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Northern Tier

JT's East 2 West Northern Tier 2006 Excellent Adve
75 day adventure to explore and rejuvinate while riding from sea to sea east to west on the ACA Northern Tier route. (Joe TRudo, Jul, 2006)

Cycle 20Ten
Cycle 20Ten was a crew of 10 Boy Scouts that rode 3700 miles from Maryland to Washington in the summer of 2010 (Brian Burnham, Jun, 2010)

Northern Tier
I basically just followed the Northern Tier; the only intentional deviation was in Indiana to visit my wife in South Bend. (Henry Scott, Jul, 2010)

Maui Mike in the Cascades
Solo loaded tour following the Northern Tier route from Seattle, WA to Sandpoint, ID. (Mike Beyersdorf, Jul, 2004)

Bike the US for MS
Bike the US for MS is a cross country bicycle trip to benefit Multiple Sclerosis research. (Donald Fraser, Aug, 2007)

WaBu Cycle Tour
Seven high school students and two guides rode a version of the Northern Teir route from Maryland to Washington in the summer of 2007. the ride was 68 days and 3700 miles long. (Brian Burnham, Jun, 2007)

northern tier +
Biked from Cape Flattery, WA to Eastport, ME, primarily on the Northern Tier Route. My dad and I went completely unsupported and camped along the way, averaging 97 miles/day and seeing some amazing things. (mike helminger, Jun, 2007)

Northern Tier Modified
We rode eastbound from Anacortes, WA to my home in Bar Harbor, ME via the Northern Tier, North Lakes and Erie Connector routes. (Michael Rosenstein, Jun, 2008)

Venture Northern Tier
Most of the Adventure Cycling Northern Tier Route. (Jesse Olson, May, 2004)

Portland to Portland 2014
A solo bicycle ride coast to coast across the USA in Summer 2014, from the Pacific Ocean near Astoria Oregon East to Portland Maine. (Judd Curran, Jun, 2014)

Rode my Koga touring bike on Northern Tier. Anacortes, Wa., to coast of Virginia......3240 miles. Rode by myself, for my self...Planning another ride for Wounded Warrior Project in June 2013............... (Curt Wildemann, Jun, 2011)

Bike for Kenya
Bike for a Kenya is a bicycle ride across the United States, using the Northern Tier Route, laid out by Adventure Cycling, to raise money for the Beverly School of Kenya. Starting in Anacortes, WA, it will span 45 days, finally concluding in Boston, MA. (Peter Maher, Jun, 2008)

Tandem Bike to a Class Reunion
2650 mile ride to our 40th and 44th high school class reunion (Bill & Nancy Schettenhelm, Apr, 2004)

America by Bicycle 2005
Three teachers ride cross country using a combination of the Northern Tier, Great Rivers and Southern Tier routes. (Gary Speary, Jul, 2005)

Bar Harbor to Anacortes Via Yellowstone and the Beartooth Highway
I rode from Bar Harbor ME to Williston ND and then to Billings MT. From there I went over the Beartooth Highway and through Yellowstone Park to West Yellowstone. Then to Sandpoint ID and finally Anacortes WA. (Ryan Lillis, Jul, 2009)

Northern Tier
I am riding the perimeter of the US in sections as I can't take off long enoght to do it all at once (Philip Gerding, May, 2000)

TransAm '99
Northern Tier to IN; then up to Valparaiso IN (Justin Heinecke, Jun, 1999)

Trip across the USA in 5
I crossed Massachusetts and New York and joined the Northern Tier in the Buffalo area. (Dave Bowen, Jun, 2000)

Leave Cancer In The Dust
Three intrepid childhood friends will set out on a cross country bicycle trip from Anacortes, WA to Newburyport, MA to raise awareness of and money for lung cancer, brain cancer and bipolar disorder research. Funds raised will go to research at Massachusetts General Hospital. (Jeffrey Marcus, May, 2008)

ACA Northern Tier westbound
A solo tour following the Northern Tier westbound. From Bar Harbor, ME to Anacortes, WA. Had to cut it short in Havre, MT. (Jasper Bleijs, Jun, 2007)

Me and my wife will be biking from Gloversville, NY to Seattle, Wa over Summer 08 to help raise funds for the Livestrong Foundation. (Erik Bailey, Jul, 2008)

Second part of the Northern Tier
Finishing up the Northern Tier from Michigan to Maine on our Tandem (Bill & Nancy Schettenhelm, Sep, 2006)

