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North America

St. Peters to Minneapolis
Bicycle tour from St. Peters, MO to Minneapolis, MN; mostly following the Mississippi River Trail (MRT) (Art Zemon, May, 2023)

Diesel and Dust Denali
Missoula, MT to Talkeetna, AK via Parks North, Yellowhead, AK Marine, Haines, Alcan, Glenn, and Parks Highways (Houston Miller, Jun, 2010)

Rambling Road
TransAmerican Route east to west. Then Astoria to Vancouver, BC; to Jasper, Banff, Calgary, AB; then onto Saskatoon, SK and Winnipeg, MB and finally to Grand Forks, ND (Mark Pfefferle, May, 2022)

Seattle to Boston
Northern Tier, to Great Parks Route, to the TransAm, then rode the Parks, Peaks and Prairies route. We rode across Wisconsin and Michigan, then the Lake Erie Connector, Finished on the Erie Canal Trail and on to Boston. (Kevin Ansel, Jun, 2022)

Boise to the Pacific and back
I rode from Boise, ID across the middle of Oregon, then up to Portland, and back though the Columbia River Gorge, into Washington, and down through La Grande...back to Boise (Carl Laniak, Aug, 2008)

Traverse City, MI to Portland ME
Self supported husband and wife ride along parts of the N Tier route and Garmin Tour Edge routing (Les Freeman, Jun, 2014)

Montreal to Boston
A weeklong family trip through the Vermont countryside. (Bennie DiNardo, May, 2012)

Biking the Rockies to the Okanagan Valley
This is the story of my trip from Field in British Columbia, Canada through Rogers Pass all the way to the sunny Okanagan Valley. (Fernando Candido, Aug, 2000)

Seattle to Yosemite
Took an old green Raleigh road bike that I've been riding/refurbishing over the past three years from Port Townsend, WA to Yosemite National Park in California, mostly camping along the way. (Owen Curtsinger, Apr, 2013)

Bircycle Ride Around Arkansas (BRAA)
6-day self-supported ride with camping along the way with going through Magnolia, El Dorado, Moro Bay State Park and Smackover. (James Britt, Mar, 2020)

Hawaii Dreaming
A wonderful ride around the island of Hawaii, with a couple of days for off the bike explorations (Denise Goldberg, May, 2003)

Train Tracks and Canals
From the Ohio Valley to the Atlantic on the GAP and C&O Routes (William Doumas, Sep, 2014)

Colorado River Headwaters to Mexico
Down the Colorado River drainage from headwaters near Rccky Mountain National Park to south of Mexican Border (Robert Wilkinson, Jul, 2008)

We used the Northern Tier & Northern Tier alternative for a loop tour. (Pat Reaves, Jul, 2014)

Along the spine of the northern Rockies
Route 12 across Idaho, across Lolo Pass and into Montana. From Missoula I followed the Great Parks route to Glacier, Waterton, across Crows Nest Pass into BC, turning at Radium Hot Springs to head back to Alberta and south to Banff. I took a short side trip to Kananaskas Country before returning to Banff and heading north to Jasper (Denise Goldberg, Jul, 1998)

Billy no mates tour of the Southern Tier
liviing the dream,cycle, eat ,sleep, repeat ! (Stephen Williams, Mar, 2015)

Transam - Both Ends to the Middle
Transam in 2015 - Yorktown to Colorado, then Oregon to Colorado (George Hall, May, 2015)

Tandem Trike Utah Parks
A supported tour of 3 national parks in Utah. Riding a Greenspeed tandem trike (Keith SERXNER, Sep, 2004)

Michael and Kathy's ride from CA to CO
Traveled with wife on tandem bicycle. North along Pacific coast to Fort Bragg, east on Hwy 20 to Lake Tahoe, Hwy 50 across Nevada, Hwy 6 to Provo, Utah, Hwy 40 to Steamboat Springs, Colorado, then Hwy 14 to Fort Collins, Colorado. (Michael McGrath, May, 2002)

Pittsburgh, PA, to Georgetown, MD, self-supported in six days. (Edward Wojtaszek, Aug, 2014)

