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Great Rivers

Great Rivers 2007
The Mississippi River from Headwaters to the Gulf of Mexico. (Benjamin Richter, Jul, 2007)

Low budget, guerilla camping, 2 month ride from NYC to New Orleans. NYC to DC, Marion KY, Nashville, NONA. Found work and lived off others generosity. (Lou Fiore, Sep, 2006)

Mississippi River
From the Misissippi headwaters to New Orleans. Followed the Misissippi and the Natchez Trace. Wonderful roads and great people. (Mary Kay Britton, Aug, 2003)

Nashville to Natchez
The Natchez Trace Parkway, north to south. (Robert Sheard, Jul, 2006)

Darren Alff's 2004 Bicycle Tour - IL to LA
For my fourth big bike tour, I had planned a big ride down from Anchorage, Alaska to Portland, Oregon.... but at the last minute I changed my route entirely... deciding to ride from Chicago, Illinois to New Orlenas, Louisiana. Why such a big change of plans at the last minute? Because I wanted to take two summer school classes so that I could graduate from college a semester early. So I set off on this tour just a few days after finishing my third year of college. (Darren Alff, May, 2004)

bob's river ride
700 miles from Muscateen, IA to just west of Nashville. (Robert Colvin, May, 2008)

Photo by Dennis Coello