Friedel / Schmalz Cross-Country Bike Trip
We crossed the US in the summer of 2002 on a supported tour. We dipped our wheels into the Atlantic Ocean on August 11, my 63rd birthday (Ron Friedel, Jun, 2002)

Bicycling Across America For C.O.P.S.
I am a retired FBI Agent riding from Florence OR to Bar Harbor ME to honor fallen law enforcement officers by raising awareness and money for Concerns of Police Survivors. (Jim Caverly, May, 2012)

Seattle to St.Paul
A very personally satisfying first attempt at a long distance bike tour. I made my own route through Washinton, connected with the ACA Northern Tier route in Sandpoint to Eastern North Dakota, and then improvised my way to the Twin Cities metro area. (Gregory Garceau, Jul, 2013)

Cycle Across America West to East
The trip was a self contained, unsupported coast to coast ride using the Lewis & Clark to Northern Tier routes to NY and then self planned route to the Atlantic. Two riders from the Pacific to IL and then three to the Atlantic. (Jim Smith, May, 2005)

Chris Cross Country
A young idealist photographer leaves everything behind to have an adventure of his own. Photos, stories and insight appear when ever he can find a computer. (Chris Stevens, May, 2008)

Bellingham to Bar Harbor
We started June 5 in Bellingham, Wa. We followed the Northern Tier, North Lake, and Lake Erie Connector routes. We finished in Bar Harbor the end of September. (Linda Lightbourn, Jun, 2007)

Charge Across America
East to West - To go as far as we can and still have fun. We may head home and continue the journey another year, from where we left off. (Paul Moore, May, 2006)

Northern Tier
Adv. Cycling Northern Tier. Group of 15. Camping, cooking, no sag (Ed Abel, May, 2002)

Northern Tier 2006
Multi state bicycle trip through USA northern states. (Thomas Soukup, May, 2006)

A group of six people will ride from Seattle starting in late June, and will cycle to Boston. We'll use the Northern Tier route. (Maegan Plagge, Jun, 2004)

from sea to shining sea
we're traveling the northen tier route, from anacortes washington to bar harbor maine. we will deviate from this route in wisconsin. traveling across wisconsin, michigan, into canada to niagara falls. then back on the northen tier route. (Andy Viets, Jun, 2007)

Liz and Trey's Odysee
US cross contry trip. Started in Anacortes, WA to Bar Harbor ME - 3733.5 miles (Liz Kauffman, May, 2005)

Northern Tier - First Half
Northern Tier (with loop through Northern MN) - on our TREK T2000 tandem pulling a BOB. Can't wait for the second half next year! (Jeff and Susan Tews, Jun, 2012)

Wisconsin to the Grand Canyon
My friend Mark and I bike toured from Wisconsin to the Grand Canyon. We followed parts of the Northern Tier Route, the TransAmerican Trail and Great Parks Routes for much of the tour. (John Wegner, May, 1984)

Adventure Cycling Northern Tier 2005
This was my first tour sponsored by Adventure Cycling. The Northern Tier 2005. (Alan Bloom, May, 2005)

2 Brits on a fully laidened tandem with trailer in tow! No support team, self sufficient, 90 days and helping raise funds for the Born Free Foundation. More info on our web site - www.adventurers.dsl.pipex.com (Andy Taylor, Jun, 2006)

Pedaling to the Mall
Neil and Chiho pedal across Minnesota to the West Acres Mall in Fargo, and back home again. Why? Why not? (Neil Gunton, Jul, 2003)

TourForLife.org - 2005
Two friends completed a self-supported, westbound tour on the Northern Tier via the North Lakes Route in Michigan. (Andrew Ettinger, Jun, 2005)

The Great Affair
Anacortes to Glacier NP and beyond (Trevor Harrison, Jul, 2011)

Northern Tier with family
Four generations of my family will ride the Northern Tier west to east this summer (2006) (Jessica Towsley, Jun, 2006)

Northern Tier, trip ending crash
My wife and I started a self supported, self planned tandem tour of the Northern Tier route, east to west, starting on May 16, 2004. The trip was cut short on May 30th in Port Dover, ONT., when we crashed going over a small, metal grated drawbridge. (Drew Cavin, May, 2004)

Tour to the Sun
With my "home as a trailhead", I rode with new friends on my first fully loaded tour. Beginning in Chicago and ending by riding the "Going to the Sun Road", it was a fantastic first trip. (Adam Miller, May, 2012)