North to Alaska
My husband and I pedaled from Spokane to Seattle by way of Fairbanks on a completely self contained bicycle ride through the Canadian Rockies to the Yukon, South-East Alaskan waterways, and a spectacular tour of Vancouver Island. Having such a fabulous time in Canada, we decided to skip Fairbanks, altogether. (pat giorni, Jun, 1999)

San Francisco to Boston
San Francisco to Boston (Michele DeVoe, Jun, 2014)

Canal Tales
Winding up my annual Springtime visit to Cape Cod, I felt the time was ripe for a trek to Moosejaw, Sack.,where I had longed to travel since early girlhood. And if I was feeling up to it, I figured I'd go on to Medicine Hat. And since early girlhood, my eyes have always been bigger than my stomach. This time I bit off more than I wanted to chew. (pat giorni, Jun, 2004)

Soukth Arkansas Tour
This 6-day ride will leave from Camden, AR and circle around to Magnolia, El Dorado, and Smarckover with camping along the way. It is self contained. We will cook a few meals in camp but mostly eat at diners along the way. The ride is free to Arkansas Bicycle Club members (membership is $25/year). (James Britt, Mar, 2021)

Northern California loop
Fantastic 820 mile ride on quiet paved and dirt roads in Northern California. (Amy Lauterbach, Oct, 2008)

Lost Horse Camping Trip
Started from Stevensville, MT - S on Hwy93 to Lost Horse Rd. (45 miles). Returned via Old Darby Rd & Eastside Hwy. Total 97 Miles. (Larry Himes, Jul, 2009)

Cycle America
Rode across the US (Ken Drewry, May, 2019)

where2pedalto - North America
Riding LoGo Recumbent Trikes from Deadhorse AK on the shores of the Arctic Ocean to Calgary then around the USA thereby completing the Arctic to the Pacific to the Atlantic- 3 Oceans on 3 wheels. (Andrew Hooker, Jun, 2007)

Grand Illinois Trail - Four States for Spina Bifida 2007
My first multi-day bike tour was a self supported bike tour on the Grand Illinois Trail with my friend Tim in 2007. It was a self contained trip, just the two of us, which we called Four states for Spina Bifida. We raised almost $9000 for the Spina Bifida Association of Illinois. (Richard Horton, Aug, 2007)

Colorado's San Juan Skyway
A weeklong road ride from Durango to Mancos to Dolores to Telluride to Ouray, with a side trip to Mesa Verde National Park. Because of heavy snow, we used other transportation to complete the 240-mile loop. (Lynne Tolman, Sep, 2006)

Skagway to Fairbanks, Homer and Dawson City, then Austin. TX
Took Alaska Marine Highway ferry Bellingham-Skagway. Rode to Fairbanks, train to Anchorage, rode to Homer. Then ferry Whittier-Valdez. Rode to Dawson City and then back to Austin, TX, via Winnipeg (John Berry, May, 2008)

Bike America 2003
A group of seven of us rode the northern tier to washington, then down the coast to mexico (Brian Burnham, Jun, 2003)

Houston to Fairbanks
This was a one-person, cross-continent trip conducted in the spring/summer of 2004. (Robert Herrick, Apr, 2004)

Alaska Bicycle tour, Summer 2000
Via Amtrak from Providence, RI to Seattle, WA. Bike up to Bellingham, WA to catch Alaska ferry to Skagway AK. After touring around Alaska and Yukon, headed home across Canada to the Great Lakes, through New England and home at last. (Michael Krabach, Jun, 2000)

Red-clad feet on a purple bike - Downeast Maine
This trip marks my return to touring after an unplanned year off (see http://denise2004crash.crazyguyonabike.com for my 2004 excuse for not touring!). Downeast Maine proved to be a wonderful location for a short tour, including visits to Acadia National Park plus a non-biking visit to see the puffins on Machias Seal Island. (Denise Goldberg, Jun, 2005)

