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Great Divide MTB Route

Great Divide Trail
Rode from Banff Canada to Antelope Wells, NM. Started June 22, Finished August 21st. Five in the group. See here for more: www.greatdividetrail2009.blogspot.com (Grant Nicoll, Jun, 2009)

Great Divide MTB Expedition
I rode the whole stretch with the Adventure Cycling Group in 1999. The third and last month of three I rode alone (off group), and we all met again two days before reaching the mexican border. Many thanks to the two ACA leaders, Brian Martindale and Lou McCombs for theri excellent job! (Anneler Rudi, Jun, 1999)

Banff to Antelope Wells. Summer 2008 (Cennydd Richards, Jul, 2008)

Great Divide Mountain Bike Route
I started in Banff, Canada and rode to the Mexican border at Antelope Wells, New Mexico (Benjamin Barbante, Aug, 2008)

Great Divide Ride
I started this project 8 years ago with two friends. We would do sections of the route as we had time. This year we finally finished it! (Dave Fotsch, Jul, 1998)

Traverse the Divide
Mountain Bike trip from Antelope Wells, NM to Banff, Canada (Colen Gereffi, May, 2009)

Great Divide Trail Ride Banff to Mexico
Self supported, solo rider. Amazing does not even begin to describe the ride. BOB trailer and full suspension. What a life experience! Took a ton of pictures. (Ron Faul, Jul, 2006)

Transcendental Great Divide
Great Divide - Starting in Banff late July 2009 (Alan Haag, Jul, 2009)

http://afield07gdr.blogspot.com/2007/11/preparation.html www.greatdividerace.com www.tourdivide.org (Alex Field, Jun, 2007)

Two Tails on the Trail
My husband and I did the Great Divide trail taking our two English Cocker Dogs, Lander and Afton with us. They rode in the Bob going downhill and ran along side us going uphill. We were definitely the center of attention wherever we went. (Carla Elenz, Jul, 2006)

The Great Divide in 2007
The Divide was beautiful, challenging, and a huge amount of fun. Until I crashed and separated my shoulder near the end. The website has daily summaries, mileage, packing list, as well as other bike tours. (Michelle Dodd, Aug, 2007)

Great Divide
Canada to Mexico down the Rockies in 48 days. (Angus Rivers, Jul, 2003)

Adventures With DiG
Alot of pushing, long, fullfilling, life changing. (ryan digaetano, Jun, 2008)

The Great Divide Ride
This trip has the most awesome views of the Canadian Rockies one will ever see. This trip also describes the few places to stay overnight - indoors. (Gene Nacey, Sep, 2005)

Great Divide Trail (incl. Canada)
Following the ACA GDMBT from Banff, Canada to Antelope Wells, New Mexico. 5 mates... (Trystan Glynn-Morris, Jun, 2009)

Big J Ride
Joshua and (Joshua Marcum, Jun, 2012)

Colorado Great Divide Trip (Mini-Trip)
Standard Adv Cycling Excursion. The leaders were well prepared, and the group was cooperative. The daily mileage was very reasonable (actually, maybe a little on the low side). I am delighted and very thankful that I was able to take this trip! (Allen Yu, Aug, 2004)

Great divide mountain bike route
Myself and fellow math teacher Stephen Egge left Roosville, MT on 7/1/12. We arrived at Antelope Wells, NM on 8/1/12. It has been an amazing adventure. (Tim Ausavich, Jul, 2012)

Great Divide Mountain Bike Route
For several weeks during the Fall of 2008 three friends cycled the 2,714-mile Great Divide Route from Banff, Alberta to Mexico. (Jeff Wittich, Aug, 2008)

Great Divide Memorial Ride 2012
Fundraiser for the American Diabetes Association in memory of Dick Weirich, my father-in-law who passed away due to complications related to Type 1 Diabetes. (Doug n Jen Wenger, Jun, 2012)

Great Divide Mountain Bike Rout
I cycled the GDMBR from South to North. The end of my a started from Antelope Wells and in 3 months and one week I made it to Banff, Canada. It was a wonderfull trip on which I met a lot of nice people (Jelle de Rooij, May, 2004)

Divide By One
My friend, Matt Burney, and I became the first people to ride *mountain unicycles* the entire Great Divide Mountain Bike Route. "It sounded like a good idea at the time...." (Gracie Sorbello, Jul, 2009)

Extending the Great Divide: To Copper Canyon
Silverthorne, Colorado south to the Mexican border, then continuing on across the border at Antelope Wells through Chihuahua to Copper Canyon. (Randy Fay, Aug, 2003)

Great Divide
50 ride from Banff to Mexico (Malcolm Gilbey, Jun, 2004)

Great Divide
Self organised, no support, North to South trip to complement our 1994 West to East trip. (Malcolm Gilbey, Jun, 2005)