Spoke Bike Trip - Be Compelled
Three students are riding the Northern Tier for adventure and in support of the Peace Rehabilitation Center, a group that rescues girls from sex trafficking in Nepal and N. India. (Ethan Johnstone, May, 2006)

Western Erie Canal 1998
I rode from Buffalo, NY to Utica, NY in five days. (Dale Oswald, Jul, 1998)

Team Northern Tier
3 Best friends cycling across the country. Keeping an intense written journal and supplementing the journal with video blogs. (Mike Riscica, Jun, 2007)

Two Pedaling as One
Tandem ride across the United States utilizing a combination of the Lewis & Clark Trail and Northerntier. (Stephen Fuller, Jun, 2015)

Adventure of a Lifetime
We are fulfilling my husband's dream of biking across the country. I don't think he imagined doing it with the whole family. We're using our van as our sag wagon, taking turns with the driving between 4 drivers. we're starting in Anacortes, WA and ending in Bar Harbor, ME. hoping to finish in 70 days! (Trudi Delain, Jun, 2009)

Northern Tier tandems with kids
Dad, Mom with multiple sclerosis and children, ages 10 and 11, ride Oregon to Maine in 80 days (Dan Calzaretta, Jun, 2008)

JM's Lupus Ride
I am taking the Northern Tier Trail from Vancouver to Boston in support of Lupus Research (Jean-Marc Dykes, May, 2009)

Across Ohio for Bike Helmets 2004
I rode across Ohio, from the Indiana border West of Payne, OH to the Pennsylvania border East of Conneaut. (Ken Robinson, Jun, 2004)

Bike For MIMA
The Northern Tier (W->E) as a fundraiser for a non-profit I volunteer with. (Bill Wagner, May, 2007)

Ride of a Lifetime
Last leg of a family trip (1991-2006) on Northern Tier route. Wife/mon, Vicki, died 5/19/05. Some of her ashes plus extra family and friends (15) are finishing the trip (crossing Maine) this July. (Robin Shields, Jul, 2006)

The Great River Tour
My 10 year old daughter Sophie and I bike north along Mississippi River for 11 day returning home from a wedding in Iowa. (John Wegner, Jun, 2007)

N. American Roads
(WA-ID-B.C.-AB-SK-ND-MN-WI-MI-ON-NY) Check my journal for a more complete picture. (Russ McClintock, Jul, 2004)

Land of 10,000 Mosquitoes
Father and son start in the middle of the Northern Tier, Eastbound, taking North Lakes and Erie Connector at times. (Roderick Young, Jun, 2010)

Utah parks on a tandem trike
A supported tour of the Utah Parks, riding a Greenspeed tandem trike (Keith Serxner, Sep, 2004)

Northern Tier- Riding into the setting sun.
Leaving Boston on the 14 May 2018, joining the Northern Tier at Sodus Point, NY averaging 57 miles a day, riding solo, camping 7x, using mainly Motels. An unforgettable experience, meeting kind and friendly people along the way, in this "wonderland". Arrived Anacortes 28 July 2018. (William Barker, May, 2018)

Northern Tier- East to West Via Canada
A 3 month adventure of a life time, solo self-supported tour starting in Bar Harbor Maine then north to Quebec.Continuing west along the St. Lawrence- Lake Ontario-Lake Erie-Michigan-Wisconsin-Minnesota- N. Dakota. Then joining up with the A.C N.Tier route again. (David Robb, May, 2010)

Northern Tier as mapped, with exception of crossing north Wisconsin, UP to Sault, Canada, Manitoulin to Toronto to Kingston to Watertown, NY thenback to the trail map on to Bar Harbor (Eric Doepke, Jul, 1995)

Norther Tier With Clyde
Northern Tier from east to west, with some Green Mountains, Great Lakes Connector and a little ad-libbing thrown in. (Greg Holmes, May, 2013)

We are taking the Northern Tier route across America. Start May 24, 2009 (Alicia and Pete Beer, May, 2009)

Kevin Tollefson's Bicycle Trip II
Nothern Tier, Bar Harbor to St Paul, MN (Kevin Tollefson, Aug, 2004)

MS Pedal to the Metal
MS Pedal to the Metal is a multi-state bicycle ride from Chicago to the Boston, MA office of Accelerated Cure Project for Multiple Sclerosis (MS), a nonprofit organization that is working to cure MS by determining its causes. (Lauren Smith, Jun, 2006)