Wandering along the edge, an exploration of PEI
I toured PEI in September of 2005, intending to circle the entire island. My plans changed to include the use of my (gasp!) fossil-fuel powered vehicle to drive the far western section due to my desire to avoid riding in two days of tropical storm-related rains. The riding portion of my trip was wonderful, and I'm sure my bike & I will return there again someday. (Denise Goldberg, Sep, 2005)

The Long Way Home
Northern Tier to Muscatine, IA then Great Rivers Route South to St. Francisville, LA then Southern Tier to Daytona Beach, FL (Phillip Potter, Jul, 2003)

Our tour was a self-contained, self-organized bicycle tour of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farms in Michigan. We spent 2-4 days volunteering on 31 different farms. We documented our journey and the farms on video for an upcoming documentary. (Marty Heller, Jun, 2006)

Goshen to the Ocean
Traveled using arm-powered bikes from Goshen, Indiana to Rehoboth, Delaware. (Myron & Justin Yoder, Jun, 2004)

Around the Grand Canyon
we travelled to the United States to do the highly recommended 'Around The Grand Canyon biketrip'. We started cycling in St. George (north of Las Vegas) and ended our 1700 km trip in Flagstaff Arizona. (paul van roekel, Aug, 2006)

Genesee River
I rode near the northern half of the river, from the foothills to Lake Ontario (Dale Oswald, Jul, 2007)

Northern Tier - East to West
My friend Steve Reist and I are cycling the Adventure Cycling Northern Tier East to West. We are making a small detour through Ontario following the Lake Erie connector. We started at Bar Harbor on July 22nd, and hope to finish September 15th or 16th at Anacortes. (Baxter Wareham, Jul, 2018)

Pittsburgh to DC
Mostly rail/canal trail of approx. 320 miles, 7 days; camped all but one (Leslie D., Jun, 2008)

Nova Scotia
Car was left in St. John's NB and we took the ferry to Digby. We cycled up the "West" coast, across the center and back down the "East" coast. (Leslie D., Jul, 2008)

The Great Sitting
A quest to find what moves my soul, my heart. As an artist I find that the living of life and the making of art don't bulr together as much as they should, and thusly this trip is a quest to infuse the way I live with more art. It is also, by its existence and the nature of its gestures, an invitation for others to look at their own lives and chase down their dreams with reckless abandon. (Jefferson Pitcher, Jun, 2004)

A solo tour from Wethersfield, CT to Elkhart, IN. Self routed except that PA bicycle route Y was used to cross the northern part of the state. (Jon Bloom, Jun, 2005)

UP Cycle
The UP Cycle is a bicycle tour across Michigan's Upper Peninsula on local highways, camping and staying with family in close proximity to Lake Superior and National Forests. (Eryn Corinth, Jul, 2018)

Erie Canal ride
A fully loaded tour along the Erie Canal, From Buffalo to Niagara Falls and then to Albany and Poughkeepsie. Over the course of 12 days (11 riding) we covered 523 miles and had tons of fun. (David de Gruyl, Apr, 2006)

San Marcos S24O Bike Tour
Overnight, weekend bicycle tour from my home to a nearby bed & breakfast, The Viola Street Inn. (Justin Moore, Jul, 2012)

Tour de Sustainability 2012
2012: the year that my friend Anya and I got off our office chairs and decided to cycle across Canada. We're collecting inspirational stories about sustainability and seeing the country at a bicycle pace. (Maria Markov, May, 2012)

Mike West to East (TransAmerican Trail
My trip began at the Western TransAm terminus and primarily followed the route, taking a detour to ride through Rocky Mountain National Park. After reaching the Eastern Terminus in Yorktown, I continued North to Washington DC (Mike West, Jun, 2018)

Just Go North RandoTour
Texas to Canada, TX, OK, KS, NE, IA, MN (Charlie Jenkins, Jun, 2015)

Allegheny Mountains Loop
Biking, camping, and exploring the Virginias (Rachel Swenie, May, 2011)

Impressions from bicycle travels
Visual stories from cycling trips in America. (Paul Jeurissen, Jun, 1981)

Mexico, East to West
5 week tour through the Yucatan, Chiapas, and up the South Pacific Coast. (Anna Wexler, Dec, 2004)

