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Pilgrim's Route to Santiago de Compostela
A 1000 mile family tour in Northern Spain along the ancient Pilgrim's Route to Santiago de Compostela (Stuart Wickes, Jul, 2008)

A self contained, camping tour of Portugal. Starting in the north, in Porto, we travel south in a loop of the coast and central areas of Portugal ending in Porto over 24 days, focusing on UNESCO World Heritage Sites. (pamela haskins, Sep, 2010)

Going Home
We made a loop from Frankfurt, Germany around the Black Forest, touching parts of France and Switzerland. (David Peacock, Jun, 2002)

Ireland at Last
My ride started in Belcoo, Northern Ireland, and wandered back and forth across the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland. I hit the Atlantic Coast at Rosses Point before heading to Belleek, Donegal, across the northern part of the island and then down the Antrim Coast (Denise Goldberg, Aug, 2003)

Darren Alff's 6th Long Distance Bicycle Tour - Germany, Poland, Czech Republic
From April 3rd to May 18th (2007), I traveled from Frankfurt, Germany north along the Rhine River to Koln... and then headed east towards Hannover and Helmstedt. In Helmstedt I stayed with a friend and traveled to Poland and the Czech Republic. (Darren Alff, Apr, 2007)

Tour de Europe 2001
Self guided, self contained bike tour through parts of England, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, France, Austria, & Denmark. Trip included mostly camping with some destiny hotel and youth hostel stays. (Duke Hungerford, Jun, 2001)

Rolling Tales: London to Istanbul
Over six months we travelled from London to Istanbul via Spain, France, Italy, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia and Bulgaria (Emma Philpott, Mar, 2010)

Wandering Around Provence
Loop around the Alpilles: Marseille-Aix-Avignon-Arles-Marseille. Moderate daily mileage and lots of sightseeing. (Dale Oswald, Sep, 2006)

Rhine 2013
Bicycle trip from Basel Switzerland to Amsterdam, NL (Ronald Herring, Jun, 2013)

Norway East Coast (North Sea Route)
Northeast coast of Jylland (Jutland) and East Coast of Norway, part of the North Sea Route (Stew King, Jul, 2012)

Atlantic Europe
Starting from London, England, we followed the Atlantic coast through France and into Spain, finishing up at Madrid, Spain. (Bev Dunfield, May, 2006)

South Europe Trip
Bike trip from Switzerland through Italy, France and Spain with stops in Ibiza and Tenerife islands. (Edoardo Piazza, Jul, 2004)

TransMed 2002: Spain to Turkey
Starting in Valencia Spain, we followed most of the north coast of the Mediterranean Sea through France, Italy, Croatia, Greece till Bodrum Turkey. Cycle touring we experienced the rural/local life of ancient cultures along the Med basin. (Wayne Joerding, Mar, 2002)

Central Europe Trip
From Bellinzona in Switzerland through Lichtenstein, Austria, Germany and Sweden to Copenhagen in Denmark (Edoardo Piazza, Jun, 2003)

Greece & Italy 2001: Athens to Venice
This journal describes cycling from Athens, across the Peloponese, and up the Adriatic coast of Italy. (Wayne Joerding, May, 2001)

Vienna (Austria) - Sittingbourne (Kent, UK)
Trip across Austria, Germany, Belgium, part of France to UK. 1,200 km. Extremly hot. (Jerzy Bin, Jul, 2003)

Down and up the Danube 2005
This was to be my cycle/camping trip from the source of the Danube to the Black Sea. It became a round trip from Donaueschingen to Bratislava and back. (Trevor Panther, May, 2005)

Europe Summer Tour 2004
Touring 5 Countries in Western Euprope with bikes, camping with lite weight equipment. (Barbara Garrettt, Jul, 2004)

Italy 2009: Sardinia
A 10-day self supported trip on the Italian island of Sardinia (Nolan Danchik, Sep, 2009)

South England & Western France
london-oxford-poole-cherbourg-d-day beaches-rochfort-bordeaux-cahors-bordeaux and back to london by tgv...2500km (Bruce Duncan, Aug, 2005)

Orient Express
Organized tour through the Tour D'Afrique group from Paris to Istanbul traversing France, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria & Turkey. (Robert Shapiro, Jul, 2013)

Paris to the Mediterranean
Our family traveled from Paris to Nice, seeing Burgundy, the Alps, and Provence along the way. Our two children rode with me on a 3-person tandem. (Michael McGrath, Jun, 2016)

Cycling Across Northern Europe
I started with a grand tour of Denmark, next rode the coast of southern Sweden, ferried to Estonia, then rode into the vast enigma of Russia. Lastly I returned to Denmark via an inland route across southern Sweden. (Bill Weir, May, 2003)

Rolling Across Europa
I rode from Lviv through the Alps to Napoli, then turned north and rode to the Channel, ferried to Dover, and rode to London. http://www.englicious.com/__bike (John Robinson, Jun, 2006)

Cycling Prague to Vienna
This was a six day cycling trip from Prague to Vienna. We followed the Vltava River south to the Austrian border, staying in Pribram, Vodnany, Cesky Krumlov in CR, then Mauthausen, Melk, and Vienna. The terrain was generally gently rolling with some very good hill climbs in the Czech Republic. For every hill, however there was an equal downhill portion. Once in Austria, we followed the Danube over very flat, quite bike paths. (Kevin Rodger, Sep, 2004)