Two to Go
My husband and I are celebrating our retirement by riding from our home in Central New York to Anacortes, Washington. (Louise Brown Smith, May, 2009)

I have always wanted to cycle across the country since my brother did in in 1993. 2006 provided me an opportunity and my ride was some of the most fun I Have ever had. (Terry Hoffart, May, 2006)

Dave's Loooong Ride Across America.
A self suppperted solo journey across the Nothern United States and Southern Canada. (David Robb, May, 2010)

The D.R.E.A.M. Ride - The Cross Country Route
The D.R.E.A.M. Ride is a non-profit, bicycle ride created to raise funds for 6 international humanitarian organizations combating global poverty. This is our 2nd year. Please visit our website: www.dream-ride.org for more info about our D.R.E.A.M.. (Chris Wells, May, 2007)

2 critical care nurses will leave from Seattle Wa on 6/1/06 and follow the Northern Tier Route to Bar Harbor Maine. We are riding to raise money and awareness for www.campheartland.org. Camp Heartland is a non-profit that provides summer camp experience for children infected/affected by HIV/AIDS. (Sherry Woldberg, Jun, 2006)

Pedal to the Sea
A first-timer's mid-life self-contained bicycle journey from Michigan to Maine. (Robert Taylor, Jul, 2010)

Details of all my bicycling/climbing adventures, 2006 to Present- Tough-Girl Feet Take Me Places!
My blog includes multiple multi-hundred-mile rides in the Northwest. Some are: a loop around Central Washington climbing spots; the Columbia River Gorge; the Washington Coast to Glacier National Park on the Northern Tier Route; and others. (Rachael Cate, Jul, 2007)

Two FROGS on the loose
Two Fat Riding Old Guys (FROGs) take a trip of a life time. (Brian Cahalan, Jun, 2004)

Solo riding from Western Massachusetts to Portland, OR over 2 months. (Michael Heitke-Felbeck, Jul, 2010)

Kevin Tollefson's Bicycle Trip
Nothern Tier, West coast to St Paul, MN (Kevin Tollefson, Jul, 2002)

Training Wheels Not Included
My tour was the best trip I've ever taken. A day hasn't gone by that I haven't thought about my tour or thinking about planning my next tour. (Jamie Dressel, May, 2006)

The Great River Tour 2- The Headwaters
We biked from The Headwaters of the Mississippi River to Twin Cities. My 11 year old daughter Sophie wanted to go to Lake Itasca so we decided to bike home. (John Wegner, Jul, 2008)

Bicycle Boys Cross Country Bicycle Trip - 2002
Three of us rode a modified Northern Tier route to the coast of Maine. We deviated from the route in North Dakota heading to Minn, Wisconson, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan then on through Ontario, Canada before picking up the route again in Niagra Falls. (John Edwards, May, 2002)

25 Years Later - The Return Trip
In 1984 I rode from Wisconsin to Glacier-Waterton Lakes and onto the Grand Canyon. This trip was a return journey from Galacier National Park to Willow River State Park in Wisconsin. (John Wegner, Jun, 2009)

Bike Across America 2001
We started on Cape Cod and went through CT, across NY into Ontario, Canads. We rode north of Lake Erie, reentering the USA in Michigan and crossed Lake Michigan by ferry. After crossing Wisconsin we hooked up with the western portion of the Northern Tier in Minnesota. Continuing the Northern Tier route, we completed the ride through to the Pacific, with a side trip to Missoula, MT on the way. (Ed Zakowicz, Jun, 2001)

Navy Retirement Ride
Rode from Port Townsend WA to Winter Harbor ME in 70 days total, 60 riding days. Basically followed Norther Tier (the NT route in 2002), plus cutting through Canada. (Tom Boothe, Jun, 2002)

25th Anniversary Tour
We rode a recumbent tandem, east to west (New Hampshire to Washington) mostly following the Northern tier. Summer 2006 (Mary and Noel Harroff, Jun, 2006)

Portland to Portland
Rode from Portland OR to Portland ME, basically Lewis and Clark/Northern Tier modified. Rode through Canada. (Tom Boothe, Jun, 2013)