I will confess that I only obtained my bicycle two days before my bike trip. I had no time to train - I had barely ridden a bike since I was 15. But do I regret any of it? Heck, no! (Dom Smith, Aug, 2006)

Erie Canal 08
Buffalo NY to Utica NY on the Erie Canal and Bike Rt. 5. (John Sullivan, Jul, 2008)

C&O Canal/GAP
This was an Adventure Cycling Association fully supported tour including excursions to historic sites and other features (Edward Wojtaszek, Sep, 2015)

Spirit of America Ride for Hydrocephalus
Join Mark & Mary as they bike 2500 miles from Tampa to Denver in support of the Hydrocephalus Association. Follow their journey at www.CelsiusBrightConnections.com and on Twitter @MarkandMaryRide (Mark Paulissen, Sep, 2012)

Ride for Marale
We are riding from Philadelphia, Penn. to Seattle, Wash. from 30 May to 15 Aug. in order to raise money for Marale, Uganda to be able to build a well. We'll be speaking at organizations along the way. (www.ridemarale.blogspot.com; www.fh.org/ridemarale) (Matt Friedlund, May, 2010)

Veloroute des Bleuets 2015
Started in Alma, Quebec, Canada, riding around lac St-Jean clockwise. Stayed mostly at B&Bs. Enjoyed great French Canadian food. (Edward Wojtaszek, Jun, 2015)

P'tit Train du Nord 2015
This is a rail trail just north of Montreal. There is a convenient shuttle to the northern trailhead and lots of nice places to stay along the way. I stayed at inns that are on the trail. Nice people and great food. (Edward Wojtaszek, Jun, 2015)

Women On Wheels For Wild Lands (WOWFWL)
Four Minnesotan women biking coast-to-coast across the US, with the mission to educated and raise awareness on the importance of US public lands and the threats facing them. (Hannah Field, Sep, 2017)

Joe Weber Arky 100
Supported rides up to 100 in scenic farm and timberland southwest of Little Rock. Register at Bikereg.com (James Britt, Oct, 2022)

Around Lake Ontario
Circumnavigating Lake Ontario, starting and endingat my front door. (paul Stockton, Aug, 2000)

Travesia Ciclista por Mexico 2009/10
Biking trip to Mexico to meet my country and promote the use of bicycle tours in the first stage in the future i will make International tours (Ruben Hernandez, Nov, 2008)

Ontario Cottage Country
A ride through the Muskokas in Ontario's Cottage Country. (paul Stockton, Aug, 2005)

The Try, Try Again Tour
This is the remedial cross country tour group. All of us have attempted and failed previous trips, so the 3 of us (Beth, Moni and Paul) have been forced to spend the summer repeating cycle touring 101. (Beth Boose, May, 2004)

Colorado singletrack
Searching for the best singletrack in Colorado, travelling between singletrack spots with bikes. (Per Löwdin, Jul, 2003)

Around The Lake
A 12-day, self supported curcuit of Lake Erie (Jay Singer, Jul, 2004)

Great Divide Ride
Banaff to Antelope Wells (Harvey Surrena, Jun, 2018)

Pennies for Part-timers Scholarship Ride
Travel from Gulf of Mexico to Canadian border to raise money for student scholarships in Minnesota. (John Leopold, May, 2007)

Partial Allegheny Mountain Loop
We set out from the Greenbrier River trailhead in Caldwell with the intention of going up to Dumore , south to Waiteville, and back to Caldwell, but were foiled by rain. (Brook Westheimer, May, 2009)

Aspen/Snowmass Ride for the Cure®
The 4th annual Aspen/Snowmass Ride for the Cure® has a 100-mile and a 30-mile circut, which is fully suppored and includes family activities and gifts. All proceeds benifit the Komen Aspen foundation. $100 registration and $500 fundraising commitment. (Claudia Curry-Hill, Sep, 2007)

Gourmet tour
An informal group of friends into riding and eating did a week in the northern Sierras. Web page is in English and Spanish. (Alan Bloom, Jun, 2007)