Dividus Interuptus
Enjoy the travel as Lynn and Gene do the Divide in segments as inspired by the Divide Ride Dogs! See beautiful lakes and mountains as we traverse Montana! (gene lytle, Jul, 2003)

Dividus Interuptus ll
Enjoy Lynn and Gene' photos as they return to Montana for part ll of the Divide. Riding from Clancy,Mt to Steamboat Springs, Co. They traverse Idaho, struggle in Wyoming and cruise into Colorado! (gene lytle, Jul, 2004)

Dividus Interuptus 3
Gene and Lynn return to Colorado after 2 years to continue on their journey. (gene lytle, Jul, 2007)

Great Divide
I am riding the Great Divide to benefit the Yoder Foundation. (Jon Pierson, May, 2007)

Great Divide Ride
Canada to Mexico along the Watershed of the Rocky Mountains (Pat Foreman, Jul, 2000)

GDR with Salsa (Honeymoon #2)
My husband and I rode the GDMBR this summer. We started in Banff and headed as far south as we could before August 3, 2010. We also conceived our first child on the trip! Check out our blog. (Robyn Weaver, Jun, 2010)

One Life - Live It
Three months after finding out about the GDMBR, I quit my job and set out to conquer the route. Packed in extra equipment and planned on 3 months on the road to allow for side-hikes, unexpected detours and thrills. Best decision I ever made! (Robin Pitt, Jul, 2012)

Great Divide Mountain Bike Route
One of our mottos was: NO DETOURS. We actually managed to follow the mapped route except for 6 miles before Togwotee Pass (Rebecca Grunder, Aug, 2002)

Clark and Vancrey GDMBR 2007
Discussions over pints for the past several years culminated in putting the real world on hold and overcoming quite a few hurdles while riding the GDMBR from Antelope Wells, NM to Lake Louise, AB in the summer of 2007. (Chuck Clark, May, 2007)

GDMBR Tour 2007 boundaryzerochris
Solo rider, thru-rode from Banff. Made it to the Mexican border in 61 days with plenty of rest days in between. (Chris Turner, Jul, 2007)

Mike's Divide trip
South to North on the Divide starting in May 2006, partly with a buddy and partly solo. Had lots of my best days ever on a bike. (Mike Lauterbach, May, 2006)

Great Divide Mountain Bike Route
I also did the Canadian part...it's amazing. I rode this on a fixed gear bicycle ratio of 46-17. I learned how to convert an old 10 speed by watching countless Youtube videos. So, I really got to experience the terrain in a whole different way!! (Deanna Adams, Jun, 2009)

GDR '07
Amy&Jim had a wonderful ride on the GDR. Fairly light loads. Our blog has very few photos, but does have our complete gear list and other detailed info. (Amy Lauterbach, Aug, 2007)

3Gen Divide Ride 2 (Southern CO) 2009
Rich, Richie, and Grammi return to Salida to ride the southern half of Colorado (Rich Sweetman, Jul, 2009)

3 Gen Divide Ride (CO section) 2008
My mother, son, and I did an 8-day section of the Great Divide from Aspen Alley to Salida, CO. Personal Sag supported to carry food and gear. (Rich Sweetman, Aug, 2008)

Paula and Scott's Great Divide Ride
We left the Mexican border with many unknowns. Perhaps most unknown was how fast we would ride. Throughout the trip we toggled between riding quickly (trying to set a women's record) and simply enjoying all there is to enjoy on the divide. In the end we (sort of) accomplished both during what turned out to be an incredible journey. (Scott Morris, Jun, 2004)

Up & Down along the Divide
Rode North Bound on the Great Divide, starting mid June in El Paso and ending early September in Banff. Had plenty of time for side trips: to the great US parks and on trail loop near Jackson, WY. Have reversed the mileage on the maps, see my blog. (Hadrien Salmon, Jun, 2008)

Great Divide Mountain Bike Route
We did the Divide reversed from Antelope Wells to Banff (Michiel Kroese, May, 2011)

Full eyes, full tenders
We were 2 people from Canada who have known this nice trail by the Adventure cyicling because I was member before. This ride was the best I have done on my bike. The nicest natural view on the Rocky Mountains. It was difficult but interesting. (Jeannot Tremblay, Jul, 2009)

Gt Divide
A solo mountain bike trip with trailer and camping gear from Edmonton via Jasper NP to the Gt Divide MTB route. Started on June 17th and finished in Tucson Arizona on Sept 6th. See my blog at www.philtouring.blogspot.com (Phil Webster, Jun, 2011)

Great Divide Mountain Bike Route
I rode the Divide from Roosville, MT to Antelope Wells, NM in the summer of 2005. I had many grand adventures and some mis-adventures, overall the journey was fabulous!! (Beth Woodbury, Jun, 2005)

Photo by Dennis Coello