Croatian Adriatic to Montene
Travelogue and photos about my tour: During the tour I visited islands, like Krk, Brac, Korcula, visited towns like Split, Dubrovnik, Zadar, Budva, and enjoyed the colouresof the clear sea: green, blue, turquoise. (Gabor Györgyi, Jun, 2003)

Italy and Montenegro
Using Dubrovnik as a base, we looped through Pulia and Basilicata then Montenegro. It was awesome. (Alison Stone , Apr, 2008)

Basel - Dolomites - Venice
Basel along the Rhine to Lake Constance and Liechtenstein - Davos - St.Moritz - South Tirol -Meran - Dolomites - Belluno - Asolo - Vecenza - Verona - Padua - Venice (Laurenz Gsell, Sep, 2004)

First bike tour: UK to Switzerland
My boyfriend and I cycled from UK to Switzerland through France and then back again via Germany and Holland. We wild camped in Winter and cycled over three mountains. It was hard, cold, wet and amazing! (Amy O'Neil, Sep, 2011)

Basel, Switzerland - Venice, Italy
3 week fully supported road bike tour (Laurenz Gsell, Sep, 2004)

From Holland to Italy , my first trip by bike to celebrate my birthday!!! (ANTONIO DENORA, Jul, 2014)

Iceland - the island of ice and fire
Around the island in one month. Great trip in the highy recommended offseason period of late august. (Paul van Roekel, Aug, 2003)

Northern Europe
The ride began with a grand loop tour of Denmark. Next, a swing around the south coast of Sweden to Stockholm, a ferry to Estonia, and west to St. Petersburg in Russia. I took a train to Moscow, then cycled across the countryside back to St. Petersburg and on east along the Finnish coast and across southern Sweden back to Denmark. (Bill Weir, May, 2003)

Athens to London in 1983
Rode from Athens, Greece to London, England in 73 days. Greece, Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, United Kingdom (Bill Stone, May, 1983)

Rome to Edinburgh
My oldest son and I went on this trip to teach him about Europe and to have adventure. It changed our relationship for the better in ways I could not have imagined! (Mark Altman, May, 2000)

Tour in the basque country
A 10 days ride hopping between the border of France and Spain along the Pyrenees in the Basque Country and Navarra (gianni filippini, Aug, 2001)

Cycling the Adriatic and Ionic Coasts of Italy
My wife and I took our bikes to Italy and spent one week biking around Rome and then took a train to the Adriatic Coast and spent 30 days biking though Puglia, the heel of Italy. (Nolan Danchik, Apr, 2007)

From Switzerland cross the Alps to Venice, San Marino, Ferry to Greece, Corfu Island, Olympia, Athens, Crete, Santorini, Samos, Ferry to Ephesus, (Istanbul), Antalya (El Camino, Dec, 2002)

Stockholm to Helsinki via the Åland Islands
My wife, Rachel, and I cycled from Stockholm on rented, hybrid bicycles in August, 2007. We rode on bicycle paths or marked bicycle routes whenever possible. Our trip included 6 ferry rides. We stayed in B&Bs, hotels, and in a cabin on Åland. (Ken Samoil, Aug, 2007)

From Arcachon to Avignon (France)
My husband and I rode from Arcachon on the Atlantic Ocean to Avignon. We took our time and explored the Dordogne region, followed the Tarn River, climbed Mont Lozere and finished in the great city of Avignon. (Dave & Christine Bourgeois, Sep, 2003)

Tour du Luberon (Provence)
For 2 weeks, we explored little villages in Provence and we climbed the famous Mont Ventoux. (Dave & Christine Bourgeois, Sep, 2002)

Vienna to Dresden
Self guided ride from Stockerau, Austria across the Czech Republic to Dresden, Germany (Scott Katzer, Sep, 2006)

Trekking in Nepal
We carefully take care of hygiene, cuisine and provide the most suitable equipments and enjoyable travels are the hallmark of Asian Expedition and the best way to achieve that is a combination of accurate preparation and realistic expectations. (Karchung Lama, Dec, 2011)

Balttiarallaa Revolutions Tour
A trip through Central Europe, first riding across Poland and Czech Republic, then following the Inn river through Tiroli in Austria and finally enjoying the Alps in Southern Switzerland. (Arto Teräs, Jul, 2004)

Switzerland to Antalya/Turkey; Dec, 2002; From Switzerland cross the Alps to Venice, San Marino, Ferry to Greece, Corfu Island, Olympia, Athens, Crete, Santorini, Samos, Ferry to Ephesus, (Istanbul), (Shahjahan Bhuyan, Dec, 2002)

Tour d' Europe
A loop tour of UK, Netherlands, Belgium, and France. Starting in London, then Amsterdam, Paris, the Loire River, Normandy, then back to the UK. (Jon Curtis, Aug, 2005)

Swiss Alpine MTB Trip 2012
Inspired by a short article in the Adventure Cycling Magazine last year, my girlfriend and I set out to ride the Swiss Alpine Bike Route. This is a Mountain Bike route that traverses the Swiss Alps, starting in Scuol at the far east of the country, ending in Aigle near Lake Geneva. (Daniel Fortin, Aug, 2012)

Circular route Netherlands, Poland, Baltic, Netherlands
Start at Hook of Holland, Bonn to Zittau, up to Usedom, along coast to Lublin back to Hook (Keith Bright, Jun, 2017)

Photo by Dennis Coello