A Family Adventure
The four of us, (me, my husband, and 8-year-old twins) spent 12 months pedaling 9300 miles around North America. (Nancy Sathre-Vogel, Jun, 2006)

South Florida with a baby
We rode from Naples to Key West and back with our baby, crossing the Everglades twice. (Michael McGrath, Jan, 2006)

The Dream Tour
The Dream Tour is a bicycle tour through the 48 contiguous states. It is a life-long dream of mine made possible by the generous support of the Ascensia Dream Fund, an annual award by the Diabetes Care Division of the Bayer Corporation. (Peter Hoogenboom, Mar, 2006)

Pan American Highway North American Leg
A bicycle ride from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska To Panama City, Panama, 10,000 miles of beauty visiting the arctic of the north down to the rain forests of the south, not to mention all the different variations in between. (Paul Mandala, Jul, 2013)

Leadership Training Course
Attended the LTC AZ I at Catalina State Park near Tucson Arizona from February 20-23, 2017. Begin trip in Mesa, Arizona and returned to Mesa after the course. (Dennis Patterson, Feb, 2017)

Saint Paul, MN-Charleston, S.C.
A photoethnographic journey from Saint Paul to Charleston, with an accompanying web log and photo gallery. (Brian Blakely, Sep, 2006)

Bicycle Ride Around Arkansas (BRAA)
This annual self-contained spring ride is usually 6 days but we finished the loop after 4 due to rain coming. We camped at scenic Village Creek State Park and Mississippi River State Park and rode the newly paved road through St. Francis National Forest to Storm Lake and W. Helena. (James Britt, Mar, 2019)

Alaska - off season
We cycled 1600 kms from Anchorage to Valdez, Fairbanks, Denali National Park and finally back to Anchorage. With detailed report n biking in Denaili NP (Paul van Roekel, Aug, 2000)

Tippy Top Tour
From my front door in the BLC to the Arctic Ocean and back. (Adam Bradley, Apr, 2013)

Rocky Mountain Fever
Leaving northern Montana, I biked north into British Columbia and the Icefield Highway. Then headed east into Alberta, south toward Calgary, west through Crowsnest Pass, and returning to Montana. (John Springfield, Aug, 2014)

Michigan Eastern UP Tour
A 250 mile loop in the Eastern Upper Peninsula of Michigan, through, Tahquamenon, Grand Marais, Germfast, Trout Lake. (James Dake, Sep, 2007)

Connecticut to Michigan via Lake Erie
Three riders start in central Connecticut, headed for Lake Michigan -- and almost make it! (Jon Bloom, Jun, 2004)

Erie Canal I
Self-supported from Buffalo to Albany New York (Edward Wojtaszek, Jul, 2012)

Great Allegheny Passage (GAP) I
Self-supported tour of the old rail trail through Pennsylvania and Maryland (Edward Wojtaszek, Aug, 2013)

Yucatan 2003
850 kilometers though the back roads of the state of Yucatan (Ross Guldenbrein, Nov, 2003)

Canada, from sea to sea
My wife and my 3 children was following us in a car from Pacific to Atlantic for a 65 days journey. We slept in motels and hotels. (Paul Meunier, Jun, 2005)

Pacific Coast Solo
Started from my house (Olympia, WA) and took 33 days to ride to the Mexico border. Three days off. One at Harris Beach, one at Bodega Dunes, and one in Monterey. (Colleen Welch, Jun, 2010)

riding from OR to MI for my 60th Birthday and to raise funds for Jerusalem Farm (Joe Wamobld, May, 2014)

Pacific Coast 2015
I rode the Pacific Coast Route from Vancouver, BC to Imperial Beach, CA in the sumer of 2015. My wife supported me in our van. (Jeff Bradley, May, 2015)

Pacific Coast Solo
Started from my house (Olympia, WA) and took 33 days to ride to the Mexico border. Three days off. One at Harris Beach, one at Bodega Dunes, and one in Monterey. (Colleen Welch, Jun, 2010)

