up to Canada and back to Toronto and then home! (Elizabeth Yang, May, 2014)

Rode solo from Bar Harbor, Maine to Cannon Beach, Oregon in the summer of 2011. Used the acaNoTier, acaTransAm and acaLewisClark routes. (Christine Anneberg, Jul, 2011)

Biking the Butterfield Trail
I rode the Texas portion of the 1858-61 Butterfield Stage Coach route. (Pete Shannon, Apr, 2003)

10thGear JettRide 2007
Nearly 20 Teens, ages 14-18, and 12 Adults ride across America to discover its beauty, culture, and geography while raising awareness to Duschene Muscular Dystrophy and raising funds for the Jett Foundation to fund research for treatments of this fatal disease. (Arlen Hall, Jun, 2007)

Crossing the southern US (Harvey Surrena, Feb, 2014)


Solo ride from Atlantic City, NJ to San Diego, CA. Met and followed Trans America Trail from Berea, KY to Ordway,CO. Guerilla style camping 6 days a week; motel every seventh. Budget:$200/week. (Doug Landman, Aug, 2003)

An Irishman's Solo American Coast to Coast Cycle
A zig-zagging solo bicycle trip across America from Boston down to Atlanta, over to Oklahoma, up to Iowa, across to Nebraska, down to Texas, and over to California. (Liam Daly, Aug, 1996)

Washington to Florida 2009
After 30 years in the Army, I decided to ride home from my duty station (Washington State) to my home (Florida). (Tom Brown, May, 2009)

Greg's Trans-America Cycle
A 3784 mile solo unsupported cycle from Yorktown, VA to San Francisco, CA by a 19 year old student from the UK. (Greg Evans, May, 2009)

Rolling Across Europa
A nice summer trip from Lviv to Napoli to London. (John Robinson, Jun, 2006)

Food Cycles Bicycle Tour
My partner Tuula and I are riding across the United States (Pacific Coast, Souther Tier and Atlantic Coast) to discover the local food movement and teach others about the connections between healthy eating and a healthy planet. (Hannah Cooper, Dec, 2012)

The Long Bike Ride
Charity ride for Make-A-Wish Foundation from New York to San Diego. (Sam Reed, Jun, 2004)

vancouver to halifax 2004
In 64 travel days, camping every day but one (excluding staying with friends), we went from vancouver, canada to halifax, Canada, (approximatley 7400 km), in what was undoubtedly the best vacation of our lives. (barry meston, Jun, 2004)

Michael and Kathy tour southwest Colorado
We rode a large loop through southwest Colorado, visiting Mesa Verde National Park and Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park along the way. (Michael McGrath, Jun, 2004)

Bill and Charlie's Excellent Adventure
Three of us (58, 58 and 57) loosely followed the Race Across America route, starting in Carlsbad, CA and finishing in Bowers Beach, DE, with a RV as our support vehicle (4 different drivers). We raised over $15,000 for a soup kitchen in Montclair,NJ (Bill Slezak, Apr, 2009)

Tansy + Goose
On July 2011 I left home to travel the country by bicycle. Rather then stick to a route, I let my experiences along the way shape my journey. At the time of writing, I'm in San Diego, soon to depart on the next stage of my travels. (Sarah Luttio, Jul, 2011)

Tour de Dude
Tour around much of the US, using Adventure Cycling routes. 23 states. (Greg Kaiser, Jun, 2002)

2010 JettRide
JettRide 2010 (June 24 - August 27) was a XC tour for teens to raise funds and awareness to fight Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. We will united the families and communities affected by DMD nation wide. (Arlen Hall, Jun, 2010)

Sea to Sea on a Tandem
We rode our tandem bike 3601 miles from LA to our home in Marblehead, MA. We followed rte. 66 to St. Louis and then rte. 50 (with some diversions) to the east coast where we dipped our wheels in the Atlantic in NJ. (Jan & Craig McLanahan McLanahan, Apr, 2004)

My first self-supported tour was a 4000-mile self-designed tour across the United States with a friend. (Alan Bloom, May, 1996)

Spokes Fighting Strokes Tour
A diagonal tour across the United States from the northwest to the southeast to support stroke survivors. (David Babcock, Jun, 2014)

Ride (Almost) Around Lake Erie
This is the story of my bicycle tour around Lake Erie. (Sharon Bouchonville, Jul, 2005)

Riley & Becky's Cross-Country Bike Trip, Summer, 2010
My wife Becky and I began this ride when I was 70 and she was 63 (64 when we finished). No companions, no-support - except Adventure Cycling maps & kind strangers! (Riley Newman, May, 2010)

Great Plains Leg
Deadwood SD to St. Paul MN. This was the third segment of several that will link up for an east/west crossing of the country. (Pete Keith, May, 2004)

Rapid City to NW Iowa
6 day, 600 mile ride starting in Rapid City, SD and ending 30 miles south of Fort Dodge in Iowa. (Grant Anderson, Jun, 2014)

Coast to Coast
From Santa Monica, CA along Route 66. Transition to TRANSAM at Marshfield, MO. Transition to NC Trace outside Damascus, VA and finish at Mackay Island, NC. (William Medina, Aug, 2017)

Seaside OR to Yorktown VA via Lewis & Clark and TransAm
A fulfillment of the dream I've had since 1976, when I wanted to go but didn't make it. It exceeded every expectation I had. (Craig Tupper, Jul, 2017)

Michigan to California
We rode from Cadillac, MI to Orick, CA in the summer of 2012. (Lauren Dake, Jun, 2012)

Photo by Dennis Coello