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Lewis & Clark Trail

Lewis & Clark Trail
This was a self supported tour that I did after retiring from the USPS. It was much harder than I anticipated, but it was very rewarding. I met several other tourers, self supported and supported. The AC map were great, but I did make a few wrong turns (Ted Deckert, Jun, 2004)

From the Deep South to the Northwest
From New Orleans via St.Louis up the Missouri until to the mouth of the Columbia River in summer of 2005 (Peter Helm, Mar, 2005)

Solo Without Pie
A solo adventure along the eastern third of Lewis and Clark without any pie (Stuart Black, Aug, 2003)

Picking the Scablands
A continuation of the Lewis and Clark Trail on the western end with my daughter. (Stuart Black, Jul, 2005)

Lewis & Clark I
My son (age 12) and I followed the Lewis and Clark Trail from St. Louis for three weeks, reaching Chamberlain, SD. (Mel Wade, Jul, 2005)

Expedition of Rediscovery 2005
Our group of 9 high school students completed our 3rd summer and final leg of the Lewis and Clark Trail, Missoula to the Pacific Coast. (Todd Murdock, Jul, 2005)

3,000 miles to Oregon
A 10 week bicycle ride to Oregon to do a 7 day bicycle ride with Cycle Oregon (Freda Brown, Jul, 2005)

Expedition of Rediscovery 2004
Eight Talent Search Students from western NC retrace the Lewis and Clark trail. (Todd Murdock, Jun, 2004)

On the Trail with Lewis and Clark
My wife, Cheryl, and two friends, Bruce and Sue Gray, cycled from Hartford, IL, to Seaside, OR. (John Hedden, Jun, 2004)

Met up with biking partner Bruce LaMere from Roseville, MN in Stillwater Minnesota. We followed the St. Croix River to the Mississippi River (Hastings, MN) then continued following the Mississippi River to Hartford, IL (using both sides of the river). From Hartford, IL we started the Lewis and Clark Bicycle Trail with maps provided by Adventure Cycling that took us to Seaside, OR and the Pacific Ocean. (Carl Holmgren, Jun, 2003)

Lewis & Clark Trail (The Eastern Portion)
Back in the saddle again. This will be the first long distance bicycle tour since Bikecentennial trans-america '76. Adventure Cycling was putting the finishing touches on the Lewis & Clark Trail and that seemed like the perfect fit. (Brad Bergerson, May, 2003)

Lewis & Clark Trail (The Western Portion)
Starting on the Oregon Coast I rolled eastward on the Lewis & Clark Trail to Lewistown, Montana where I ran out of vacation days. A wonderful ride. (Brad Bergerson, May, 2005)

Oregon to Maine
Following Lewis and Clark trail from Astoria to Iowa, then participating in Ragbrai, then following the Northern tier from Muscatine to Bar Harbor (Larry Albert, Jun, 2006)

Lewis & Clark...the 'bent way
It was a perfect summer...what better way to spend it than on the trail? (Jeff Kline, May, 2009)

Undaunted Dreams
Lewis and Clark, Starting where they started - DC (Chris Mullen, May, 2003)

Ronnie's 70th Adventure
First bike touring trip. A mix of Pacific Coast Trail and Lewis and Clark trail. It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. (Ron Bloomquist, May, 2011)

Louis & Clark/Northern/River Routes
Left St. Louis May 14 to follow the Louis & Clark route to Minot ND then jump on the Northern route to Madison, WI then back down to St. Louis following the River route for 3000 miles. Three of us, wife-Karen, friend-Jean and I. (Armand Gonsoulin, May, 2010)

Mom's 50th Birthday I-don't-want-to-grow-up Bicycle Ride Across America
Followed part of Trans-America, part Lewis and Clark, and winged it between Mandan, ND and Traverse City, MI (Paula Werme, Jul, 2003)

Steve and Bob's 2004 Lewis & Clark Bicycle Tour
A self-contained, self-planned trip along the Lewis & Clark trail from Hartford, IL to Astoria, OR. A great trip and a great way to rediscover the history of this remarkable journey. (Stephen Ellis, May, 2004)

Lewis and Clark - sort of.
Rode from Vancouver, WA to Chicago, IL and then some riding in Virginia. (Brad Dickson, Aug, 2003)

East Across America
Seattle to Vermont, swinging through Portland and following the Lewis & Clark route, but veering north in Minnesota. Later summer, early fall ride competing with the oncoming cold weather. (Keith Boniface, Aug, 2016)

Lewis & Clark, Hartford, Ill, to Bismarck, ND
I rode the eastern 45% of the Lewis and Clark Route, starting in St. Louis, backtracking to Hartford, Ill, and then riding to Bismarck, ND. (Martin Brodsky, May, 2015)

Photo by Dennis Coello