Pacific Coast Solo
Started from my house (Olympia, WA) and took 33 days to ride to the Mexico border. Three days off. One at Harris Beach, one at Bodega Dunes, and one in Monterey. (Colleen Welch, Jun, 2010)

Pacific Coast Solo
Started from my house (Olympia, WA) and took 33 days to ride to the Mexico border. Three days off. One at Harris Beach, one at Bodega Dunes, and one in Monterey. (Colleen Welch, Jun, 2010)

Self-contained Transamerica 2006
Three 20 year old guys with no touring experience, that had nothing to do for a summer. (Tim Orr, Jun, 2006)

Great Parks
East Glacier-Logan Pass-Missoula-Bitterroot Valley-Widsdom MT- Dillon MT-W. Yellowstone-Jackson WY-Smoot WY- HITCHHIKED-Logan UT (Jan Froitzheim, Sep, 2007)

on the road with councilman Joe
Riding from Astoria OR, to the new boom town Gaylord MI. Leaving Gaylord on May 6th and Meg a Busing to OR. Will starting ride on 12th. Will be couchsurfing and warmshowering across the nation. (Joe Wamobld, May, 2014)

Pacific Coast Solo
Started from my house (Olympia, WA) and took 33 days to ride to the Mexico border. Three days off. One at Harris Beach, one at Bodega Dunes, and one in Monterey. (Colleen Welch, Jun, 2010)

Pacific Coast Solo
Started from my house (Olympia, WA) and took 33 days to ride to the Mexico border. Three days off. One at Harris Beach, one at Bodega Dunes, and one in Monterey. (Colleen Welch, Jun, 2010)

Pacific Coast Solo
Started from my house (Olympia, WA) and took 33 days to ride to the Mexico border. Three days off. One at Harris Beach, one at Bodega Dunes, and one in Monterey. (Colleen Welch, Jun, 2010)

When Life Opens a Door, Ride Through It
We rode from Bar Harbor Maine to Cannon Beach Oregon. Our route began with the Northern Tier Route but it was HEAVILY modified including 2 weeks in Ontario. (Keith Reed, Jun, 2011)

Pacific Coast Solo
Started from my house (Olympia, WA) and took 33 days to ride to the Mexico border. Three days off. One at Harris Beach, one at Bodega Dunes, and one in Monterey. (Colleen Welch, Jun, 2010)

Pacific Coast Solo
Started from my house (Olympia, WA) and took 33 days to ride to the Mexico border. Three days off. One at Harris Beach, one at Bodega Dunes, and one in Monterey. (Colleen Welch, Jun, 2010)

Canadian Rockies Tour
A ride through the beautiful Canada Rocky Mountains from the city of Jasper AB to Banff. (Edwin Montgomery, Sep, 2013)

Cycle America Coast to Coast
Ride from Everett, Washington to Glouchester, mass. Supported ride (Hilary King, Jun, 2016)

Oregon to Colorado
We rode bicycles from Oregon to Colorado along the Lewis & Clark route, the TransAm route, and our own choice of routes through WY & CO. (Brock Dittus, Jun, 2012)

Canadian Rockies family ride
17 days biking and hiking in Banff, Yoho and Jasper National Parks. Our family of 4 rode together on a large tandem. (Michael McGrath, Jul, 2011)

A Superior Shoreline
Solo loaded tour of Lake Superior's northern shoreline. (Mike Beyersdorf, Jul, 2001)

Transam East to West
Easier to see the details in my blog mentioned below. (Stewart Cameron, May, 2019)

Japser to Missoula National Parks Ride
The plan was to ride much more, from Jasper to Rock Mountain National Park. I shortened the ride because I did not enjoy the traffic noise - esp. after my mountain biking tour in Colorado 2 yrs ago. Still enjoyed and feel proud of what I done though... (Allen Yu, Aug, 2006)

Oregon: Cascade Classic
We biked the Cascade Classic loop from the book "Cycling Sojourner" by Ellee Thalheimer, with biking and sightseeing in Portland, Ore., before and after. We rode loaded bikes and stayed indoors. The loop start/finish is Rainbow, about 50 miles east of Eugene. (Lynne Tolman, Sep, 2012)

