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Great Divide Mountain Bike Route

2016 TCT & GDMBR
Wife & I rode from Anchorage, AK to Skagway, AK. Took Ferry from Skagway to Port Hardy, BC. Rode Trans Canada Trail from Port Hardy to Banff, AB. Then Great Divide Mtn Bike Route to Antelope Wells, NM. (William Cohen, May, 2016)

Right Place Right Time
My riding partner and I were 54 and 60 years old and took on this trip with limited "long bike trip" experience. We came prepared from an equipment and physical prep perspective and completed the journey closely referencing Michael McCoy's guide/book. (Brad Lankford, Aug, 2016)

Great Divide Mountain Bike Route
When I rode the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route, I would often roll into small mountain towns and talk to folks or occassionally meet folks out on the trail. When they asked, "Where are you coming from?" and I said Canada, and then, "Where are you headed?" and I answered Mexico, my new friends wou (Allison Seger, Jul, 2013)

Patagonia+Canada+GDMBR+Mexico http://www.crazyguyonabike.com/doc/northamericaminitour (John Isles, Jun, 2015)

Fiets on Fire
Ten weeks along the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route (Christopher Martin, Jun, 2014)

GBMDR (Tour Divide 2015)
Sub 25 day race along the GDMBR (with race required deviations) (Steve Fuller, Jun, 2015)

Great Divide Route from Banff
June 24th Banff-Helena, two weeks with friend Thomas Linden, then three weeks' interruption for vacation with family, then resumed July 27th until Antelope Wells (John Enterman, Jun, 2018)

Great Divide Mountain Bike Ride
Banff, Canada to Antelope Wells, New Mexico. Road the planned route, only one missed turn and one rain day. What a great place America is. 2818 total miles road. (Bruce Gleasman, Aug, 2016)

Photo by Dennis Coello