Going Home
Upper Black Eddy, PA April 25, 2007  On April 30th, Cyclist Curt Iden is embarking on a 1600 mile cycling trip. The trip begins on the bank of the Delaware River in Upper Black Eddy, and ends in his hometown in Eastern Nebraska. (Curtis Iden, Apr, 2007)

Seattle to Coney
I rode a self supported tour from the southern tip of Whidbey Island in Washington State to Coney Island in New York City. (Ethan Fugate, Jun, 2007)

Coast to Coast for Conservation
A ride to highlight the land conservation work of the 1700 Land Trusts in the US. We represent the Finger Lakes Land Trust from Ithaca, NY (Jim Kersting, Aug, 2008)

Good News/Bad News 2004
We added another link in our Northern Tier sectional tour (Dale Oswald, Jun, 2004)

Midwest Connector 2002
I used this ride to connect Milwaukee and Erie PA on my Northern Tier sectional ride. (Dale Oswald, Jul, 2002)

MN to MA: A Quest for Fun
Seattle to Hastings was so much fun last summer that I just HAD to continue to the east coast this year. (Gregory Garceau, Jun, 2014)

Boston to Seattle 2001
During the summer of 2001 I rode my bicycle from my home in Somerville, Massachusetts to my grandmother's house in Seattle, Washington. I kept a journal called the "bike diary", that I emailed to friends and family from the road. After returning home, I reformatted the bike diary and added photos. (Charles Coldwell, Jun, 2001)

MS Pedal to the Metal
MS Pedal to the Metal is a multi-state bicycle ride from Chicago to the Boston office of Accelerated Cure Project for Multiple Sclerosis. Proceeds from donations will benefit Multiple Sclerosis research. (Lauren Smith, Jun, 2006)

Big Ride Across America 1999
(3,250-mile ALA SAG Ride) - 135 cyclists, each fund-raising a minimum of $7.5k (American Lung Association) rode from Seattle, WA to Wash, D.C., during the summer of 1999. We were a motivating force! (Scott Kimler, Jun, 1999)

Anacortes, WA to Provincetown, MA 2004
4000 miles in 48 riding days (57 total days) across the northern USA for several charities. (James Jones, May, 2004)

Chuck's 2007 Northern Tier Ride
After graduating from college I am embarking on a cross-country bicycle ride. (Chuck Fessler, May, 2007)

from Anacortes to Bar Harbor
My husband, Bob, and I left Anacortes, WA on June 6, 2008 and arrived in Bar Harbor, ME on August 4, 2008. We primarily followed the Northern Tier route with some deviations along the Lake Erie Connector (Barb Wade, Jun, 2008)

Rob Wheelhouse goes North x-country
Followed ACA Northern Tier route from Washington to Minnesota. Then followed back roads thru Wisconsin, Ferry, Michigan, SE Ont, Rochester, Finger Lakes and home to White Plains (Robert Wheelhouse, Jun, 2002)

Maine to Oregon '07
I'm from Scotland, UK, and am cycling across America East to West this Summer (2007), from Maine to Oregon. Two friends are accompanying me for the first couple of weeks to Niagara, after which it's a solo trip. (John Henderson, Jul, 2007)

Bike America 2003
The Bike America 2003 team rode 6200 miles from Bar Harbor Maine, to Annacortes WA, then down the West Coast to Mexico (Brian Burnham, Jun, 2003)

Friedel/Schmalz Cross-Country Bike Trip
We crossed the US in the summer of 2002 on a supported tour. We dipped our wheels into the Atlantic Ocean on August 11, my 63rd birthday. (Ron Friedel, Jun, 2002)

So Yer Goin' to Minnesota, eh?
This was our first extended tour on the Vision tandem. (Dale Oswald, Jun, 2005)

Northern Tier Vancouver to Toronto
Vancouver BC to Christina Lake BC via Kettle Valley, south to Highway 2 in Washington State then into Glacier. East on 2 to Green Bay. Crossed lake Michigan then on to Ontario (Paul Wright, Jun, 2009)

Boston to Seattle
Ed and I started in Boston with a homemade trailer and the cheapest panniers money could buy and are going to make it to Seattle by September 1st, 2008, if all goes well. (Kira Taylor, Jun, 2008)

Way Out West 2003
Cycling the Cascades and Rockies on the Northern Tier (Dale Oswald, Jun, 2003)

This was a solo cycling trip from New Milford, CT to Lisle, IL mostly along US Route 6. (John Lynch, Jun, 2008)

Photo by Dennis Coello