First leg of cross Canada
Started in Vancouver BC, took the ferry to Victoria on Vancouver Island. Rode to Port Hardy at the northern tip of V.I. Took ferry to Prince Rupert BC and rode across BC to Jasper Alberta. Rode down the Icefields Pkwy to Banff and then to Calgary. (Terry Payne, Jul, 2008)

Around Lake Champlain
A recumbent tandem ride around some of Lake Champlain. (Alan Weiss, Jun, 2003)

Eastern Shore for the High Holidays
A week on a recumbent tandem exploring the Eastern Shore (Delmarva peninsula) (Alan Weiss, Sep, 2007)

A North American Bicycle Journey
Quit my job, rode around california for a while and then headed up the coast. Ferry through the Inland Passage and eventually reached the Artic Circle. Rode South to Utah and then down into Mexico. (Leon Steber, May, 2004)

Fifty States Fifty Centuries
My goal is to ride a century in every state. This will take several years, and many trips. By July 05 I've tallied eighteen states -- 8 full centuries and 10 multi-day bike excursions. (Ken Comer, Sep, 1984)

Oaxaca, Mexico
After spending two weeks in Oaxaca city studying Spanish, I did a two-week bicycle tour in Oaxaca state. (Alan Bloom, Jul, 2006)

Canada Bike Tour Coast To Coast
Cross Canada Bike Tour highlights the 7800 km Trans Canada Highway, The world's longest national road, where the adventure cyclists pedaled without any support across all 10 Canadian Provinces in a total of 61 days. (Tony Bellan, Jul, 2000)

Northeastern Loop
This ride was a 1,560 mile loop in three weeks of the six New England states, Quebec Province (using la Route Verte) and a small section of New Brunswick Canada. (Jim Smith, May, 2007)

Cycle Across Canada 2009
For years I had planned to ride across the country for my 50th birthday. When the economy slowed down in 2009 it left me with a window of opportunity to fulfill a lifelong dream a year ahead of schedule. Un-prepared untrained and overweight I set off. (Glen Peters, Jun, 2009)

I'm riding coast to coast. Crossing the USA. The trail started in Yorktown, Virginia and officially ends in Florence, Oregon. The first time this trail was organized, was in 1976 (Peter Spuij, Jun, 2007)

Alaska - Prince of Wales Island
Prince of Wales Island is the third largest island in the 50 states and has a growing network of lightly used paved roads perfect for biking. We ferried to the island, camped and stayed in a Forest Service cabin. (Karla Hart, Aug, 2010)

Oregon Coast Ride
Bicycling down the Oregon coast from Astoria to Crescent City, California - September, 2008 (Anna Wager, Sep, 2008)

Alaska-British Columbia 2005
Self-Contained bike tour from Fairbanks (AK) to Vancouver (BC) via the Alcan Hwy, Cassiar Hwy, Yellowhead Hwy, Hwy 97, Duffey Lake Rd, and Sea-to-Sky Hwy (Paul Windrath, Jun, 2005)

Burlington 2 Bar Harbor and Back!
Discovering 3 States we've never been to. With no reservations we set out on the road with the camera in hand and smiles on our faces. Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine, here we come! (Nancy and Ron, Jul, 2005)

Southeast Arizona with a baby
We rode our tandem in a large loop through souteast Arizona's "sky islands", towing our 1-year-old son in his trailer. (Michael McGrath, Apr, 2007)

Colorado Mountains
10 day loop through central and northern Colorado. Crossed 12 mountains passes and hiked up to 2 mountain peaks. (Michael McGrath, Jul, 2009)

Touring Ride In Rural Indiana Sept. Escapade
A supported week long trip starting in Indianapolis to 3 state parks. around 130 riders. (Donald Burrell, Sep, 2014)

Arctic Ocean or Bust!
O.K! It was a bust! But we did ride from Fairbanks to Coldfoot, Alaska on the infamous "haul road." (Todd Logan, Jun, 2005)

Bike America for Diabetes
After surviving a near-death experience in August, '03, I decided to get busy living. Thus, I rode my bicycle across N. America and raised $15K for the American Diabetes Association. No better way to get to know your own country than to pedal your way from coast to coast across a large continent. (Nathan Telschow, May, 2004)

Crescent City to Cleveland
From New Orleans to Cleveland via Great Rivers South, the Natchez Trace and the Ohio-to-Erie Trail (Gary Theilman, May, 2022)

Two Over the Hill
I'm taking my oldest son on a 1000+ mile trip through Colorado. We'll be climbing and crossing the Divide and seeing some of this country's most beautiful places. (Matt Thyer, Jun, 2013)

Pittsburgh to Baltimore
From Pitt to DC via GAP and C&O Towpath and then DC to Baltimore via East Coast Greenway. (Robert Achtenberg, Jun, 2019)

Iron Belle Trail
Michigan's Iron Belle Trail bicycle route from the far north-west copper country, along lakes Michigan and Huron, through old growth forest, to Belle Isle. (Ken Martinek, Sep, 2019)

Washington, DC, to Burlington, ME
A 1560 mile celebration of retirement via C&O Canal, GAP, Underground Railroad Pittsburgh Spur, and Northern Tier. (Robyn McCutcheon, Sep, 2019)

Alaska to San Francisco
Nearly 3 month trip from Denali Alaska to San Francisco with Ferries from Skagway to Vancouver Island and from Vancouver Island to Port Angeles. (Moritz Kobel, Jul, 2017)

Pan-American Diversions - Fairbanks to Kelowna
Mostly tailwind, spectacular scenery, light load (seatpost, top tube/frame, and handlebar, 3 bottles), 0 rest days, 0 flats, a grizzly near Haines Junction, lots of black bears on Highway 37 in BC, mainly between Bob Quinn Lake and Kitwanga, sunshine, rain, and traces of snow. Amazing experience. (William Krivan, Aug, 2019)

Vancouver to Halifax
An unsupported, fully-loaded, self-planned, solo ride across Canada from Vancouver to Halifax (Michael Woods, Jun, 2016)

2019 Newfoundland Solo Bicycle Tour
8th long distance bicycle tour after retirement, I will be doing a loop through the Canadian Maritimes and Newfoundland in honor of both American and Canadian Wounded Warriors. Lots of Icebergs, whales and wide open spaces. Very few hosts so heavy on tenting. (Jack Day, Jul, 2019)

Classic TransAmerica
It was an amazing ride from start to finish! It was an absolutely memorable way to see our country and there are so many nice places to stop along the route. It took me 73 riding days, but they are days I will never forget for the stunning scenery and daily test of me and my bike! Unforgettable. (David Ortiz Jr, May, 2017)

Riding Home
Solo Ride across Pennsylvannia's northern tier on PADOT Bicycle Rt. Y. (Jonathan Harding, May, 2016)

A Tale of Five Cities
Chicago-Mileaukee--Detroit--Toronto--Buffalo and home to Denver via Amtrak (Sarah McGregor, May, 2016)

A Tale of Five Cities
Chicago-Mileaukee--Detroit--Toronto--Buffalo and home to Denver via Amtrak (Sarah McGregor, May, 2016)

Lake Michigan Meander
Tour of MN, WI, MI. (Sarah McGregor, May, 2014)

Muffins Tour
600 miles Rapid City SD-Faribault MN Fall 2007 (Sarah McGregor, Sep, 2007)

TransAm from East to West
Cycled the Trans-America 1976 route from Yorktown Virginia to Florence Oregon (Jonathan Hoy, May, 2014)

CT Yankee goes to Atlanta
This was a self-contained ride from Litchfield, CT to Atlanta, GA in the late spring of 2014. Roads taken varied from busy two lane blacktop to muddy single track trails. I spent my nights pretty evenly divided between camping, warm showers, and motels. (Jim Katzin, May, 2014)

Niagara-on-the-Lake to Montreal
Following Ontario's Waterfront Trail from beginning to end along Lake Ontario and up the St. Lawrence Seaway. (Bennie DiNardo, May, 2013)

Photo by Dennis Coello